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Found 231 results

  1. liampatrick

    Zetec Blue update

    Took this photo today in snowy Scotland. Current changes (visible in photos); gloss black upper/lower front grilles, ZS/ST fog light surrounds, chrome grille, de-tangoed lights, xenon halogen bulbs, richbrook aerial, wind deflectors, anthracite powdercoated alloys, aero wiper blades. Also you can’t see in this; rear chrome tailgate strip, LED number plate lights, interior map lights, black leather gear gaiter/handbrake surround with blue stitching, original floor mats. Next up (potentially!); Seat Ibiza side repeaters, rear window tints, fit Vodafone flush rear parking sensor kit, mudflaps, replace driver door mirror (the common clicking when folding problem), DAB radio, ZS/ST silver interior door grab handles, silver door handles, LED map lights, some interior ambient lighting. Think that’s all for now, but any suggestions welcome! I’m very OEM-like, as you may have guessed.
  2. Hey guys, So I'm looking to replace the front stock speakers in my fiesta, preferably I'd like the new speakers to be able to plug into the stock wires. Would anyone be able to link me a pair speakers that would fit the bill? I'm also looking to install a sub in the boot of my car and have don't have much knowledge on the subject, I have listed the sub and amp that I've decided to go with(I haven't bought them yet), are they a good pair? Sub: Amp:
  3. I have recently picked up a 2008 fiesta 1.6 tdci with 90k on the clocks. It runs well but i get this strange rotating noise sounds slightly metallic when accelerating hard in 1st or 2nd it seems to be constantly there in all gears but just louder in those gears. Happens when letting foot off the throttle too. Not had a chance to get underneath to check it out, if anyone has any ideas what it could be that would be great. Thanks.
  4. Hi guys :) I've got problem with my Fiesta MK6 2002 1.4 16V. I bought the car in Sep 2017. In December I was on full service with it and everything was fine. Yesterday I've checked oil and it was below minimum I did about 5000 miles only since December and all oil burned it that time. I know it shouldn't be like that so I read some articles in the internet and many of them says that it can be PCV, crankcase etc. So I checked today the small pipe which is coming form air filter box straight to the engine but it looks clear, one thing which was really dirty was small sponge (filter)(see pictures) in air filter box in this place where the small pipe going from to the engine. Also oil is very dark, yesterday I topped up oil and did about 15 miles since that time and today oil was almost black (see pictures). Do you know guys what can be wrong? And where are PCV and crankcase breather in my car and how to check it?
  5. Hello, I have had my Mk6.5 Ford Fiesta Zetec Blue 1.4 TDCI since November 2017, when I bought it, it was at 111'000 miles. It was on the low side for oil and coolant so I got it serviced straight after buying it. I have done about 4500 miles since then and the oil level on the dipstick is down to about half way, there is no oil leaking from underneath the car that I can see but though to lose this amount of oil is a bit excessive. Could anyone advise on what this could be? Thanks in advance! Alex
  6. diegohazza32

    MK6 Alloys

    Hi, sorry for the pestering posts new, trying to improve my car the best way I can. I currently have steels on that look like 15" I was some alloys like 17" ones, would i have to get the brakes changed or is it just a swap
  7. Uncle Tommy

    My fiesta starting problem.

    Hello, my fiesta starting become more strange behavior than I was bought it. Normally my car starting up complete about 2 sec (0 rpm to idle rpm), but now it would do 0 rpm to about 500 rpm for few sec then back to idle rpm, that happen sometime (not all time) today. It give me worry because I thought my starter motor being struggle starting due bush worn? Anyone known that problem before? My theory; If starter motor, inside have bush to contact motor to allow flywheel spin to being start the engine but they starting worn and losing connect, which that mean flywheel become struggle to spin because starter motor spin slower than idea speed flywheel?
  8. diegohazza32

    MK6 Mods (small)

    Hey just a quick post of some little mods on my car
  9. Hi I have a 2008 fiesta zetec-s Celebration where I am having trouble with a burning/scorching smell from the back of the engine. Having taken it to the local garage they believed it was a coolant leak. Fixed the leak and the smell is still there. Oil level is good and so is coolant. The smell is also coming through then vents when driving but can only be smelt when the engine is up to temperature. any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  10. Hi folks! I bought a universal keyless kit to my Fiesta MK6 (1.3 petrol from 2004). I installed almost everything except the tailgate opener. Do you have any idea which wire goes to tailgate from GEM module? Or how to test it with a LED bulb?
  11. hello all i recently bought a ford fiesta 1.4 2007. everything was ok with the car apart from remote central locking not working Now i have problems with the electics. the hazard warning lights come on all the time. i try to turn them off but doesnt go off. when the hazards do manage to go off, i cant get indicators to work or hazards. electric windows dont go up or down. boot release on dashboard doesnt open the boot when pressed. the boot opens randomly on its own accord. when the doors and boot are all closed, the dashboard shows a symbol to suggest that something is still open but there isn't anything open. i havent got a clue what the problem could be. auto electricians are busy for atleast a week so any suggestion is appreciated.
  12. Hi All, was wondering if anyone could help, I have a 2004 ford fiesta finnese 1.25litre petrol. I bought it last year and its been fully serviced and well looked after. But my problem is that after about 5 mins of driving my thermostat shows that the engine is already hot. Just at the normal place in the middle. Any ideas why it's races up so quickly to the middle bar. I feel it should be at least 15 mins of driving before the engine gets hot.
  13. keizonST150

    MK6 Ford Fiesta st150

    Hi i have a Mk6 ford fiesta st150. I am looking to paint the front grills gloss black. Any idea how much does that cost. Also let me any places do them for cheap in london.
  14. keizonST150

    MK6 Ford Fiesta st150

    Hi i have a Mk6 ford fiesta st150. I am looking to paint the front grills gloss black. Any idea how much does that cost. Also let me know any places do them for cheap in london.
  15. Hi all. 57 plate Fiesta Zetec with the durashift automatic transmission - 80,000 miles. How do I change the transmission fluid? Do I do this myself or is it a garage job (if the latter, any idea on costs?) Thanks! Jason
  16. Hello all, sorry if this has been covered already in these forums (my laptop is on a real go slow at the moment).. I am looking for any help/advise/links/info you guys have on the options for adding an arm rest type deal to my mk6 fiesta. its more about storage options and possible cup holders for the back seats than an actual arm rest for front. im looking to work over or around the handbrake between the front seats in a 2door if that's any help. Any help or advice is welcome, especially if you have tried either successfully or not to build/buy something similar yourself. hope everyone is well and keeping the fiesta flag flying high :) I am looking for something like this here but obviously more refined for a fiesta. any advise, help or general chat on this subject welcome
  17. Hi there, I am currently looking for an induction kit for my Mk6 Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 TDCI and am having no luck all I could find were better panel filters. Anyone know where I might find one?
  18. Hi guys, I own a mk6 and since I've owned it the indicators would flash to show the car has been deadlocked when pressing the button twice on the key fob. For a couple of days now I've noticed it hasn't been doing so. Both doors are shut and it is deadlocking as I've tried locking myself in and opening the door from the inside. Does anyone have any ideas as to what the problem is? Thanks in advance
  19. Hello everyone, I saw someone selling a center console with two cup holders online and was curious if it's hard to make. I'm cheap and don't want to spend £50 on something if it isn't difficult to make myself. Any tips would be great.
  20. Hey :-) I want to colour code my rubbing strips and was curious if anyone could direct me to a place to buy some already done or if it's cheap enough paying a professional to spray them. I could do it myself but I don't feel comfortable spraying them on the car lol
  21. INFERNALescort

    Escort mk6 engine swaps

    I am going to buy a mk6 escort van soon and I was wondering what performance engines would fit (with turbos and such) From any manufacturer Just what will fit well
  22. Hi all, Just wondering if it's possible to change the colour of my dashboard speedo/gauge lights? (Shown in picture) ive managed to work out how to get the cluster part out, however I need to know if this is a case of a bulb change or if it's a "skin"...not sure of the proper name for it. if it is a bulb does anyone know the size of it? And if it's possible to replace with LED bulbs? thanks in advance any help I would be really great full as I cannot find for the life of me any info on this.
  23. Hey guys, So I have a Mk6 Fiesta Zetec 1.4 5 door. I love the car, it's quite nippy considering the lowish power output and it runs well, however it's done 130k miles and I can feel it's a little on it way out. I sorted a leaky head gasket by flushing all coolant and then applying some radweld! It seems to be sealed for now, also I feel the gear box is a bit dodgy on occasion as it sometimes struggles to go into 4th. Anyway, having a 5 door fez is very useful as I hate having to get out to let people in the car and I've always considered some form of sleeper, since the engine may be on its way out is and I'd just replace it. Is there any engines that would be a superior upgrade and would be fairly straightforward? I literally have no upgrades at the moment and if you have any for the 1.4 that are good to get, that would be helpful too for now rather than a whole engine swap. But overall, I was thinking a 5 door fiesta st150 would be cool! So to sum up, TL:DR, any mod ideas for the 1.4? Willing to spend £1000 max! Alternatively, a suitable engine swap that would be an upgrade with some mod-ability. Look forward to your replies! Cheers guys, Josh
  24. Hello everyone, I seem to be having a issue after I de-tangoing my headlights. The passenger side headlight's cut off seems to go way above the other. Basically I'm in for a MOT next month and I'm a little scared it will fail due to this. Any ideas on what I've done would be great. I think I may have scratched the inside of the plastic or possibly knocked the ballast off. If anyone's had this issue please let me know below. Thanks alot
  25. Newblet

    Dashboard cluster removal

    Hello, I'm having a little trouble removing the dashboard from my mk6.5 (STyle) fiesta. I have removed the following Steering wheel upper trim Steering wheel lower trim The trim below the steering wheel (to gain access to the trim infront of the dashboard cluster) The trim infront of the cluster And two screws at the bottom of the cluster. I tried giving it a little pull but it seemed like I'm missing something, any help would be appreciated. I have looked at a few guides but they removed the rubber trim above the cluster and it doesn't look possible on my car.