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Found 10 results

  1. I have a 2010 Mk2 Focus with keyless entry and recently the button to lock the car on the exterior of the boot has stopped working, however the buttons on the door handles and the buttons on my fob still work fine. I feel like it may have been caused by the boot being slammed shut too hard too many times or maybe due to damage - I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar issue and/or if anybody knows a potential fix. Cheers!
  2. EddyOS

    Wind Deflectors?

    Anyone use them? I've always had them on previous cars, and I do like them, but I've always had first-party items that either use clips (e.g. my old Honda Civic) to attach to the outside or stick onto the door (e.g. my old 206 GTi). I know Ford don't do first-party ones but officially sell the ClimAir ones, but as these are 'in-channel' items are they any good?
  3. EddyOS

    Battery Recommendations

    Hey guys, So, turns out my battery is shot so I need to get a new one. I've heard that silver calcium batteries are the ones to go for, but is it better to spend a bit more and get a 'name' brand or will anything do the job as long as it's the right spec? And on the topic of spec, the user handbook is next to useless so which would be right for the 2.0l Duratec HE petrol engine? I've seen two BHP versions of this engine (140 and 145), but the official spec of mine is 142 so that also doesn't help! TIA
  4. EddyOS

    Bonnet Repair

    First off, sorry if this is the wrong place! I got my Focus just under a month ago and my wife managed to go into the back of someone at low speed, causing the front lip of the bonnet to bend inwards just above the Ford badge on the front grill (but didn't damage the lock, thankfully). We went to the insurance-approved garage for an estimate and they have said it needs a whole new front end but didn't even open the bonnet so that's a load of rubbish! Had my usual garage take a look and it needs a new/repaired bonnet and a new O/S headlight (headlight clip nearest the grill has snapped off but only moves about a CM if wiggled). My question is does it look like it needs a new bonnet or can it be repaired/painted as is (ignore the number plate/few dings on the bumper and the fact there's a crease on the outside - that was there when I got it, not fussed about that)?
  5. MM92

    MK2 centre cover

    Hi, Got a MK2 a few days ago and haven't yet found anything to get this cover open. It's an LX model. Does anyone know whats in there? If it's worth opening? A second cig lighter would be ideal like the MK1. Not seen anything online or in the handbook but don't know what search term to be using! Thanks!
  6. Hi, I have recently purchased a Focus mk2 2006 1.6 auto which I am enjoying a lot it's a nice step up in size from the Mini we used to have (wife's choice) Ive had no issues till yesterday when the engine light came on, I checked the code and it's a cam sensor fault. Thinking this wouldnt be a problem to have a look at I got home from work today and spent what little light I had left looking for the sensor and being unsuccessful. Now I'm not sure if I was just having a blind moment or if it's a bit hidden on this engine would anyone be able to help? Maybe you have engine bay diagrams or any information would be very helpful. I've spent some time looking around various websites and all the information I can find is on mk1 focus or the 2L engine both of which have a different location for the sensor. Thanks again for any advice Sam
  7. I noticed a sharp smell of burning plastic when heating was on, Looking under the bonnet there is black tar like substance around the injectors and inlet manifold. I cant see where its coming from from but theres enough of it to start dripping onto the exhaust manifold. When its cold its brittle and crunches up to dust. Any ideas anyone. Car is running like a dream for 152000 miles
  8. Hey, I recently got a 1.8 Diesel MK2 Focus (Titanium) as a cheap run around however ran into some issues with it last week... 5 days after the warranty ran out :| I used the car the weekend before and it appeared to be working fine however when I went to use it last Thursday, there was an error on the screen saying something like "Steering assist failure" and the power steering appeared to have completely stopped working. Shortly after the engine management light had come on and after plugging in a diagnostic reader that I have in, I got the following error code: U0131 - Lost Communication With Power Steering Control Module. I had a pretty busy weekend lined up so needed to get this sorted ASAP so I rang round various garages Friday morning and managed to find somewhere to take it however they ended up spending quite a while diagnosing the error and I didn't get a response until this morning. The garage said that they have been in contact with Ford and had been advised to test some components etc and from their findings, the components appear to be working ok so they believe that the issue could be fixed by a software update that would cost me £80. Now I haven't told them to do this yet as it seems a little strange to me.. I'm a software developer and my understanding is that a Software update isn't going to fix an issue like this, and if it is then why the hell is is going to cost me £80?! I've tried calling my local Ford garage but haven't had any luck this morning. Although I think the update itself seems unlikely to fix my issue, I think that preforming a reset on maybe the ECU or the power steering control module might help if for some reason something has triggered it to shut itself down as a safety measure? So my question to you guys is: Is there a way to reset these components on my focus myself? :) From the research that i've done, i've seen things like the ELMConfig tool about for these cars and there seems to be a lot of discussion around the ECU etc but I haven't really seen anything specific to resetting the EPS module itself. Any help with this would be great! Thanks
  9. greim

    Fuel light on too soon

    Hi all,. Really weird my mk2 1.8 tdci fuel light has come on but needle is showing about just under 1/8 of a tank left and has never come on this early before. Car does not have a range computer. help or ideas appreciated
  10. Grantf91

    Front springs

    Hi guys my first topic on here basically I'm changing the front springs on my 2007 focus (I'm dropping it 30mm) and just wondering if anyone has any tips or a guide to go by I've done the rears (biggest pain ever) and before I start the fronts just wanted some advice