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Found 89 results

  1. Had this warning come up on my dash about 4 times asking to check Adaptive Headlight ( see manual ) well checked manual and does not say much about any faults, car was at dealers for new wheels to be fitted so asked them to check it over, they said nothing showed up on diagonostic machine but it still happening ? Anyone else had this?.
  2. F0CUE

    H7 adapters

    Does anyone know any local motor factor that would sell these things or is it possible to use a spring version?
  3. Hi, we have a Mark 3 Ford Focus - purchased in Russia in 2014 and used in Russia ..YES, Russia Their law now says that dipped highlights must be on - like Denmark / Sweden - all the time, when the engine is running - has been like that since 2013 Our car is like a UK spec - you must manually switch the highlights on - and we keep getting stopped by the Police, as we always forget. Is there a simple way the Ford Dealer can modify the car to be like a Danish model - especially - as the law change pre-dated the new purchase or is it something we can do, without invalidating the warranty ? I would ask the dealer, but my Russian is not up to that and I suspect they rub their hands when they see us coming :) Bet you don't get questions like THIS everyday !
  4. Hi all! ive been a bit of a ghost as of late, but finally back onto messing around with my car! I changed my headlights today (first time, which probably explains the damage I caused..) but I managed to snap the little clip on the headlight connector. I don’t have a photo at the minute, but it’s the connector that plugs into the headlight in the engine bay. Will this cause any massive issues? It seems pretty comfortable in there, but if I can get that clip replaced ideally I’d like to do that! any recommendations would be great!
  5. Hi all, I was looking on Amazon for led headlights and was wondering if they would fit in the holes, which ones are the best and are they worth it? Thanks Shaun
  6. Newblet

    Halo headlights

    Hello everyone! I've recently installed angel eye/halo headlights and was curious where the LEDs are for the rings? Any help appreciated.
  7. I put some LED's in the headlights... So I put those LED's in headlights, nobody has flashed me, they are bright white but they're not blinding bright. But I was wondering how do I adjust the headlights left/right up/down. I know there's a yellow hex screw on top of the headlight, but which way does that adjust? And Where's the other one? The headlight reflection seems to be perfect on the passenger side, but the drivers side is pointed off in a different direction.
  8. JKSEN


    What are the brightest road legal headlights I could get for my 2012 Fiesta? Preferably cool white colour since they look much nicer. Thanks
  9. Tommo17

    Headlight bulb upgrade

    Another question again. Looking at changing my bulbs that came standard in my titanium not interested in the hassle of HIds. Just don’t seam to get good visablity anything I can do. Seen these any input from anyone
  10. RedFez

    Halo Headlights

    Hi Guys, Need some help.. Anyone know where i can get some halo headlights for the ford fiesta mk7.5? BMWs always have nice halo headlights and i feel this would make my car stand out and look bad at night. If anyone knows any halo bulbs or a whole headlight which i can just put in then please respond as this is something i've been trying to look for and not find anywhere! Im not good with electrics either so if anyone can give me tips on how to fit as well that would be great
  11. Hi all I'm trying to find a headlight plug for the mk7.5 fiesta, as I'm in the process of facelifting my mk7 can't find any on eBay or anywhere online any help??
  12. Maxtimus_prime

    Grand C-Max

    I have a 2012 Grand C-Max 2.0 TDI For some reason the lights on the Near Side turns off after a while, leaving only the Dim lights on, Indicator and mirror light still works. Lights that goes off (rear brake & park lights & Front park light) I have checked all the lights but i have no blown bulbs, what else could it be. Its my first ford, but I know that this is a symptom of a problem but I do not know where to look.
  13. I am thinking of applying a light dark tint to my front headlights. I have searched several thread and sites. Some say that it's safe. Some say that it may cracks your headlight. Have anyone of you tried it? Does the quality play that much role or is it safe to order a cheap one from eBay for 5 euros instead of paying around 30 or 50 that the shops ask for?
  14. I am thinking of applying a light dark tint to my front headlights. I have searched several thread and sites. Some say that it's safe. Some say that it may cracks your headlight. Have anyone of you tried it? Does the quality play that much role or is it safe to order a cheap one from eBay for 5 euros instead of paying around 30 or 50 that the shops ask for?
  15. Hello people. I own a 2009 black focus in Greece. Lately i am trying to make my focus looking more beautiful that already is. So i have device to install an aftermarket led kit into my h7 low beam lights. As always i search for everything that I need before making a step. So my question is except from the led kit. Will they fit directly into my sockets or do i need any holder brackets. And dust covers? I wanted to fit xenon kits but i am afraid of the heat that xenon produces. So any advice will be very thankful. Thank you.
  16. BeebZetec

    Upgrade to ST headlights

    Hi, So i want to upgrade my standard h15 headlights to the led drl you see on the ST. I have been looking around and found out that it is not that simple and that the led drls do not work as they are supposed to. Something about when drls are on, they are dim, then when headlights or sidelights are on they are bright, has anyone been able to sort this out and how have you done it?
  17. Ettles

    Lights out

    So after recently changing all my lights to aftermarket CEUK bulbs everything was fine until I decided to change the roof light as well -the one that goes on when you open the doors- wasn't until today I realised that my drivers side headlights and fogs were out along with my interior footwell lights... anyone else have this problem and find the solution, I know the fuses could have blown tried to get them out but they are nion impossible to get out if you don't have nails.. and the passenger glove box fuse box you have to take out the glove compartment, for the record I have a Fiesta mk7 13 plate, any help would be appreciated massively
  18. I have a 2014 plate Ford Fiesta and have recently changed the headlights from daytime running to the fancier led daytime running lights. All the bulbs seem to be working fine (they light up) but just noticed today when driving in the dark when my dipped beam on one side seems to travel a bit further than the other. So if you imagine one side the light travels 2 car lengths in front (not accurate just easy to explain) where as the other side only reaches one cars length. Is it a simple replacement bulb or is there more to it than that? Or am I missing something else? Thanks Tom
  19. Hello. I have a problem i hope you will be able to help me with. My both headlights stopped working suddenly at the same time. I checked all the fuses / OK. I checked bulbs / OK. What is weird is that when i turn the switch to main lights position even indicator on dashboard doesnt turn on. Is the the faulty switch problem?
  20. FoleyFord

    Amber Side-lights

    I was just wondering if anyone had replaced their side lights with amber LED's, and what they look like? I am curious to see since google is offering little to no pictures. Also, is it legal?
  21. Hi chaps, since installing my drl's ive always wanted to replace my standard bulb head lights with xenom ones just because the go better together. I know the MK2.5 ST has xenom headlights so I'm just thinking I could replace my current ones with these but just want to see if yous have any thoughts on it? im driving a 2010 Zetec S. Thanks Steven
  22. I want to change the headlight assembly on my Focus Zetec S Mk3 and like the look of the Focus ST Mk3 headlights. Can I just buy the ST headlight assembly and swap them for my headlights without any modification required? Will they fit? Any one done this or know if I can do this?
  23. Hi, First post whilst waiting delivery of my Ford Direct 2015 Mondeo Titanium X Estate.... My car is fitted with the adaptive LED headlights and I want to know what happens when I take the car into Europe? Can I just use it as-is or are any modifications required? Last time I drove abroad I needed those stick on beam masks!!! Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Phil A returner to the Ford flock after 6 years with Mercedes C-Class :O)
  24. I need to replace my fog light bulbs as they aren't working but in order to do that I first need to remove my front headlights. I have no issues with the two torque screws but the plastic one (bottom left of second pic) I can't get off? Am I missing something or doing it completely wrong? Looks like I can use a Phillips screwdriver but it just keeps spinning and I've tyres to get it off with a flathead but no luck so far, any help is appreciated....
  25. Hello everyone! I know I've had the exact same topic post before, but after buying a pair of Philips white vision and having them in for a while and having them alongside 6000k osram 501 sidelights, they do seem rather yellowish, so I'm wondering what everyone thinks is the best h7 light with the whitest light and better light output regarding beam strength... I appreciate what people put in the last topic, just need to refresh it by bringing it up again. Thanks in advance! Cookey.