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Found 12 results

  1. Eric Bloodaxe

    Mk 8 no GPS

    Been finding the traffic sign recognition very useful, but just now half way through a journey it ceased functioning through GPS and went onto recognising road signs only via the camera. A small symbol came up in the bottom left of the sync screen at the same time, red circle with line across over the letters GPS so assume it means no GPS signal. Was on the home screen at the time, which was displaying the route being followed, but that disappeared also, again I presume through no GPS signal. This situation continued through the remaining 30 miles or so of the journey. I'm a novice with these things, so wonder if you more techy types could advise if the GPS signal goes off sometimes due to interference of some sort, or is it likely to be a fault in my car?
  2. I'm hoping in the next year or two of buying a Ford Fiesta and just wondered if anyone has done a comparison of a standalone TomTom compared to a Ford GPS built in. I know there are issues about updates, but what about accuracy ease of use etc?)
  3. So I have a 2010 1.6 Zetec and I have a sat nav built in. For some reason it says I am in the middle of the North Sea when i live in Manchester. It will also not calibrate manually. I have the SD card in correctly. I seen a post from a while ago saying it could be the gps antenna which is located under the drivers dash, I need to look for a blue connector that I can't see. wondering if any of you guys had any ideas? I will post some pictures showing what sat nav I have and where I think the gps atenna should be. Thank you.
  4. AlanD21

    Fiesta Black Edition GPS

    Has anyone else had any bother with their sat nav/GPS on a fiesta ecoboost? My car just keeps saying that there is no GPS signal and when I go on the map or navigation it can't pick up a signal or find me therefore cannot use these functions? Anyone had similar problems? If so what did you do to sort it? cheers
  5. so as the mk1 is coming along abit the dash in my car is disgracefull with scuffs etc so im going to wrap it all but befor i do so im going to try and intergrate my Satnav into the dash instead any ideas on how i can do this with the possibilty of still being able to put it on charge? Thank you
  6. Hi, I got an '07 Ford Fiesta Zetec with the 6000CD. I have bought an pioneer SPH-DA120 head unit along with fascia, adapters, etc. But how can I pass my iPhone USB cable from the rear of the head unit around to the front. Also the headunit comes with a wired Mic which I would like to have on the drivers side of the dash. And a GPS antenna needs to go on the top of the dashboard to work 'properly'. Basically, how can I get all these wires out from behind the headunit? Thanks
  7. Hello everyone, I've got a Ford Fiesta Zetec S 57 Plate and i've been looking at android head units for my car and got two to choose from, I like the look of the pumpkin one a bit more and its got a bigger screen but unsure on the performance of it compared to the eonon. Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated thank you
  8. Hi all, I recently bought a Double Din stereo with built in GPS etc for my Fiesta MK6. All is great at the minute except the fact that I don't have any maps for the car's navigation system. The radio itself doesn't have any make, or at least I cant see one, so i can't go to a manufacturers website to download any. I'm assuming it can use any maps I install onto the MicroSD card but I don't want to chance it without any advice from anyone who's been in the same situation. Can I use any maps on the system? If so are there any websites that you guys can recommend? Thanks!
  9. Zion Fox

    Gps Interference

    Greetings one and all, I recently picked up my new '14 plate Fiesta Zetec 1.0 EcoBoost last week, and have been experiencing some issues relating to GPS when in the vehicle. I'm not sure if this is purely relating to my device, or in the car, but the GPS on my phone (Nexus 5) seems to be very inaccurate or having a long delay between updates, making using it as a navigation device unreliable. I don't have the built in GPS system in the car, but it does have Emergency Assist, which uses a GPS module behind the rear view mirror to pin point my location during an accident. I am curious if someone a bit more knowledgeable knows a bit more about this GPS module, if it runs all the time, and is stealing the signals away from my phone, or if it only wakes up during an accident? I can turn Emergency Assist off through the car's menu, but I doubt it'd turn off the actual GPS module, and am wondering if a fuse would disconnect it? TL;DR: My phone's GPS is intermittent, slow, and unreliable, but only when in the car. Could the car's GPS module be causing interference, and if so, how can I disable, or use this to my advantage? Thanks in advance. ~Zion
  10. negendahl

    Aftermarket Gps Head Unit

    Hey guys, Have any one fitted any aftermarket GPS head units? Mostly just curious if its worth the money, i had a look at this: I'm not entirely convinced that I will need it, and if I should get it, just want to hear about some experiences :) Thanks, /Mick
  11. Hi everyone, I'm new here and would really like some advice on changing the screen/headunit on my Focus 2.5. I've got the built-in Travelpilot FX but there are some dead pixels, and I was wondering if it's possible to upgrade the head unit for a larger screen without losing the functionality of the in built system? Thanks very much! Harry
  12. Hi guys, I have a 2006 Fiesta Zetec S and I was wondering how hard it is to install a custom DVD/GPS unit to replace the existing unit like the following: The guide on how to remove the existing unit is relatively simple, but that model unit in the link above looks like it has 100x the cables that the original has. And I can't seem to find any guide on the net that shows you how to install it. Any ideas? Much appreciated. Charlie.