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Found 33 results

  1. ROakley

    Ambient lighting mk3 focus

    Hello all, I have a 2015 Mk3 focus titanium with ambient lighting that is red. i wanted to change this to blue so bought some LED 501 bulbs on eBay that fit the boot fine. Went to the footwell assuming these are the same and have an LED on a small board. Anyone know how to change these to blue? thank you!
  2. Chris398398

    Focus Zetec S Footwell Lighting

    Hello I brought myself a Zetec S 62 reg a while back. I have been reading a lot about footwell lighting and this has really taken my fancy and now I want to install them. I have no idea where to wire the lighting to. I have followed loads of different instruction some saying they have wires there for it other saying they don't. I therefore removed my glovebox to work out myself what I need to do. There is clearly no wiring for footwell lighting. Could someone tell me where I could wire the footwell lighting to (instructions would be great). I am hoping that the footwell lighting comes on when I unlock the car and stays on in till I lock the car back up. I looked at wiring to the glovebox lighting but I noticed the power remains even after you lock the car up ( I don't want a dead battery lol) any help, advice, guidance would be great! Thanks
  3. Hi all, just wanted to share with all of you that we can actually all do custom full LED for the Fiesta MK7.5 or maybe even the MK7. I have done quite a lot of practical experimentation as well as used up so many hours of my time in order to do it. So far, all have been done very safely except for a few cuts and broken fuses. Other than that, the results are quite satisfying. All of this should by right apply to normal Fiestas (definitely not the ST line or those with additional factory options) Here's the list of what we can do to "spec up" the car: 1. Change ALL headlight bulbs to LED or HID for the low beam (LED turn signal bulbs + LED hi-beam + HID low beam and even LED small light - if the headlamp is not DRL). The turn signal bulbs with LEDs do need to have resistors or it will hyper blink. 2. Retrofit bi-xenon projector lenses to replace the fog lamp. You can choose to use the second function of the bi-xenon to either go for hi-beam or to add more light to the low beam. 3. All of the interior bulbs are easily replaced with LED bulbs. In fact, it can be said that all the interior bulbs are T10 (top front 3 bulbs, front footwell 2 bulbs, top middle 1 bulb + rear trunk 1 bulb). In fact even the orange ambient lighting on the top front bulb can be changed to your choice of colour. 4. You can add illuminated sill plates if you wish 5. Change the bulb on the rear tail lights to LED. Please choose wisely on the standard tail lamp so that the brake bulbs are bright when it is on. The reverse light is easy but the turn signal bulbs needs to have resistors or it will hyper blink. For the aftermarket type of tail lamps, you can retrofit special bulbs so that it can be both reverse and turn signal indicator. 6. Replace the side mirror turn signal bulbs to LED. 7. If not equipped with rear side (either left or right) fog lamps (most come with reflector and not lights), simply buy the proper housing and you can make both come on. 8. The light on the glove box compartment for most should be Orange/Red colour and is not in harmony with the rest of the interior lighting, you can change it to ice blue or white or any other colour that you choose. 9. Rear license plate lights are can be easily changed to T10 Leds. For me, I have done all those and more. So if you wish to know more, just drop me a message and let's see how much i can be of help. The lighting mods that i have done can be seen from the photos. Plenty more that I don't have photos of. Enjoy! Pl
  4. I have a knurled knob on the left of the steering wheel, which enables the dip to be adjusted up or down. I can't find reference to it in the Owner's Handbook. I cannot for the life of me work out how it does it - anyone know? Chris
  5. Newblet

    Boot lighting

    I am considering putting another light (similar location on the left side of my boot (inside) and was just wondering if anyone else has done this. My plan is to remove the left piece of trim which holds the parcel shelf up and make a hole at the exact same position as on the right trim. I think maybe run a splice into the earth and power of the right light to supply what's needed for the left light. Basically wondering since I switched the bulb to led (lower power) will I need to upgrade the fuse or add a relay? If anyone does have a better method please post below, I'm bored and just need things to do :-) My car is a mk6.5 (56 reg) 1.25 petrol fiesta STyle.
  6. Hi all. Hoping someone may be able to help with an indication issue on my 07 KA. 90% of the time it works perfectly fine but for the other 10% of the time it either stops working completely or works much slower than usual. Took it to a garage they quoted £300. 😐 obviously I'll get a second opinion on that !!! Hoping someone may have a remedy!! thanks In advance.
  7. Evening all, I've been wanting to add some interior LED's to my beloved MK7 for a while now, but am stuck on what to get. I am looking for some interior LED's that have multiple colour options. Any suggestions? Karlos
  8. I am aware of how to route my cables, and how to go about fitting my lights etc. I was hoping someone could clarify which cables I should splice into to allow the footwell lighting to have the same functionality as the centre light, ie; (Off/ Doors open/ On) Im an electrician, but electrics in cars is a whole other kettle of fish. Many Thanks! :)
  9. InFIESTAtion

    LED interior lights

    Hi, I'm looking at purchasing these LED's to use for footwell lighting, Dome and map lighting: just wondering if anybody has an reasons why I shouldn't get them? They are cheap and I'm worried about overheating etc. Or on the other hand can anyone recommend them? Thanks
  10. As promised, here is a guide for fitting the submarine, ST style lights to the interior map light unit. Please note, I will not be held responsible to any damage you may make to your car when following this guide. Guide to fit Submarine Lights.pdf I managed to complete this without breaking or scratching any parts of my car, so remember to take your time and if you need any advice please PM me
  11. Gedwards1996

    Interior lighting

    Hi guys, this is my first post! So I have a focus mkii from 2008. A while back I took it into Trust Ford garage to repair a water ingress in the boot whilst the car was under warranty but during the repair they completely removed all the wiring for the boot light and didn't replace it. I only found this out when I recently took the car to halfords for them to fit a new bulb (as I thought that's why I had no light in the boot). Ford are now refusing to replace the wiring with out payment as warranty has now run out... so this brings me onto my topic. I'm wondering if anyone has the know how of sourcing parts and installing. I'd like to put in some coloured LED lights in the boot and also into the footwell, maybe in the dashboard aswell. let me know what you guys think, and what is doable on a budget with little to no knowledge :) thanks!
  12. PaRsOnIsPhErE

    T10 Light Adapter

    Hi Guys and Gals, Looking to up the footwell lighting in my focus. I've currently just got a couple of LED bulbs in there, but with the Focus mk2.5 (unsure about other models), the bulb holder is too far inwards towards the center console and not low enough. So all the light is lost behind the dash and barely any reaches the actual footwells. Am looking at fitting an LED strip along the crash barrier underneath to better light up both footwells. Have seen T10 adapters that plug in with wiring coming off them, and more than happy to solder onto these exposed wires. What i'm getting at is, has anyone got experience with these adapters?? I believe just a small piece of plastic, positive one side, negative the other and a bit of solder will suffice, but will that be reliable?? I'd rather plug something in than splice or 'piggyback' onto wiring under the dash. Can you just buy these adapters without any LED's?? If anybody has any lying around then let me know! Any help, advice, links etc is much appreciated, thanks!
  13. Hi all, My first post outside of the introductory area! Recently bought a 1.6 Petrol Focus (and a Ford Puma, but that's a different story) and looking to do some simple mods with the first being interior lighting. My research so far has led to me to and their 4 piece kit I understand this is an American company but does anyone have hands on experience with their products?? Other than that, it's just buying an LED strip and cutting lengths off to size. Just wandering where to wire it all into, Fuse box with external ON / OFF switch, or piggyback off interior dome lights, or sidelights?? Anybody who has experience, or a link to share, a WIKI it would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading.
  14. Just finished a day of troubleshooting and no luck. My 2008 Ford Focus has a very small bulb that illuminates the gear selection panel from inside the center console. The bulb and area wiring are all intact, upon testing and providing alternate power I can fire up the bulb, but am getting no power to the bulb from chassis. All fuses have been checked and seem to be in working order, not sure where to go next, bought Haynes and Chilton manuals but wiring diagrams don't match the car at all (manuals seem to cover 2000-2007....& 2007-11 as a general guide). Looking for help and suggestions, thank you.
  15. Hello chaps, There are two little mods I want to do to my car, the first is a HID conversion, and the second is to hardwire some ambient lighting into the map light for the front footwells and maybe the centre console. I was hoping some of you could give me some advice and/or links to a reliable HID conversion kit (H7 only) and to a good, red, ambient lighting products. Any forum guides that come to mind regarding these two mods would be great too! Thanks in advance!
  16. Hey guys, So I am just new to this club and I don't actually have my Fiesta as of yet - picking up a 62 plate white, three door, 1.25 Fiesta Zetec on Friday - however I do have a query about something I would really like to change on it. That is the colour of the text on the small radio screen (that is the really annoying orange/ red), I was wondering if there was a way I could change the colour of this screen? There probably won't be but I was just wondering because it is really annoying. I would like to change it to the blue text colour that is the text colour of the newer Fiesta models. If there are any alternatives I would also like to be made aware of them, I was looking online at actually replacing my centre console to the black centre console that is in the newer models and also changing the screen but not sure if this is possible? Thanks guys!
  17. SalopianJacob

    Dashboard Lighting

    Hi all! I'm new to all this lark but am committed to getting my MkVI up to a decent standard. Right, my query lies with the dashboard and how it's lit. I'm wanting to replace the dashboard lights with LED's because i'm told they're considerably brighter. Anyway, I have no idea where to start? what bulbs would fit? All any any help would be greatly appreciated! Jacob
  18. Does the 2015 Fiesta Zetec S have ambient lighting under the pedals and glove box? When I ordered it said ambient lighting. I've seen pictures of red ambient lighting around the cup holders, under the pedals and under the glove box but does the Zetec S have this as standard?
  19. Hi, I want to change some bulbs on my ST. To clarify, she is a 2014 Ford Fiesta ST2 (180) UK Spec. Could someone just go over the links and check I'm not making any mistakes, it would be greatly appreciated. As for the footwells I already have blue 13 SMD in there, the bulbs were given to me and one was always faulty (intermittent), you can see in the picture on the passenger side how they look (drivers side is the faulty one), I don't want to end up buying ones that are either TOO bright making it look super chavvy and I don't want ones that leave a circle of light on the floor. Front Indicators/Repeaters - Ebay Link Fogs - Amazon Link Wing Mirror Indicators/Repeaters - Ebay Link Interior Footwells - Ebay Link or Ebay Link Interior Map Lights - Ebay Link Interior Light - Ebay Link Reverse - Ebay Link Rear Indicators/Repeaters - Ebay Link Reg/Number Plate - Ebay Link or Ebay Link Boot lighting - Ebay Link If anyone knows of any deep yellow H11 bulbs please let me know as I don't really feel like paying upwards of £50 from the States. Cheers, Dan.
  20. Hi, hopefully an easy question for my first post :) Just bought a 2005 focus mk2 zectec, its my first ford and so far very happy. The only problem i currently have with it is the interior lighting, i have 2 small children and need better light at night. I only have a single light in the front, and it doesn't really give off much light. So reading around and looking at the different model specs i see that the ghia and titanum came with front light with map lights and a rear interior light. So my plan is to install a new front light, with map lights and a rear light. Ive got hold of one off ebay and should be with me tomorrow. Going to install LED lights in this. It does come with a surround and hoping to use the spare surround and the old single front light in the back. I have looked at roof liners on ebay and see the light looks to be inline with the rear grab handles Has any one done this mod and is it a case of just cutting the head liner? Im fine with wiring just don't want to get in trouble or have to buy a new head liner? Thanks in advnace
  21. Norris_Cole92

    Smd Led Number Plate Unit

    Just ordered a set of these off ebay: Has anyone bought these and installed them? If so how easy were they to install, do the old units need to be cut at the wire and connected to these? They claim to be plug and play but I know that's not always the case!
  22. Hi, First of all I'm a 27 yr old medic not a mechanic, so if members could reply as if I were a lay person I would be very grateful. I'm not opposed to detailed replies and I'm happy to do a bit more reading if someone could point me in the right direction. I have a 2011 reg Fiesta Zetec that was perfectly fine until a van driver reversed into the back of it whilst I was stationary in a car park. Although repairs took place via insurance and all was well for 2-3 months, I'm now finding that my near side brake light doesn't work at all and my reversing light flickers and is dim. Initially I went to Kwik fit for a bulb change. After a bulb change was unsuccessful I was told by the mechanic that there seemed to be a wiring fault. Kwik fit don't specialise in wiring so I was referred to SMC. After visiting Ford SMC Gravesend I was basically told the work totalled £1000+ but even after I persisted the mechanic didn't explain what was actually wrong, for some reason he also disabled my rear parking sensors profusely insisting that he needed to do it. I then visited a local garage for a second opinion and the mechanic kindly explained that I required a new rear light wiring loom and connector which he said he could get for around £400, but told me to also go on ebay and call up any Ford spares dealers I could google. He priced his labour at £90. He said the repairs post accident may not have been completed to a high enough standard using worn parts but this is when he also started to seem a little vague. I have a few questions if anyone can answer them: 1) What could possibly cause damage to said wiring so that it would need to be entirely replaced? (considering my Fiesta seems pretty new.) 2) Does the advice of the mechanic seem sound? (something about such an extensive repair seems off to me.) 3) Does anyone know where I could find a rear light wiring loom and connector for such a new vehicle? (everything on ebay seems to be salvaged from older models and I haven't had a chance to call spares dealers just yet - I was hoping to be a little more informed before I do) 4) Why would the Ford SMC mechanic disable my rear parking sensors? 5) Would such repairs really total £1000+ (inc labour) 6) Considering I have moved insurance company since the claim closed and repairs were completed, is there any way that I can question the work done in the repairs and have my insurance cover any such corrective repair? (the garage used via insurance could have made mistakes) 7) Is the medic in me overthinking this? Im only 27 and not experienced in auto-repair so I'm in no position to judge but again, something doesn't seem right. Why would the entirety of the light wiring need to be replaced? (Please correct me if I'm wrong here) I hope some more technically inclined members would be so kind as to help me out here. Luckily I don't need to drive for my current hospital location so the car is just sitting on my driveway for the next 8 weeks. Any advice is appreciated and I'm happy to provide more info if needed. Kind regards, B
  23. Hello, Im a newbie, was wondering if anyone has changed the red 'rim' style lighting in the cup holder by the handbrake!? Thanks, :) Toby Fiesta Zetec S 1.0 Ecoboost owner
  24. Hi all, Over the weekend, I checked the car, and to my huge disappointment, it appears it does not have the footwell lighting sockets installed. I checked some of the older threads on this topic, and have gathered that: (1) I will need to buy the sockets and wire them. (2) For the passenger side, apparently it is possible to: - take the glovebox out - find the loom/wires that were originally meant for the footwell lighting -tape some wires to it, and channel it down from behind the glovebox, past the HVAC in the footwell, and to the metal bracket where the bulb is supposed to be. So here are my questions: (1) Where do I find the part for the bulb holder? Any other parts necessary? Any links? (2) Is the method for wiring the passenger side correct? (3) How would I go about wiring the drivers side? Is it easier vs. the passenger? (4) Anything else I have missed out? (This is my first ever car mod btw, but I have a knowledge of electronics.) I hope this isn't too time consuming, but I would love to have some decent night time lighting...