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Found 39 results

  1. Hi everyone, I’m joe and I’m new to the forum. I bought a mk6 2004 fiest 1.4 duratec cheap as it’s owner had lost the keys and couldn’t be bothered with the car. I managed to get the car open with some tools and I went to the scrap yard today to get an ignition barrel, transponder ring, 2 keys with transponder chips and the door and boot locks plus the ECU. Now when I put the battery on the car the alarm goes off and when I put the key in the alarm isn’t disengaged and the car won’t even attemp to turn over. I get the flashing immobiliser light ok the dash. Is there anything else I need to do to get this car to start? The scrap car I pulled all the bits off of, will I need to get althing else such as the speedo or anything else? with the Vauxhalls you have to program the immobiliser to the ECM and then program the keys to the immobiliser. Does something similar need to happen with the fords. Weird thing is that the key, transponder and ECU all came from the same scrap car so they should already be matched up. many thanks in advance!
  2. Suicide Mods

    Street KA Won't start?!?

    Quick question with regards to my street ka i've taken the dashboard trim, instrument cluster, heater button pannel, cig lighter pannel etc. off but my car won't start? Am I correct in presuming the car will start once again when all put back together? Presume the car knows somehow? Regards, Gareth
  3. jayzee787

    Key snapped in ignition

    Hi my key broke inn the ignition it has just snapped I was wondering if I change the barrel with a new key would I need to program it in or something for the immobilizer.
  4. Recent problem that has me baffled, if I have the lights on with the engine running and attempt to turn the engine off, take the key out and the engine still runs, as soon as I turn the lights off the ignition then goes off. Same happens other way round, no key in ignition and I turn light switch to side lights or head and the ignition comes on. I was not bothered and it's been that way for 2 months or so but I now just discovered as we had fog that the fog front & rears no longer work(neither does dash signal light come on) so it's now become an MOT problem, any clues? p.s Probably unrelated but it started around same time as a fuse blew for the Aux power plug.
  5. Hi all newbie here and looking for some advice. Just driven my car to Asda all fine. I got my bags out the boot went shopping and put that in the boot. I go to leave Asda and run rear wiper comes on... I check to make sure the wiper switch is in the off position, which it is, so I flicked it on and off again and the wiper stopped where ever I switched it back to off. In this case it stopped in the middle of the rear windscreen. If I switch it on it just keeps going and won't stop. I've tried to have a look to see if maybe it's the fuses but the owner manual doesn't list fuses for the wipers (as far as I can see). My local garage is an evans halshaw place and they've tried to rip me off many a time so don't want to go there. What's the likely cause or can anyone suggest a decent place for me to take it too? much appreciated for all responses!
  6. Geary

    Starting Problems

    Hey all, I've been having some issues recently where my Focus 1.6 Sport Zetec is having issues with starting and generally after driving it a short distance, stopping, and then starting again. It seems to turn over fine and eventually gets to the point where it does start albeit at very low revs and sounding like it's going to conk out. A press of the accelerator gets it going and from then it's fine. I can even get the car close to stalling deliberately and it doesn't just conk out. Spark plugs, coil pack and leads were all replaced 6 months ago and had an oil change 3 months ago. Does anyone have any ideas where to start? Cheers
  7. Hi all, im after some advice if possible. I have an old Focus C Max 1.6 petrol and over the last few weeks it's developed a starting problem. This seems to be worse when the car is hotter after runs around town when I go to start the engine again. So far I've done the following which hasn't really solved the problem. 1) plugged in OBD reader which shows no fault codes 2) changed spark plugs 3) taken throttle body off and given a clean. 4) just this morning fitted a replacement T Map sensor in the inlet manifold, disconnected the negative and reset the ecu memory by running a test wire from disconnected negative terminal to the positive. Left like this for 30 mins. Then plugged back in and went through the relearn process. Starting problem is still there. Once started it seems to run fine although there is sometimes a very slight hesitation in response from the throttle when changing gears. What should I do next. The only things I can think off is the built in throttle position sensor on the side of the throttle body is fauty so I could replace the unit with another used part. Replace the coil pack and leads. Any suggestions on what I can do? I know ford can plug it in and test all the sensors but they charge a fair bit for this and I don't want to waste money on this if possible. Many thanks in adavance. Hawksey
  8. Hi guys, first post. Have a potential issue which I noticed over last few days and worried it's gonna turn into something big. Cart starts fine but it has started making the door lock sound (although they aren't locking) and the hazard lights flash once or twice. I thought it was me at first hitting the lock button on the key by mistake but the wife has had the same thing. As I said it's not caused any serious issue as yet but worried we will end up stranded somewhere. Have Googled it but can find nowt.. Any ideas please ?
  9. Simply Sebby

    09 Focus SE Wont Start

    Hello all, Thanks in advance for helping me with this frustrating problem. My 2009 Ford Focus SE (standard transmission) is refusing to start. I have troubleshooted a lot thus far and what seems to be the issue is that the starter is not receiving poet from the ignition. I turn the key and all the lights come on (the radio works, idiot lights on, dashboard is functional, etc...). But there is no crank, nothing at all. So far i have replaced the ignition switch, the ignition lock cylinder, the neutral clutch safety switch, and ALL of the fuses and relays associated with the starter. I can't seem to figure out what the issue it. Any input on the issue would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks, Sebby Side not: I can push start the car without issue.
  10. tomtom16

    07 plate help needed

    i need some semi urgent help with a friends 07 plate ford focus. recently when he turns the key off the engine stays running, he had to reinsert the key and turn it off and on to get the engine to switch off. also he accidental pressed the brake pedal when getting out and all the dash lights came on and stayed on until he used the key to turn it off and on again. the last bit of information i have is when he was driving and braked the dash light for the headlights and i quote the one next to it came on. i think its a bad earth or a crossed wire but i know nothing about these sort of things. any help to narrow down the problem would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  11. Hi All, I'm currently trying to find a 5amp fuse which I can wire in my dash cams fuse kit to which responds to the ignition and the reason I'm posting the question here is; I would normally used the cigartte lighter socket fuse, but it doesn't seem to respond to the ignition being switched off, as my current USB adapter for the dashcam shows power on the unit when the car is turned off. Any ideas/comments would be greatly appreciated.
  12. monleyjamaz

    Ignition only headlights..

    Hey all, I’ve got a 1998 fiesta, and for safety I tend to drive with the headlights on in the day a lot. The problem is there’s no buzzer to warn me that i’ve left them on.. Twice recently i’ve forgotten and left the car with them on, needing a jump start later! I want to wire the lights (I think it’s just the sidelights that stay on with no ignition?) so that it’s linked to the ignition power, therefore turn off when you turn off the ignition… Does anyone know where abouts is the wiring to access the lights? and will be there an ignition power nearby? I would like to get some DRL at some point, but being a runaround car it’s not worth it at the mo… Thanks!
  13. My car has had an intermittent misfire for a while now, but I only noticed it on the odd occasion, now its become a lot more frequent/constant. Symptoms: Down on power throughout the rev range and whichever gear I'm in. Sounds rough, quite a lot of vibration at 55-70mph. Once I get below 45-50 again this tends to dissipate though. If I slow right down and stop, then go back up to 50ish the noise and vibration is much gentler. I've taken the spark plugs out, and the electrodes all look the same and as they should. There was a little oil I had to clean up out of around plug 1 before I removed the plug, but that is a whole other issue I think, as it isn't leaking or burning away very much I'm not too worried about it just now. My dad has a 20-30 year old coil voltage tachometer (flashes a light every time the coil pack sends voltage to each spark plug), which when connected between the coil pack and each HT lead in turn showed there is a variation in the timing of the spark for each cylinder, but that some cylinders were worse than others. 4 was much worse than 1, but none were perfect. So, is this a likely coilpack replacement? If so is there any brand to look for or to avoid? Eurocarparts has a HAAS brand for £18, vs Bosch for £66, or fordpartsuk has one for £45. The HAAS one sounds too good to be true to me. EDIT: I should add, I have plugged an OBD reader in and it hasn't found any codes, would have thought a misfire might create a code? Side note, can anyone confirm that the part circled in red the below image is an earth point for the engine? Whatever it is, on mine, it had corroded/rusted away so much that the wire had simply snapped itself away from the crimp. Have replaced it with some nice bright yellow and green earth wire and new crimps, ended up using two pieces of wire in parallel to make up for the reduced diameter (only fractionally smaller in all honestly). It looks a bit out of place with the grease, oil, dirt and rust of the rest of the engine bay now
  14. Hi everyone I have a MK6 Fiesta 57 plate. Few days ago, I realised a problem with my car ignition which prevent the car to turn electricity on and start the engine. When I turn the key ignition from I to II in order to turn the electricity on, nothing happened, however when I use my finger to turn the key just a little bit more toward number III position and keep my hand hold on the key, the electricity was on, but as soon as I take my hand off, the electricity turn off. Since then I couldn start the car engine on as the engine switch off by itself right after I take my hand off the key. I did try to replace the car battery and also ignition cylinder but couldnt solve the problem. Can anyone please give my some advice as I brought it to local garage and they couldnt help. (accept making me replace the battery and ignition cylinder which didnt work). Many thanks Below is the video i filmed myself
  15. crickleymal

    Charge Warning Light

    My wife's 1.8 TDDi occasionally (very occasionally) shows the warning light after the engine has started. Switching off and back on again cures this. It could have started after going through a deep puddle about 3 weeks ago. Any ideas please?
  16. Sup Guys Could really do with some help. I've got a ford fiesta flight 2001 1.3L endura E engine 89,000 hours. Whenever I start the ignition its start fine every time, but immediately after the ignition the revs drop over a period of 30 seconds until the engine eventually stalls. Regardless of whether I try to raise the revs with the medal, it doesnt help. recently it broke down due "miss firing" after which new ignition/HT leads were fitted. Now this issue has cropped up and I've tried having the battery and spark plugs replaced with no change. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated
  17. SeanWillowSmith

    Attempted Theft

    Hi, I have recently bought a 2009 Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 (90) TDCi. (2 Weeks Ago). Just yesterday I returned to find that some scum bag had tried to steal the car. They gained entry via the driver door. The handle is missing, they must have used a screw driver to pop the latch. Inside the vehicle they have pulled off the plastic steering cover, and chiselled out the ignition from the metal chamber. In doing so the metal chamber which is part of the steering column has been broken in half which is what hold the ignition barrel in place. I have managed to put the ignition back into the correct position along with the immobiliser and the car starts. I would like to know advice on getting this fixed. Costs etc as I am unaware of the steering column is hydraulic or electric. I wanted to get advice before I phone my insurance company today. My excess is 250 voluntary and 200 compulsory. 450 in total. All advice is welcome. Thank you
  18. Woolley91

    Ignition Coil Failure

    Hi I've recently replaced my ignition coil on my mk6 fiesta due to misfiring on cylinder 1 after looking at the old coil u could tell it was blown on cylinder 1 port but now after replacing the coil cylinder 1 is misfiring again replaced leads and plugs but it's just not spark for cylinder 1 so ino its to do with the coil but this time the coil looks fine I'm not sure wether it's just bad luck as was a second hand coil or is something else causing the coil to fail on that one cylinder 1 plug any help please before I replace the coil again
  19. Hi Everyone, Hope somebody can come up with a possible solution to this fault. I have a 2006 2.0L TDCi Diesel Hatch (6 speed manual). The Fault Sometimes when I turn the key to start the car I get no response at all (just silence). I wait for the self checks to complete and the lights to go out and then attempt to start, but nothing happens not even the dials sweep round or the lights dim, there is no click as if it was trying to turn the starter motor. sometimes I can do this 4 or 5 times before it starts. This only happens intermittently, most times it starts first time. The battery is fully charged and the terminals are clean and tightly secured so no problem from that. It's as if a relay is not pulling in (but which one), or could it be an earth fault ? It doesn't matter whether the engine is hot or cold or what the weather is like. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated as it's really starting to annoy me
  20. I have a 2012 Focus Zetec S. Whilst driving listening to my ipod the speakers made a kind of "pop" noise and then went off. The audio unit was fully workable and the songs were still shown as playing but I had no volume. Same for my phone, sat nav, parking sensors. When I turned the engine off, the sound came on for approx 5 seconds and then "pop" and they went off again. This happens every time I press the start button to turn on the electrics , or start the engine. Likewise when turning it off. The sound from the speakers is of good quality for this 5 seconds. Wether unrelated, my 20 month old placed a 5p coin into the CD slot a couple of days ago so not sure if this could have been as a result of that? That too is an issue I would appreciate any advice on. I am reluctant to book in with Ford without first trying to gather some information on what the issue may be. Many Thanks. Chris
  21. I've put together a How-To in the "Focus how-to" section of the forum. As it doesn't allow comments, I thought I'd mention it here in case anyone had questions. The guide is also good for obtaining a 12v true ignition live Regards JT
  22. Picked up a 2014 Zetec S last week, incredible car and I am very happy with it. My old man moves the cars in the morning to get his off the drive. When I jumped into the car and tried to start it friday morning, the key wouldnt turn, so i wiggled the steering wheel very gently and viola, the key turned and the engine started. Whilst driving that morning I noticed that the steering is not as direct as it used to be and it is slightly loose and off center to the left. Does anybody know what this could be? I've read about broken ignition housings, steering wheel bolts and bent steering columns. It's only really a minor thing but it's driving me absolutely crazy! Somebody please help! I'm taking it into a garage tomorrow to get looked at, i'm hoping taking the steering wheel off may reveal a cracked plastic coupling or something? Cheers, Jon.
  23. Hi and Happy New Year ! Being the time of the year that makes us just want to jump out of bed and get out in the cold and start our cars every morning, I was wondering ^_^ Would it be possible to somehow change the wires from the central locking that go to the trunk unlock and solder them to the ignition so that when I push the trunk unlock button on my remote it would start the car ? I have a 2007 1.6 Ford Focus MK2, and the remote is the kind built-in with 3 buttons (lock,unlock,trunk unlock). Thanks !
  24. mondeojohn

    Mondeo Judder

    Hi, this is my first post on here other than my welcome, I bought a 2003 1.8 mondeo lx petrol the other week. When i start the car it turns over fine and starts, if i turn the car off, nip into the shop, come back out 2-5mins later, you have to turn the key and it takes a few seconds to start and tick over properly. It still starts on the first attempt but just takes longer. About a week ago when i changed gear it felt like i was in to high of a gear and it started to judder a little bit but after 2-3 judders it went fine. I assumed it was just me going back to a petrol car after owning a diesel for the past few months but today it seemed to be alot worse, I change gear and it judders alot more, again like im in to high of a gear but if i drop a gear, but my foot down it judders the same. I think its possibly an ignition coil or ignition lead, maybe just a spark plug? Im wondering if anybody else on here as had the same or a similair problem and could maybe pass on some advice, it would be appreciated. Thanks
  25. astanners

    Mk6 Fiesta Start Up Problems

    Hi guys. Don't know if anyone will have any ideas but I'm having some issues when starting up my car. I've got a 2003 (53) Fiesta LX 1.25. The issue is sometimes when I try to start the car it can take about 5 - 8 seconds to fire up. I can hear the starter turning, trying to start the car but it just makes this spluttering sound and slow comes to life on 0 revs, then the revs go up. But I've I turn the engine back off straight away and start it again it will start first time usually. It's strange because this doesn't usually happen when the engine is cold. I can be driving the car and leave it for say 20 mins and when I come back and the engine is still moderately warm it will do this and I have no idea why. It's been more prominent the past few weeks.. Any idea's???