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Found 25 results

  1. Hi There! I have recently bought a 2006 Ford Fiesta 'Style' with the 'Climate' Pack. It has a 6000CD Head unit with an AUX button, yet no sign of a 3.5mm (or any other sort of) jack anywhere; including glove box and near gear stick. I have seen several posts online of how to add this in but it requires some technical ability/knowledge, neither of which I possess. I wondered if anyone knows roughly how much a Ford dealer or anyone else (Halfords?) would charge to do this for me, and otherwise if there's a simplified way with a tutorial that I can fit this jack/cable to my car. Ideally I don't want to be drilling holes for it... Thanks
  2. Hi, I have a problem with the central locking on my 2006 fiesta. If I press the lock button twice which activates the deadlocks, both doors lock. But when I unlock the doors again the passenger side stays deadlocked and cannot be opened, even using the handle inside. Simple fix is to only press the lock button once, but occasionally I accidentally hit it twice, or last night my partner used the car and forgot about the problem. Sometimes I can get the passenger door to unlock again after a few (dozen) goes with the unlock button, other times it can be a few days. Just concerned that its going to stay permanently locked one of these days. I've also noticed that when pressing the lock button once, the passenger's internal handle isn't going fully into the locked position although the door is locked from the outside.
  3. Hi guys! I'm new to this forum so I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place! I've recently received some front fogs to fit to my MK6.5 Style. (I've checked and all the wiring is there!) I have everything I need but the screws for the lights themselves, does anyone know the size/type I need as I can't wait to get them fitted! Many thanks!
  4. Hi, I own a Mk6.5 Fiesta (06, 1.25l). I very recently (2 days ago) had a full service done along with: replacement timing belt (timing belt kit), replacement water pump, replacement Aux drive/belt. My car feels slightly different now than what it did previously (I expected it to but not so much this). The car hadn't had a recorded service within the last 20k miles (it has only 68k as of now). I noticed the engine shakes quite a bit more more than it did before particularly above 3k rpm, and when I depress my clutch fully, the car travels less distance than before, before it comes to a stop (not sure if its just my mind). However acceleration response seems a fair bit better (the bit i expected). Me and a friend compared our engines side by side matching revs and notices my engine shook more than his, and he has a 1.4 of the same year and model. I'm not sure if this proves or disproves anything. He (who knows a couple engineers/technicians) and said it could be a timing issue with the engine. Is this correct? (would it produce these differences). Can anyone give me advice as to whether this should be the case? (I know nothing about mechanics of cars and this is my first car :). Thanks :)
  5. Hi Guys, I've got a problem with my 2006 Fiesta Mk6.5 1.25 This started off as a very rare occurrence but it's got much more common now, to the point where I've had to bump start it about 5 times this week! I've recorded a video of what the car is doing. Apologies for the dark video: Is it my starter motor not engaging properly?? I've changed the battery this week as this was the car's original battery and I thought that maybe it wasn't delivering enough current. Unfortunately this didn't solve the problem. Any help or advice would be gratefully received. Cheers, Lund243
  6. Ford said I need a new pcm as they don't repair these and happily quoted Over £2000 for the pleasure. Can anyone tell me where I can get this issue fixed for less but with a reputable repairer.
  7. Hi, I have had this problem with the fuse box from day one of purchase but it doesn't seem serious. However, it's something I would like to look at now as I want to be able to use the Cigarette lighter: Basically, the connectors which hold the Fuses in place are missing in a number of different places (including the cigarette lighter). There seems to be a pattern with this. For example, there are no connectors or fuse for the Heated Front screen (which my model does not include), which seems logical. No fuse, where there doesn't need to be one. I assume that's how it rolls of the factory (im not sure). There are two fuses slots for the Cig lighter with one of them having connectors and fuse, but the other having nothing at all. So does anyone know how I find a solution to this problem (effectively adding connectors/electrical's to the other cigarette lighter fuse slot)? I have no idea about circuitry or wiring so I'm not gonna go near it :) Thanks. You can find a labelled image of my Fuse box here:
  8. Hey :-) I want to colour code my rubbing strips and was curious if anyone could direct me to a place to buy some already done or if it's cheap enough paying a professional to spray them. I could do it myself but I don't feel comfortable spraying them on the car lol
  9. Hello everyone, I seem to be having a issue after I de-tangoing my headlights. The passenger side headlight's cut off seems to go way above the other. Basically I'm in for a MOT next month and I'm a little scared it will fail due to this. Any ideas on what I've done would be great. I think I may have scratched the inside of the plastic or possibly knocked the ballast off. If anyone's had this issue please let me know below. Thanks alot
  10. Newblet

    Dashboard cluster removal

    Hello, I'm having a little trouble removing the dashboard from my mk6.5 (STyle) fiesta. I have removed the following Steering wheel upper trim Steering wheel lower trim The trim below the steering wheel (to gain access to the trim infront of the dashboard cluster) The trim infront of the cluster And two screws at the bottom of the cluster. I tried giving it a little pull but it seemed like I'm missing something, any help would be appreciated. I have looked at a few guides but they removed the rubber trim above the cluster and it doesn't look possible on my car.
  11. Hello everyone! I bought a after market spoiler from eBay (I know), it bolt/screws in and was just curious if anyone else has installed one of these. I'm just worried I may hit a wire when drilling into the boot lid. The item I have a 3dr mk6.5 so it seems it will fit. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  12. RS555

    Cold start idle issue

    Hi, have a MK6.5 Fiesta 1.25 and have had an idle issue with it for some time (last 2 years). When it is started from cold and the automatic choke comes on it sometimes randomly drops idle speed (usually within the first minute of starting) considerably to around 400 rpm then will return to normal but will only ever do this the once and not every time. It seems to do it more during cold damp weather but will never stall and always correct itself. This issue will also show itself if you start up and immediately drive off by the engine becoming rough and unresponsive. Has anyone heard of this one before?
  13. hi guys so when i try to turn on my car, the battery light comes up and it won't start. :/ I've bought a replacement alternator but i can't work out how to replace the old one. the two top bolts are easily accessible but i have no clue how to get to the bottom bolt or remove and replace the belt. :/ can anyone please give a guide or some useful tips? it would be much appreciated as I'm desperate to get it back on the road again XD thanks a lot, James :)
  14. Hi, Recently purchased some electric mirrors from a 2006 Fiesta ST that I planned to place on my 2003 Fiesta Zetec. I currently have manual mirrors. I have purchased wiring loom for the conversion. Any recommend instructions?? Thanks!! :)
  15. I'm planning to replace the timing belt and water pump on my 2007 MK6.5 Fiesta with a 1.4 TDCi engine. I found the Gates KP15587XS kit which seems right for this type of vehicle and is available with a new water pump as well. I also checked the price of a timing belt + water pump kit at my local Ford dealership and they gave me a diagram that showed (among other things) that the water pump has a sealing gasket. The diagram looks quite similar like this: Now, the Gates kit does not mention whether or not a timing belt gasket is included. I e-mailed them to ask this question, but I haven't gotten a response yet. So... Perhaps anyone here has already replaced the water pump on their 1.4 TDCi? If so, could you tell me whether it actually uses a water pump gasket? Perhaps anyone here has already bought the Gates KP15587XS kit? If so, could you tell me whether a water pump gasket is included? Also, does the kit include a new crank pulley bolt, or are you supposed to re-use the old bolt? Thanks a lot!
  16. Hey all Im thinking I may have to part with my Fiesta - Pretty sad times! I need to raise some money for my Masters Degree fees and the car is the only thing that i can do to raise it quickly :-( But I'm not sure on what to sell him for. He's an 06 plate mk6.5 1.25 climate petrol done 81k - just passed his mot with no advisory and told the car is in excellent condition - I've changed the standard interior to silver and installed the aux point. I have been watching on eBay but they go for so many different prices I'm not sure what price to gage. Any help and/or advice would be greatly appreciated!
  17. nicima

    Radio Help Needed !!!

    Hello all Ive done something really silly !!!! I tried to remove my radio to replace the standard black surround with the silver one and disconnected my stereo....... i don't have the code for it to carry on working, i have read somewhere that you just need the serial number of the stereo to get the code but i don't get how??? obs i don't want to pay out loads to get the radio code - foolish man i am! any help would be greatly appreciated oh and its a mk6.5 model
  18. Mikesin

    My Fiesta

    From the album: Fiesta Zetec Climate MK6.5

    © Mikesin

  19. Paramanic

    Interior Mk6.5 Zetec Blue

  20. Paramanic

    When I got it for first time

  21. Not sure if I am allowed to let you guys know or not but my fiesta is up for sale if you are interested? HERE Thanks for looking
  22. Hi Can someone please confirm if the GEM module on a Ford Fiesta mk6 facelift (2006) controls the PATS? Under diagnosis (link below) on the facelift gems it mentions PATS, could someone tell me whether it is responsible for the coding of the keys? So someone changing from the A module to a better one (B or above) would he have to recode the keys? My friend is trying to upgrade his fiesta to an ST-like one but has an A gem and wants to upgrade to a C gem to add original alarm (he does not want 3rd party stuff just original ford stuff) would he have to go to the dealer to recode his keys? Thanks
  23. I've just signed up on here so this is my first post. I have a Mk6.5 fiesta and I want a new sound system in it just to make cruising around all the more fun. Anyone got any suggestions of good speakers or subs that I could look into. I was more going towards Kenwood as I already have an idea of the head unit that I want to get (Kenwood DPX-504u) although any suggestions would be appreciated. Not looking at doing any major changes to the car, just the small things that make it nicer to drive. Want to get this sound system upgraded first off and then I might look into making the interior nice so any suggestions of decent mods to make the small details nicer would also be appreciated. Thanks
  24. WirelessCraze

    Fiesta Mk6.5 Instrument Panel Lens

    I have recently purchased a Fiesta Zetec mk6.5 in relatively good condition. However there is a crack in the lens/plastic in front of the instrument panel, image link below. The condensation is not as bad in person as the camera made it look worse :) Not sure how it was cracked. I haven't had chance to go to the dealer so not sure if it can be a quick fix but I've had a quick look on the internet but am unsure of whether the plastic can be replaced or repaired. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :)
  25. mattmd

    First Car Mods

    I have just got my first car, (fiesta mk6 black 1.4 zetec) and want to do some subtle mods don't want to do anything crazy, and i have a few questions, 1. will a mk6.5 grill fit my mk6, are the fittings the same? 2. Is the changing of headlights or fog lights easy?