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Found 78 results

  1. Anyone got any idea how to remove the 2 circular vents either side of the MK7.5 interior? I've watched youtube videos on it but I can't for the life of me get them out... I want to remove the vents then paint the surrounds that are currently chrome. Any guidance would be much appreciated! Regards MRG
  2. Hauyser

    Changing interior seats?

    Hi ford people. I'm running a 66' Focus 1.5 diesel Titanium, this came with fabric upholstery for the seats. If I got my hands on the half leather or full leather interior from roughly the same year, am I right in thinking it's a straight swap? Mine does not have power/heated seats - would these work on the new interior if wired up correctly? - Ryan
  3. Last week I finally got to pick up my Zetec S, in anticipation of getting my car - I spent a serious amount of time (probably too much) watching Youtube videos and looking at threads about Fiestas, and modifications in general. This gave me a lot of ideas for what I wanted to do. After having the car for a week, I have added a white grille 'S' badge and changed the foot well bulbs for blue light panels - it is pretty much stock. Here's a short list for the things I had in mind for the future: Team Heko wind deflectors (duh) 'S' gel wing badges Replacing all exterior bulbs with brighter ones TRC eyebrows TRC splitter (possibly with a white pinstripe?) New alloys - Black Possibly wrapping the roof and wing mirrors black That is all I have in mind at the moment, but I am open to suggestions and would like to know what you guys think would look good. After having the car for a week, I do love it stock. But there are just a few cosmetic changes that I think make the MK7.5 look even better. Here are a couple of pictures I have took so far:
  4. Zektic

    Ford Fiesta ST Interior

    I just got an ST. I choose it over the Polo GTI because its generally more fun to drive however, the interior and the equipment in the GTI excited me more. I knew that when I bought the ST so I'm not complaining I'm just wondering if anyone could show me some images of 3rd party headunits, perhaps like the US version which has a much better headunit. Thanks in advance.
  5. ToXIcG

    LED interior lights

    I was thinking of getting this (the 501 RGB LED) for my interior light of my MK7 fiesta (just the center one that comes on with the doors) but I don't think it will fit, I know that the large LEDs don't fit in the center light and this one looks similar in size, can anyone shed any light on this?
  6. Hi All, Just purchased my first ever ford. A 2012 Focus Zetec Does anybody have any idea what these two blocks are above the rear view mirror? I assume they provide some sort of 12V feed. But what to? And what is it's intended purpose?
  7. I'm looking to do small modifications to the exterior and interior of my new car 👌 not looking for any engine modifications ... Yet :b just focusing on more of the looks at the moment to make it stand out a little , anybody got any recommendations on what I could get for the new car? :)
  8. I just got a 2016 Fiesta Zetec S, I've currently got blue lights on radio, steering wheel, speed-o-meter arrows, buttons etc and I'm wanting to change it to purple, any recommendations on where to get them and how/where to install as well
  9. Morning, This one is a fix I wasn't planning on having to make. My son has got a penny into the casing of the steering wheel so now when I corner there is a rattle almost as annoying as the child that caused it to happen. I've seen some guides on removing steering wheel for airbag issues and most quote disconnecting battery and leaving for 20 mins before disconnecting airbag connections. Do I need to do this though? I'm not going to be pulling any wires away, I just want to free the cover on the front of the wheel so that I can see inside and recover the penny. Thanks
  10. Vinco555

    Help. 1999 Mk6 escort

    Hi Everyone, Finally purchased my First Ford, its not a mk2 but its all i can afford. I need some advice Im based in Donegal, ireland. The car is a 1999 mk6 1.6 Escort, Shes a 3 door model. The car was converted to a disability car when new and the front seat was replaced with a removable wheel chair. Original seat was lost by previous owner. The car has only 31k miles, and drives like new. The body work however needs a bit of tlc. bottom of doors, rear arched etc. im going to get these professional fixed I want to add : Front and rear splitters side skirts bucket seats rear disc brakes lowering kit exhaust I will eventually replace the engine etc, but ill need to refill the piggy bank first. Can anyone let me know the best seats, splitters, skirts, im just looking for a plain look, like the gti escort. and also were to order the parts online. Also, if anyone would know what is involved in the rear brakes conversation to dics is this a big job? Best parts? I have attached a pic of what I am looking to achieve, mines is same color thanks in advance love the site, keep up the good work. Vinnie
  11. I decided the other day to put some Vinyl on the interior of my car for protection, he person who had it last must of let a wild animal loose on the inside because it was covered in scratches and gashes. Ordered some of Ebay and gave it a go after stripping the centre console out. First couple of attempts were utter crap....then I realised that it has to be heated to get around the funky corners. Luckily the guy on Ebay sent me the wrong one and lots of it....about 3 times the amount, 5 stars for him. I originally ordered some silver to go with the original interior but i think this looks kick *****. I also did it on the door handles which looks smart too. Ignore the state of the inside of my car, she's in need of some TLC in the next few days. If you've done the same I'd like a comparison and some other Ideas you might have for interior alterations. anything you think might look good.
  12. Hi All I have 2012 UK Focus MK3 Titanium and I'm looking in to what is required to change the interior Ambient Lighting to the multi-colour option you get with the Titanium X. At present I do have the ambient lighting but it's the fixed red colours. I have foot well, front door storage and handle area along with the cup holder area lighting up in red. I've checked the wiring to the foot well and there is a cable with 3 wires going in to the current red LED, but the LED board only makes use of two of them. So I was wondering if it's the same wiring? I am aware I will need to purchase the new multi colour LED's from Ford and also the Titanium X control module near the interior sunglasses holder to the attached image (I just have a blanking plate in mine) Is there anything else required? Has anyone tried? Thank you kindly. J
  13. Hi I'm new to this, just wondering what LED bulbs I need for the interior lights and the boot lights for my fiesta zetec s mk7. Thank you!
  14. Can anyone help and tell me why does my car keep telling me I haven't got my seatbelt on when I have ?? keeps flashing up then stops
  15. I am aware of how to route my cables, and how to go about fitting my lights etc. I was hoping someone could clarify which cables I should splice into to allow the footwell lighting to have the same functionality as the centre light, ie; (Off/ Doors open/ On) Im an electrician, but electrics in cars is a whole other kettle of fish. Many Thanks! :)
  16. Hi Only had the car a short time (Ford Fiesta 1.25 59 plate) so have been getting used to it. Just noticed today though that there seems to be a light in the boot. However this doesn't go on when my boot opens. So I've went and got a new bulb to see if that will do the trick but its still not going on. Wanted to check if anyone has the same car and the bulb goes on when the boot is open, before i start farting about with fuses. Thanks in advance. Craig
  17. InFIESTAtion

    LED interior lights

    Hi, I'm looking at purchasing these LED's to use for footwell lighting, Dome and map lighting: just wondering if anybody has an reasons why I shouldn't get them? They are cheap and I'm worried about overheating etc. Or on the other hand can anyone recommend them? Thanks
  18. As promised, here is a guide for fitting the submarine, ST style lights to the interior map light unit. Please note, I will not be held responsible to any damage you may make to your car when following this guide. Guide to fit Submarine Lights.pdf I managed to complete this without breaking or scratching any parts of my car, so remember to take your time and if you need any advice please PM me
  19. Gedwards1996

    Interior lighting

    Hi guys, this is my first post! So I have a focus mkii from 2008. A while back I took it into Trust Ford garage to repair a water ingress in the boot whilst the car was under warranty but during the repair they completely removed all the wiring for the boot light and didn't replace it. I only found this out when I recently took the car to halfords for them to fit a new bulb (as I thought that's why I had no light in the boot). Ford are now refusing to replace the wiring with out payment as warranty has now run out... so this brings me onto my topic. I'm wondering if anyone has the know how of sourcing parts and installing. I'd like to put in some coloured LED lights in the boot and also into the footwell, maybe in the dashboard aswell. let me know what you guys think, and what is doable on a budget with little to no knowledge :) thanks!
  20. PaRsOnIsPhErE

    T10 Light Adapter

    Hi Guys and Gals, Looking to up the footwell lighting in my focus. I've currently just got a couple of LED bulbs in there, but with the Focus mk2.5 (unsure about other models), the bulb holder is too far inwards towards the center console and not low enough. So all the light is lost behind the dash and barely any reaches the actual footwells. Am looking at fitting an LED strip along the crash barrier underneath to better light up both footwells. Have seen T10 adapters that plug in with wiring coming off them, and more than happy to solder onto these exposed wires. What i'm getting at is, has anyone got experience with these adapters?? I believe just a small piece of plastic, positive one side, negative the other and a bit of solder will suffice, but will that be reliable?? I'd rather plug something in than splice or 'piggyback' onto wiring under the dash. Can you just buy these adapters without any LED's?? If anybody has any lying around then let me know! Any help, advice, links etc is much appreciated, thanks!
  21. Soooooo, my interior bulbs came yesterday... A small modification, not really a modification actually but you know what I mean. Feels like a different car inside really nice look. Will upload better pictures once I've cleaned my messy car. Next plans for lighting: - LED headlights upgrade - LED door sills Any other suggestions? P.S. ignore my fat legs + planning to upgrade my car mats soon
  22. Billyygibson

    Focus lighting

    Hi all, I know there's a thread on here which gives you the sizes of all the bulbs on the focus, but I was just wondering if anyone could give me (working) links to bulbs for the interior/exterior they've bought and are happy with? Ive just changed my reversing bulb to white LED and want to do the same with everything else. Boot light, glovebox light, main beam, full beam, side lights? What are your favourite make to use for this sort of thing? Any suggestions are good, I would just find them myself but I always end up getting the wrong size and this would just make the progress a whole lot easier and quicker. Cheers guys
  23. Hi, I have a mk7 fiesta zetec and I have a problem with my interior light. I was wondering if someone could give me some guidance on how to take out the light/bulbs. i have seen a few guides but they seem to be a different light/lamp. Which is why I've provided a photo below. i have tried putting a flat blade in the edge on the windscreen side but it doesn't seem to budge... Maybe I need to be a tad more aggressive with it. :P Any info on this would be great. Cheers! Tom.
  24. Just finished a day of troubleshooting and no luck. My 2008 Ford Focus has a very small bulb that illuminates the gear selection panel from inside the center console. The bulb and area wiring are all intact, upon testing and providing alternate power I can fire up the bulb, but am getting no power to the bulb from chassis. All fuses have been checked and seem to be in working order, not sure where to go next, bought Haynes and Chilton manuals but wiring diagrams don't match the car at all (manuals seem to cover 2000-2007....& 2007-11 as a general guide). Looking for help and suggestions, thank you.
  25. Morning all Been trowling through the net for this, and cant find anything, so apologies if its already been answered/posted. Please feel free to just point me to the thread if so. Sooo. I got my Mk 2.5 1.6 tcdi Zetec the other week. Looking to do a few bits to improve it. One of which is the interior lights. I always liked having the map readers in my Seat Ibiza, so id like to upgrade to the same. A little disappointed in the trim of this car to be honest, VERY basic. But hey ho. Anyone done this? easy? looks easy enough to be fair, but any indications on what part to get / good place to look? When i do an ebay search it mainly comes up with just the bulbs and not the unit its self. Im also not against the idea of installing the courtesy light in the rear too.... its not a major want, but possibly look into it too. This easy to fit also? Any help appreciated :)