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Found 15 results

  1. The sync 3 sat nav on my late (December) 2016 focus titanium x doesn't display the road speed limit, which I hope it's supposed to, and I'm trying to work out why. The pictures showing the navigation screen displaying the speed limit seems to have disappeared from the Ford UK web site so I'm not sure whether that functionality was ever delivered as part of sync 3. The issue is slightly complicated as I have traffic sign recognition (best yet is it saying it's seen a 120mph sign) and I'm not sure how the two are supposed to interact in sync 3. My Focus was ordered in August from the previous brochure (sync 2) which said there was full integration between the sign recognition and the sat nav so that if no speed limit sign was seen the speed limit from the sat nav map would be displayed. This doesn't happen with mine - I can drive round for ages in a 30 limit and unless it sees a sign nothing is displayed. So, I'd be grateful if anyone with sync 3 sat nav could advise whether the speed limit is displayed and if anyone has the sat nav and the traffic sign recognition could let me know what they get displayed and where (nav screen or traffic sign recognition display) I can decide whether I have a faulty system. Many thanks for your help. Ian
  2. What is the reliability like for the 2.0 Ecoboost? The troubles with the 1.0 Ecoboost engine give me cold shivers about them [Ecoboost engines] but something makes me come back to Ford as I just love them so much. The 2.0 Engine that is in the ST Mk3.5 is the engine I am referring too!
  3. What are the best tyres for my 67 plate Focus ST MK3.5? The tread on my OEM goodyear eagle F1s (Asymmetric 3s? 235/40/R18) are getting low (only 6500 miles) and I'm wondering if there are any better tyres out there. i have looked on the website and looked at various tyre tests such as this one: . From what I've been reading online, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 are the best rated tyres around, but I'm also interested in the Kumho ecsta hs5ss, and the falken Azenis FK510's as they have outperformed the F1s in the tests I've seen and seem to be a good price. So the questions are: has anyone had experience with these tyres? and which is the best for me to get?
  4. Hallo mates :) I am here registered for a longer time so i have decided to introduce my toy :) i have a long list of modification so hopefuly i will be able to do them all - the only thing which slows the process is budget :D Ford Focus MK3 FL 1.5EB wagon / color Frozen White Wheels: still factory 17" OEM Ford + tyres ContiSportContact 3 215/50 R17 95W MODS done: J1 Performance Air filter w secondary cone and fitting disc ZetecS packet (fog light covers still missing) Engine factory software update from 150HP --> 182HP Yellow brake callipers MODS planned: Snorkel delete + RS air box Wheels 18" (currently Japan Racing JR21 or JR22 are in sight) :) Eibach Pro kit ???? i will decide later because roads here are not that good Sport car pedals and foot rest DUPLEX muffler adding factory PARKING ASSISTANT adding factory BLIS system adding factory rear camera SS-Tuning fender flares SS-Tuning gear knob boomba racing throttle body spacer boomba racing BOV adapter mud flaps ClimAir Wind Deflectors + sun protection black roof + wing mirrors individual chip tuning to gain 200HP Also would love to change the IC for a better one but unfortunately have no idea how because in 1.5EB we already have a water IC and not standard air-to-air IC as it is in 1.6EB And a few pictures: Stock: After sport package: Opened performance air filter by J1 Performance: Sport pedals + footrest: Boombaracing Blow Off Adapter prototype:
  5. ***NOTE at the end (still in process) Hi Everyone. Just letting you all know Im currently in the process of attempting to retro fit power folding mirrors+puddle light to my mk3.5 facelift Ford focus Zetec S/st-line. Currently the car only has normal mirrors, no puddle lights etc. and only 2 front electric windows and 2 manual/winder in the rear passengers. note: the drivers side only has one touch down. First of all I had to check to see of all wiring was available for the job, however just as expected its not is the basic loom. the connector block to the driver mirror only has 6 out of the required 10 and the passenger side block only has 8 out of the require 12!. I managed to snap up the entire set of looms and modules (4modules/4Looms) for the job from a 2017 plate this scrap car had keyless entry handles that you touch to open (ford web builder states the car with keyless option include power fold) so that means the modules are the correct ones with the power folding feature. Also note as this is mk3.5 with the door lock/button on handle you need to mkae sure your driver loom has this 5 pin connector. I also have the 4 door window switch without the power fold option and passenger side switch from when i upgraded my door cards to leather st ones earlier this year. So I will be using these to carry out the test for windows etc. Also since i upgraded the door cards earlier this year i had the ambient lighting wires and door handles so will be giving these a test if all is succefull, so i have light up handles and storage compartment in door. ***NOTE: I WILL BE UPDATING THIS POST WHEN MORE GETS DONE AS IM STILL SOURCING THE MIRRORS AND POTENTIALLY MAY NEED TO SOURCE ALL 4 WINDOW MOTORS/MECHANISMS TO CONVERT TO GLOBAL CLOSING/4 WAY ELCTRIC COMFORT WINDOWS ETC. HOPEFULLY THIS ISN'T THE CASE THOUGH SO MAYBE I COULD JUST CONVERT THE 2 FRONT DOORS AND JUST LINK UP THE MODULES IN THE REAR DOORS WITH THE NEW LOOMS JUST SO THEY SEND SIGNAL TO THE CAR. I would really appreciate the help form any member that has successfully done this upgrade or knows of anyone or has more useful information then i would be extremely grateful! Ps. massive shoutout to @mastachaz and @JW1982 for the help so far with there useful info :-)
  6. ThaiFiesta

    1.5 Ecoboost modifications

    Hi, I'm looking at upgrading from my Mk7.5 Fiesta with a tuned 125PS 1.0 Ecoboost to the new Mk3.5 Focus with the 1.5 Ecoboost. I can see online that Bluefin and Pumaspeed do plug in tunes, but there don't seem to be many plug on or bolt-on swap out hardware options. What have people done to enhance their 1.5 Ecoboosts?
  7. My brother saw this mk3.5 focus st with the green halos on what looks like the headlights. Anyone know if these are aftermarket headlights or how they are done?
  8. Im wanting to buy some alloys if anyone is selling some (Not after the ford alloys). Just unsure on whether to stay with 18"s or to go 19"s. I have coilovers at the moments which needs to be fitted so can adjust to any height. Also Wanting to get the ST Flat Bottom Steering wheel which i need to know will fit my car and also if the cruise control function will work as i don't have that. I know that you need to mess around with a software to enable it but just want to know if i get the buttons and the wiring for it will it be a plug and play sort of thing with enabling it through a software or is it more harder than i think. Any suggestions on what mods to do to my car feel free. MODS DONE SO FAR: ST SPOILER, LIGHT SMOKE TAIL LIGHTS, HEKO WIND DEFLECTORS, DECHROMED, DEBADGED, GEL BADGE OVERLAYS, REAR WIPER DELETE. Thanks
  9. Hey All Im A Newbie To This Forum But Ive Had My Focus For The Past 9 Months Now And Starting To Slowly Build It Up. I Want The Exterior To Look Mean As Im Trying To Go For An All Black Look. The Mods I Have Done Is Dechrome, Changed Interior Lights To LEDS, Smoked Rear Lights And Debadged The Focus And Ecobeast Sign. Its Getting Lowered Next Week Sometime And The Secondary Colour Is Lime Green. My Brake Callipers Are Soon Going To Be Green Aswell. Planning Mods: LED Front Lights And Rears. ST Rear Bumper Spoiler. Brake Calliper To Lime Green. Black Alloy Wheels 18". Smoke Front Lights. Gel Badge Overlays. Any Alloy Wheel Suggestions And Any Further Mod Suggestions
  10. Hi Guys, I've got a Ford Focus 2014 (mk3.5 shell) and I've noticed that my air conditioning unit has got weaker and weaker for the past few months of having the car. I believe the refrigerant is leaking (as it's less effective and hissing) and I wondered whether this would be covered by the warranty? Is it normal for a new car to have a leaking air con unit this quickly? Many Thanks, Seb
  11. Pleased to say that in the coming months I should officially be able to join Stoney's so called jammy beggars club! :P I have ordered a new 2015 Mk3.5 Focus ST-3 2.0 EcoBoost in Deep Impact Blue, with: Rear Privacy Glass Heated Steering Wheel Premium Nav with Sony speakers & Sub. Rear View Camera Driver Assistance Pack It is a factory order, so I do have a bit of a wait, the car is currently scheduled for an unspecified September build, but reading about the delays with the ST (particularly ST-3), hopefully I will get it before my car is 1 yr old and needs taxing and servicing, at least before Christmas! As some of you will know, I was incredibly frustrated with the apparent "design-intent" of the 1.5 EcoBoost I bought last year, so much so I have dubbed it the EcoRattle. After months of trying to get the issue resolved, I have managed to come to an agreeable resolution for changing the car, as I just cannot live with the turbo rattle. I'm still going to loose out a bit financially, but at least I am getting an upgrade out of it. Test drove one a few weeks ago, and now I can't wait to get my own :D Should look like this: Updates Arrived at dealers: Collection day:
  12. Brammer_2k

    MK3.5 Touch Radio Issue

    Hi All, Ive got a 2015 MK3.5 Focus Titanium with the touch screen radio and sat nav but i have an issue with it since i had it from new. Had its first service the other week and the dealer said they had reset it and to give it a try, but to be honest the issues wasnt fixed. the issue is the buttons below the sat nav do not glow up, they do very very rarely some time but 99% of the time they are in darkness. is there anything i could do to fix the issue or is this a return to the dealers? (When they do glow up, sometimes its just the power/volume button for the radio, even if the radio is on or off it dosnt light up the rest) i have tried doing a factory reset on the radio which did nothing and checked all the settings on the car dash screen but there was nothing. ...Also is there a way i could do an update on the radio? This is what its like at night with the lights on ( i can get a better image if need be?) Should be like this image i got from gogle images. Any ideas? Thanks
  13. ScottC_Foci

    Car Front

    From the album: Scott's Focus Zetec-S

    © Scott C

  14. ScottC_Foci

    Car Back

    From the album: Scott's Focus Zetec-S

    © Scott C

  15. Just come back from the dealer, having ordered a 1.5 Ecoboost Zetec S with lots of goodies. :D Estimated build date is 10th Oct, with ETA 9th Nov, although dealer has said it is likely to take longer than that due to the number of options I have added, so we'll see. Can't wait, this will be my first new factory ordered car UPDATE 6/12/14: Finally took some pics: