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Found 21 results

  1. Hi Guys, New to this forum so not really sure what Im doing hahaha. Question to people with a Fiesta Metal Edition. What modifications / upgrades can be done to boost power and performance? Rough prices per part etc would be appreciated! Cheers
  2. AMC


    Hi everyone, Ive got the ford fiesta metal which comes with an upgraded exhaust as standard but i was wondering if there was any way to keep the tips the same but still make the car a bit louder. i dont want anything too ridiculous just so it turns a few heads, maybe some more crackles too?
  3. Hi everyone. First post so sorry if this is elsewhere on the site or supposed to be somewhere else. I've searched the forum and can't seem to find a similar issue so hopefully someone can help. I drive a Fiesta Metal 1.6 Petrol. I love the car to bits and it's got just the right amount of power for me (especially with my previous car being a flat VW Polo running 85BHP). Occasionally when I'm driving I get an issue with the power in my car. The car will be driving absolutely normal and all of a sudden the power will drop. I get no warning lights or error messages at all. Coming off or going no on the accelerator pedal makes no difference at all. However when I pull over to the side of the road or change gear the problem seems to rectify itself. Has anybody got any ideas where I can start looking for problems, is this fairly common? or shall I go straight down the diagnosis route? As I don't get any warning lights and because I can't replicate the fault I worry that nothing will be found. Any ideas will be appreciated!
  4. Dacosta27

    Opinions needed ☺

    Hi guys, completely new to this but il give it ago I've currently owned my Mk6 fiesta zetec s for just over a year and can honestly say that for a first car it's been a real treat! Insurance wise wasn't to bad at £1300 until (4days into driving) I went into the back of a polo it now stands at £171 per month , it's now my second year and I'm feeling a change. Not so much due to the size (which is adequate) but more so power. I've taken liking to the red edition mk7.5 zetec s along with the metal [134bhp] but can't really make my mind up. I have test drove the metal and did like it. It was a 61plate with 37,000miles on the clock and priced at £7670 altho it didn't feel like it would pull away from my fez, is it worth scrapping both and saving for the S.T? My budget is around £8000 pushing to £11,000 (for the ST) any advice will be gladly appreciated! Thanks
  5. I have recently picked up a White - Ford Fiesta Metal Im wanting to lower it. But not spend silly amounts. Springs or coilovers??? Are coilovers worth saving up for or sticking some lowering springs on it? Also what brand springs/coilovers to use? And where to buy them from. Thanks!
  6. Aztec_Fiesta

    Cylinder Compression

    Any thoughts on this??? I booked my car in for a service (2012 Fiesta Metal, N/A), before the service the car's driveability was completely fine, apart from a flat spot on throttle response on a cold start when driving. During the service, I got a call from the mechanic and he said he changed the plugs and it didn't start smoothly, he replaced plugs again and still had an abnormal start-up. He done a compression test on all cylinders and said 2nd and 3rd cylinders are only at 50% compression rating? ( around 75 psi). He reckons it could be a head gasket fracture or related? I got the car back and still, the performance isn't any different, not misfiring, no blue smoke, or any obvious indication that its gasket related. What could it be?
  7. Hi guys, it's been a while since my last visit. I'll get straight to the point, I'm in a dilemma with what I want to do with a car over the next 5+ years, Last year I bought a Fiesta Metal in Midnight Sky (grey/blue) currently at 16k miles, I love it. The plan was when I was 25 and could afford the insurance I'd: Mountune 155ps -35/-50mm lowring springs/coilovers with spacers LED DRLs in the fog lamps (note my avatar is edited, they're just regular halogen fogs atm) Gloss the exterior plastics and a bit of chip/scratch repair (caused by cats and a white van) and perhaps get round to the interior with rooflining, resprayed doorcards and pillars, and a black fabric dash. And OEM Ambient lighting with matching footwell/door bin lighting, front courtesy light with sunglasses holder, with the original courtesy light being moved to the back. Fiesta ST front+rear brake conversion. I'm budgeting myself to ~£5k max for all of this. So far I've only made a few small mods: Canbus ready side facing LED sidelights Osram blue tint indicators +30% blue tint halogen headlamps +100% Phillips Main beams Multi-directional LED number plate lights. Team Heko Wind deflectors However, I'm quite liking the look of the 2015 face lift Focus ST, and I've always had a bit of a soft spot for quick estates. Also, I plan to be moving to the other side of the country within the next 2 years to move out with the Mrs, we're looking to get 2 large-ish dogs too (vizsla & ridgeback) and who knows, kids down the line too. so A Focus ST Estate would be really useful for ferrying all that around, and a Fiesta would be hideously impracticable and would mean buying a 2nd cheap big car. Plans for Focus ST3 Estate: 2nd hand, as many options as I can find. Black or Grey (need to see grey in the flesh first) if Grey - Black alloys, Black exhaust tip if Black - Colour code exhaust tip to the colour of the "Style pack" alloys. Mountune 275 or Remap and other light modifications if I went for the derv (90% sure I want the petrol though - I'll test drive them both) Lowering springs, possibly adjustable height air suspension. The Focus is a lot more practical, slightly faster, a lot more powerful, and imo has a much nicer cabin It's a lot more rare than the Fiesta, but probably more common than a Fiesta Metal. The Fiesta will always be the more fun car to drive, not necessarily better, but I can't see an estate ever being able to match it's personality. Imo, it looks better too. What would you do? Throw £5k at the Fiesta to make a really nice drivers/enthusiasts car, or save the money and PX it for the bigger, better Focus? Please vote on the poll, and express your opinions in detail if you wish, I'm really 50/50 on this. Here's a few simple pics as I've never shown her off to you guys.
  8. First of all i'm new to the Ford Owners Forums :) I own a 2012 Mk7 Fiesta Zetec S and my fuel filler system seems to have a metal bar stopping me from inputting the fuel nossle, was wondering if any of you guys had experienced the same problem? The car is going to Ford tomorrow to see what they can do, hopefully it's a quick fix! As you can see from the photo it has a metal bar which is stopping me from filling up! I have 10 miles of fuel and it needs to get fixed :(
  9. Anyone selling, or know of anyone selling a back box & dual end exhaust from either a S1600, Metal or new ST? I have a standard S1600 (without the dual exhaust on show) and want to replace the back box with the dual tip, however I do not want to buy the whole thing from Mountune or Ford, just the back box and end. Sounds silly I know, but im stingey and the result is pretty much the same (for asthetics). Cheers!
  10. Hi all - I picked up my new Fiesta Metal (in black) a month ago now and - like the other owners of this model - Luv it B) . The only issue I have is the headlights - they don't come on straight away - the normal dipped-beam that is ... Not in auto mode nor by using the manual switch. Rather annoyingly the lights do come on - but only after 10 to 15 minutes of driving... driving across town that is - with only the parkers on... Is this a known issue or feature ? With cheers
  11. FraserTheGiant

    What Is The Official Name?

    Hello everyone! I was travelling down the A1 yesterday when I came across (and ran over! - not my fault) a ratchet and strap that some tool had left/dropped. To go along with the flat tyre which was expected, I also found when I stopped that the wee panel on the back of the side skirt had come off! I think it's the removable bit to get the jack under the car. Just wondered if anyone knows the official name for the wee panel and also where is the best place to get a replacement? Cheers
  12. Guys I really need some advice here... I have a Ford Fiesta Metal which I've only had since September 2012 with 3500 miles on the clock. Occasionally when I go to start the engine there is a horrible grinding/scraping noise just before the engine actually starts. Last night the noise was louder, for longer and the engine didn't start until second attempt. What could this be? Advice would be much appreciated before its taken to the Ford garage as I have a feeling they will say nothing is wrong as it doesn't happen all the time!!
  13. metaljordan

    Ford Metal Mountune?

    Hi, just a quick question. Is the Ford Fiesta Metal basically a Zetec S with the lowest Mountune Kit on? Just got me wondering as i nipped to Ford today to sign a few final documents and had a look at my car whilst i was there and when i started it up, it sounded really impressive. Also it has the Mountune front bumper with the splitter on rather than the Zetec S bumper.
  14. metaljordan

    My New Fiesta Metal

    Hi guys, i just created my account on here and decided to create this post! I ordered my fiesta metal last week and fell lucky that one had been made ready for the new 62 plates with all of the options that i wanted. This saved me a 4-5 month wait which i was more than happy with! A friend of mine works at my local polar ford and sent me a text yesterday telling me that it had been delivered, he also sent me a picture.(I will upload when i get a chance) So i was just wondering if anybody had any info on the Fiesta Metal, or if anyone has one already how good are they etc and are they worth the extra money from the Zetec S? Thanks.
  15. samstafford


    looking to get some hid's for my fiesta metal, does anyone no of where i can get a decent set, and the bulb type and what watt im looking for?
  16. Hi all, First time post so go easy on me haha ^_^ Im looking at getting either a zetec s or metal and firstly I'm not sure which one to get. Secondly the car I have now, peugeot 206 (ooooo) I have replaced the head unit, door speakers and have a sub in the back. I was wondering if its worth going for the better stereo in the fiesta? Dont want to fork out £400 extra and end up ripping it out to put a aftermarket head unit in. Whats it like? And does anyone run a sub or speakers off of theirs? Not sure if its worth just keeping the basic one in their and then taking that out when I get it. Any advice would be appreciated! Cheers
  17. Jonny s


    From the album: Fiesta Metal

  18. Jonny s


    From the album: Fiesta Metal

  19. Jonny s

    photo (2)

    From the album: Fiesta Metal

  20. Jonny s

    photo (1)

    From the album: Fiesta Metal