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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all These forums have been a real help so far and now am hoping someone is able to help me. My Mondeo MK4 2009 1.8 TDCI suddenly overheated last week after a loss of heating inside the cabin. I was towed home by RAC and then had a mechanic come and look over the car. He replaced the coolant expansion tank, thermostat and also did a complete flush of the cooling system. Got the vehicle back yesterday and unfortunately it's still doing exactly the same thing. Heat inside the cabin all fine, engine heat ok... then all of a sudden freezing cold inside the cabin and engine temp rapidly rising. I opened up the bonnet and i believe that the leak which is quite rapid is somewhere at the back of the engine below or from the heater matrix. Anyone have an ide what the cause may be? More info on the mechanic's analysis. he found that the EGR cooler at the back of the engine had been bypassed by previous owner possibly. The two pipes had been joined together rather than allowing coolant to flow through the cooler. He also discovered that the rocker cover's gasket had a leak, which he's going to fix in a couple weeks time. He checked the coolant to see if there was sign of the headgasket gone, however he said that his test came back negative. He said the water pump is working and not leaking. Please let me know if anyone has any idea what the issue may be. I'm probably calling up Ford tomorrow to have the car booked in... :( Thanks Dale
  2. Tony Sutherland

    Struggle to start and loss of power

    Hi I purchased a Ford Focus titanium X 2011 nearly 6 months ago and have had a few problems with it. The car was sent back to the garage a few weeks ago to replace the clutch and flywheel due to the previous owner, but the garage knew about that just after I bought the car so it wasn't my doing. However I'm getting more problems yet again. The car now really struggles to start, sometimes it takes two attempts to start. The starter keeps turning over and over around, sometimes 8 -10 seconds then eventually starts extremely roughly, but occasionally the car will just start straight away. After starting, there has been a squealing noise for the first 5 seconds or so once the engine has started, which has only happened around 4 times in the last week or two. When driving off the car jolts back and forth very forcefully and I have the sensation of losing power in lower gears when I try and get up to speed (only up to 30mph). I also heard a spluttering noise this week when maintaining a constant speed and when accelerating. On that same day, the car took around 15 minutes to get from cold then suddenly went up to a normal temperature. Help! Is this the one issue or am I dealing with a few mishaps? Have I bought a dud car??
  3. hi i have a annoying problem with my car, i recently took it to get the starter motor changed and on the way up there it was driving normal,, it has always sufferd from a bit of black smoke but it pulled well,, anyway after getting it back from the garage it feels like the turbo is not working,, steep hills ill have to do in 2nd with foot down,, motorway driving is slow to build up to speed and then when in 5th if theres a slight hill speed will slowly drop,, pulling away from junctions and roundabouts is a nightmare,, any clues or what to look at first will be much appreciated, thanks
  4. i have recently purchased a 09 plate Focus Style 1.6 TDCI . I have noticed that on occasions 1. whilst 'cruising' at low speed (30mph) in 3rd/4th gear, the engine intermittently experiences a hesitation in power and then its fine again. 2. the engine experiences a loss in power when changing up in gears - normally occurs after driving for a while (about 30 mins) but can be intermittent. When I set off for work in the morning, there is normally a punch in the acceleration as I change up in gears and revs. At other times I dont know if I am imagining this or not ??1? I have also had one experience where I couldn't get any more power whilst going up a mild to moderate hill (10-20% gradient ?) no matter how much I pressed on the pedal. Even changing down and then changing back up didnt seem to make any difference. There are no messages or faults indicated on the dash and the engine idles nice and smooth. This is my first diesel and so I need some guidance/
  5. Ciano35

    Mk1 1.8 Tdci Power Problem

    Hi everyone, First post here So I'm having a problem with my 2003 focus tdci (115ps). Basically it loses power at high rpm. In first gear it revs to redline no problem with plenty of power. In second gear it loses its power at about 4000 rpm, third gear at ~3200 rpm, and so on. It has perfect power to these rpm's, and then it can only slowly creep up to redline. I can't find anything online that I haven't tried already. Here are the things that I have done: -Checked turbo shaft, no play -Full service last week; air, oil, fuel filters done, oil change -EGR blanked, made no difference except for quicker throttle response -Cleaned MAF sensor -Checked hoses, new silicone hoses put in last week -Cleaned out air intake hoses and intercooler -No warning lights ever come on I hope someone here can help me :-) Thanks! Cian
  6. I've had my Fiesta for about 2 months and over the past 3 weeks I've noticed that it's stuggling to get up hills at any decent speed. Also, if I take my foot off the accelerator there is a massive loss of power and speed, eventually it will come to a halt even if going down a hill. Has anyone else had this issue or know what I can try to fix it? Cheers
  7. Hi all, 1st (half decent) ford iv owned, got to say its a great car :) i usually go for audi/bmw/vw but fancied a change! anyway got hold of this little guy, tdci 1.8 (think its a sport) had a full ST replica done, seats bodykit rims dash trims pretty much everything, and a matt black finish looks pretty good! anyway been running alright for about 2k, then 3 days ago stalled on me (i was giving enough revs) and a light came on, on the left in a cog shape with a ! inside. didnt think nothing of it as it went away thought maybe it was like another version of ESP or sumin i dno. anyway 2 days later same thing, stall light on, this time i had to turn off and on to reset. now today it happend, im noticing its usually when i pull of quickly, today was reversing, going into 1st gear and pulling off. this time the light will not go, and iv noticed since its been on i have next to no power, i struggle to get to 30 in 3rd gear without having to do 4000+ rev. and definetly will not go above 40 without sounding like its 100! my mechanics more german car orientated so hes not sure, havent had a chance to get him round to run faults yet probably wont for few days. my mate who is a focus owner also thinks either camshaft sensors or the EGR valve going a bit mad, but does anyone know the exact problem or had this before? any help would be ideal :( thanks tayn