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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, I have just bought a 2007 smax and I am now finding all the problems I hadn't noticed when I test drove it. Who would have thought to test the horn! Anyway . I can get the horn to sound when bridged across the relay connections and I have power at the horn switch in the steering wheel. I have tested the relay with power from a battery charger and it switches. Its just when i press the horn i have no power at the relay. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Regards Sausages
  2. Dinosore

    Electrical Problems

    Hi and thanks in advance! So my wife was driving home tonight and pressed the break or clutch pedal and the horn started sounding! first time only for a second then the 2nd time for about 20 seconds! earlier in the day she said the windows stopped working, passenger is now working but the drivers side only dropping slightly... Any ideas? 1.5 tdci titanium x 2013
  3. Extrovert

    Ford S-Max horn not working

    Hi All I recently bought a s max and the horn isn't working. One scanner shows B1C55 horn relay coil circuit fault. Please see attached picture. I took the horn off and tested them directly with battery. Both work fine. When horn button is pressed there is no clicking sound from the relay. I tried to find a relay but couldn't find one from halfords etc. However in the fuse box there was another relay with same numbers and figures. I swapped it with the horn relay but the horn still not working. Can anyone please suggest what the next step should be please? Thanks
  4. Hi Guys, The horn seems to have stopped working in my '13 plate, Grand C-Max Titanium X. I was going to try replacing the fuse first, which the car manual suggests is in the Engine Fuse Box, located under the bonnet, on the passenger side. Now I've located it, I can't seem to get the cover / lid / outer casing off, to gain access to the fuse box itself. The case seems to move more easily when I lift it from the back (the side nearest the windscreen). Likewise, I've tried prying / pushing in, what looks like a little latch on the front side of the cover, whilst pushing the back of the casing towards me, and upwards, at the same time. Unfortunately, the latch won't release, and I don't want to force it, for fear of snapping it off. Is there a knack to getting the cover off? Any idea which side the hinge resides on? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Joe
  5. Hi everyone, I've come across a strange problem which i'm hoping may be an easy fix to those of you with more experience than me. I've recently acquired an old 51 plate focus. While trying to fix a central locking related issue I followed some instructions on this fine forum and decided that I would check 'fuse 63' on the back of the internal fuse board. Having checked this to find it wasn't blown I replaced the fuse. Ever since replacing it the car alarm has been sounding every time i start the car or open the passenger door (cant unlock drivers door using the key which is the locking issue I was originally trying to solve). The car starts no problem but it is always accompanied by the hazard warning lights flashing and the alarm going off! To remedy this I have unplugged the horn but this is only a temporary fix to avoid waking the neighbors up when I head off to work tomorrow. Does anyone know why this is happening or how I can fix it? It may be relevant to explain that the central locking was a bit iffy when i got the car and the key fob was already broken i.e. would not operate the central locking by pressing the button. It came with the original fob key plus two other non remote keys. I have ordered another battery for the fob in the hopes that by some miracle it may just be an old battery which is at fault. Short of this any tips would be VERY much appreciated (by me and my poor neighbors). Before I posted this I searched the forum for an answer to a similar issue but could not find anything that matched my problem. My apologies if this is a question which has already been covered. Thanks to anyone who can offer their advice. Lewis
  6. Hi guys, first post on the forum, hope someone can help! My Horn has stopped working but when I press it I can hear the relay clicking, also I tested the horn externally and it still works. Checked the fuse which is also fine. Voltage readings at the wires which connect to the horn are below 1v. Don't have an idea what the problem could be. Please help! Thanks
  7. Hi, quick intro - on my 2nd Streetka - bought one new in 2004 & kept it 4 years before deciding I wanted something faster (kit car). Several yrs later my celica got written off last May by a drink driver & an eBay search of cars under £1200 within 50 miles saw me buy a Streetka (fond memories!) fortunately I knew what to look for & it's had all the major work done & most niggles were easy to fix - except the horn! I can't get it to work! I've checked the fuse, and swapped it for good measure. today I fitted a new horn, nothing. I assume it uses the earth just above, which I cleaned today. now I'm getting a little stuck with no Haynes manual & not much info online - is there a relay for the horn? If so I assume it's one in the back of the fuse box - does anyone know which one? (And will a Halfords generic horn relay be worth a try?) i had a quick look at the steering wheel today to see if it was worth checking the horn wiring, but I got as far as disconnecting the battery and couldn't work out how to get the steering wheel cover off. any help is really appreciated, booked in for an MOT next Saturday & only have Sunday's daylight left to sort it
  8. bt_cav

    Rusting Horn

    Hi folks just wondered if anyone has a had bother with horns failing due to them geting wet and rusting up? this happened to me a few times, I replaced with original ford horn because of the connection for use (small narrow pins as opposed to spade) same thing kept happening so i fitted a compact air horntwice as they failed due to the metal disk that creates the sound rusting up.... So Now Im looking for a rust proof horn..... any ideas?
  9. Hello, I have a T Reg/1999 Ford Fiesta Mk VI. I needed a new headlight and so we got one from a scrapyard to replace the one I had, which had to be changed due to my partner hitting a pheasant and it broke part of the plastic housing and was held in by 1 screw. We had replaced the passenger one from a scrapyard one before and know how to change one however as we went to replace it, I was checking the lights and the indicator started clicking a lot then suddenly stopped, no indicators, no clicking, no hazards. We have checked the fuses and the one for the indicators had blown, so we changed it and to begin with had no luck. We then changed the flasher unit on the steering column and seem to have the indicators working but the hazard lights wont work and neither will the horn, which I have the understanding that they work off the same switch. We have checked the fuses again, all of the ones in the engine and by the steering wheel, we have checked and changed the relays and even tried another hazard light switch from another fiesta but it doesn't seem to work. The horn still works as we have tested this but we don't know what could be causing the hazards to not work. We have also been looking in the Haynes manual and found they are both off the multifunction switch. Any ideas or help would be great. Thanks Jayne
  10. Horn suddenly blowing continuously unless key in ignition on 2 nd click or engine on???? Took Horn fuse out but need solution!
  11. superstix

    2002 Focus Horn Upgrade

    Hi, I have had a quick go with the search function, found nothing of real use. I am interested in upgrading the horn on my 2002 Focus, I'm not so keen on its blandness. Is it possible to upgrade it to a twin-horn from a Mk3 Mondeo? cheers, Josh.