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Found 9 results

  1. Hallo mates :) I am here registered for a longer time so i have decided to introduce my toy :) i have a long list of modification so hopefuly i will be able to do them all - the only thing which slows the process is budget :D Ford Focus MK3 FL 1.5EB wagon / color Frozen White Wheels: still factory 17" OEM Ford + tyres ContiSportContact 3 215/50 R17 95W MODS done: J1 Performance Air filter w secondary cone and fitting disc ZetecS packet (fog light covers still missing) Engine factory software update from 150HP --> 182HP Yellow brake callipers MODS planned: Snorkel delete + RS air box Wheels 18" (currently Japan Racing JR21 or JR22 are in sight) :) Eibach Pro kit ???? i will decide later because roads here are not that good Sport car pedals and foot rest DUPLEX muffler adding factory PARKING ASSISTANT adding factory BLIS system adding factory rear camera SS-Tuning fender flares SS-Tuning gear knob boomba racing throttle body spacer boomba racing BOV adapter mud flaps ClimAir Wind Deflectors + sun protection black roof + wing mirrors individual chip tuning to gain 200HP Also would love to change the IC for a better one but unfortunately have no idea how because in 1.5EB we already have a water IC and not standard air-to-air IC as it is in 1.6EB And a few pictures: Stock: After sport package: Opened performance air filter by J1 Performance: Sport pedals + footrest: Boombaracing Blow Off Adapter prototype:
  2. Hi all, My names Jason, I'm 23 and live in Burton, Staffordshire. I'm new to the forum but have previously been a member of Zetec S Owners Club & Fiesta STOC. First off a brief history of my car past. My first car was a MK7 Fiesta Zetec S Metal Edition! Next up, was a Panther Black Fiesta ST3 (MP215) Due to my circumstances changing, having to do a lot of long distance driving, I had to sell her :( and get a MK3 1.6 TDCI Focus Zetec. Got me from A to B and a solid reliable car all round. Had a surprising amount of talk and felt more powerful than 115 BHP, and the gear box actually felt really nice. But it was just too slow and boring for my liking, so as soon as I was able to I got rid of that. And so that leads me to now, my new beaST, a Frozen White Fiesta ST3 with ALL the trimmings! Collection Day: So I plan on keeping this car for quite a while (until I can eventually afford a MK3 Focus RS - my next goal!) More Pics after her first clean: I was going to go with Mountune to keep the warranty...but it's a 65 plate and only has 1 1/2 years left on by the time I have the Mountune stuff done, it will be out of warranty anyway. So I plan on going with REVO instead. My overall goal is to have Stage 4 w/ Hybrid Turbo. That being said, my first performance mod may still be the MP215 kit as well as the Mountune Exhaust as I think they both finish the car off nicely and will keep me going till the warranty runs out. So in the mean time it will be mostly cosmetic mods + MP215 and Mountune Cat Back. First thing I did was have the front lip wrapped matte black with a red pin stripe. I think this looks great on the white and makes the front look a lot more aggressive. Next up, I swapped the front headlights for white 6000k bulbs. I will eventually be getting HIDs installed but this was just to keep me going until I order a full HID kit. I will also be replacing the Fog lamp bulbs with white 6000Ks. (Haven't got a good picture of these yet but when I do I'll post one) Next I added my Leather ST seatbelt covers from my last ST. Haven't got a pic of these either yet but when I do I'll add to the post. I also added a ST badge logo in the void on the steering wheel as I'll be getting a cover eventually and that would cover up the logo already on the wheel. Think I'm gonna swap with for the black gel one from DMB eventually though. Next one is gonna be a marmite mod, I can tell. Ordered these decals from eBay. Everyone so far loves them but I imagine some wouldn't. And finally today, my Team Heko wind deflectors came. I added a red pin stripe, but not sure if I'm gonna keep it or not yet....I haven't decided if I like it or not...thoughts? So that's where she stands at the moment! I have some white LEDs coming Monday for the number plate and interior lights so I'll update when they are fitted as well as get some pics of the exterior lights and seat belt covers. Thanks for looking guys! I'll be keeping this thread updated when more mods happen. Got big plans for this car in the future and I'm really looking forward to achieving them and having you all involved! Any feed back is much appreciated :) - J
  3. So. First of all, apologies for my absence and lack of posting. With the FOC app being completely dead & the Tapatalk one being close enough I had almost forgotten about the forum. Alas, I'm back! And I'd like to introduce my new car to you all. I'm sad to say the mk6 has now been sold on to a family member who has it for sale again to make some profit -_- This is my 2014 Ford Fiesta Ecoboost 1.0. I hoped for a 2016 one but I somehow ended up with a more expensive 2 year old.. Don't ask 😂 It has 125ps (123bhp) currently. I've already fitted an AS stage 2 induction kit with cold air feed and it made a noticeable improvement to throttle response and no real difference to fuel economy Next to come is an AIRTEC stage 2 intercooler & a custom stainless exhaust with sports cat. Then the car will spend a day with REVO for a Stage 2 map leaving it with around 180bhp! Not bad for £0 road tax. It has 17" alloys from the factory and wind reflectors courtesy of its first owner! Compared to the mk6 it handles like a go cart & in a straight line is more than enough go.. although it could stop better (ST rear axle?) Next up will be some Japanese racing wheels.. possibly JR11s? Possibly lower it a little more then job done. Paintwork wise, it's had a full correction which almost drove me crazy & been coated with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light & Exo v2. I use Kleen freaks glass cleaner & sealant on the glass which acts as a rain repellant (available on the website). I've fitted 5k LED sidelights & 5k 55w HIDs into the dipped beam. massive improvement over standard. Now I just need to sort an LED replacement for the DRL/high beam. I've already changed all 6 indicators to silver ones, possibly my first modification if I remember right. I've left the interior lighting alone as compared to the mk6 I quite like to warm feeling. I may possibly replace the filament bulbs for warm LED ones in the future I'm not sure. It's nice to have footwell LEDs from the factory though. And a rear roof light! I've fitted genuine fiesta mats all around & protected the whole interior with Gtechniq I1 Smart fabric to help keep it clean & fresh! On a sidenote, does anyone else hate "easy fuel"? I often seem to splash when pulling out which can be awkward
  4. Patrico777

    Fiesta st frozen white

    Hi I am thinking of getting the ST150 in frozen white with black alloys thinking of buying it in December when insurance is renewing what you guys think here is picture :)
  5. Here's my Zetec S that I've had for a few weeks now :)
  6. Howdy folks, well I was bored and decided to snap a few daytime shots of the new car, not particularly the best as the good camera is currently out of commission >.< I decided to put them up because not everyone has seen the car's yet too much and are on the fence about them, so thought it'd be a good plan to get them up. Feel free to post any pictures of your own, ask any questions and so on! The car is beautiful to drive, I remember feeling the quality difference between my pre-facelift Zetec S and a Zetec S Focus both with the 1.6 TDCi engine, and now I feel very little difference at all between my Fiesta and the Focus. The steering wheel is much nicer in the hand for starters, and the seats are more fitting, it's quieter in the cabin and bumps seem much more soaked up than in the pre-facelift. Then there's the obvious differences in the interior trim being gloss black than silver which brings it in line with the Focus, and things seem a little more 'up market' than sporty, which some may like and some may not. The Sync currently is a love-hate relationship, it is a step backwards I feel, despite a more premium feel; it's quite slow on the voice control and it restarts playlists every time you enter the car, rather than restarting and takes a while for it to re-read your device and then play (up to 2 minutes being the worst so far), although it no longer turns off when you turn the ignition off. The only weird thing I've found with the driving of the car so far is that it sometimes won't start, and wants you to put your foot on both the brake and clutch. Outside the only fault's I can say, are 2 really crappy areas of paint, which hopefully will be being put right soon, but all in all a good car. 487 miles in, and got 78 left in range, first tank with Tesco fuel :P My car's spec is as follows; 2013 Ford Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 TDCi Red stitching & cloth seats Ford Sync and Emergency Assist Auto headlamps, wipers and dimming rear view mirror City pack (Powerfold mirrors with LED puddle lamps and reversing sensors) Adjustable bootload floor Haven't done much to it really and the car is largely standard, only mods to date are; - 35W HID dipped beams at 6000K - CREE 6000K sidelights - CREE 6000K reversing bulbs - 6000K generic eBay LED's for registration lights - Red footwell lighting - Climair wind deflectors - K&N panel filter - Mist washer jets - Yankee Candle black cherry air freshener :P So, here we go!
  7. iNath

    The Final Photos...

    The Fiesta found a buyer on Thursday afternoon and was driven away the same day. Here's the last ever photos I took a couple of weeks back...
  8. Wilko-S1600

    Wilko's Frozen White S1600

    Hey, Thought as I'm doing a few bits to my car I would start a progress thread. Bought my white S1600 end of Feb this year and I think its pretty awesome. Mods so far include: Front windows lightly tinted Read windows tinted dark Team Heko wind deflectors DMB badges Vinyl wrapped wing mirrors LED side lights Osram Nightbreaker+ dipped beams Silverteck indicators K&N Panel filter Flyeyed headlights and fogs Mods for the future: Lowered on coilovers spray plastics gloss black vinyl lower grill bumper cat-back Black vinyl roof Possibly change wheels but not 100% on this. Splitter Mountune spoiler Extensions Possibly white eyebrows So here it is as it came from the garage... So my first mod were the Hekos... Then the DMBs. I did buy white with black writing but i didnt think it looked very good so changed them for back with white writing. Then the window tints, mirrors and sunstrip Silverteck bulbs. Think these make the lights look so much better than the nasty orange bulbs Thought I'd try a bit of flyeye on the front headlights and fogs Then the most recent thing i have done is change the bulbs from standard to SMD LED side lights and Osram Nightbreaker+ dipped beams.. Here is how they are as standard: (i dont know why but this picture reminds me of a cats face with its ears back.... maybe its just me) New sidelights: Sidelights and dipped: Cant decide on the next thing i want to do. Either... Roof vinyled, splitter or just save the money and save up for coilovers.... what you recon?
  9. Wilko-S1600

    S1600 Noob :)

    Hey! Picked up my S1600 on Saturday and I'm loving it. Coming from a Peugeot 206 it's a well needed upgrade! Here's a picture of it. Really loving the S1600 so far!! I think I'm going to do a few things to it. Ordered some Team Heko wind deflectors and some white and black DMB badges. Possibly remove the rear fiesta badge. Window tints. Hopefully going to get one of these fitted really love the RS look... just the price that puts me off a bit.. but what are credit cards for eh ;) Havnt taken many pictures of the new car yet but will get some good ones soon. Any other suggestions for mods/upgrades would be welcomed.