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Found 17 results

  1. WayneyyB91

    K&N MK6 zetec s

    How easy is it to install a K&N air filter to a mk6 fiesta zetec s 2007? thank you
  2. Hello, I have installed a non resonated cat-back Milltek exhaust on my Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost couple of weeks ago. (Needless to say, the sound is awesome!! ) Last week, I changed the stock air filter to a K&N Performance one. Since then, I noticed that the exhaust is much quieter than it used to be. There is a substantial noise reduction, I really need to push the car to actually hear the exhaust... Is there something wrong or is this normal? Regards, Thanasis
  3. zKeiron

    K&N Panel Air Filter MK6

    Anyone recommend buying one for (mostly) an improvement to the sound of the engine? Also, anywith a video of a standard MK6 Fiesta with the K&N air filter put in to replace the normal one? Only video I've seen is some fellas on facebook, and it did seem to make a slight difference to the sound of his car, thinking of getting it on mine but don't want to spend something like £35 on something that would cost a third that normally, or less. (Edited as I overestimated the cost of it)
  4. Hi, i have installed a K&N 57s into my Focus MK3 ST TDCi however after a min or so the car goes into limp mode. I have checked the filter is fitted correctly and also reset the KAM but still get the same issue. Has anyone got this filter fitted to the same car and got it working? Thanks Chris
  5. As the topic mentions. I am thinking of installing an aftermarket k&n filter. But I have came across a few users at different site mentioning that maybe there is a problem of the maf sensor due to the oil that the factory puts or when you clean it it must be treated with oil. Anyone have installed it at the 1.6 petrol engine and had problems. Thank you.
  6. ive done some research on the internet prior to choosing the correct brand of replacment induction filter, most would assume that the best choice to be K&N but i have found Green Cotton Air filter to have the edge over K&N or PiperCross due to Green's manufacturing process being more hands on instead of automated manufacturing. the green filter in bonded with precision to the frame of the filter the results are more air flow in to the filter where K&N use an automated process resulting in over use of bonding glue to the frame of the filter which can spread across the panel restricting flow and performance of the filter leaving is performing less than K&N's original prototype that they use to get their gains figures from. but anyways enough of me blabbing on about the differences, because the information is available on other websites for all to view without me re-typing it lol. to purchase a Green Cotton performance induction filter for your ford and feel the difference for yourself log on to http://www.priracing....php/144/1/ford and get 10% Discount off your Green Cotton Performance filter by using the code FORDOWNERSCLUB10 you can also get 20% Discount off any Ritchbrook branded stock by entering Discount Code: RICHBROOK20 both offers are eclusive to members of special thanks to Ross at Priracing for this kind offer. So here's whats in the box for the focus 1.6TDCi induction filter. Ive decided to upgrade the standard ford induction filter in my 1.6TDCi focus to a free flowing high performance induction filter. and since i was changing it ive decided to create this guide to show others what is envolved aswell as report on the performance difference between the stock and aftermarket direct replacment air box filter. fitting time takes around 15-20 minutes, Tools required are an 8mm socket and a pair of rubber latex gloves So Open the bonnet, remove the battery cover if fitted. and using the 8MM socket loosen the 4 bolts that are holding the lid of the induction box in place. please note the bolts do not pull free/seperate from the lid, they remove from the bottom section but stay inside the lid section by design, Once lid has been removed you will see your heavy stock ford filter, hopfully ford wont have bent your stock filter when putting it in their as they have done with mine. place your hand on the top end of the filter and pull upwards to remove it. once removed, ensure the lid from the induction box aswell as the 8mm socket are stored off of the engine bay and close the bonnet if you are planning to wait a couple of minutes prior to fitting the new filter. this will help prevent any contamination getting in to the induction pipes.
  7. Hi, I bought a k&n i57 cone filter for my mk7 Zetec s fiesta.. soon as I installed it the idle has dropped low and sounds a bit lumpy.. I'm thinking it could be the mixture from the air and petrol anyone know how to adjust this used to be a screw on the older cars was told by my dad but is it something different on these? Please help anyone also the engine management light has come on and searched this and seen people say it went off on its own after a little while but still wanna make sure.. thanks
  8. Niaaall

    MK6 Air induction kit

    Hi, I was just wondering could someone please link me to a K&N air induction kit that will fit my fiesta mk6 1.24L and I was also wondering would I see any difference In power, But all im really after is the noise, Where would be the best place to mount it, Preferably one that would that looked like this,
  9. Bannko

    Which Induction Kit?

    Hallo Together, i am thinking about changing the standard air filter with the performance one. I ended with two options: K&N 57S-4000 Performance Intake Kit or J1's Ford Focus Mk3 Air Intake Kit Well i already know about the great manufacturing quality of the J1 intake kits but is it worth the extra money comparing to K&N? Thank you in advance for any opinions or personal experience :)
  10. Hi All, I am new to this so apologies if I have posted in the wrong group. I have a black 1.6l Escort Finese that I'm looking to sell and was wondering what a good price would be. I have an MOT until August/September (I think). I have some Wolfrace Alloys, a K&N Air Filter, a lip on the front bumper, Escort GTi sidekirts, a ST2000 style rear bumper, Seabring exhaust and a few other customised bits and bobs like metal door levers and customised floor mats. What do you guys think would be a reasonable price? I would like to get rid of it by the end of the week. I also have 4 escort GTi alloys on some Pirelli tyres. 2 Tyres have a lot of thread left, how much do you think I could get for these? I will try to take and upload some pictures tonight. Thanks
  11. VibrantSeeker94

    Air Filter Fitting Guides

    Hello all, This is my first post. I've spent a lot of time researching this forum site trying to decide wether or not I should buy a K&N Panel or cone filter or a complete induction kit. I still can't decide... I own a MK5 fiesta zetec(-s?), 1999. First car and i've owned it for a little over 4 months now. I'm wondering if anyone has a guide to fitting an air induction kit please? Should I choose to purchase one, I'd like to know how to fit it in. I think I'm asking because there was discussions about finding your own cold air feed with an induction? Or cone I'm not sure... I understand the air filters don't add much power and to be honest, I'm not after much. It's also for the experience of getting my hands dirty in the engine bay and knowing how things work! Thanks for your help guys. P.s. I know there are numerous posts and topics about air filters but none of them give me the answer I'm looking for!
  12. Hello! I am interested in remapping my 1.0 125hp ZS Fiesta and I am between Superchips and Mountune MP135. The warranty is not an issue, nor the price (in my country, it is almost the same price). So, I would like to ask which is the best solution. When I say best, I mean, which one really makes a difference without causing any trouble, if not both! I think that I am more into Superchips. I have read most of the posts here, referring to Superchips and I think it suits better for me. Also, as I have read from posts, Mountune is not such a thrill. So, the questions: Does it pull for a (claimed) 150hp? Has anyone experienced any problems? What about the mpg during everyday, easy driving (dropped, same, increased)? If someone has experience with either of two remaps, please share your experience! I am also considering of fitting a K&N air filter! I understand that there are many topics refering to the same subject, but I think I haven't seen one with reviews from both remaps. All suggestions are welcome!
  13. Hi all! :D I've recently (yesterday) fitted an induction kit to my Fiesta and was questioning about the oil pipe coming from the engine into the factory air box. Now the induction kit I have doesn't feature any place to put said pipe so I'm a little confused in what my options are, I have been told the following: - Leave it hanging (as pictured below) - Get a small cone filter/breather for it. - Get a Oil Catch Tank. Now, I assume, the idea of this pipe is an 'output' of gas rather than an intake of air, which goes through your engine to get ride of any harmful fumes however, please correct me if this is not the case. I've tried searching but cannot find a decent answer from someone who really knows their stuff. I don't want to leave it hanging and something harmful happen! Is it just the case maybe of getting a small cone filter for this? I've seen other photos of peoples induction kit (like the one below) and it simply has a cone on this. Any help is appreciated on this, I would rather spend money and be safe :)
  14. vmondude


    From the album: My Focus MP3

    Fitted a K&N Apollo Cold Air Induction Kit
  15. Hello. Im after some advice about servicing.This is my first Focus. Short story on history: I purchased a 1.8 TDCI late 2005 Focus back in Feb. Advertised with FSH. After getting the car home, I could not locate the sevice book. Seller could not locate it. No biggie So, I want to get it serviced. Car is just hitting 90k miles What items should I get done. Obviously Oil change and filter (what type of oil?) Air Filter ( is it a round one or a flat rectangular one?) Anyone used K&N filter or am I wasting money Fuel Filter? Which type? I have been quoted £18-£45 depening which one Glow Plugs (smoking when cold starting recently - now warmer weather not noticable - when should I change? Anyone recommend an inexpensive location to have this done in Bedford or Milton Keynes ( or a national company name?) Alternativly - are these things easy to do - Last car I tinkered with was a Mk3 Escort back in the early 90'! The Cam belt was changed last September, and last week I had the DMF & Clutch changed. Car has to last me a few years so I want to ensure I look after it. All suggestions greatly welcomed. Thanks Glenn
  16. I'm looking at getting a Filter on my Zetec s Petrol. I have never put one on before, but I have a friend who has done it before with other cars when we looked at it it didn't seem to be as straight forward as we would of thought. I only really want it for a better sound I'm not bothered about boosting performance as long as i don't lose any. I have looked at the k&n filter and it seems to replace the whole filter box but i was looking just to see if i could get a cheap universal cone or something and add it on with a jubilee clip without really doing too much. I don't really want to spend alot because i know i could go and buy a £200 filter from k & n but like i said its purely for sound so i want to find the cheapest way possible. Any suggestions??