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Found 41 results

  1. hi guys im having a problem with my central locking ive got a 2009 mondeo estate zetec the problem im having is the drivers side of the car isnt locking with the key or remote fob and the mirrors and windows will not operate on the drivers side of the vehicle ive replaced the drivers door module and checked the wiring on the loom and all appears to be ok, ive also checked the fuses fa1 fa2 fa3 and fa4 in the rear fuse box ive also accessed the "hidden" menu and its showing 2 DTC codes one is c19900 does anyone have any ideas of other things to check before i go and spend a small fortune on diagnostics at an auto electricians
  2. James Metcalfe

    Ford Focus Central Locking

    Hi, I have just purchased a Pre-facelift 3dr Ford Focus Studio. The car comes fitted with central locking throughout by using the key in the drivers or passenger side door. I am wishing to install wireless locking/unlocking for the car. I have ordered a universal wireless locking kit of eBay to install on the car. Please could someone tell me where I could wire it into the car, I need to find the wire for unlocking the car and also locking the car to wire the kit into. I already know how to find 12v live but am stuck with the unlock/lock wires colour and location. Thanks in advance to anybody who can help with this. Once it is fitted I am happy to create a tutorial to help anyone in the future.
  3. Hello, I have a Ford Fiesta Zetec 2007 (MK5) with 3 Doors. I have an issue with the passenger door shutting but showing on the dashboard as being open. It often must be slammed repeatedly in order for the car to lock properly, as the car thinks the door is open and automatically unlocks it. Sometimes while driving, the dashboard will suddenly show the door as being open, usually after going round a sharp bend. I have lubricated the latch mechanism thoroughly, but the fault still occurs. I have accessed the GEM unit below the steering wheel but there are no wires that are obviously loose/damaged. Another forum thread explained that cutting a wire and terminating it to ground/earth cures the fault as the sensor will always assume the door is shut. Can anyone confirm exactly which wire to cut and attach to ground/earth?
  4. Hi all, i am hoping I am not the only person with this issue but my girlfriends 2009 1.4 Titanium fiesta has an intermittent central locking issue. this can go for weeks with no issues, but suddenly while driving the warning will come up saying drivers door is open. Once stopped and get out the car it will not lock manually or via the fob. It makes a click and no flashes of hazards or lights. This can last for up to 48 hours then suddenly it will work. The concern is in an unknown location it may not lock and can't leave the car! i am a newbie to the FOC, however been part of other owners club forums (puma owners, rs owners) and know that people like me can be frustrating, however I have used the search bar and pretty much googled every combination to find a result for this issue. i am hoping someone has the fix for this and I can get it sorted for her. Luckily she works close to home and in a secure car park. thanks in advance all! muddy27!
  5. Total noob query.. well two actually. I did ask these on the official Ford FB page and got crickets....... On my old car I could internally lock it, either when I was alone driving, or when I left my dogs to grab a pint of milk. On my Focus however I cannot for the life of me find out how to do it. I watched videos, read the manual (obviously) and they all say that I should be able to press a button just in front of my door handle I have a piece of plastic there and no locks. So, question... Am I looking in the right place? Is there a way (If I am) to put the lock in) I know it sounds pathetic but I do not feel safe without being able to lock myself in when in the city. ------- Secondly, does anyone have a guesstimate of how much a foldable central locking key would be? I got one with stiff buttons and it does not fold. Hate it. I do have the codes for a new one Thank you for any help and do not laugh at the silly questions TOO loud
  6. Hi guys, I own a mk6 and since I've owned it the indicators would flash to show the car has been deadlocked when pressing the button twice on the key fob. For a couple of days now I've noticed it hasn't been doing so. Both doors are shut and it is deadlocking as I've tried locking myself in and opening the door from the inside. Does anyone have any ideas as to what the problem is? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi, can anybody help me please. I have had two instances when I have gone to my car and found somebody has been in it. It appears they open it and go through everything but on both occasions nothing was taken. According to the police there is a device that sends out hundreds of codes and when held near the door handle unlocks it..... My car is a 62 plate focus ecoboost 1.0 litre, is there any way I can disable the remote (keyfob) locking so I have to insert the key to unlock / lock it? Any help much appreciated.
  8. Hi I have a few questions about my fiesta zetec... 1. When I am pressing the button on my key to lock the doors all my doors are locking except my driver door, you can hear it clicking as if it is trying to lock but nothing. 2. I don't know if this is just mine or not but my head lights are very dull, I just want to know what bulbs sort of bulbs to get to help this (without breaking the bank).. 3. my radio has the button to accept/decline call also say I can connect my phone but cant fine my radios Bluetooth on my phone, does this mean it doest have Bluetooth calls or am I doing something wrong? If anyone can help with any of the above please let me know... thanks alot chick
  9. Hi All! The remote locking on my Ford Focus MK1 2002 has stopped working and I cannot figure out why. I replaced the battery in my key. This did not work. I bought a new blank key and tried to pair it to the remote central locking. This did not work. I put the key blade and battery side of the existing key onto the new keys RF chip side. This did not work. I can lock the car manually fine, I just cannot figure out why the remote locking is not working. The car enters programming mode ( 2 - 0, 4 times) and beeps, but pressing or holding down the buttons on the key does not result in another beep to confirm remote pairing. Could it possibly be fuse 63? Or has the remote transponder in the car died? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. BPowell3

    Adapting the CLS / alarm

    Hi guys :) I recently bought a Ford Fiesta (2003 model) but the remote locking doesn't work. Frankly, I'm not willing to pay £125 for something so small. But I need the alarm because I've had it less than a month and it's already been vandalised. Unfortunately though, the alarm only activates when the car is double-locked, which you need the remote key for. So what I'd like to do instead of replacing the key is adapt the alarm system so that it activates when I lock the car with the key. This way, the car's slightly safer, there's one less thing to go wrong, and I'm not paying disproportionately large amounts of money. Is this possible? Many thanks.
  11. Hi all, I have a old Fiesta with no remote locking system, however the locking system is a central lock. I have bought a new system or "hub" or what to call it, to replace the old system. I fail to locate the where the old locking system is located on the car. Can anyone help me out here? Best, Jesper
  12. Hello My 2007/2008 Fiesta ST has developed a weird problem Basically when i press the swtich for the electric window i get a weird rapid clicking noise, the interior light flashes on, theres a beep and the lights signal as if the hazards are on however from what i can tell they havent actaully flashed outside. The problem is usally resolve by opening and closing the door again, although sometimes once is enough sometimes i have to do this 4 or 5 times before i can open and close the windows? Is there some sensor or something that thinks the door is still open ? I need to get this fixed and if i can do it myself that would be really helpful thanks T
  13. I have a 2011 Fiesta Zetec. The central locking has failed and key will not turn in lock. Also driver side electric window doesn't work nor the electric windows. The car only has one Key. I've been told it could possibly be a faulty Body Control Module. Been to Ford today but the guy there was clueless and wanted to charge hours of labour to strip down doors etc. Does anyone have any idea what it could be?
  14. Hi, Can any one help i have a mk5 fiesta zetec s and I brought a cobra remote central locking kit. The wiring has me confused I need to know what colour wires under the dash to connect into. I need to know the colours for +30 positive source +15 positive both side of the indicators the positive for the central locking and the negative for the central locking. also if you could tell me if the standard central locking is a negative control or positive control please. The model number for the after market is cobra a1046. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi Everyone I've just bought a 64 plate ford focus Zetec s and I'm just wondering if there's a way of turning off the feature that automatically locks your boot every time you shut it? It's just a bit of a pain that I've gotta take the keys out every time I want to get in the boot. Cheers
  16. beakysian

    Mk2 jammed door latch

    The passenger door on my Mk2 has stopped closing properly. Poking around the door, it seems that the latch has lost its springiness and each time the door is opened, I have to reset the latch position manually before slamming the door. Anyone experienced this? I'd like to find out if it's fixable or going to be a new door mech before forking out for diagnostic work at the garage. Thank you,
  17. Hi, I have recently purchased a 2007 Ford Focus Sport. When I picked it up from the garage the car was already open so I put the key in and drove away as you would. When I got home I couldn't lock the car as the remote central locking on the key wouldn't work, but would work when I inserted the key into the drivers side lock. I took the key to be tested and they confirmed that there was a signal from every button so the fault wasn't with the key. I noticed a message on the dash which said the car was in 'Shipping Mode' which I understand turns off some of the cars features to save on the battery which would make sense if it has been on a forecourt. Last night I somehow managed to turn the 'shipping mode' off and then reprogrammed the key by turning it 4 times to II so it is in learn mode then pressing they within the 20 second time frame which did work. The car unlocked and locked using the remote key fob. I have gone to go to work this morning, the car opened fine with the remote fob, got to work and tried to lock the car and it didn't work. So I have reprogrammed it again this morning, it opened fine but the lock button didn't work So reprogrammed it again and both the open and lock buttons worked. I have just gone back to the car and now nothing works again. Any ideas what this could be as it appears to be losing sync with the car and the garage we bought it from is now ignoring our call and have conveniently turned the phone off! Thanks
  18. Hi all. Newbie here ‘though I was a frequent visitor to Talkford in times gone by. Nothing much happening over there re Foci, so really pleased to have found this excellent forum! I have had my 2010 Focus Titanium 5 door Auto for a whole week now and loving it. After my Mondeo Auto 130 TDCi got written off a year ago and suffering a 10 yr old manual BMW 318i estate since then, getting back into an auto Ford again is a bit like coming home. (Cue violins, wipe tear…) There are a few minor niggles that I’d like some advice on. 1) The dash display sometimes flashes ‘P’ after starting up when I change into Reverse or Drive. There are no other apparent problems with the auto box; changes are smooth and happen when they should. It always sorts itself at some point, I hardly ever notice it change to ‘D’ from the flashing ‘P’. Sometimes it stops flashing if I slide the changer across to the ’S’ position and change manually, sometimes not. If I notice before pulling away and change back to ‘P’ then ‘D’ or ‘R’ it sometimes goes away, sometimes not until later. Totally random, in other words and sometimes it doesn’t happen at all. 2) The driver’s interior door lock button is stuck in the locked position, i.e. pushed in. The keyless system otherwise works as it should. The only apparent downside is that I can’t lock myself in, so-to-speak. 3) There is a slight clunk immediately after I close the driver’s door after getting in and before starting the engine. As I am completely deaf in my right ear I can’t get a proper fix on the sound but it seems to come from either the driver’s door or the rear passenger door. It’s the sort of sound that would be made if I could lock myself in. 4) Some of the wheel nuts have end caps, some have an open threaded hole. Can these caps be got or do I need complete wheel nuts? eBay seems to only have plastic covers. I think that’s it for now, any advice or help or even a ‘hello’ would be much appreciated.
  19. Brian Williamson

    New key fobs still not working

    Hi all , iv read countless solutions to the dreaded key fob not working but my issue is a bit different. My 2007 focus estate Tdci stopped working. I changed battery, also i bought another new key fob from eBay. I have done the ignition key thing of turning it from 0-II 4 times and got the chime, then on both fobs i have pressed a button and GOT the confirm chime to say they are synced. But after waiting more than 20 secs and turning to II to stop procedure there is still nothing happening from the fobs. Key works manually to open and lock all doors from driver door. When i do unlock it by the key there is a chime when driver door opened and i have to insert key to stop horn/alarm from going off. If another door is opened before i insert key to II then alarm will go off too. i checked fuse manual and looked at no.55 (central locking) its fine, Cant see any other related fuse to look at. I want to avoid a Ford garage as i have been a bit unhappy with previous service from my local one. Any ideas of what the problem could be ??? Please help, sounds tedious but when iv got 2 kids the fact i cant just unlock to open boot without alarm going off is driving me nuts .
  20. Hi, I' ve just purchased a Ford Focus Style 1.4 2006 plate. The car has 3 keys- 1 being central unlocking system remote. The car didn't unlock using the remote key so i put a new battery in the key fob- and its still not unlocking/locking the car. I have to use the key manually to unlock. Can anyone give me some advice? The engine starts etc and unlocks manually, i just cant unlock/lock car remotely Do i need a code to make this work again? Will the key be faulty? is there anywhere i can take it to be looked at? Thanks
  21. Unfortunately, the central locking is playing up. Everything works perfectly except the driver's door 'unlock' when using the remote. The door can be unlocked using the key and can be unlocked (assuming the deadlock is not on) from the inside. I have checked fuses, checked for broken wires (nothing obvious) as well as removing the door panel. As I mentioned, everything else works fine. It seems it is not possible to pull out the connector (of the door wiring loom) hidden within the door frame without removing the door, so before I do that, I wanted to check that, when applying the appropriate signal (+12V ?, earth ?) to the relevant unlock wire of the loom, the door lock actuator was indeed ok (suggesting a broken wire/ poor contact somewhere else). But, the loom that runs from the door connector (hidden in the pillar) to the lock actuator plug in the door itself, which has nine wires (6 lighter gauge, 3 heavier), are ALL COLOURED BLACK !!!!! What's all that about ??? Anyway, I can access the 10 way plug in the door so can track back the nine wires and identify them, if I knew the pin configuration of this actuator module plug/connector itself ? Can anyone help ? TIA ....
  22. Hi all, I've got a Mk3 Focus, and a new born baby... we have a baby seat that the rear seat belt of the Focus wraps around in various ways to hold it tight into the car, however this relies on the rear seat belt of the Focus engaging an automatic locking mode. This mode is supposedly engaged by pulling the seat belt down and all the way out, then letting it retract back in (apparently coinciding with a clicking noise as the belt retracts) , and while in this mode the seat belt should only retract, and not allow any release of the tension, allowing you to pull the belt tight, and the seat belt keeping the tension. Great, or so I thought until I tried to engage the locking mode, no dice, the seat belt just retracts or releases as under normal driving conditions. I tried both left and right rear seat belts but can't get either to engage the locking mode, if one side worked and the other didn't i'd put it down to having one duff rear belt, but with both sides not working, I can only put it down to having a duff understanding of what I need to do to engage the locking mode. Can anyone shed light on what trick is required to get the rear seat belt to go into the locking mode? I'm grateful of any help. Thanks all. Phil
  23. Ok so I bought this car earlier in the year. Has been fantastic for my family especially getting to hospital appointments with my daughter (she has a rare condition) My car, a 53 plate fiesta finesse was due mot 22nd Dec so I took it early. Arnold Clark found it needed a middle section of exhaust and three brake pipes. Got these all replaced at small garage and car was taken back for retest and passed! Got car home and since driver has brought it back it's had nothing but problems. This morning it was starting but unless reved it would cut out while idle. As the day went on it has stalled at every junction, roundabout and when lowering speed. The steering lock (yes the steering completely locks!) has completely locked after stalling a number of times (I ended up on pavement at one point as I was turning into the road!) AC want nothing to do with it as he only looked at car for mot and didn't touch anything. Another garage replaced fuel pump and I'm now stalling at a couple junctions but steering wheel still locking. Have spent 400 so far and at my wits end!! Garage noted rev counter shoots up and down too. All before Xmas too! Terrified to drive it and can't put kids in it. The car has v clean engine, and only 67000 miles so shouldn't be doing all this surely?!!
  24. The passenger door when I move key to unlock it automatically locks again. But if I do it on drivers side all doors do unlock. What is it?
  25. I have a 2004 C-Max, having some issues with the central locking First noticed it few days ago where the keyfob would unlock all doors except the front-passenger door, the lockbutton above the handle stays pushed in. Unable to open the door manually by pulling the handle or the lockbutton, it has no keyhole on outside. The door is perma-closed It has now spread to both the rear passenger doors, neither of them will unlock when I use the keyfob. The offside rear passenger door will unlock manually, the nearside one will not. The same symptoms are there if I unlock the car manually by the driver keyhole, only the driver door will unlock. I have tried the following with no resolution - reprogramming the key to unlock just driver door, or unlock all doors (this is done by unlocking with keyfob, then pressing the lock/unlock button together until the hazards blink) - reregistering the key to the car (done by turning ignition from 0 to II about 4-5 times until hear a beep, take key out and press a button until hear another beep) - have replaced the keys battery - have replaced the central locking fuses of F77 and F55. I saw in a wiring diagram that F41, F72, F81 and F82 also serve central locking but they had no fuses present in my fusebox - have removed the central locking fuses to see if the other doors release, they do not - spraying WD40 into the interior handles, the driver door keyhole, locklatch (on side) The above things I've tried are from various threads I've been reading through on this forum and another the past couple days. I remember seeing one thread saying the driver door lock mechanism controls the other doors and something along the lines that the wiring/solenoid might be damp or dirty so it isn't reporting to the central locking system that the door is unlocked thus releasing the passenger doors but I cannot find this thread again My plan tomorrow is to work out how to get the driver door card off and have a poke about in there, see if anything is damp or needs cleaning in the first instance. Is there a guide somewhere on getting the door card off, what to look for inside etc etc? It has been raining almost non-stop for 2days so my money is on damp and I want to take a look thanks in advance