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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, I have a Ford KA and for the past couple of weeks I have been getting a message come up on the screen which displays the date and miles saying"insufficient oil pressure please stop and turn around" It has been okay and I have been driving it and it has been fine. Except for today it has came up 3 times and I don't know what to do? I have googled it and a lot of people are saying to check the oil, which my dad is doing, but then some people are saying it is more serious? Help????
  2. Hi I bought a second hand 63 plate Ford Ka Grand Prix 1.2 in Feb from Arnold Clark. One month after I got it, I was on the motorway and my check engine light came on and car went into limp mode - would not go above 30 mph. Turned car on and off, but this didn't help. Eventually had to get the car towed, and spark plugs and leads were changed. After this, there was a constant smell of petrol/gas in the car whenever I used the AC - turns out that when my spark plugs were being changed, Arnold Clark mechanics had cracked my air filter box. So also had that fixed. A few months later, engine warning light came on again as well as the general warning light and the car went into limp mode, but was fine after turning car on and off. Took it to a different garage - as I will not be putting my car back into Arnold Clark - who said the spark plug fault had not been cleared by the previous garage. So this was cleared, and the mechanic advised that if the issue continued it would probably be the coil pack. Everything was fine for around one month, when the same thing happened again. Had the car run on two different diagnostic machines which now said the coil pack was the issue, so I had this changed (I also had a burst pipe). Been fine for around 3 weeks until today when the engine warning light came on and the car went into limp mode again - fine after turning on and off. Does anyone have any idea what could possibly be the issue? I'm at a total loss now as to what the issue could be, and am pretty fed up of having an unreliable car. Any help is much appreciated!! Lauren
  3. My 10yr old ford ka has recently had a mot and since the mot it has been having start up problems almost like it has a flat battery. This only happens after a car drive and when I only stop for around 15/30mins the car is unable to start but does start an hour later. The speedometer flickers very quickly for about 10 seconds and the engine makes a noise but doesn't start. Also during longer journeys after about an hour I notice some dashboard lights turn on such as the abs and air bag lights. The car radio also switches itself of which indicates low battery, however, these problems only happen during a car journey not when it's first being started in the morning. The first time I noticed the dashboard lights on the speedometer strangely went from 60 to 0 back to 60 numerous times then stayed to 0 yet this has not happened since. When the car doesn't start the trip count also resets itself. Another problem (don't know if it is connected) is that during a long journey the car revs uncontrollably almost like someone is pressing on the rev peddle quickly on and off for about 2 minutes. This especially happens when waiting in traffic. Does anyone have any suggestions on what the problem could be as the garage say they can't see anything wrong with it. Many thanks!
  4. Hey guys. Got a Lil 1.3 ford ka to plod to work and back keep miles down on focus. Now this ka had steels on and a pal of mine had some standard mk 6 54 reg fiesta zetec alloys doing nowt so I'd thought I'd give the ka a little style it is the basic model after all now all fit go for test drive knocking and rubbing on the shocks anyone no a quick cheap fix
  5. Hi, I realised the boot button is not working? It's next to the steering wheel? (according to the manual it only works when the ignition is off) but regardless it doesn't open the boot?Thanks!Picture of button
  6. Hi all, I was wondering if the side mirrors were foldable? I tried but they feel very rigid. But according to the car's manual, they should be able to fold in but they moved a bit but wouldn't budge.Thanks in advance!Picture of the car
  7. Note: I've previously had a thread/diary on the KA Owners Club forum to keep a track of how my car has come along, but here seems to much more active due to there being so many more members. Some pics/wording may be copy & pasted over from there to save me the type of typing it again. I got my KA for my 17th birthday (2013) and since then I've not really done much other than replace the stock muffler & tailpipe. I did have some black dice dust caps to replace the standard black ones, but they got stolen. :) Anyway, some pictures (white one is mine, black one is my brothers that he got in October just gone):
  8. About a month ago, my front left dip light blew, simple fix, and after a few weeks, it blew again, and i changed it again. Today, (after a few more weeks) its blown again, same one, so i changed it. (since i bought a pack of 2 and used one from that pack) When it blew however after getting petrol, it blew, how i knew though was because all lights, (the dip on the right hand side, speedo illumination) went MUCH brighter, the wipers sped up quite a bit and the battery light came on, then after a while, about 10 or so seconds, it went back to normal and i noticed, one side of the road seemed a bit more dim, so I stopped for a bit to look, and it was the same dip bulb that had blown, so I got home and changed the bulb with the last one i had, then i had to go back into town to do a small amount of shopping, and as i left the shop, 10-20 mins after i arrived, i started the car up and it seemed ok, then i left the junction where the shop was and noticed the battery light on, wipers going fast again, and lights going brighter, so i pulled over in this small car park, where i had to look and see that it had blown again, minutes after i replaced it, and i continued to another shop, to get fish and chips, the entire journey, the battery light not going off this time, also the speedometer getting to 10mph, but then dropping to 0 suddenly, (also the fuel needle dropping to 0 the same time the speedometer needle drops) so i stopped, turned the car off and got my stuff from the fish and chip shop, started the car up and it, seemed ok (apart from the dip that blew earlier) but as i pulled off to go up a road to turn around and head back home, the battery light came on again, so i thought if i turn full beam on, put the fog light on and put all wipers on full would drain some of that charge, just to see if it would go off, it did for a while until i got up to speed, (speed limit, 30MPH) (by now i had put the full beam off and fog light off since i was in a town and there were more cars around) and it came on again, so i realised it didnt work and i put the wipers back to normal speed, and turn the fan back down, and continued back home, where the battery light was on for the entire journey. Im just wondering, as i think i know the signs but i just want to make sure, is it an alternator problem? Overcharging a bit too much? Or is it something else? Like a short circuit or something else?
  9. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could give me any ideas or advice. I have had my old 2001 KA for about a year now, last week when driving home it overheated and cut out. Opened the bonnet and steam was coming from the engine bay. There was no water left in the radiator bottle, so we flushed it with hot water. The water started to leak from underneath. Looking at the car the next day we find that the heater control valve pipe has corroded and come off. This issue has now been fixed with a new valve control piece, however when the engine is started there is now water leaking from the exhaust. It drips when the engine is revved. There is also a small amount of white smoke (water vapour, I think). We drove the car 10 minutes down the road and water was still dripping when revved. There is no white gunk in the oil and the coolant levels don't seem to be dropping. There is also currently no antifreeze in the system. We have thought about putting some WondarWeld into the coolant system as there may be a head gasket problem. Any advice or help here would be greatly appreciated, it is an old car so don't want to be spending much money on it. Thanks in advance, Charlotte.
  10. Hiya, has anyone upgraded the gear stick on a lower spec ka to the gear stick in the titanium / grand prix? Thanks
  11. I recently got a 2004 Ford Ka 1.3 Duratec as my first car a month or two, bought it for £1000, just over 46000 on the clock, and for the first few weeks, it was pretty good, even though I haven't driven it on the road yet, and today I have noticed that the front left indicator suddenly doesn't want to work, I've checked the wiring, seems OK, bulb, good condition, give it a knock, it works fine again, when I put it back in again, it sometimes stops flashing again, like any sudden knocks stops it working, I took it off and used the one from the driver side on the passenger side, and it worked fine so no problems there, but when I tried the passenger unit on the driver side, it didn't work at all, i know the problem, but I'm not sure how to fix it, I swapped bulbs but its not them either, and does anyone know if that unit thing, basically, the bit where the cable plugs into, with the bulb on the other end, does it have a prober name? I search for "Ford Ka 2004 Indicator unit and it comes up with stalks, headlight units and anything but what I need
  12. Hello new to this website but we have tried everything our garage has suggested and the fault code just keeps coming back. We have a ford ka style 2006 and the fault code p0420 keeps appearing we've changed both lambda sensors and had a new new cat converter fitted,We had full service changed spark plugs oil etc. But still the problem keeps coming back the garage have run out of ideas and just say we should sell the car! We feel we've spent too much money on it just to give up now and are adamant it can be fixed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bare in mind I'm not particularly savvy with mechanical lingo so be as simple as you can. Thanks
  13. Hi, I've got a 1998 ford Ka (with an endure engine), at high speeds (normally around 50mph) the engine experienced repeated surging (high revs) happening about once every 2 seconds for around a second at a time. This surging can continue for up to 10 minutes, and continues even if the car is slowed down or sped up (i've tried changing up and down too, but this makes no difference). Does anyone know a potential cause of this issue? Any help would be great
  14. I have a 2002 KA and recently it has started to make a clunking noise when turning corners, usually sharper corners being taken at a slow speed. It seems to happen more when pulling up hill. Have had a google and not found anything. Seen a lot of posts with replies saying about the drive shaft but all looks fine and i am lead to think its not this as the noise is not there all the time. Is this a common problem? If anyone has any suggestions or advice I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance :)
  15. I have an 09 reg Ford Ka, which has so far passed all MOTs and has had no problems. Recently (in the past 2 weeks or so) the front windscreen wipers have started to work strangely. Sometimes when I start the car and turn the windscreen wipers on, the front ones won't work. Other times they work fine when I initially turn them on, but then stop working of their own accord. I then have to turn them on and off, and adjust the wiper speed several times until they start again and this can take minutes. This does not alway happen, sometimes there are no problems at all, but I'd say there's a problem 60% of the times the wipers have to be used. There is no problem with the back wiper. It seems to be an electrical error, but what? Any help or clues is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Trine
  16. Hey, I am new here but have a question that is repeated on a number of forums... I have a 2006 Ford Ka 1.3, a few days back the speedo stopped working and then I ended up with a with a mil light on. I ran a diagnostic myself and found that the Vehicle speed sensor is faulty. I followed teh manual I had ans was unable to find the sensor at all. I checked where they said but the manual is for the earlier model ka. With my 2006 model it is a duratec engine with a different gearbox. The model is fitted with abs - could the wheel sensors act as the speed sensor too? My question is... where is the speed sensor mounted... and whats the easiest way to get to it? Any advice would be appreciated (pictures even more so.) Thanks in advance to any replies!!!
  17. Today my car engine started to rattle when pressing on the accelerator. I stopped the car to have a look. At his point i could also smell burning oil and a bit of smoke was coming from under the bonnet. I realised the engine must have been over heating so checked my coolant amount. Now I had topped up my coolant about 3 weeks ago, yet on checking this i found it completely drained. Nothing in it. So obviously engine had overheated. Now i drive an R reg Ford KA. Filling p the coolant tank i saw that it was just being guzzled, so checking over the inside of my bonnet i noticed a pipe was loose. Now i had to to fill the coolant tank with water, and on doing this i noticed it was just coming out of this hole where i assume the pipe is. Seems i am missing a part for the pipe to stick onto, the other pipe next to it is fine. This is such a pain, just want to know what item i need to fix this. Help would be appreciated very quickly :) thanks Added: Also car was fine when picking partner up from work and dropping him off home, straight after this i was on my way to my own work when the problem started.