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Found 17 results

  1. my aux lead was connected to my phone then the other end fell into my cigarette lighter which caused loads of sparks and blew my phone, now my cigarette lighter, aux and usb aint working could it just be the fuses or a more serious problem? if it is the fuses anyone know where they are located? its a 1.4 titanium 2010 fiesta
  2. I went to check a fuse this morning, and the layout in the owners manual looks nothing like the actual box in the car. Car is a November 2015 Titanium X which I think was built in September 2005.
  3. I have a 2005 mk2 Focus, last week after taking my key out the ignition the window wipers started to go off with the dash fully lit asif my key was in the ignition. Since then putting the key in and turning it had no effect not even any starter motor noise, but if I put my foot on the brake it would start up fine. Upon taking the key out of the ignition the engine would continue to run until I put my foot on the break. Does anyone have any suggestions to what this could be?
  4. Hi. I bought a 1999 Mondeo MK2. 2.0L Zetech engine. Unbeknown to me, this vehicle could not be repaired by the Ford Dealers. Dash lights up when you turn the key, but the engine does not crank. Starter is ok. The Dealers replaced the ECU and interior fuse box. They swopped these items from an identical vehicle without any luck. The "faulty" ECU and fusebox worked fine in the other vehicle. The only items they did not swop was the engine compartment fuse box and the wiring looms. They checked the engine and dash wiring looms and found no problems there. They could not communicate with the ECU. Please advise what could be the problem. I checked the connectors and engine fuse box. They all seem ok. Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, I have a mk6 ford fiesta diesel, 1.4tDCI, reg 07, with no cranking sound, but with a full battery and no clicking or reduction in the power of the headlights when using the ignition. I thought I should check the relay of the starter motor. It should be in the fuse box of the engine, but I can only find a fuse box in the glove compartment, as in the attached picture. I have also attached a picture of my engine. Can anyone please help me find the engine compartment fuse box? Thank you in advance, Kind Regards, George
  6. Hi Guys, The horn seems to have stopped working in my '13 plate, Grand C-Max Titanium X. I was going to try replacing the fuse first, which the car manual suggests is in the Engine Fuse Box, located under the bonnet, on the passenger side. Now I've located it, I can't seem to get the cover / lid / outer casing off, to gain access to the fuse box itself. The case seems to move more easily when I lift it from the back (the side nearest the windscreen). Likewise, I've tried prying / pushing in, what looks like a little latch on the front side of the cover, whilst pushing the back of the casing towards me, and upwards, at the same time. Unfortunately, the latch won't release, and I don't want to force it, for fear of snapping it off. Is there a knack to getting the cover off? Any idea which side the hinge resides on? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Joe
  7. runnymede

    Fiesta mk4 fuel pump relay

    Attached below is a picture of the under bonnet fuse box in my x reg zetec fiesta mk4. Can some kind soul tell me which one is the relay for the fuel pump, or is it somewhere else ? The fiesta has developed a fault where it refuses to start, engine turns but does not fire. If left for a few hours it starts first time. I have been told it may be a dodgy fuel pump relay. I have changed the coil pack which did not solve the problem. Thanking you for any help and suggestions.
  8. Was wondering if its possible to bypass the fuse box and wire straight from the battery to the radio. I would install a switch on the dash to turn it on off ect. Just wondering what i would need and if its possible. Reasoning for doing this is explained in my other post. Thanks
  9. Hi, I'm looking into this as my mechanic has said the issue is the audio modules battery supply fuse. I believe that the issue is common on this model of car however i need to know if there's anything i can do to still have my radio in the car and actually work. Currently the suspected fuse has been removed and all is well battery wise. If anyone knows what can be done to fix this your replies would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. SuzySheen

    streetka 2005

    am i right in thinking that some of the fuses are located by unscrewing the fuse box at my right knee? thanks
  11. Hi All, I'm currently trying to find a 5amp fuse which I can wire in my dash cams fuse kit to which responds to the ignition and the reason I'm posting the question here is; I would normally used the cigartte lighter socket fuse, but it doesn't seem to respond to the ignition being switched off, as my current USB adapter for the dashcam shows power on the unit when the car is turned off. Any ideas/comments would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi all, CMAX 2.0 Zetec Auto 2008 I have severe electrical issues at present (central locking, dashboard not showing indicators/lights & has engine electrics warning, now wipers stopped working last night). I believe i need a new internal fuse box (GEM/ECU ??) to replace the one in the passenger well of my CMAX which seems to have been damaged by water ingress. The part number is 7M5T 14a073 CC Apparently ford installed a blanket fuse box with all electrical functionality for the entire range ready to be programmed dependant upon the model sold with, but I have no idea what the part number is. Is it correct that any fuse box starting with: 7M5T 14a073 C... will work and just needs to be coded or do i need to find either exactly the same (CC) or the next letter along i.e. CD,CE,CF which i assume have higher functionality than the existing?? I have found one fusebox online 7M5T 14a073 CF that looks similar, apparently fits 2008 cmax models but I urgently need some guidance. cheers, GF2K
  13. Hi, Total noob here, hoping a car expert could help out :) My bluetooth has stopped working, so to begin I was going to try reseat or replace the fuse. I've located the fuse box next to the engine but can't for the life of me remove the cover! See images below: I've tried pushing upwards on the small latch at the top left of the box and trying to pull, but it won't budge at all. The sides come loose but still seems like there is something holding it there. Is there a particular way I should be removing this?
  14. Dear All I have a Ford Focus Titanium X Turbo (150) 2012 1596cc 5-Door Estate, Manual, Petrol (for completeness !) with an Alpine INE-W925R Advanced Navi Station replacing the standard Ford-fitted sound systems and I have just bought an HCE-C117D Direct Connection Rear View Camera which I have plugged into the back of the INE-W925R. It works fine, but I need to feed the car's "Reversing Status" into the unit (It has an input labelled "Reverse"). I obviously don't want to run a cable to the back of the car to the positive of the reversing lights if I can pick it up near to the INE-925R. Does anyone know where the nearest point to the central console would be to pick up the positive supply to the reversing lights please ? Many thanks, Peter
  15. Can someone let me know what fuses are what in a 2002 ka? As my cigarette lighter don't work but don't know what fuse it is
  16. Would someone be able to tell me what fuses they are for a 2002 ka? As my cigarette lighter don't work but don't know what fuse number it is?
  17. HI all, My w reg ford fiesta zetec s has a fault. when i brought the car the rear fog fuse was not in the fuse box slot, so i have just put a fuse in it ( fuse box beside/under steering wheel) and the fog switch and rear fog bulb work correctly but my hazards come on. i have checked every fuse and they are all fine, i have pulled the fuses in and out whilest the 10amp fuse is in and still the hazards stay on. Help would be much appreciated thank you.