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Found 331 results

  1. have recently bought an 05 fiesta flame however the radio fitted is the triple dash radio without an aux. i’ve read on the internet it’s tricky if at all possible to fit an aux with this radio and i don’t want the faff of the transmitters. want a simple plug in aux input. any suggestions or help appreciated as this is my first car
  2. tomtom16

    MK2 air con pipe

    Evening, Just a quick question if anyone can help. Is the air con pipe the same for all the mk2 focus' mine as split and leaked everywhere and I have found one on ebay for a 2008 focus. It looks the same however The seller said it's from a 1.8 petrol and is not sure if they are the same. Mine is a 2 litre climate. On a 07 plate Thank you.
  3. Dayko17

    Fuel line corroded??

    Hi guys, Just noticed a leak around (what i think is) the fuel line.. stinks of fuel inside and outside of the cabin Does anyone have any idea how much it would be to replace/repair? Also have a video of it dripping just after a 10ish mile trip..
  4. Hi, I have had a new clutch fitted and seal on my partners 2003 ford ka. After driving it back from the garage she said it was fine. I took it out for a drive and a fee issues came up. 1. The clutch is slipping and got a burnt smell when I pulled up. Is this right and does it need bedding in as I didn't think it would.. The clutch is low but not any stiffness to it at all. 2. The light had come on the dash for what I guess is the break fluid warning light. I checked the levels and they seem fine. So what is this? Is this a bad job and I need to 're visit the garage and why would the break fluid light be on? Thanks in advance
  5. Danny13666

    Limp Mode 1.6tdci

    Hi i am new here.... I just bought a Ford Focus 1.6tdci and i started it this morning and i had " Engine Malfunction" light on and it went in limp mode, i called a mobile mechanic and he diagnosed it and fault P0380 poped up and he couldn't delete it. So we checked the glow plugs and they all work. What he also told me is the glow plugs stay on and does not turn off at all. Please help what else it can be ?
  6. Hey guys, I'm new around here, looking for some help. I have a 2009 Ford Focus Mk2.5 Zetec s/s 1.8. Had it since November, there's about 62000 miles on the clock. Recently noticed a grinding/grating noise when braking heavily on low traction surfaces. It's not a normal ABS sound, I'm fairly confident what ABS activation sounds like. I thought at first it may be the ABS malfunctioning, but I've also noticed on a few occasions the same sound with a bit of wheel spin, but not every time. So it seems it's more associated with losing traction than just heavy braking. Here's a dash cam video where you can hear the sound: Any ideas/help with what it could be would be appreciated. Thanks,
  7. Calling any friendly helpful people in the Manchester area! I picked up a TRC front splitter for my 1.0l black edition yesterday but am pretty useless with fitting parts! If anyone could give me some pointers or even help me for it I would be very appreciative!! Tia
  8. Hi, Looking to upgrade my sound system and head unit. Wondering if there is any good guides out there or product recommendations. would like a sub aswell. I am not too clued up on sound systems but very mechanically minded so it should be easy enough to figure out if someone can point me in the right direction.
  9. karlparker435

    Brake Issues

    Recently picked up a 2007 Fiesta Zetec S when I bought the car it had an ABS light on the dash but didn’t effect the braking System (The light comes off and off whenever) However the other day I went for a drive and when I broke the brake pedal had gone stiff and my car was not stopping! I had to slam on the brakes and eventually it stopped (Luckily no one was in front of me) This has now happened on a few occasions but only when I first start driving, when it happens I turn the car off and pump the brake pedal and turn the car back on and everything is fine! It’s happened when the ABS light had been and off. Does anyone have a clue what could be causing this to happen. Every time I drive now I pump the brake pedal before setting about on my journey. my thought is the brake need bleeding. But is there anything else it could be?
  10. Most of us are driving around with errors on our car, and we don't even realise it. Mainly because the small niggles don't affect our day to day driving. Focus owners are lucky as they have the "Secret Dash Trick" but what if you don't own a Focus? and you don't have a trip computer? The easiest way for us on the forums to help you, is if you have an "OBD" Scanner - and you may be surprised that they are DIRT cheap! OBD is the cars "On Board Diagnostics" system. If there is an error with your car sensor, or another error that you are either well aware of (or perhaps not). then OBD might just save you £60 minimum diagnostics fee with a dealer, and perhaps a whole lot more in repairs... What is OBD? On Board Diagnostics has been in use for many years, as early as 1996 a lot of cars have it. From 2001 (Petrol) and 2004 (Diesel) the standard of OBDII came in, and all cars after this time will have an OBDII interface that you can use. Not only can OBD be used to diagnose issues, but it also allows you to monitor the likes of efficiency in your car. there are so many applications available that will read the data in different ways, if you want an app for 0-60 with BHP readouts - Torque Pro. If you want an app for your economy usage "Efficiency (Free)" can be your new best friend. Does my car have OBD? The requirement is that an OBDII connection MUST be accessible to the driver within 2 feet of the driver position. The usual location is about knee height and on the right or left side of your knee (depending on the LHD or RHD model you own). Its normally recessed, and running your hand along the dash you will feel it, it may perhaps be hidden under the steering column, behind a panel (look for a removable panel somewhere around the dashboard at knee height) or behind an ashtray. There also tends to be one on the bulkhead of the engine compartment. Mst likely under a cover, so check your fusebox, and you may see it. How do I use OBD? You can buy a universal adapter that will fit any car with an OBD socket. See below links to a couple of types (Bluetooth) and an example USB version. Smartphone Users: Look at your smartphones App Store for a program called "Torque" - this comes in a freeware version and a Paid for version. Torque allows you to scan for and clear down error codes, also clicking the error code can take you to a page where you can see in plain english - what the error means. It allows you to view live data readings and also map out your vehicles data (downloadable to PC). Two types of Bluetooth Adapters for sale on ebay: Laptop Users: You can buy a USB version that will plug into your laptop. they tend to come with drivers and applications that you can use to interact with your car's data. Also, if you purchase a modified ELM 327 cable with a High and Medium speed can bus (click here for more information)then you can use software such as ForScan. This is an excellent piece of software that debugs more than just Ford's but allows you to automatically scan High and Medium speed for errors, view in clear text the errors seen, and reset them in turn. I have used this and find it an excellent piece of free software. Any User: I Forgot when writing this that there is the entirely seperate "standalone" code reader. Its a handheld device that will read the code and control it through a handheld unit, prices for these differ, as little as £10.00 and up to a lot more. You can buy these for an average of £25 - £30 for a relatively branded unit. Which OBD version do I have? OBDII is the current standard but there have been other releases before. The older your car, the older the OBD support, so vehicles around 1996 will be OBD 1 and later vehicles 1.5 or 2. Always contact the seller if you are unsure if the device you are looking to purchase is compatible with your car. Generally speaking, if your car is older than 2004, you will probably have an OBDI device, and not an OBDII device. Again, refer to the seller to identify if this is the correct one for you. Why should I buy into this? Combination of an OBD adapter, and software to accompany it, most of the time will come in under £15. For that money, you have a way to track your cars readings, and check all the error codes. A simple problem with a sensor could cost you as little as £60 to diagnose with a dealer, and then whatever ludicrous labour fee's are applicable to resolve this issue. If you are handy with a spanner, or know someone who is, your first problem resolution will only cost you £15 plus whatever cost for the part, any problems after that you are self diagnosing for free. Providing the members of this forum with error codes means that we can provide you with more accurate details, and suggestions to resolve your problems. Limitations: Please note that when you buy an adapter of this nature, there ARE limitations. These adapters and software combinations cannot diagnose some systems, ABS and Airbag for example, but it can clear there error codes. Will It damage my car? Budget OBDII readers can only ever read data from the engine, and switch the Engine Management Light off - 99.9% of scanners on the market will not damage your car. Be wary of buying from abroad, as these may be cheaper still, but these are the 0.01% that may damage your car. What About Apple? Unfortunately, Apple is an issue for this sort of task. Apple use a hybrid "bluetooth" stack, which although claims to be bluetooth, its not "bluetooth" by the rest of the worlds description, its more "Apple's rewriting of bluetooth". Its generally seen that Bluetooth adapters wont work with Apple, and you may be better off getting a WiFi adapter and connect to this. For apple compatible devices though (Wi-Fi or bluetooth) There's this: that I have heard of. but they do say if you have a bluetooth adapter, to contact support before hand. Alternatively, suggestion is that a code a good tool to use, but again, ensure that they confirm it will work, or at least get refund reassurances. The most expensive I have seen yet (but best reported on) is REV: investment. Summary So that's it - its a cheap, and harmless way to get information from your cars computer. Whether error diagnostics, or to see how much damage you are doing to the environment, or if you just want to brag to your friends about what your current BHP reads at. So, I hope this inspires you! Many who buy an adapter never look back, I have yet to come across a single individual who has regretted buying one. But remember, buy cheap but don't expect the world, but these cheap adapters could be more than enough to dig you out of a hole. If you want to buy something better, there are more than enough tools out there that you can look to upgrade to. Scanguage is an excellent device and there are a lot of other handheld units that could improve the result. If you have any questions, look around the forum, or feel free to send me a PM and I will be happy to help. If there is enough interest, I am sure all of us here will be happy to help you if you need to start a thread. Please remember, the above links are not recommendations, we are not gaining any revenue from advertising them, but I can say that I own two of them and they work fine for me ;)
  11. Hi everyone! Hope you can help my partners ford ka is suffering from a stop start issue and the battery is toast. When I've gone to change the battery I've found a battery earth connected to it, I was just wondering does the car need it as I'm struggling to find a battery with the earthing connector? Any help or advice would be great as she needs it Monday Thanks Chris
  12. Ford Focus II 2010 - ELM Config 0.2.17c Hi guys, I'm trying to activate cruise control on my car. I managed to activate it in GEM and HEC but struggling in the PCM. Getting error non-empty VID block found in the PCM module. Here is a video of what i'm doing If someone can point out what i'm doing wrong would be very appreciated.
  13. itssammykins

    Aux not working

    Hi, my aux isnt working in my fiesta 09. It has worked previously but just noticed that it isn't now. The aux button doesn't do anything when pressed. When i go through the menu and press aux that doesn't do anything either just goes back to the radio or cd. My bluetooth still works. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Cheers :)
  14. Hi, I have a Ford KA and for the past couple of weeks I have been getting a message come up on the screen which displays the date and miles saying"insufficient oil pressure please stop and turn around" It has been okay and I have been driving it and it has been fine. Except for today it has came up 3 times and I don't know what to do? I have googled it and a lot of people are saying to check the oil, which my dad is doing, but then some people are saying it is more serious? Help????
  15. DanSaunders

    Electrical draw

    Hi, the car is a Ford Focus mk2 1.8 tdci. Had the car little over 2 years, since day one something was not write electrically. Little things like if you indercate left it displays a message blinking at you reading”passenger door open” same again for if you put the rear window heater on .. same massage . Now the last 18 months I’ve noticed the clocks don’t turn off (permanently displaying the time and my mileage) . And had the battery dying on me if it’s not driven within 12hours . I’ve changed the battery twice and had a brand new alternator. I was also advised to get my instrument cluster (clocks) referbed as the garage was adamant they where the problem. No joy there either. Any body have any knowledge on this problem as I’ve seen a few people have similar issues but no one seems to post if they’ve fixed the issue or not. Thanks in advance. D.
  16. Hi guys just recently purchased a 2011 Focus mk2.5 Zetec S from the UK, got a good deal and the spec is nice compared to my last focus zetec. I hate the Zetec S rear diffuser and was wondering does anyone know if the one pictured will fit or do yous know anywhere I could get one similar. The black focus is the one I have. Thanks
  17. Hi all! ive been a bit of a ghost as of late, but finally back onto messing around with my car! I changed my headlights today (first time, which probably explains the damage I caused..) but I managed to snap the little clip on the headlight connector. I don’t have a photo at the minute, but it’s the connector that plugs into the headlight in the engine bay. Will this cause any massive issues? It seems pretty comfortable in there, but if I can get that clip replaced ideally I’d like to do that! any recommendations would be great!
  18. Looking for a little help here... can anyone explain to me how I add the mods I've done to my car so they show up when I reply to posts, etc? I've noticed a few members have at the bottom of thier name a list of mods, previous, cars, etc, but I'm not sure how to add this information. Would appreciate any help, tips on how I do this...thought it would have been in the edit profile area but can't seem to find the right section. thanks again
  19. Hi, I'm looking to fit LED halo ring fog surrounds onto my mk7 Fiesta. There are a few places I can get them but can someone please tell me how easy they are too fit? Hopefully someone has fitted these and know what do do! Here's a link to the website with instructions but still don' understand as haven't done this before 😣 thanks for any help!
  20. Having a nightmare! I have a Fiesta MK7, 2009 Zetec, I have the bluetooth module and the USB port but the bluetooth and aux cable WILL NOT work. We've looked at so many questions on here but nothing is touching it! We have tried: replacing the fuses under the bonnet and in the passenger footwell (fuse 21) turning the battery on and off installing an update via USB (just said there were no files then would not progress to the next stage) replacing the bluetooth unit (not cheap and nothing happened!) To be a bit more specific - when i press the 'phone button' it says 'Mute' and i cannot change this no matter what I press. When I press 'aux' it says 'Line in' and again i cant change this no matter what i press. When I go through menu to select blue tooth is doesn't say anything apart from bottom right 'BT off' again - you guessed it - no matter what I press it doesn't change. No idea what to do with it now and I'm sure most of you know driving down the motorway with the radio cutting in and out is so frustrating i really need this working! Please HELP!
  21. Hi guys new to this so sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. I have a 2015 mk3.5 focus st3 which I bought just before Christmas and it's been mega I absolutely love it but about a week ago I noticed it started to stutter at random intervals and it's very intermittent. It seems to do it most under firm acceleration when the boost pressure gauge is at about .5, it feels like the fuel gets cut for a second and then it carries on as normal. And it seems to be doing it a bit more regular as time goes on. No error codes have been logged. I'm going to ring my local deal this weekend, but thought I would ask here first to see if anyone has any idea of what it could be?
  22. Pauloooooo

    Fiesta titanium

    Hi guys, just reaching out out to anyone who make have the same car as myself, or to the gurus of the page. i have a 2009 fiesta titanium, which is a great little car, but I am noticing things that don’t look right! Firstly the range off a full tank is shocking 275 miles, when i was told it should do a lot more than that, also the gear shift Indicator. I have it on my dash board but it won’t work? Now I thought it diddnt come with my car, 2010 models have it but mines was January 2009 when it was made! Sorry if this thread has ever came up before, I’m new to this site so not had a good look round. thank guys paul
  23. Hi all. I have just imported a low mileage, one owner, 3 door 1.25 duratec in from Italy. Im just in the process of getting it ready for its first UK mot to get it registered, headlights are done. The speedo is is KPH only so I thought I’d go for a conversion plate to change the face rather than faff about changing it, however I’ve changed the faceplate and the revs and speed are all over the place and the aftermarket look of the product is naff so I’m going to use a UK spec 2nd hand unit that does mph and kph and retain the factory look, does anybody know someone other than the local ford dealer that can reprogramme the unit to the car and change the mileage to the same that’s on my European unit please? any advice would be helpful please cheers nick
  24. Hi all. I have just imported a low mileage, one owner, 3 door 1.25 duratec in from Italy. Im just in the process of getting it ready for its first UK mot to get it registered, headlights are done. The speedo is is KPH only so I thought I’d go for a conversion plate to change the face rather than faff about changing it, however I’ve changed the faceplate and the revs and speed are all over the place and the aftermarket look of the product is naff so I’m going to use a UK spec 2nd hand unit that does mph and kph and retain the factory look, does anybody know someone other than the local ford dealer that can reprogramme the unit to the car and change the mileage to the same that’s on my European unit please? any advice Welcome
  25. Hiya, So I'm absolutely beside myself. I left my car down a main road whilst I went to work today and came back to see someone had jumped all over it and dented it. The picture doesn't do justice of how many dents there are due to the frost covering it.. it's pretty bad. I'm 21 years old and my parents gave me this car as a present.. I know its nothing special but I was incredibly grateful to have it. I'm in education till I'm 26 and there's no way I can pay for this myself.. I doubt I can afford to go through insurance and all the aggro that will cause. I'm honestly so upset I really looked after my car as I was so appreciative. Any idea how much this will cost to fix? I'm so upset that I looked after it just for some horrible people to go and do that.