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Found 69 results

  1. Andy W G


    Hi all. I have a 2007 Mondeo with the bare bones cd6000 stereo in it. I have the opportunity to replace it with a cd6000 from a 2010 mondeo but what I would like to know is whether the 2010 version has Bluetooth connectivity, or is it exactly the same as the 07 version? Obviously, no point replacing the one if it is the same! Thanks!
  2. Hi, new member here, sadly first visit is with an issue. Have a 2008 2.0tdci estate with manual 6 speed. Problem I’m having is that all gears work as usual except for second. Lever moves into position but no drive or noises. Is this a common problem on these? I’m guessing either linkage out of adjustment (hopefully) or something serious has happened inside the box. Anybody had any experience of this? Any advise on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi new to the group im hoping someone could help. My cars temperature seems to stay around the 85-90c mark most of the time but every so often will raise rapidly to 120c, after stopping for no more than 2 mins to allow to cool down it will return again to 85- 90c and hold there fine It seems to happen on load up hills etc. Its had the head gasket and water pump replaced last year by previous owner. cooling fan comes on and off as it should and heating is working as it should.
  4. Had a low key fob battery warning on dash so changed battery and everything is fine for 2 days then nothing works so have to use key and insert fob into ignition. changed battery several times and same thing each time! Please help as I'm at my wits end cheers guys
  5. Hello all, I have been driving a Ford Focus Estate 1.5L Diesel 2016 Model for work for just under a year. Loved driving it and it got me looking into Fords for my own personal car. I recently purchased a Mk4 Ford Mondeo Zetec 1.6L TDCi Econetic hatchback (2012) in Midnight Sky colour and very much enjoying driving it. Looking forward to hopefully learn a lot from this forum about Fords, and cars in general.
  6. Hey there im really struggling on finding custom parts for my 98 fiesta finesse. In particular I have been looking for a short shifter to fit my gearbox but I cant seem to find what I have so I can look for a new short shifter that will fit. Can someone help me?
  7. Clade Rifling


    Hello people, I'm new to this. So I'm unsure if I am posting in the right area. I have recently purchased a Ford Mondeo 2010 MK4 model and was wanting to use the aux that is in the glove box, but unfortunately the previous owner has broken his jack off in the port. I tried using a magnetic screwdriver to try pull it out but that did not work and I have tried many youtube video ideas, but all ultimately have failed. So what I was wanting to ask, because I cannot seem to find the answer anywhere online is how do I take the glove box out to examine the extent of the damage to the aux port/do I even need to remove the glove box. Can anybody please help!!!???
  8. Aircon issues. Please help! I have a MK4 Mondeo 2012 plate. I recently had the condenser changed due to a bird strike. Condenser was changed and the system regassed. The aircon was working fine, blowing approx. 5 C at the vent. Everything was working fine until the period of hot weather. I was driving, aircon working fine, stopped and parked for about 15 minutes, when I restarted, the aircon was blowing outside air. I took it back to the garage that carried out the work and the pressure in the system was just above 12 bar, they also could not drain the system. I carried out some investigation. When I press the aircon button on idle, there is no drop in revs The compressor fails to engage The 15A fuse is good The cooling fan engages as it should when the engine gets hot. There are no codes on my OBD reader On the aircon self-test (I have the touch screen) it has 2 error codes 0xff and 0x4f, I have no idea what they mean or where I can find that info out without paying Ford. I drained a bit of gas to see if it had been overfilled (high pressure switch) What should I do next and / or what do people think is wrong?
  9. I am in the process of replacing my Mk3 Mondeo estate with a Mk4 estate, probably a 2014/14 plate. I need to fit roof bars and a roof box to it so will get one with roof rails. Having looked at a few it seems the later Mk4s come with solid rails that you can't get your hand under. I presume earlier Mk4s came with rails like on my Mk3 with the gap underneath. Some googling suggests that these solid rails that run the full length of the roof are just cosmetic and not load bearing, however they have a small lip on each side suggesting a suitable roof bar foot would grip it. The design change within the life of the Mk4 makes buying roof bar feet a bit confusing. Please can somebody with a late vintage Mk4 with solid rails confirm that you can get roof bars to attach to it, and if so what bars did you use. The solid rails look like those in the this photo.
  10. I have just noted a strange fault with my central locking. The deadlocking on one side of the car has stopped working ? The doors lock and unlock but wont dead lock with the second press of the key fob. Anyone have any ideas as to what might be going on ?
  11. Hi guys. I want to buy a mark IV Mondeo, but i dont know which diesel engine is the best in realibility. I saw the 116 hp, the 131hp and the 140hp. What problems can appear ?Please help me. Thank you.
  12. GingerMenace

    Mk4 weird paint issue

    when i bought my car a few years ago i did mention this to the dealer but he was stumped aswell, on both front doors just under the back part of the door handle it appears as though there are drip marks i have tried to capture this on my phone but the images dont show it very well. You can only see them in certain light i have tried polishing them but doesnt alter it. Do you guys have any ideas?
  13. Started car in the morning to get petrol as it was very low. idles poorly when cold so needs a bit of revving. It stalled. Went to restart but the key is very worn and I could not get the steering lock off. Used the spare care instead. But it did nothing. gave up. I thought it was the starter motor and began removing it to have a look but thought about it and realised it must be immobilised as I tried to bump start it earlier and got nothing. put 6 litres of fuel in just in case. put jump leads to another car to make sure battery was fully charged. tried the master key again and eventually got it to turn in the ignition. starter works. but not firing. just turning over. tried the spare and nothing. tried turning it on and off 5 times or so and the red lights stop flashing and the car turns over with the spare. but take it out and back in and it doesn't. red light was flashing constantly until i managed to get the master in. no red flashing lights with master now. spare gets code 13. whats going on? UPDATE- I think it was a coincidence when turning the spare 5 times or so and the motor turning. The master was on the same key ring and i think it just happened to swing close to the barrel and De-activated the immobilizer. I have tape the master to the barrel now and can use the two spares to at least turn over the motor. Pulled top fuel lines from the inlet manifold. both pushing through fuel when trying to start. pulled no.1 spark plug HT lead and held it close to rocker cover whilst starting and saw a spark. So NOT immobilized. CPS wire that runs on top of the rocker cover was totally shot to bits. crumbling as soon as i touched it. bare wires were touching rocker cover and shorting themselves. unraveled them and tested but still not firing. UPDATE2- Tested all for spark plugs and got a spark from all of them Pulled fuel injection rail. cranked engine and got a fine spray of fuel from all four injectors. What next? Could this be a timing issue?
  14. JonnWhite

    Fiesta mk4 sound system

    Hi everyone, Bought my partners a r reg fiesta lx and am now looking to get rid of the horrible cassette radio and speakers. Want to add speakers into the boot (doesn't have them but will mode it too) Anyone got some advise for parts? Looking for 4 speakers that have tweeters built in because the ones in the car are broken. An amp Radio that has the option for bluetooth and rica for front, rear and sub Looking to add a sub later on not too bothered at the minute! Thanks Jon.
  15. Hi all. I hope someone can give me a piece of advice regarding swapping over the stock grills on my 58 mondeo estate to the honeycomb style of the titanium x sport. I can seem to find the top grill (link here) but I'm not so sure about the bottom one (link here)as the lip of the titanium x is different from mine. Also I'm open to other suggestions of other mods that I can to (keeping it subtle)
  16. Hi, Some dozy prat * reversed my Mk4 into a rough stone wall and mangled the top of the tailgate. Looking around for salvaged spares I can only find the original Mk4 design, not the 2011 / 60 plate refresh with the different shaped rear lights etc. is the bare metal part still physically compatible? I'm given to strongly think it is, and it's only the plastic moldings and light clusters that are different, but would appreciate confirmation from anyone that knows for sure before I buy an old one and move the plastic across once fitted.. Thanks! * yeah... me...
  17. Hello! My name is Matej from Slovenia and I currently own a 2007 FIesta ST which I dumped a whole lot of money into to make it quicker and more stylish. I wanted a NA Fiesta that looked special so I spent a lot of money building it and bringing out the HP. I do not mind it either, but it was my first project and I have made a lot of mistakes that cost me a lot of money. I did learn though. Simplicity is key, stock look draws far less attention, suspension and power is more important than looks. RIght now, I am in the process of selling my MK 6.5 ST and when I do, I would like to go on to the next project. Do it right this time. Money wise, project cars are a bottomless trap hole and considering this could end up being the third car I want it to be cheap this time around. My idea was to buy a basic MK4 and go from there. But then I thought how much more like a modern Ford the MK5 looks with those lights. So what I want to do is: Ford Fiesta MK5, 3 door, 1.3 engine -no power steering -no AC -no radio -swap the front seats for more supportive aftermarket lightweight seats, lose the rear seat and put a nice carpet in instead -aftermarket steering wheel -swap the engine for Puma 1,7 125HP Duratec and modify it -good air intake -bigger throttle body -full aftermarket exhaust -mild camshafts -a remap -swap the suspension and brakes for Pumas and modify them -add front and rear anti-roll bars -add Poly Bushes and mounts -lowering springs (maybe coilovers) -light set of rims, most likely something from OZ Racing (still 15") -wide tires (195 instead of 155?) -wheel spacers if needed -Zetec S bumpers -custom wider wheel arches to fit the wider wheels I will be buying used parts, conversion parts, the 2 cars I need are under 500€ both. I estimate total cost with labor between 2 and 3 thousand euros which I am willing to invest for a car like that. I am turning to you good people to asses my idea and give criticism. I also need you to share your experience with certain things I have not done research on yet or couldn't find any good answers. 1.7 Duratec Engine from Puma: 1.7 Puma engine and transmission should fit into the MK4 bolt on. Is that the case with MK5 as well? Will any modifications be required? Camshafts. Does any other engine share the same camshafts as the 1.7? Exhaust manifold. Does any other engine share the same exhaust manifold? Throttle body. I would go for a 5mm wider throttle body (maybe 10mm if it fits), are the holes for the bolts same as on other (2.0 litre or bigger) engines? Wiring. A 1.3 engines wiring probably won't be good. Do I remove the entire wiring for the entire car and swap it or is there another way? Transmission. Is it in the exact same place, so the gearbox lever comes into the cabin in the same spot? Opinions on a short shifter? Suspension: I read that the suspension from Puma should fit perfectly too. I think I will be able to figure out how to swap them. Is there anything Puma/MK5 FIesta specific I should know? Are there aftermarket anti-roll bars for front and rear of this little car? Do any of them come standard? Should I go for coilovers (used) or just lowering springs? I am not going too low. 25-30mm only. Opinions on home made strut braces for front and rear opposed to aftermarket parts? Puma should have rear discs. Will the braided lines from Puma fit exactly on to the MK4-5 Fiesta or do I need new lines? I plan on keeping ABS and power brakes from Puma if it has them. ABS is important :) How wide should I go with the tires?
  18. JonnWhite

    Mk4 Project!

    Hi Everyone - So alongside my 64 plate, i now have an old R reg mk4 as a little project for my partner. I have couple of questions: Can i add the boot release button, my friend has it in his mk5 and it doesn't work so any ideas on that also? Think it's a fuse but yet again i cannot find a diagram that matches the fuses boxes, i don't want to drop the fuse box for no reason. Where can i find a god damn owners manual for the fuse numbers? apparently the interior one you can drop it out and some more fuses "appear". Mine is 1998 and his 2001 so i assume they should be quite similar, but neither of us have an owners manual. Unless i can get one from ford? Cambelt and clutch easy to change? I also was wondering if anyone managed to find a Haynes manual on the internet? I swear i have one at home but i cannot find it! Thanks everyone, help is very much appreicated!
  19. GingerMenace

    Mk4 mud flaps fitting

    hi guys, i have decided to put some mud flaps on my mk4, i have ordered the correct set for the rear my my car, i haven't fitted them yet only a dry fit, the problem is the flap doesn't sit flush the the grey trim under the bumper and there is a little gap. I'm wondering if the bumper on my car is from the older pre facelift model. my car is a mk4 mondeo sport with 60 plate around the same time as the facelift came out but isnt a facelift model. thew date on the mud flaps say from 08/2010 on wards, my car was made 12/2010. i am confussed. does anyone have pics with mudflap installed i can look at to see how the should fit? GM
  20. OliverPettitt

    Mk4 Escort bonus engine change?

    I have a late '88 mk4 1.3 bonus escort which is tremendously slow and doesn't enjoy hills and the like. I was contemplating putting a 1.6 from an xr3i or something similar in it and was wondering if the rest of the car would be able to cope? I am no mechanic whatsoever so any help would be much appreciated!!
  21. I thought I'd share what my problem was and how it was resolved.I have a 1990 Mk4 Escort Eclipse and when the dipped beam was turned on the o/s light went to side light only but the n/s dipped beam worked.I tried all the earths I could find. One near each headlight - brown wires. Two on the o/s A pillar behind the speaker. The rear lights. Earths were not the problem.I tried the two white relays in the fuse box towards the rear of the car. Not the problemI lifted the fuse box expecting a corroded connection. Not the problemI tried three different switches. Not the problem.The resolution to the problem was a BLUE RELAY that is located just above the pedal box inside the car. It is a 5 pin relay with the numbers 866614K083AA 41212 4RD003520-34 40/35A 12V.I'd like to find a spare relay but can only find one used one on the bay of death for £25. Does anyone know of a supply of new ones cheaper?