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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, I've put an airtec stage 2 filter and primary induction hose on a ford fiesta 1l ecoboost. When testing it I don't seem to be getting the "pshhh" noise from the filter when sucking in the air? I've taken it for a drive and the blow off noise is very loud but no real induction "pshhh" noise from the filter. Also when stationary and reving the car, there's no real induction noise from the filter Is there possibly a problem or will I need to purchase the secondary induction hose to be able to get the "pshhh" noise from the filter? Thanks in advance. Adam
  2. Can anyone recommend a decent induction kit for my 2018 Fiesta ST-Line 140?
  3. Hello, I've just had a new clutch and slave fitted and I fitted a pipercross induction kit (Panel filter enclosed in original airbox, see link below) They were both done at the same time so I don't know which is causing the problem... When I'm in 1st gear, crawling through traffic, I'll get to the bite point and the car will shudder. Could it be that the cars not getting enough air? The cold air pipe supplied is really long, I have one side connected to the bottom of the new airbox and the other to the original cold air intake on the upper front of the engine bay (as directed). The pipe kind of sags down in the shape of an elongated "U", will this restrict the air intake? Something else that could help diagnose the problem is when I'm in 4th, doing 30mph then accelerate the car will for a moment drop power, sort of a stutter. I'm leaning towards the CAI but the juddering in 1st then makes me think clutch. Please help! Ford Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 Petrol 2009
  4. I'm looking for a cold air intake for my Mondeo, I'm not a fan of the flat panel filters because they seem to clog up really fast with debris, usually taking a handful of leaves out every month or so. K&N don't seem to think they have one that will fit but searches take me to the 57i and a Ram Air one popped up but I can't remember which one. Has anyone one here taken the risk with an Induction/Cold air intake from a different model Ford and succeeded or have any advice for me? I've got the Mondeo TDCI Duratorq 1.8L (QYBA) engine. Cheers, Tom.
  5. Hi, This may seem like a silly question, but I was wondering whether it’s okay to use an induction kit designed for a 1.6 Ti-VCT Petrol Fiesta on my 1.6 TDCi Fiesta. The induction kit in question is a Pipercross Induction kit ( I have a basic mechanical knowledge, but would like the opinion of someone with a little more experience, as I’m a little paranoid about damaging the engine, and unless I know it’s safe to do, it won’t be getting fitted. Thanks in advance :)
  6. Hi! First of all sorry to the whole community. I know this has been asked several times, i did my search on internet and in this forum but still confused. I recently met a guy with a fiesta zetec S and his turbo sound was awesome! I asked him and he said just a dump valve. Ive been searching about it and it seems that there is a lot of brands selling this valves. The best till now ive seen is turbosmart ones. Then i searched here, and looks like its a wrong thing to do because the fiesta uses a recirculating air valve system and from what i read it makes sense! And also that for better sound and performance, its recommended a induction kit. But wich? So many out there i dont know wich is the best or a good one. My doubt is that, the turbosmart valve, replaces the stock one so, is it still not a good option? thanks from before and sorry again! cheers!
  7. Johnronald96

    Air Filter & Induction kit?

    Hi all, I am unsure which to get. I have a focus zetec S mk2 petrol. I am looking into either getting an air filter or an induction kit. Just to clarify, is it an induction kit that gives the nicer sound or an air filter replacement, or both? Like a nice rumbling noise? I am unsure and need help as I am a newbie. Thanks in advance!
  8. Gavin01

    Induction intake pipe

    Hi guys, so I have a cone filter fitted. See below. Im thinking of replacing the intake pipe after the filter to the block with some aluminum pipework. As far as I can tell, there are no extra gubbins attached the current intake pipe. The kit i'm looking at getting is an inexpensive kit from ebay that comes in sections, meaning I can more or less fit it so it is straight replacement. The kit has a section of pipe called a vacuum pickup section. My question is, what is the purpose of the vacuum pickup section? As you can see the breather tube from the block still returns to the original air box ( this is how I run it, with the lid off ).
  9. WillKinsella

    Heat shield - induction kit

    So, I'm under the impression that a heat shield is a must when using an induction kit, or open cone filter. My reasoning behind this is with how not it is under the bonnet, without a shield all that hot air is going to surround the filter. Meaning the filter will suck in hot air, a heat shield around the filter with help stop, not completely stop but help stop the hot air being around the filter which means it won't suck in the hot air, and rather more suck in the cold air from the cold air feed (if you have one) however, a mate is a adimant that you don't require one. Would love to hear your thoughts on it anyway. Cheers
  10. WillKinsella

    AS induction kit

    Been torn on two induction kits for the fiesta, the mountune and the AS. Mountunes seems very pricy at around £260, where as the AS seems to be around £140. Just want to know if any of you's have had either and if they're worth it. Not really wanting one for more power as such, just for a little bit better sound output, although the AS one states you can expect to see a gain of 5-10 ponies, anyway cheers lads.
  11. Tom Cluke

    Performance Upgrade

    Evening all, I've recently had my Fiesta150 remapped but it isn't that noticeable to me. Remap apparently increased BHP by 10-15%. I've been looking at induction kits but don't really know where to go from here. Can anyone recommend if this would be worth the money. Can you feel a decent increase in performance? Also, would an induction kit effect the sound? Ta
  12. Hi all, Wondering if anyone can help me and recommend a good induction kit to go for? Its a 1.0l ecoboost 140bhp. Cheers
  13. smurf1242

    need help with induction kit

    So i have a mk1 ford focus zetec 1.8 iv got an induction kit got everything fitted apart from the airfilter due to i dont have a way to fit it on to the mass airflow sensor can anybody help with this anything i can do to fit this correctly Thank you :)
  14. So I'm currently torn between getting a simple K&N drop in panel filter, or a Auto Specialists Induction kit. I kno when I come to remap my car I would most likely get more gains with the induction kit. The K&N is around £40, and the induction kit is around £150. Apart from the nice little sound you get when you let off, is it worth spending all that money on an induction kit? Thanks
  15. I wanted to ask both ST MP215 and MP(whatever the Zetec S 1.0 is) owners about the part numbers on there air boxes. I'm thinking that I could get the induction kit meant for the 1.0, minus the hose, and fit it to my ST so I wanted to know if the two air boxes are actually the same. Why? Well I want to do this upgrade in stages basically and I prefer to do stuff myself so rather than handing over £600+ to get the hardware and the remap I am just getting the hardware for now. I can get the VAT off the kit so it should cost around £180. I know it wont benefit performance but it should sound nicer and I might be able to haggle with mountune later about price if I just need the remap in the future. I know it sounds crazy but it might just work... humour me :P Here are edited versions of the images of the kit showing just the bits I'm after for comparison: Zetec S ST Here are links to the products I'm on about: Zetec S 1.0 Induction Kit ST 215 w/ mTune
  16. Hi all! :D I've recently (yesterday) fitted an induction kit to my Fiesta and was questioning about the oil pipe coming from the engine into the factory air box. Now the induction kit I have doesn't feature any place to put said pipe so I'm a little confused in what my options are, I have been told the following: - Leave it hanging (as pictured below) - Get a small cone filter/breather for it. - Get a Oil Catch Tank. Now, I assume, the idea of this pipe is an 'output' of gas rather than an intake of air, which goes through your engine to get ride of any harmful fumes however, please correct me if this is not the case. I've tried searching but cannot find a decent answer from someone who really knows their stuff. I don't want to leave it hanging and something harmful happen! Is it just the case maybe of getting a small cone filter for this? I've seen other photos of peoples induction kit (like the one below) and it simply has a cone on this. Any help is appreciated on this, I would rather spend money and be safe :)
  17. Ok let me start off my saying this isn't the most detailed guide you'll ever read, but the major steps are here...any questions...just ask!! :P This is the kit I installed which I purchased from here:- http://www.autospeci...duct-1198.html# Standard engine bay Start by removing these 4 torx screws, the top left one is down below the maf sensor Now remove the two maf sensor screws, the whole maf sensor fitting will be screwed into the new pipe with two screws provided. Undo the flat head screw on the jubilee clip and wiggle the rubber pipe free from the stock air intake plastic housing At this point just wiggle the whole intake housing free, no for needed, and pull upwards. Note: towards the front of the car the intake may need a little help from a flathead to be removed but again no force needed at all. I then removed the two rubber holders shown below as I did not want them to fall out later and I stored them away with the stock intask system. Now simply fit the new system by attaching the induction pipe and tightening the jubilee clip, attaching the maf sensor unit to the new housing and bolting on the kit to the pre existing hole at the front of the engine bay (most fiddly part of the whole install). Use a screwdriver to hold the bolt from turning from underneath and then a socket set to tighten the bolt on top Finished Result:- And now for the best bit:- Hope this helps, like I said its not super detailed as I realised after I didn't take pics of all steps (initial construction of the kit, take out the stock airbox, doing up the holding bolt for the new system) but if you get stuck just ask. It's a simple install really...15 Mins work max!! Changed my mind about getting a blow off valve after hearing this!! Also, feel free to check out my complete build thread for my Fiesta ST-2:- http://www.fordowner...alled-felicity/ Enjoy! :D