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Found 11 results

  1. i have an aux port in the glove box of my 2007 1.8 tdci mondeo. has anybody got experince or knowledge of converting it to a usb port. could a usb port be fitted and connected to the head unit as an additional item? thanks in advance
  2. skipzoid

    SYNC2 to SYNC3 upgrade

    Having spent nearly four months researching and talking to dealers (which give conflicting info) and messaging people in forums etc we've taken the plunge to rip out the terrible SYNC2 and replace it with a SYNC3 I've got a brand new Blackberry version of the APIM, new touch screen, USB interface, new GPS and all the interconnecting cables. I've spoken to a lot of people about this and most say it should be simple. Download the as built data before we start from the SYNC2 APIM, swap all the hardware over and upload the as build data and all should be well. two months ago we ordered all the bits and its taken this amount of time to get it all in. This week a new piece of info has been thrown into the mix. We've been told several times from several people that the SYNC2 APIM needs to have its Windows software installed via fords IDS software whereas the SYNC3 Blackberry APIM comes pre-loaded and ready to go waiting for the as built data to be uploaded. The new info is that the SYNC3 APIM actually needs its software installed like the SYNC2 APIM does. This has come from someone who works at the local halfords of all places so I'm naturally skeptical but now it needs checking. I spoke again with our local dealer and they say they've not swapped one but don't think its the case. I've checked again with some of the sources that say its a straight swap and they've not heard of it either. Now we nervous, have we spent all this money on kit we cannot use with it going into a dealer to make work? The question is, has anyone actually installed a brand new SYNC3 APIM and had to do anything more than upload the as built data to it? thanks for reading...
  3. Evening folks, Quick question what would be the easiest method to replace the front grill on my Street KA. I've Google and YouTube searched it but wondering what would be the general suggestions and feelings on the easiest way. I'm buying some replacement mesh from eBay to switch from stock. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. Hi there, I'm pretty new on here although I've been a member on and off for years. I have a 2011 (61) Fiesta Zetec 1.4 auto which I'm 'updating'. Btw, I'm 47 so this could be a mid life crisis in disguise! It is, obviously, pre-facelift I've fitted the part leather seats from a 2014/15 titanium and also installed the black fascia Ford Sat Nav DAB system. I figured out the seat wiring differences too. Heres the problem. My old Ford stereo set up had factory Bluetooth and worked great. I've now fitted the later system and I can't find Bluetooth on it and my iPhone doesn't see the audio system either. I CAN find SYNC options on the MENU screen but I cannot get in to them. Am I missing a piece of hardware? Or just a few marbles and failing to see an obvious solution? Also, while the sat nav worked straight away (and, my God, the screen is gorgeous compared with my old red LED screen!), I cannot get the display to show time and date. The dashes are there --:-- for time and --.--.---- for date and I've tried changing the DATE/TIME settings from manual to auto GPS but it doesn't make a difference. Oh, and my VOICE button no longer works. Again, am I missing something physical or mental? Lastly, on the back of the screen are 3 connectors. Red, black and blue. The blue one is gps and I've added an antenna. Anyone know what the other two are for? Any help or advice would be great, thank you. Andy
  5. Recently bought a 58 place tity x, with the blaupunkt NX satnav system but it's running I think the same firmware it came with, after a fortnight of searching Google and asking people with in the Facebook ford groups but still at a loss :( managed to find a sp5.3 iso firmware and when I've tried to put it onto a dvd disk it only burns about, 7mm of the disk, can anyone help me with either how to burn it, or if anyone has a working link to any firmware updates! Cheers!
  6. Hi All, Just bought myself a 56 plate Fiesta Zetec 1.25 petrol. Picked it up today and found that the red snowflake light is constantly on and the outside temperature is showing up as -36 degrees. I know that the dealer I bought it from steam cleaned the engine before I purchased it so I'm guessing this is whats caused the light to come on. Can anyone advise on the best course of action to take to rectify this and how much it may cost? Thanks!! Al
  7. My dad and i had a discussion about this earlier - When it is icy what is best traction control off or on? I thought off as you don't want it to compensate for ice as it could put you in more danger, make you skid wheel spin etc My dad said if you have it on surely it will help you not skid or wheel spin? I've always read that it is best to have it off, whenever it's icy i turn it off i was just curios as to what everyone else though?!:) Thanks Jon
  8. Hi all New to the site as have just purchased my first Focus TDCi and wanting to upgrade the stereo. I already have an active sub for the boot, but want to use my iPhone with the stereo. I currently use an fm modulator but want better quality. After a bit of research it seems I have a few options - either upgrade the ford stereo buy and aftermarket HU plus some kind of facia or add an aux cable to the back of the unit. I have no real experience of the focus system and hope someone can reccomend the most effective system. I'd also like to improve the bhp with some basic stuff, air filter etc... Any advice would be very much appreciated.

    Upgrade To Sony Head Unit.

    Hi all, I've just bought a 58 plate 1.8TDCI zetec and I am hoping to upgrade to the Sony stereo from the titanium models (i think) as the original ford unit is quite worn looking. I've seen quite a few on eBay but just had a few questions before I go for it. Has anyone done this mod and are there any problems with it? What adapters if any will I need? I know I'd need them for an aftermarket unit but these are fitted by ford so I'm not sure if it'll be the same deal. Thanks Dave
  10. Anyone else have this problem with their Mk7 Fez? Every car I have had in the last 10 years has been reversed into the drive and parked in the same position, but this is the first to regularly have condensation and/or ice on the inside of the front windscreen on cold mornings. This morning was really bad and although the quickclear screen did its job quickly, the condensation left was dripping like rain on to the top of the dash as the screen was soaking wet on the inside. It is almost as though the screen is porous! There is no evidence of leaks anywhere and it doesn't feel damp but it is just the condensation, only on the front windscreen, which is very irritating if anyone can throw any light on it.
  11. Evening Everyone. This afternoon I decided to start wiring up my Subs and speakers, using my know how and online guide. There were a couple of speedbumps but I managed to storm through it. But when they time came to listen to my awesome new sound.... Nothing.. not even a whisper. Can anyone Tell me what I've done wrong from the photos Below. There Isn't one of the amp for the simple reason you need to be thicker than a block of Tungsten steel to get it wrong. Yes I've Tried it in BOTH RCA Outputs