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Found 85 results

  1. I have a 2014 Ka and have recently noticed water leaking in to the drivers footwell, usually onto my foot when I press the clutch! It smells like water, not washer fluid etc. It has been raining heavily recently, but it doesn't leak all the time - just one 'gush' after the car has been parked for a while and I drive off. Any suggestions to how to stop this please? Really didn't expect it to leak after two years after previously owning a beautiful fault-free 1996 Escort for 16 years! Thank you very much.
  2. Hello! I am new here, and a newish owner of a Ford KA 2014 (63 Plate) I am due to take it back to the dealer on 15th June because a few days after taking delivery (end of May 18) while the windows were wound up and the music was turned down, I noticed a horrible creak when taking foot off the clutch and the car started to drive off. I also noticed that from 1st - 2nd gear change, there is a subtle but horrible creak/squeak which all sounds like its coming from the drivers side. Can't tell if its suspension related or to do with the bushes or whatever. While on the test drive, we drove over a nasty pot hole and I am wondering if this could be something to do with it. The car had a Pre Sales Inspection a few weeks before I even test drove it, but did not have a PDI check (which I found odd) so I am assuming that IF that pot hole has been the cause, it may have caused damage. I would be so grateful if anyone could shed any light? And finally - IF there is an issue, am I at liberty to pay the bill, seeing as I have literally had the car for 2 weeks and reported this 4 days after picking up the car? Or should they repair the car at their cost? Thanks in advance for all your feedback 🙂
  3. Evening folks, Quick question what would be the easiest method to replace the front grill on my Street KA. I've Google and YouTube searched it but wondering what would be the general suggestions and feelings on the easiest way. I'm buying some replacement mesh from eBay to switch from stock. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. Suicide Mods

    Street KA Won't start?!?

    Quick question with regards to my street ka i've taken the dashboard trim, instrument cluster, heater button pannel, cig lighter pannel etc. off but my car won't start? Am I correct in presuming the car will start once again when all put back together? Presume the car knows somehow? Regards, Gareth
  5. Hi, I have had a new clutch fitted and seal on my partners 2003 ford ka. After driving it back from the garage she said it was fine. I took it out for a drive and a fee issues came up. 1. The clutch is slipping and got a burnt smell when I pulled up. Is this right and does it need bedding in as I didn't think it would.. The clutch is low but not any stiffness to it at all. 2. The light had come on the dash for what I guess is the break fluid warning light. I checked the levels and they seem fine. So what is this? Is this a bad job and I need to 're visit the garage and why would the break fluid light be on? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi, I have a Ka TDCI diesel reg in 2012, done 46,000 mikes. Ford don't make that model now and I rarely come across one. The performance and MPG are excellent and it is so far trouble free. I want to know if a drive belt needs changing on this 1.3 diesel engine as the handbook does not say. I welcome any owner with the same model to reply with their experience of this diesel version.
  7. paulkay1969


    Hi I’m newbie paul I have a Ford Ka mk2 2010 and need help
  8. Hello all, I have an issue regarding my girlfriend's 2009 Ford Ka. The rear wiper is currently stuck in the centre of the rear window and unresponsive. Before it stuck itself the motor was apparently noisy. My initial suspicion was the fuse however the forward wipers and washer pump are perfectly operational and I think they are supplied from the same fuse. If not then I suspect maybe the wiper motor is kaput. Regards Nicholas
  9. Hi everybody I wrote a post where I describe my problem here: but I will repeat the main gist to keep it clear and concise: I bought a second-hand Ford Ka Zetec from 2013 and was given just the master key. I want to get a spare key with a fob (flip key, lock/unlock buttons). My car's documents came with a little card showing both an electronic and a mechanical keycode and I think these are important for making/programming spare keys. When do these come in handy and who uses them? Can I show this card to a locksmith? Can I avoid having to deal with Ford (worries of hefty costs) to get this fob that I want? Thank for reading!
  10. Hi everyone, I bought my first car last week, a 2004 ka. It had only done less than 15,000 miles and was in really good condition. However driving it home I realised that the speedometer wasn't working. The milometer still works and looking around on other forums it seems that this is down to the sensor. Some people have said the sensor is in the gearbox others say it's on top, but I can't seem to find it. Has anyone changed the sensor before and could give me some guidance? On another note, I bought leather seats from a sportka of similar age, does the basic ka have connectors/wiring and sensors for seat airbags so I can connect the new seats into it and have functioning seat airbags? Thanks - Gabby
  11. Hello! I recently bought a new model 2012 Ford KA and it has a USB port, not an aux cable. I thought I'd be able to plug my iphone in to charge it and to play music through it but when I plug it in, it beeps to charge but suddenly stops again. And so it won't charge or play music from my phone/spotify...however, it works with an ipod? Ideas? Or anyone else experienced this?
  12. How do all? Been a while since I had a Ford, but always had the need for one in my life. Needed something a little cheaper than my previous motor(Honda S2000), so got me a 2004 Ka Sport SE last week from West London. It survived my drive home to Chichester area, and also two daily commutes up to Crawley area. It's got issues...but of course, this is an introduction thread Anyways, happy Wednesday y'all!
  13. Hi The picture shows the dimly illuminated two lights. Very intermittent. Trying to sell car and blocking sale. When in fault, lights appear as soon as i press unlock on the key fob. HELP!!!
  14. Paige7

    Gel Badges

    Hi... after struggling to find the design for my 2011 ka (mk2) I want I’ve finally found someone who can do them for me... she is asking if the set of three, front rear and steering wheel sizes are the same as the mk7 fiesta?? Anyone know?
  15. Amazingmin

    Heavy steering

    Hello one and all. I am aware that heavy steering is a known problem on mk1 ka, and that the steering column UJ can become very stiff causing problems. Some variants seem to have a replaceable universal joint and others don't. Is it possible to tell by model variant or VIN number which type of column I have on my ka? Mk1 Ka style climate 1.3 duratec 2007. Thank you.
  16. Hello, I've just purchased a Ford Ka 2011 and it has just a USB port, no aux. When I connect my iPod I have no control over it as the screen shows the connected imagE. Is there anything I can buy, an adapter perhaps, so that I can connect my iPod and have control over the screen so I can choose what I want to play?
  17. My 10yr old ford ka has recently had a mot and since the mot it has been having start up problems almost like it has a flat battery. This only happens after a car drive and when I only stop for around 15/30mins the car is unable to start but does start an hour later. The speedometer flickers very quickly for about 10 seconds and the engine makes a noise but doesn't start. Also during longer journeys after about an hour I notice some dashboard lights turn on such as the abs and air bag lights. The car radio also switches itself of which indicates low battery, however, these problems only happen during a car journey not when it's first being started in the morning. The first time I noticed the dashboard lights on the speedometer strangely went from 60 to 0 back to 60 numerous times then stayed to 0 yet this has not happened since. When the car doesn't start the trip count also resets itself. Another problem (don't know if it is connected) is that during a long journey the car revs uncontrollably almost like someone is pressing on the rev peddle quickly on and off for about 2 minutes. This especially happens when waiting in traffic. Does anyone have any suggestions on what the problem could be as the garage say they can't see anything wrong with it. Many thanks!
  18. Progressively adding subtle changes to my car. From getting Y design Ford alloys in black to carbon wrapping the interior and adding mud flaps. Let's see your mods! I'll post mine at a later date.
  19. Hello one and all I've just signed up to the forum. I just bought a 1997 Ford Ka 1.3 style, as a runabout second car. Its only done 32572 miles and it's a great, fun little car. It has the usual HCV problem so I'll get that sorted, but the other issue is one I need some advice on. I have some new plastic bumper clips to replace the broken ones, but the location holes in the steel seem to be too big to hold the clip securely. Possibly corrosion has affected them. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions to get around this problem? Many thanks, Dean (Amazingmin)
  20. Hello forum members :) I'm a new driver and just recently bought a new Ford KA Zetec 2015 model. Really loving the car, perfect for city driving. My only problem is the Ford Audio system is really frustrating to use - not sure if other people have found this? There are so many different versions and finding information and support has been really tricky. I looked at the audio system before buying the car and made sure it had Bluetooth so I could stream audio directly from my android phone. For anyone with a bluetooth speaker this is normally a pretty simple thing to do. Alas, all I can do is precariously play mp3 files that are stored on the phone as a usb device or cd by plugging in over the usb. On the specifications for the car it clearly states "using a Bluetooth connection, you can also stream music wirelessly from a smartphone or mp3 player to your car radio". But how? There are no instructions on how to do this in the manual. I am close to getting a radio transmitter! Which is something you might expect to have to do in an old car, not a new model with Bluetooth. Any suggestions would be really useful to myself and maybe others as well. I have tried: 1/ I have connected to the cars FORD AUDIO bluetooth using the system menu, which is navigated by talking to Miss Ford. 2/ I can make calls over the Bluetooth easy once connected so it is working. 3/ When connected over the blutooth I have tried pressing the CD button (which changes the source) but it says NO SRC, unless I'm connected over usb at which point it says MEDIA. 4/ When connected over MEDIA I have tried playing Spotify but it simply does not work, Media only let's me play existing MP3's. 5/ I have tried all the system menus for the Media Player but none of them are settings for connecting directly in order to stream music. Thanks :D :D
  21. Recently got a MK2 Ford KA? And you have Facebook? Feel free to join a dedicated group on Facebook for the car where you can show off your cars and ask any questions you have about your car too. Here's the link: Ford KA MK2 Owners
  22. Hi all. Hoping someone may be able to help with an indication issue on my 07 KA. 90% of the time it works perfectly fine but for the other 10% of the time it either stops working completely or works much slower than usual. Took it to a garage they quoted £300. 😐 obviously I'll get a second opinion on that !!! Hoping someone may have a remedy!! thanks In advance.
  23. I have recently bought a ka. worked ok. till I realised the fan wasn't working. it kept blowing hot air. so i read up on it and found a common fault. heat control valve I changed it and it still isn't working. I'm not sure what else to point the finger at. any help apreiciated
  24. Hey guys. I'm after a little advice about my 2008 KA. I've had it just over a year and it's been fine until recently. It's began a habit of every now and again to stutter and struggle accelerating. The car can be hot or cold. I've noticed it appears to be when I'm in 1st or 2nd gear but it jerk once when in 4th. My foot can be on the floor and they'll just be nothing there for several seconds. Any advice would be much welcomed here. Thanks!
  25. Timmsy92


    Hi, was hoping someone could hep me out. I have a ford KA 56 reg that wont start, doesn't turn over, no clicking noise, nothing. Dash lights come on tried to jump start it nothing..... its not the battery what else could this be?