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Found 19 results

  1. Hi all! About 2 weeks ago I picked up my brand new 1.0 Ecoboost ST Line X Focus. Everything on her runs beautifully, but my pet peeve is i cant get the Ford Pass app to connect. I put the VIN in it, it brings up my car, and then it says i have to wait for a message to pop up on the SYNC 3 system, but nothing comes up. My app currently just says "activation pending" I've set up the wifi hotspot and it works absolutely fine so I know its not that. I've deleted the car off my phone, deleted the app too, tried to set it up again and the same happens. I've even done a master reset of the sync system. Ive rang the ford pass help line and they don't know whats wrong. Wondering if anybody else has had a similar issue and if they have any ideas on how to resolve it!
  2. Hi all, i am new to the forums and just wanted to ask you guys for a bit of help, have recently just replaced my air filter from OEM to a K&N Performance filter, as i was taking it off one of the screws that secure the top lid fell underneath the engine bay and i cant seem to find it, has anyone got any ideas where i can get a replacement screw (currently has 3/4 screws securing the unit) will this affect the car or do any damage not have the extra screw? its a MK3 Focus 1.6 Ecoboost Zetec S Cheers
  3. Hello guys over the past few months my ecoboost 1.6 has starting giving me very poor mpg lowest currently 23.9mpg!! I used to have it in the 30's at least another thing I have noticed as well is a smell of petrol through the heating vents when the car is sat stationery with engine running
  4. Casey Went


    Just saying hello new member here
  5. Ford_lover38

    Windscreen to fail MOT?

    Hey All, I was driving along the seafront today and all of a sudden a squashed tin can flew into my windscreen as I was doing around 25MPH. Its left a scratch on my windscreen would this cause a MOT failure? When i run my finger over it I cant feel a dent or a crack so I assume its just a scratch. I've attached a pic to make it abit more clear. Thanks
  6. lenere118

    Hello from Stoke.

    Hey, I'm new to here and i've just brought a ford focus 1.6 TDCI MK3 2013 reg. I am after some advice and i don't know if here's the right place. i want to install something like this... EBAY URL But i dont know much about it, would any recommend anything different? Also do you know any suttle mods/changes parts i can do that dont require much experience fitting Thanks again, Len
  7. Kudzii


    Hi guys anyone here have managed or saw a mk3 2011, 2012 and 2013 focus that used to have the stranded blue screen and has upgraded to the 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 touchscreen with sat nav and all the goodies! I've seen lots of this screens up on eBay and they are going for good prices and don't want to buy it and then it doesn't fit or maybe it fits from what i see but maybe it won't work. Thanks hope someone out there has answers as i really need an upgrade .
  8. Ford_lover38

    Wheel Alignment question Focus

    Hi All, Ive just had my wheels aligned and I saw from the report that the back left and the front right needed to be adjusted. What would have caused a wheel misalignment? I have 3 budget tyres and one Dunlop, do you think it would have been this? Or could it be pot holes (we have alot around here!) Thanks
  9. Hi, I have a ford focus style 2010 basic model, looking at ideas to update and style it. So far ive done the simple things, replaced control knobs on the air con, heater dials, valves on tyres. Looking for ideas of easy simple things i can do, heard about the front jet washers and changing them to mist ones, where can i get these? Any other ideas would be amazing Thanks Adam
  10. Hi all, Im hoping someone could help me upgrading my ford focus mk2 2009 1.8 Tdci wheels. I just want to upgrade the wheels and all the front lights to leds maybe add some angel eyes or similar but keep it stock looking. I've found some 18 alloys on eBay they are wolfrace assassins 18" and have tires size 245/45/ZR18 100W would these fit? any advise on buying alloys and sizes??? Thanks so much in advanced
  11. Hi Guys, While walking to my Ford focus today I noticed that my break disks look slighly rusty on each side (see pictures). Is this normal? Or is this a sign that they are getting worn? When breaking while driving the car stops in good time and I notice no squeeks or the car moving to one side.
  12. Hi All, My car has done 54k miles and is an 09 plate. Next year its supposedly due for a new cambelt/timing belt. However would you advise this as i have done no where near the 100k miles! My mileage per a year is less than 5k miles. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks guys
  13. Jollyrogers

    Ford focus Boot dog guard

    Hi Everyone, I've been given a boot dog guard from a friend of a friend and don't have any information regarding it. I was told it was out of a focus and only fits a focus other than that I have no other information. I have made one attempt to install but got stuck. If anyone can give me any more information or maybe confirm wether or not it will fit my focus (2007 mk2 hatchback ) then that would be great. Thanks Matt.
  14. Chris Bell


    Hello, my name is Chris. I am from Falkirk in Scotland and I own a 2015 red ford focus TDCI zetec S. Had the car for 5 days and I can't believe I've never owned one before. Cheers Chris
  15. Chris Bell


    Hello, my name is Chris. I am from Falkirk in Scotland and I own a 2015 red ford focus TDCI zetec S. Had the car for 5 days and I can't believe I've never owned one before. Cheers Chris
  16. hello, i have ordered the front fog light kit from my local ford dealership, i will be collecting them on Friday. has anyone ever fitted them and able to give any fitting tips?
  17. Ok so i just passed my test and bought this car, two weeks later here i am, The car was fine at first and it still kind of is. However 4-5 times since i bought it the car has randomly shot up to 3-4000 revs. when in gear and driving the car drives its self and instead of using my throttle to speed up im using my brake to slow the car down. I get to traffic lights or a crossing and as soon as i put my clutch in the car shoots up to 3-4000 revs - very embarrasing. Now this isnt a problem that always happens, it happens maybe once every two days. At first i thought it could be because the car is cold as the first few times it happened i had just got in my car in the morning however going 60mph down a motor way it does it again?! the car was just trying to go faster and faster. Nothing i do actually seems to stop it, it stops when it wants. It never lasts long a few minutes at the most. I have searched and searched the web and got nothing, Ironically my late father was a mechanic and could of fixed this with his eyes closed. I my self do not know much about cars so if someone could please help giving me a dummies guide to fixing this problem i would be very thankful. Or if anyone in the hull yorkshire area that is confident they can fix it i am willing to pay? Thanks in adavance for who ever helps.
  18. Currently we have 3 Ford Focus vehicles sitting outside. T reg 1.8ltr, 2004 Zetec 1.4ltr & 2005 1.6 I started with a Mk2 Escort Estate, Mk1 Escort Saloon, Mk2 Capri, Mk3 Escort. However I am now wanting a Ford Transit Connect
  19. Afternoon all Well Im finally there - Ive converted all switches, buttons & Dials in my car from green (yuk!) to blue (yay!) apart from 1 set - The Heater conrols I got the bulbs and put them in behind the heater controls and as expectred theres some green diffuser film or something ON the controls, im trying to get into the box that the dials are housed in so I can change the colour - make it white or whatever but I cannot for the life of me get 2 plugs out of the controls (plugged into the temp/fan settings) Ive managed to pull all other plugs out (easy as...) but these 2 will not come out - Ive not pulled too hard coz I dont want to break the controls but I can't believe that its just me not pulling hard enough - Is there a clip, a knack, a majic word I have utter before these plugs will come out (yes ive tried swearing at it too) If anyone has any information on that itd be very much appreciated - On the same note I'm right in thinking that behind the controls is just some green diffuser paper or something arnt i? Thanks again in advance Matt P.S ive added a picture of the little begger that im trying to get into