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Found 65 results

  1. Recently started to have starting issues with my 1.8 duratec. As I only do a 4 mile drive to work everyday and I start at 4pm and finish around 12 hours later, I'm using my headlights, fan and heated windscreens ect it's not getting a good charge until the weekends. Only Sunday I was waiting outside Asda for my daughter and had the ignition and sidelights on for about 15 minutes, and when I tried to start it it only just turned over and fired up. So I'm thinking of getting a new battery ( currently got a bocsh 065 I think) but would like to get one that would hold more of a charge, any recommendations, liking the look of the yuasa 5000 range. Thanks in advance guys. 👍
  2. Hi, Just thought i would take the time to offer some findings I recently came across whilst replacing the Alternator on a Ford Focus Mk2.5 2.0l TDCi. I used the following guide: Although this is listed for the Ford Kuga, it was spot on for the my Ford Focus which I've had for a month! but eh Alternators do go faulty.... Like others on the guide i didn't feel the need to disconnect the fuel lines to the filter, just move to one side. The only issue i had was the removal of the bottom nut to the alternator as space was limited no matter what you used (Wrench/spanner/ratchet) perseverance was what was needed! The replacement Alternator was the same make and output (Denso - 150 Amp) with only a difference in part/model number though confirmed as a direct replacement with the supplier. The only issue i did have was my only stupid fault and that was leaving the key in the bonnet latch, which i duly broke! doah! This was put right by buying two keys from ebay which were then cut by virtue of a digital image! (£22 for 2 - not bad in my book) I ordered another fob to enable the opening/closing, with which came with a 4D-63 Transponder Chip from Amazon. This transponder chip was then programmed using FORScan App (You will need the Extended licence) without the need of having two master keys as reported on other sites/blogs/forums. Only the one key was required. The PATS will still identify 2 keys has been programmed in the list, and this will increment to 3 once you've added another, but there wasn't the need to erase and start afresh! Incidentally, I also came across a few articles concerning the resetting of the clock being difficult as the ECU would only go as far as 2013, and people were using the end date for Dec to get around this! If you set the clock on the radio, this will change the date/time on the ecu/dash. This came about as I had to disconnect the battery prior to changing the Alternator! Well that's it for now, just some tips if you haven't come across them before, some saved me a lot of money such as the cost of replacement keys, not cheap from Ford! Safe Driving.... Wilywalt
  3. Hello, I recently bought a Focus MK2.5 2008 Duratec HE 1.8 petrol and so far I'm loving it... well apart from an annoying noise I've been getting when I accelerate suddenly (Quickly) in 2nd or 3rd gear. It doesn't do it every time and never seems to do it until the engine has warmed up. It also only lasts maybe 2-5 seconds. I've recently changed my PCV valve, which was a pretty stressful day, but I can't think of this being the reason (Unless someone has any ideas). I was thinking of a kink in the PCV Valve hose but I'm not getting any telltale signs. I had the car checked by a garage (externally), but they couldn't spot any issues and of course they cannot replicate the issue. 😞 I found a video of someone having the same issue albeit a lot worse then mine. I've cropped the video and included it in the thread. They're running a MK2 Focus 2.0 2006 petrol engine. I've tried unplugging the swirl flaps airline, but it doesn't stop it so I guess that rules them out. Does anyone have any ideas, it's driving me nuts. I'm driving over 300 miles next month to wales so I'm getting worried! Please any help would be great! Thanks 🙂
  4. I've fitted an Xtrons head unit to my MK2.5 Zetec, and while most of it works well the stick-on DAB aerial seems to be absolutely useless. I've spotted this Second Hand DAB aerial on ebay: Can anyone confirm if that's a proper MK2 DAB aerial and wiring loom (rather than a GPS one or something else)? Also, if i was to buy a new DAB aerial base (to replace the weathered one) would the wiring simply plug in to the new base? Also, the connector on my Xtrons DAB unit is an SMA (small threaded plug), while I gather the Ford DAB units use a Fakra connector. Would this cable connect from the Ford DAB aerial wiring to my DAB unit?
  5. Hi I have an automatic mk2.5 with a left-side steering wheel. This video about a left-side steering wheel manual mk2 (I do not know if it is different compared to an automatic mk2.5) shows that I need to remove the gas pedal. The video at 2:05 shows the removal of the gas pedal after the removal of 2 nuts that fasten the gas pedal. I removed the two nuts (shown below), and the pedal still can not be removed. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks a lot
  6. Bit of an odd one this... Does anyone happen to have a PDF (or print copy at a push) of a 2010 Focus MK2.5 Price list? I'm wondering how much my MK2.5 Focus Zetec would have set the original owner back as list price when it was new.
  7. After advising a member on fitting footwell lights I decided a reasonably definitive guide (from my point of view) was likely to be useful. Download, print, use and enjoy Guys/Gals. Fitting footwell lights to your car.pdf
  8. Hi all, The wife's MK2.5 1.8 petrol Focus seems to be misbehaving. Basically when changing gear the car continues to rev as if the throttle is still being applied (for about a second or so). Basically when I come off the power and press the clutch, the revs will typically increase by 200-300 RPM for a second or so, before starting to drop down again. The revs seems to be a little slow to drop as well, although I'm used to driving a TDCi so tat might just be me. I'm wanting to get it sorted as it can't be doing the clutch plate any good. So far I've carried out the following steps to try and resolve it without any major success: Removed the throttle body, given it a good clean (it was covered in black crud internally), cleared the learned values using Forscan and following the reinitialisation procedure. (the car drives a little more smoothly but gear changes still don't "feel" right. Forscan telemetry confirmed that the throttle pedal position is being reported correctly with no lag. The difference between the requested throttle body position and its actual position is less than 1%, it also adjusts quickly so it doesn't appear that the butterfly valve is sticking. Has anyone got any further suggestions, I know this engine doesn't have an ICV so I guess I'd need to be looking at hoses (oh and there is not noticeable hissing when the throttle is applied). EDIT: I've found several references online to the "Power Steering Pressure Switch" sometimes causing this issue, any thoughts? Any helpful suggestions will be much appreciated!
  9. Hi, Looking to upgrade my sound system and head unit. Wondering if there is any good guides out there or product recommendations. would like a sub aswell. I am not too clued up on sound systems but very mechanically minded so it should be easy enough to figure out if someone can point me in the right direction.
  10. Late MK2 & Mk2.5 Fuseboards and Fuses.pdf
  11. Hi all, After a bit of anecdotal advice and this seems like the best place for it. I'm after getting a new car in the not too distant future and for some reason over the last couple of years I've absolutely grown to love the looks of the Mk2.5 Focus. I will have around £5k to spend and have been looking all over the place for information about these cars. I am well aware that the ultimate proof is in the pudding and that I should go and test drive some but the reality is it's still a few months until I will be buying so I haven't got round to it yet. I have all but decided that if I do get one it will be in Titanium spec as it has the most toys. What I haven't decided on is which petrol engine I would opt for. From what I have read the 100bhp 1.6 is a bit gutless so the choice is really between the 1.8 or 2.0, the 1.6 115bhp doesn't come in titanium spec I believe but I could opt for that if I decided on the Zetec-S trim. I'm not too fussed about miles per gallon as I only do about 6000 miles a year with the occasional long motorway drive. I'm currently in a 1.2 litre turbocharged petrol which is not slow but I don't really like the power delivery of the turbocharged engine and have found myself yearning for the days when I had a N/A petrol. I can be a bit rev happy at times so a N/A is what I prefer. My main questions are is there any advantage to having the 2.0 over the 1.8 and does it feels much quicker both off the line in town and on the motorway/A roads? Cheers
  12. A few days ago when the freezing temperatures hit I went out to get the car sorted so I could go to work. Long story short, the drivers door handle was frozen. I was as gentle as I could be wiggling it slowly until it opened. Unfortunately as it opened something broke and it now won't open the door. The central locking still works and the inner door handle will still open the door but not the outer handle. The question I have is, is this just a replacement of a cable within the door between the handle and the locking mechanism ( if the cable has snapped which I think it has) or would the whole locking mechanism need to be replaced (is it a "1 piece" solution)? I can't seem to find any photos or info on the internet that answers this. Also any ideas on price for either repair? Thanks in advance! Andy
  13. Hi, I'm not sure if I have seen FRONT camber kit for the Focus Mk2 or Mk2.5, and I would appreciate some inputs or feedback from those who've actually installed one in their cars. If yes, could you possibly link me to a vendor (or vendors) who might be selling the same. Thanks!
  14. Has anyone else had issues with the headlight bulb coming loose, mine was loose when I took it for MOT 3 week's ago, when I got home I repositioned the bulb and pushed the retainer back on but the retainer seemed loose. Can I buy these separate, or do I need a new headlight assembly. TIA guys 👍
  15. I am thinking of applying a light dark tint to my front headlights. I have searched several thread and sites. Some say that it's safe. Some say that it may cracks your headlight. Have anyone of you tried it? Does the quality play that much role or is it safe to order a cheap one from eBay for 5 euros instead of paying around 30 or 50 that the shops ask for?
  16. I am thinking of applying a light dark tint to my front headlights. I have searched several thread and sites. Some say that it's safe. Some say that it may cracks your headlight. Have anyone of you tried it? Does the quality play that much role or is it safe to order a cheap one from eBay for 5 euros instead of paying around 30 or 50 that the shops ask for?
  17. Aaronshore

    Focus Mk2 juddering

    Hi, ive got a 09 plate focus zetec s 1.6 tdci ive had it a few months but now its starting struggling at about 1100 - 1200 revs it starts to sort of hop like it wants to stall and the only way to stop it is to dip the clutch or to bring the revs up, any idea what it could be ?
  18. Hi everyone My Focus mk 2.5 diesel fuel pump died on me recently & i manged to get a used one for free-although it was from a mk1 i think. When this was tried it didn't work. I also was given the control module that was under the back seat but have been unable to locate this module in mine. I read online that it is located under the passenger side seat but have looked there & also the under the drivers side. Just wondered whether Ford decided to move it in the mk2.5? If anyone could shed any light on this it would be good! I realise it could be that the pump i was given is faulty-what's the best way to accertain this?
  19. Hi Guys been struggling now for a few weeks but have been trawling through websites and the most answers I have found have come from here so I am asking for more help specific to me... So Due to a flat battery I had to jump my battery but due to the mother in law!! love her to bits!! connected the + and - the wrong way round and killed my a new battery later making sure I got a Silver Calcium battery and I got the best one not the cheapo! and were back up and running but then after about 2 weeks the battery is going dead over night! there begins my google journey searching for my problem then the trip to the auto electrical shop and then back to halfords to replace a faulty new battery.... and then to start my google journey again.... anywho I have traced the battery drain to fuse 104 which is in the manual for "battery saver"....hmmm the irony and "internal lights" (no internal lights are staying on)so I have pulled fuse 104 and no more battery drain I have no interior lights which to be honest I can live without but What is the battery saver....during my google journey I found the wiring schematics for my model and after searching 137 pages 3 times I found fuse 104 and found that the battery saver relay is on the PCB of what every one is calling the ((GEM Module) which I call the Internal Fuse box) so its Soldered onto the main fuse box and on Ebay I can Buy one for £40-£400 but Matching up the Model numbers are proving Problematic as some people say they need to be programed to the car and others are saying as long as you match up a certain amount of numbers you can just replace then re-program the keys then your good to go....Anyone who has any insight please feel free to help Ford focus MK2.5.pdf
  20. Hi there, I'm new to this sort of thing but had no option to come here for some advice! My car is a 2008 Focus Mk2.5 1.6 Zetec (petrol) (67,000 miles) and for the past few months it's had terrible starting issues that aren't exactly consistent. I turn on the ignition and go to start and it will turn over fine with a few coughs (trying to fire) and averagely starting after about 5/6 starts. (As I said it's not consistent as this morning it started 2nd try). Sometimes I will have a message pop up whilst I'm trying to start which is either; 'ESP off', 'Aux Heater 0%'. Also, when eventually started, (I'm not sure of this is connected to the situation) it splutters slightly for maybe like 1/4 mile down the road, with slight loss of power. In the afternoon it starts up first time (usually) so it's normally first thing in the morning. Hopefully one of you guys can point me in the right direction, thanks in advance! (Edit) The truth is I probably created an account many years ago and completely forgot! 😂
  21. Philip Dudley

    2010 MK 2.5 Focus engine swap

    I have a 2010 mk2.5 Focus with a dismal 1.4L petrol. Looking to swap the engine with something more powerful. I live in the UAE but the focus was built in Germany. What petrol engines swap easily into this model? Labour is relatively cheap here and so are spare/used parts, the big question is which engine will fit easily? (petrol only-almost no diesels here) I'm also assuming the transmission will need changed. Catalytic converters are not really needed here under 5.0L so that's one less thing to change, I've already had that removed 😎 Advice for which engines to hunt for would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  22. My car, a Focus 2.0 TDCi, has been experiencing rattles that are progressively getting louder and annoying. It happens mostly on uneven roads, small bumps, and humps, but not really on the big potholes. Drop links / stab links, lower arm/ ball joints, shock mounts, engine supports and stab bar bushing replaced, but the rattle persists. I'm beginning to think that its the CV joints but need to be sure. If it is, would appreciate it if someone can get point to me the part number & brand that they used so I could get this issue sorted out. Thanks!
  23. Hello everyone, I wondered if anyone could help... I have a Focus Mk2.5 Titanium 1.8 TDCi - 58 Reg. Last night, the red battery light came on on my dash when I was driving to the gym. I went to the gym, came out and the car started fine but light remained on. This morning, I started the car and the battery (red), ABS (amber) and the Slip Indicator/Stability Control Fault Indicator (red) lights were on. The stereo also made a loud humming/buzzing sound depending how loud the volume was turned up, so I turned it down and turned the car off then jumped on the bus to work! Any ideas what this might be? The battery died in November and I replaced it with a brand new one... Alternator or ECU maybe? I will also add that the cigarette lighter is always powered, I have to unplug my dash cam every time I turn the car off otherwise it will stay powered on through the cigarette lighter - not sure if this is linked. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Happy Friday!
  24. Does anyone know of a place online that will sell 5 Door Mk2.5 Focus ST or Zetec S side skirts (or at least ones that look similar)? I've looked around online and all i can seem to find are the cheap Fiberglass or GRP side skirts, which I don't want because they are far too brittle for the Northern Irish roads. I've only managed to find one set of ABS plastic side skirts online for £99, but they aren't the Zetec S/ST skirts I have been looking for. Does anybody know of a place that sells them? Preferably a place that won't cost an arm, a leg and a left nut to buy? Thanks.
  25. Hi chaps, since installing my drl's ive always wanted to replace my standard bulb head lights with xenom ones just because the go better together. I know the MK2.5 ST has xenom headlights so I'm just thinking I could replace my current ones with these but just want to see if yous have any thoughts on it? im driving a 2010 Zetec S. Thanks Steven