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Found 89 results

  1. oldrocker72

    Bleeding car

    Hi Everyone new member here, I have a Ford Focus 1.8TDCI or TDDI engine MK1 i say either because even though it has TDCI written all over it when ever i Google parts for it, it comes up with TDDI MK3 Mondeo so it's a bit confusing to say the least, anyway due to my own stupidity i ran out of diesel on Saturday and a friend brought a can to put in the fuel tank, we looked for the bleeder pump didn't find one checked a few things out online and found out it doesn't have one unlike my Shogun and Dexta who both have a bleeder pump, Well i tried starting the car anyway and it did fire back up and i left it running for a few minutes then turned it off to close the diesel cap and now it won't start checked out about bleeding it on a few Youtube channels and found that i need to buy a bleeder kit which i have they also said about filling the fuel pipe and filter up and a few said that the injectors also need to be loosened up to bleed through as well, is this all correct and is there anything i'm missing a friend of my mother in law said that it's the pump that's packed up and i should scrape the piece of junk as it will cost more than the cars worth, Anyway any further advice and help from this forum would be much appreciated as the car has been faultless until my dumbass didn't put more fuel in, oh and if anyone can clarify the engine in the car would be helpful as well it does have a sticker on the rocker cover that says Endura C on it but i do have a picture of this if that would help.
  2. bigKenmk1

    Ford Focus mk1 wanted

    Hello, been a Ford Focus mk1 enthusiast for very long . I am interested in a well looked after example. Not very particular about cosmetic damages . Just need a sound mechanical example. Preferably a 1.6 Petrol and I live in the East Midlands. Max budget is £500. Cheers
  3. Hello, I have a Ford Focus Mk1 2003 Face lift, I have an issue with my OSR (Driver's side rear) brake light, it doesn't seem to work. The NSR (Passanger side rear) and third brake light work fine and the rear side lights work, even the drivers side as the bulb is a dual filment. I have checked the bulb and its fine, I have checked the bulb fitment for resistance and its fine(also cleaned it), fuses are okay and the the wiring from the light to the body of the car seems okay just looking and moving them around. Any ideas would be most appreciated with it being dark most of the time at this time of the year in the UK. Cheers Andy
  4. Hi everyone, I bought my first car last week, a 2004 ka. It had only done less than 15,000 miles and was in really good condition. However driving it home I realised that the speedometer wasn't working. The milometer still works and looking around on other forums it seems that this is down to the sensor. Some people have said the sensor is in the gearbox others say it's on top, but I can't seem to find it. Has anyone changed the sensor before and could give me some guidance? On another note, I bought leather seats from a sportka of similar age, does the basic ka have connectors/wiring and sensors for seat airbags so I can connect the new seats into it and have functioning seat airbags? Thanks - Gabby
  5. Hi my mk1 Sierra 1.6 pinto keeps cutting out on me when I’m slowing down at junctions and I can’t fully close the choke if anyone as any info that could help be much appreciated
  6. Hi all, I’m really no expert, so I’m here in the hope that someone else might be. My brother has taken a couple of years to restore an Escort, which he had no intention of selling, it is his pride and joy, however, needs be and all of that. He has asked me to see if there would be any interest here in the UK, he wants it to go to a good Home. Specs are: Ford escort 1979 mk1 2 door 1800 Ford zetec engine twin Webber side draughts full dry sump oil system. Fully adjustable Leda suspension. 5 spd Toyota gearbox Locked rear diff 13” x8j wheels I’m based in London and would arrange the import etc from South Africa. Comments on expected value and any offers more than welcome. Please excuse me if I’ve posted in the wrong place, I’m a total newby. kind regards, Darryn
  7. Hi All! The remote locking on my Ford Focus MK1 2002 has stopped working and I cannot figure out why. I replaced the battery in my key. This did not work. I bought a new blank key and tried to pair it to the remote central locking. This did not work. I put the key blade and battery side of the existing key onto the new keys RF chip side. This did not work. I can lock the car manually fine, I just cannot figure out why the remote locking is not working. The car enters programming mode ( 2 - 0, 4 times) and beeps, but pressing or holding down the buttons on the key does not result in another beep to confirm remote pairing. Could it possibly be fuse 63? Or has the remote transponder in the car died? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Hi guys, Just a quick one to see what the most common fault would be with the brake management light been on? Seen a few different things online but normally you find a common fault with certain cars and i've only just got the car so a bit of help is needed for now Cheers
  9. Morning all I own a ford focus CL 2003 and along with many others my bonnet lock has failed. I have ordered the lock repair kit from ford but I can find a decent tutorial on how to code the barrel to my key and fit the new barrel and rod. The catch is working fine - the barrel and rod is missing. Can anyone help !! Thanks Liam
  10. Hi Gang, Getting to be a bit of a long story, but here we go! Problem: Vehicle Speedo drops out when the engine gets warm. Garage: They thought it was the VSS, replaced the vss and it still keeps happening. Auto Electrician 1: Was convinced it's the speedo dial / cluster. Temporary replaced with a working unit and it kept on happening. Auto Electrician 2: This guy was much better than technician 1. Fully tested the loom back to the vss with no fault. Hooked it up at the vss to laptop and we drove til it cut out. The pulse started to deteriorate before finally cutting out with no reading. He asked if I had a clutch replaced which I thought was odd until i realised it was after a month or so with the new clutch it started to happen. He tested the VSS when the engine was still warm and when turning the end the dial still worked. So where next? I don't think I need auto electrician 3; am I better to find a gearbox / clutch specialist? Anyone know what spins the vss inside the gearbox? Anyone know why this would cause problems only when hot? I need to get this sorted but already hit just over £500 to date technically 'investigating'. Cheers
  11. Hi guys, Seen a mk1 2003 1.6 petrol advertised for sale with Mot till end of year & new cambelt just done. Seems in reasonable condition and like a genuine sale. What should i look out for on these cars? Advert says clock reads 82,000 but clocks were replaced at some point and is more like 120,000. Any thoughts on this? Asking price is £600 ono. Any thoughts appreciated......
  12. MM92

    MK1 central locking

    Hi all, A couple of mornings ago I tried unlocking my car with the remote button and nothing happened. Tired a few times and then it finally unlocked (thought the fob battery might be running low). Got to work and it locked fine. Fast forward to the next evening (yesterday) and when I went to lock the car it would automatically unlock itself. (Was over 30C here yesterday - linked?). Then move forward to this morning and it stays locked when I press the fob, all apart from the drivers door. Same when I unlock. I have to put the key in for the drivers door, which doesn't do the other 3 doors. Some random events over the last 3 days. Not sure if there's something linking all of these or what. Ideas? I'm thinking of disconnecting the battery and resetting the car this weekend. Is that worth while or completely useless for the above? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi, I am looking to upgrade a Focus mk1.5 2001-2004 Zetec/Ghia 1.6 estate to an ST170 in terms of trim i.e. Alloys, front and rear bumpers, headlights, leather interior, modern sound system and possibly some upgrades to the suspension and engine. Could anyone give me some advice on performing this upgrade? And does anyone know of any good breakers or spares yards in the Essex area to get parts? Thanks, Dan
  14. Thomas Roberts

    New to the forums!

    Hey Guys! just scrapped my 2003 mk6 fiesta and now own a 2003 mk1 focus, thought id jump on some forums and get myself out there this year.. started going to events a bit later on in the year last year and quite enjoyed it! so this year im starting off with my mk1 focus project!
  15. Hi all, As of yesterday the steering in my MK1 Focus seems to have got a a bit heavier. I'm not having to put much effort into turning, pretty much the same as usual but there's definitely a weight on it. Also, the pedals seem to feel heavy as well. Not sure if that's the correct way of mentioning it but they seem harder than usual. I checked my power steering fluid level, that's right at the top. The car still drives in a straight line and breaks in a straight line. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  16. Hello, Yesterday I picked up a x plate 1.8 Zetec focus, I was really pleased with it as it is very clean and has the bonus of the climate pack, however...... Whilst driving home from work the EML came on, it was the solid one not the flashing version. The car was not running smoothly but wasn't too bad. I had a look when I got home and looked for loose pipes as advised on this site, I found that the small pipe that goes from the back of the engine into the air filter box had come out of its socket on the air filter end, I replaced this which seemed to have the effect of making the car run worse. I then disconnected the block with the wires in from the main air filter hose, magically the EML went out and the car ran really well for a couple of minutes but then badly again. I have now replaced both bits and it is not running well. I suspect the answer will be go to a garage, I know it hasn't been serviced recently. Any ideas in the mean time or any ideas as the cause and the likely costs. Many thanks.
  17. JamSlap

    MK1 sound system

    Hello everyone I recently purchased a 2003 ford focus mk1 and I'm looking at upgrading the sound system in it (This is partly due to one of the speakers sounding horrible) Im thinking of picking up a 750w sub and some 6x8 500w speakers for the front. I read on another post that a new alternator would be needed otherwise the lights will dim with the stress of it all. I was just wondering if anyone has done something similar to this and is able to recommend one which would suit my needs. Many Thanks!
  18. CLIVE_D_B

    Rough Idle

    Hi all. Recently purchased a '96 1.8 Verona. 118k miles. A 1 owner car. Only really had motorway usage. It does drive real well, BUT, it's a bit irratic on idle, when it's started from cold it revs quite high (about 1800 rpm). I've cleaned the throttle body etc, and made all the general checks, ie. air leaks, hoses, plugs not fitted correctly etc. But can't seem to put my finger on it. I have an OBD2 tester,but that doesn't work this this car. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  19. MM92

    Flashing odometer

    Hi, I've had a look around the forums and can't seem to find anything that matches my issues. A few close issues but not quite the same. This week I've noticed that when I turn the ignition and power off on my MK1 Focus the odometer has started flashing (seems random durations apart from each other). The green backlight doesn't flash, simply the mile counters as if I'm running the dashboard test. Does anyone know what this may be linked to and if it will cause any issues? It's fine all the time I'm driving and stays lit while my lights are on. Only when it's off there appears to be an issue. Thanks in advance.
  20. bradleyh10

    Buying a MK1 - Oil on engine

    Hi, I looking for a Focus <£1k for a reliable run around. I've seen a 03 Ghia 95k miles. It's very clean and tidy inside and out. I thought there was a faint burning smell when driving. I checked under the bonnet and there was some oil on the engine (see pics). The guy at the garage said it's the seal around the top of the engine and it's a small job and he'll do it if I wanted to buy it. Does this sound right to anyone? Or should I just move on? Thanks.
  21. Hello all, Would any of you good natured Ford Owners be able to advise me of the torque settings for the exhaust manifold please? Are the nuts copper alloy? The flexi coupler has failed the MOT and I need to change this section of the exhaust, welding a new flexi in is not in my skills set and they're not much cheaper than the whole assembly, but I may be able to manage changing the whole thing. Any advice from experience of changing this section would also be much appreciated! P.S. if anyone has a pdf or a link for the red cover Focus 2001-2004 Haynes Manual, I'd really really appreciate it, as I need to get on with this today and can't wait for mail order. (or even a screen shot or scan of the pages covering the exhaust manifold would be very useful and really appreciated) Thanks and appreciation,
  22. smurf1242


    any one know how much it would cost to add Full ESP to my mk1 Ford Focus 1.8 Thank you
  23. Hi, Recently my MK1 Focus' speedo has started to die and return to life during a drive, I did post before about this but the entire dash used to die (fixed with WD40 2 years ago - good as new since). All other dials etc work, it's just the speedo going in and out. I've just drove home in test mode and the digital speedo dies when the needle does. I've read this helps confirm it's a VVS issue. The two DTC codes I have are 123 and 041. Finally, the ABS light sometimes comes on (if the needle doesn't return after a few minutes and the milage lines out ---- ---). Does this all look like a VVS as cluster works? Thanks!
  24. smurf1242

    Mk1 Focus spoiler??

    Any one know where i can get a decent spoiler to fit my Mk1 focus zetec something like an RS Spoiler at a decent price where i wont be over paying and will deffinetly fit. Thank you
  25. What oil would you recommend to be the most decent to be running in a mk1 focus 1.8