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Found 19 results

  1. Ford Escort Ghia SI for sale: SORN MOT Expired – 10th August 2015 Colour - Green Registration – L865 NTW First Registered – 28/02/1994 Engine Size – 1796cc Fuel - Petrol Mileage – 56,708 Transmission – Manual Location – Edmonton, North London, N9 Price – Negotiable (Make me an offer!) We are selling this car due to the current owner no longer being able to drive. There are only approximately only 19 of these vehicles left registered in the country. It would be a shame to see this classic hit the scrap yard! (Source: The car comes with rare cream leather interior with veneer dashboard detailing and is highly specced for the time. I have never found one like it online! This vehicle has been sitting for a long time without being started. Because of this, someone who knows what they’re doing would need to look at this in order to get it running again. The last AA mechanic to look at the vehicle said that a sensor on the crank could need replacing for it to start. There are some signs of sitting for a long time, such as flat tyres and issues with the sealing around the sun roof. The right hand side doors were replaced following some damage several years ago – meaning that the exterior of this car is in fantastic condition. here is also little to no visible rust around or underneath the wheel arches or anywhere else on the bodywork. It also comes with the original ford key (see picture) - and only has a cover over the passenger seat for protection (the leather is fine underneath). We would ideally love to see someone restore the car back to its former glory. Viewings are always welcome – but will need to be arranged in advance (weekends preferred). For all enquiries, please email: for more information. Thank you for looking 🙂 FOR ALL PHOTOS PLEASE VISIT THIS ONLINE ALBUM -
  2. Hi All I'm new to your forum and would like assistance identifying my vehicle for insurance purposes. I guessed and went for Ford Focus Ghia (100) 1596cc as this matched the Model and Year (05/55). Insurance sites and Halfords etc do not recognise the vehicle registration number so I must enter manually the vehicle spec. I wrote to DVLA to have V5 checked but never received a reply!? The V5 is incomplete and states: Make: Ford Type: Variant - HXD1S & Version - SABALD Model: (No information entered in this field) Body: 5 Door Hatch CC: 1596 Fuel: Petrol I'd be grateful for any information and a method to have V5 updated as I'd hate to have an accident and then find I'm not insured albeit unlikely. Many Thanks
  3. Lauren_ir0n

    Ford Fiesta Ghia Tdci 2006

    Hi looking for some technical advice here. My Ford Fiesta Ghia wont start, I’m a learner driver so this car isn’t in frequent use. The battery started to go flat and after jump starting it everything appeared to be fine. After starting it everyday for a week to check that the battery wasn’t going flat, one day the car wouldn’t start at all. Initially, we believed the cause to be the battery. After buying a brand new one and installing, the car still won’t Crank and start. The radio lights etc come on and work, but when turning the key there is nothing there at all. can anyone offer some guidance? This is my first car and am stressed about having a huge garage bill. It would be useful if anyone could suggest some things to try to at least rule out some possible faults. Thanks in advance
  4. Redtiz

    2.0tdci dpf sensor?

    Hi guys, I have a 2.0tdci Focus 06 144k miles. I live quite rural and regularly drive 100 miles per day (60 of which is motorway/country lanes). A few weeks back on the motorway I lost all accelaration power. The engine still idled but would not accelerate. I pulled over, restarted the car and all was fine. Approx 1000 miles later engine management light came on with p2453 and p2454 (apparently meaning the same thing?) and went into limp mode and has got progressively worse. Anyway I assumed this was somehow the dpf, so I cleared codes and took it to 4k revs for 15 minutes. I've done this approx 5 times. 3 of the 5 times I've had a white puff of smoke but this doesn't cure the codes or limp mode. It would appear I have to accelerate it up to 4k revs for a few minutes before it decides to drive normally. It will at some point inevitably go into limp mode again though. Any ideas what this is? I've tried to follow the pipes on the sensor located next to the battery and couldn't seem to find a hole. Could it be the sensor itself? Or something else?
  5. Hi, I am looking to upgrade a Focus mk1.5 2001-2004 Zetec/Ghia 1.6 estate to an ST170 in terms of trim i.e. Alloys, front and rear bumpers, headlights, leather interior, modern sound system and possibly some upgrades to the suspension and engine. Could anyone give me some advice on performing this upgrade? And does anyone know of any good breakers or spares yards in the Essex area to get parts? Thanks, Dan
  6. Hi there the factory fitted 6 cd autochanger stereo in my st170 has died. Before I go down the fiddly single din fitting route of a new stereo I've seen a few old foci being broken online. The st170 is obviously quite rare but there are lots of ghia about. What stereos were fitted in the mk1 ghia and would they be a simple click out click in solution does anyone know? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hey ! so basically my first car at the age of 22 was the 2000 ford focus ghia with the 130hp 2.0 zetec lump. i had a crash that resulted in my front bumper and crash bar being destroyed and i then proceeded to put on a facelift bumper and mk2 headlights with the crash bar from the mk2 to keep the car roadworthy etc and everything went great ! colour matched the bumper, tinted the fog lights yellow and lowered the car on 35mm Apexi springs with the st170 drop-links on the front and standard shocks all round. i absolutely love the car but the state of the rear bushings meant that the nearside rear wheel was off and the whole rear end crabbed off to the right when rolling anywhere. recently i have written off my beloved "gerty" and have acquired a 2002 mk1.5 1.4 focus CL due to both my crashed being in my first year and the second one bringing two separate claims. i would absolutely love to put my 2.0 engine in the place of this new 1.4 and proceed to lower this second focus on the same springs whil renewing all the bushings underneath as i am desperately infatuated with the way these cars handle when stiff :) the plan is to brace up this three door body with front and rear struts, convert it to run the brakes and wheel hubs from the ghia and transfer some trim along with the clocks and trip computer with the engine. in an ideal world i would have all the central locking brought over as well but i just dont know what is possible at this stage and how much i would be looking to spend. i plan on keeping this car for 2-3 years and driving it with appropriate vigor. so basically.......... can anybody help me pretty please ? :D
  8. I own a 2002 focus 1.6 ghia (owned from new). The car has only done 26000 miles and I have all the paperwork showing the history. I am thinking of selling it but the book price for the cars year is very low. Does anyone know of any club or focus collector that might be interested in wanting to buy such a rare example ? There is not a single mark on the car and it has never even had any MOT advisories.
  9. Tom1994

    Ford Escort Mk2 Restoration

    I am wanting to start a restoration project on an Mk2 Escort, bearing in mind I have little to no knowledge of how to restore a car but I have a family member who has been a mechanic practically all his life (I don't know how much help I will get off him other than advice as he is busy, I will be doing most of the work myself), I may be able to get some help from friends, how difficult would this be considering I am willing to take my time on the project to learn not just to build the car? And how expensive would you say it would be from past experiences? I'm also thinking of spraying it Ermine White, I know its not an orginal colour but 2 of my mates have both got Ermine White Mk1's and I think it would look pretty sick having those 3 cars together at a car show etc? What is your opinion? Thanks
  10. hey. im thinking of changing my 2.0 ghia mrk1 focus engine to a st170 engine. was wondering if any1 has tried it or how hard it is to swap and whats all needed? if someone can get back to me. much appreciated?
  11. Hi there, i recently bought my pride and joy, a Mk3 Mondeo, Ghia 2.0 petrol and its is a lovely drive. But i have had starting troubles from day one (only about 2 weeks ago) she turns over but needs a bit of throttle to start up. it differs with temperature it seems, first thing when its cold is best but when its had a run and is warm it really struggles to start. At worst i end up with the stater jamming and i have to wait a bit and try again Its more than frustrating and i need some guidance and or knowledge on the problem So far i have changed the plugs and leads and to be fair she runs better but has had no affect on the start up Any help or advice anyone can offer me will be greatly appreciated Thank you in advance Ash
  12. Frankie_A_

    1998 Fiesta 1.4 Knocking

    Just brought myself a 1998 fiesta 1.4 and found it has quite a loud knocking, particularly noticeable when I go over a bump in the road. Any ideas? I've checked wheel bearings and they seem fine. The knocking is almost certainly coming from the front of the car. Thanks for your help!
  13. Hi all, Have recently purchased a ford mondeo 2ltr diesel and so far it's been a dream. Serviced at 82,000 miles and have just surpassed the 100,000 mark (which i believe means it's time for it's major service?) Anyway, over the last week, i have noticed tha turning left, the steering wheel seems a bit more harder and more importantly, it sometimes stalls when slowing down. Th oil and engine light appear but the car literally cuts out. I can turn the car back on and continue driving but as you can imagine, its a bit of a safety risk. Would anybody have an idea what this could be? Any help would be much apprciated Thanks Andrew
  14. Hello I own an R reg Fiesta (1.25 Ghia) and recently whilst driving, my engine over-revs to 3000rpm when stopping or slowing down, usually when I dip the clutch to shift into a lower gear. The revs just climb until I come to a complete stop or change gear and return back to what is normal. The car drives and seems fine but the engine doesn't sound particularly smooth. I've read certain things around on different forums, etc and it seems to be a common problem but I am no where near deciphering what it could be or how to cure this problem. Any help would be highly appreciated. Many thanks.
  15. Hi Guys I have recently bought this Ford Focus Ghia Saloon 1.6 2006. And have few queries 1) How do I know if my car has automatic folding side mirrors? 2) How can I find out the serial number of the Stereo 6000CD. 3) How to connect my phone to the Stereo? Thanks Fordy!
  16. Nathan_UK

    IMG 1319sepiavignette

    From the album: Ford Focus TDCi Surf

  17. Nathan_UK

    Ford Focus TDCi Surf

    From the album: Ford Focus TDCi Surf

  18. Nathan_UK

    Ford Focus Surf

    From the album: Ford Focus TDCi Surf

  19. I've just bought a second hand 1999 Fiesta Ghia 16v 1242cc Petrol car but unfortunately the previous owner lost the owner's handbook. I've tried the Ford UK site using the VIN number to no avail and so far all I've found online is the Haynes 'Ford Fiesta Service and Repair Manual: Petrol and Diesel 1995-2002.' I'd really prefer thel Ghia owner's handbook specific to my model but after spending a couple of hours online I'm not holding out much hope that I'll be able to find one - unless anyone here has any ideas? Many thanks!