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Found 19 results

  1. Hi all, I've searched the forum (and Google), and only found the opposite problem to mine... Driving into work today, my handbrake ratchet stopped holding. I just tried using it at a junction, and it didn't hold. The handbrake itself works, and so at work I've parked it in gear, and put a few CD's under the handle to stop it dropping back down again. I've seen plenty of issues where handbrakes are stuck on, but not like mine. Anyone else had this, and found a solution? Or anyone who knows the handbrake mechanism well enough to hazard a guess as to how it might be fixed? thanks Leon
  2. Hi Fellow SMax Pilots. Decided to join the forum after lurking for a while. I have a 2008 SMax 2.0 Titanium Diesel (140PS) and generally speaking its been a great family car. However yesterday the parking brake decided to jam in the fully up and engaged position (its a manual brake not electric). Despite my uneducated attempts to release it, it was not budging. AA called out and the sourced the problem to a broken release cable in the handle. There is a small flat 'S' shaped (or 'kinked') end to the button release cable that seems to go up inside the handbrake handle's driver's side arm and I think this connects to the spring loaded button in the handle at the top. This 'S' shaped part has broken leaving the spring loaded release button permanently engaged. The nice AA man left me with a piece of wire connected to the release cable which we can now pull on to disengage the button release lock - so at least we have a 'get you home' fix. I started searching the web to see if there is a replacement cable. Looks like you can buy either an entire handbrake assembly (£160...) or just a replacement handle (£60) - all because of a simple broken cable! The handle option does not appear to include a cable, the full assembly does (at least the pictures on Ebay suggest this is so). Has anyone else had this problem and what is the best way to fix it? Do I need an entire assembly (like this -> Link) or is there a way to replace just the cable? Thanks for any help offered! Mak.
  3. Hi, so I have an 06 Fiesta Zetec 1.4 diesel. In recent months I have noticed that I will be driving along and sometimes when I change gear/brake/set off the abs and handbrake lights quickly flash on, along with this, sometimes the radio turns on and off as well. I have had the car for years, had the MOT a few weeks ago, they found no errors etc. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem and has any troubleshooting tips? Thanks, Ravi
  4. Hi guys, The handbrake button on my 2013 fiesta is stuck in, last night I pulled the handbrake up and the button stayed in (didn't pop out), the handbrake still works but it's quite annoying. Hoping someone has a quick fix. Thanks
  5. Hello. Can anybody help, The speedometer and milage display doesn't wrk on my fiesta, the abs, engine management light is on and the brake system light is on. The mileage can be read until diving off. I have recently had a driver side front wheel bearing changed, and the abs sensor (same side) changed. Odb2 code comes up p0500, vehicle speed sensor A. Where/what is sensor A? Thanks....
  6. Jordan99

    Crappy handbrake. Help!

    Hi all, I mentioned that my focus failed the mot on the handbrake and that I quoted a £30 fix, that turned into a £200+ which I kindly said no to. They told me I needed new wheel cylinders, drums, shoes and new brake fluid. After a second opinion they told me that the cylinders and drums are fine however the shoes are about dead. The problem I have is, shoes I have no problem doing myself, I did them yesterday and the whole thing went really smoothly BUT the handbrake is still crap! Holds the car, but I can still drive with the handbrake on. I've adjusted the handbrake under the gaiter near the lever. Is there anywhere else I can make adjustments? Or any other reasons why the handbrake is so bad? Thanks in advance everyone.

    MOT advisories advice

    Hi everyone, had MOT done on Monday, failed on its front discs and pads, went to NPA to get replacement ones for £54, do you reckon that's a fair price for new disks and pads or is there other cheaper places/companies to get new parts? the only 2 companies i know that supply new car parts are Euro car parts and NPA. Got the new disks and pads fitted on Wednesday by a family friend for £20. Took it down for it's retest on the same day and thankfully it passed. There are still 2 advisories left to sort out. The first one is i need a new silencer/back box (same thing right?). I've had a look on Euro car parts and they have ones for £30, do you guys think that's a fair price or do you think i'll get a new replacement one somewhere else? the other advisory is that the n/s and o/s/r handbrake cables corroded. The family friend who done by discs and pads said that to fix the corroded handbrake cables all that's needed is a spray can of (can't remember the full name but i remember he said copper something) he said if i spray it on the cables all the rot/rust will come off but will reinforce/strengthen the cables, therefore no replacement parts needed. Does what he's told me sound right to you or will i actually need to order some replacement cables? anyone had similar problems? is it not as easy as that to fix these? will it be an expensive job? thanks.
  8. Ford_lover38

    Failed MOT HELP!!

    Hey All, Just had my car in for a service, and its failed MOT with the things below. In your experience how much would you expect to pay for these repairs? The cost for new brake pads and disks is £216 The cost for the parking brake "fix" is £172 (apparently includes the purchase of multiple handbrake cables). Also is the shock absorber advisory anything to be worried about? (if so is it expensive to fix?) Help!! I have no idea if I'm being ripped off or not! Any advice would be highly appreciated :) Reason(s) for failure offside rear rear brake recording little or no effort (3.7.B.5a) front brake disc in such a condition that it is seriously weakened (3.5.1i) Parking brake: efficiency below requirements (3.7.B.7) Advisory notice item(s) offside rear Shock absorber has a light misting of oil (2.7.3)
  9. ShaneFit

    C-Max 08 warning lights

    Hi All, i have intermittent warning lights appear on dash C-Max 08 titanium. red snowflake, handbrake on light and the temperature gauge shows dashed lines. Please bare in mind its currently 20c so its not telling me to watch for ice. Any ideas? Thanks
  10. Hi! I'm new in the forum so please excuse if I did not follow the correspondent procedures. I'd like to see if I can get any help and fix myself this problem. I have a Ford Fiesta 2003 Zetec which I bought second hand. (I think the car was stationary for a long time) Since a bough it I realice that when moving the car from stop there is a lag, sometimes that lag makes the car to stall, specially when moving from stop position. After a friend drove the car for a bit told me that looks like the handbrake is slightly 'on' therefore the feeling of lagging when start moving. Also, you can feel the handbrake loose before completely pushing it back. (In other words, the first 35% when applying the handbrake feels complety loose) Is this a easy one? Anything similar happend to you? Any help? Much appreciated!!! D
  11. I wanted to share my recent experinence of a replacinig my 2008 galaxy handbrake as I couldnt find much guidance myself. I am not a mechanic but found the process fairly straighforward. The key is being able to get under the car. There are 2 stages; 1. removing the centre console between the front seats 2. getting under the car to access the bolts that secure the handbrake mechanism to the floor of the car Stage 1. Starting in the passenger and driver foot wells remove the plastic trims at floor level (there is a securing screw in the glove box on the passenger side). Working backwards towards the boots continue to remove the screws that the various pieces of trim. From above gently prise up the plastic cover between the hand break and lever. This will reveal 2 more screws that need to remove the tray under the handbrake handle. WIth are and attention and with all the screws removed the console comes out in 2 sections. You will be able to be able to clearly the hand brake mechanism. Finally remove the 2 bolts eaither at the very end of the console (you will need to approach this from the back seat foot well). Stage 2. It is essential the car is off the ground on a ramp. Once under the car remove the heat sheild and you will see the 3 nuts holding the handdbrake mechanism in place. Underdo these. Then release the handbrake cable tensioning device so that you can release the cables. The mechanism can them be lifted free and the new mechanism installed. Any questions please ask as I appreciate this a laymans guide.
  12. Hi all. Could anyone tell me how to free up the handbrake it's decided to stick on and make a right racket. Thanks.
  13. My handbrake release button cover (plastic bit at the tip) has been missing since I bought the car, exposing the bit of metal. Handbrake works fine, but looks rough. I ordered one from Ford (cost only a few quid), but wondering, is it just "stick it on at the top" job or more complicated than that? Thanks
  14. Hello all. I have a 2003 MY MK3 Mondeo 1.8 LX with an ineffective handbrake. The lever feels very on or off and doesn't hold the car unless it is on hard. Is there anything basic I can look at and maintain to loosen it up a bit?
  15. hatchetharry36

    Handbreak Help (H)Required

    Hi guys, Hope this is in the right place i have a 2014 fiesta (UK) and have somehow managed to lose a very important key in this rather poorly placed void that coincides with my pocket position :P does anyone know how i can get it out? or maybe take the surround off to get to it? thanks!
  16. Hi, Hoping someone can help this one. I have a 53 plate mondeo with a sticking rear caliper causing the handbrake to fail on one side. I'll keep this short, the handbrake stuck on causing the wheel bearing to overheat, requiring a new wheel bearing. This was replaced along with new pads and discs but I still have the issue with the caliper siezing, although as the handbrake is not working on this one side it doesnt stick the handbrake on causing it to overheat - again. When I fitted the new pads I wound back the piston on the caliper. When I checked the other day I can see that the piston has wound out, yet the handbrake arm on the rear of caliper will only move back and forth with brute force (hammer). Could it be that the piston is getting stuck halfway out due to corrosion? If so, can these things be cleaned up and refitted or is it simpler to buy a new part? I thought is was the handbrake cable which attaches to the caliper, which in turn pulls the arm which pushes the piston out - is this correct? Any guidance appreciated as MOT is looming. Thanks.
  17. Hi, I have an 02 plate mk3 diesel mondeo. during the three years I have owned the car I have had problems with the handbrake sticking on causing the brakes to overheat, Usually in the winter in freezing conditions. A month ago I replaced the handbrake cables as I suspected they were full of water and freezing up. I noticed when I renewed them that the handbrake levers on the calipers where not returning to their stops so I attempted to free off the pivots with WD40 working them to and fro. Everything seemed ok for a week or so and then I noticed that the rear hubs where getting warm as tho the handbrake was sticking on slightly. I decided to renew the calipers (which I completed both sides just yesterday) and the levers where perfectly free (as you'd expext) until fitted to the car (following the correct manufactures and manual instructions). After I had bled the brakes, and refitted the handbrake cables, and opperated the handbrake, I noticed that the levers where NOT going fully back on their stops and also the brakes were binding a little. However when I forced the levers back on to their stops the brakes where completely free. I spoke to the manufacures of the calipers (J&R trading) and they suggested resetting the calipers, and then driving the car without the handbrake cables attatched, in order to settle the pistons/brakes in. I followed this, reconnected the handbrake and things seemed better, however after driving the car 4 or 5 miles this morning the nearside rear hub had got really hot, and when I checked the handbrake lever (on the back of the caliper) was way off its stop. Having levered it back onto its stop, the brake was immediately free. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Steve
  18. The handbrake on my Mk3 Mondy was getting progressively worse at holding the car. The pull on the cable got gradually slacker. It failed its MOT in December for the reasons below: Offside Rear parking brake recording little or no effect [3.7.A.7a] Parking brake efficiency below requirements [3.7.A.10] The test result was RBT Park Brake efficiency 14%. The garage replaced both brake cables and the handbrake worked like new. But within a fortnight or so I noticed the pulling get slacker, and its effectiveness has now waned to the extent it struggles to hold the car on any but the most level surface. I know its difficult for people to advise, but what's the likely cause? I'm pretty hard on pulling the handbrake on, but I don't think that should result in a near total failure. Shoddy workmanship? Poor part?
  19. 2007 Ford Mondeo MK4 1.8 Zetec Diesel I recently tried to start my car after it had been stood for a number of weeks, i do believe the radio had been used by my son though to listen to in the garden, to find the battery was flat. After jump starting the car and leaving it to tick over for an hour i took it for a drive. I now find that the ABS, ESP and handbrake lights wont go off on the dashboard. I didnt notice any problems whilst driving it, am i safe to drive the car and is there any way i can reset the lights? Im assuming i'll have to take it to a ford dealer for them to reset at great expense at the least?