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Found 221 results

  1. Hello!! First, excuse my bad English. Could someone help me with a theme of my ford fiesta? I have a ford fiesta of the year 2011, with the grey seats of the attached photo Through a scrapyard I have acquired the red seats (fiesta 2016) of the other photo. I wanted to update the seats, but in doing so I saw that the red seats connector os different.... Someone know how i could solve the problem...? Thanks for the help.
  2. Johnmcf

    Latest stereo update?

    Hi, does anyone know where to find the latest software update for the standard stereo with Bluetooth? (Not the Sony unit with the small buttons) Every link I can find seems to be dead. Car is a 2012 S1600. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi I have a question about power folding mirrors. I was checkingthe fuse box underneath the glove box and notice I have the right fuse box with one of the relays, however I have noticed the second relay is not there, but also the input to put the relay is not there either. Does anyone know why and how i can get passed this? Hope that makes sense.
  4. Hi guys, I have a MK7 Ford Fiesta 2010 TDCI, not a zetec, just standard fiesta. I’m interested in fitting a front splitter but can only settle on a TRC but they don’t do one for my car. Hey do ones for zetec S however! I was wondering if this would fit and be able to be fitted to my MK7 fiesta?? Any input is appreciated!!
  5. Casserole

    Mk7 Mods

    Hi all, I’m just starting to modify my facelift mk7 fiesta and I’ve already had some issues. So I’ve got some lowering springs and I noticed the rear top pad on the current springs has deteriorated and needs replacing. Is it worth paying the extra money for the powerflex pads? Or keep them standard? Also is there anything else worth replacing, on the front or rear, while I’ll do the swap? I would also like an air filter but have no idea which one to get, any suggestions? Also I would like a remap but nothing silly, like maybe 130/140bhp ish. I currently have 99bhp. Again any suggestions? Any other recommendations for mods? Tom
  6. Hi guys Welcome to my progress thread! Well, my old mk6.5 was written off unfortunately and my friend who works for Ford recommended the new Zetec S to me, and after a few weeks of looking around I decided it was the sensible choice for me. I picked up my Panther Black Zetec S from a Ford garage on the 31st of October, it's the 1.0 Ecoboost 125ps, 1 Owner from new, 6,471 miles, one service on it and there extras consist of; Privacy glass, Upgraded 17" alloys, City Pack and Start/Stop pack. It was one of the ford guy's girlfriends car, only sold it back to them because they got an upgrade because of his job, so something nice and legit, and no dodgy reasons! I don't have a proper list of what I want to do just yet, but a Stage 1 Revo remap and new exhaust system is on the cards. But for now I'll just be adding bits on here and there but will be sure to post about it! Ordered a pack of LED's last night so hopefully they're going to turn up some point this week. Here are some of the photos the day I officially bought her! And the day after, picking her up! Couldn't quite believe how clean it was... Thanks for reading :)
  7. Hi, I'm Randy from the Netherlands. I own a Fiesta MK7 1.6 ti-vct (Zetec S) from 2009. I was looking for the Omex rev limiter. Want to place it to use sometimes. Does some of you guys have experience with wiring these things? Where did you place the ground and the cables for the positive coil? Thanks in advance!
  8. Anyone got any idea how to remove the 2 circular vents either side of the MK7.5 interior? I've watched youtube videos on it but I can't for the life of me get them out... I want to remove the vents then paint the surrounds that are currently chrome. Any guidance would be much appreciated! Regards MRG
  9. Rodrigoal

    New guy from Brazil

    Hello everyone My name is Rodrigo and I'm from Brazil. I have my first Ford for 3 years now and this is my first topic. Hope we can share information and help each other.
  10. Hi guys Its my first time posting on here. I'm an ex biker. After 16 years of daily riding I had an accident and paralysed my right arm. Started driving lessons once they stopped pumping me with morphine, passed a few weeks later but legally only allowed to drive an auto. I'm driving a 2011 Fiesta 1.4 auto. So I've fitted a cold air intake, Cobra cat back, remap, 17" Team Dynamics alloys, 35mm eibach lowering springs, TRC eyebrows and a zetec s body kit. Modest mods, I know, but it's my first car, its only an auto, and my insurance is damn near £2k! I got a zunsport grille fitted to it and it looks great but as its naturally asp, theres no intercooler, and the guts behind the grille (subframe etc) is ugly as sin. No issue at night but in daylight the grille is fairly see through Has anyone got any ideas on how to improve this? I thought spraying the bits behind matt black to disguise whats there. Failing that, fitting a dummy intercooler maybe? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts Thanks
  11. Hi All, I trying to fit a remote to my 2014 Fiesta Studio (2 door) (It's the only model that doesn't come with this as standard). I've searched the web for many hours looking for information on this (including going through this forum a lot) but I've come up completely empty. There's some info on Mk6 Fiestas but they seem to be completely different. Mk6 seem to have a GEM which, as far as I can tell doesn't exist in a Mk7 (Someone has suggested it's attached to the fuse panel in a UK Mk7, but mine doesn't seem to have anything built in or attached to it apart from wiring connectors). I've found several wiring diagrams, some of which talk about a Door Control Module (DCM) but I haven't actually been able to find one of these. One post said that it should be at the bottom of the front pillar on the drivers side, but when I took the panel off there was nothing there but a big connector. Behind the glove box is the fuse panel and, below that, is something labelled as a remote control and locking unit - I suspect that this is the replacement for the GEM, but the wiring seems to be completely different. I've looked at the wiring coming from the doors and there are just a few black wires so I'm thinking that maybe the 'DCM' is actually in the door and the wires coming from the door are just power and a 'bus' connection (cambus??). Unfortunately I couldn't work out how to get the door panel off to have a look - has anyone got any ideas on this (I found a video on YouTube but I expect it was for a Mk6,and a US car, as it doesn't match up). I've even tried ETIS but it wants me to pay quite a lot up front and, as I don't even know if it's got the info I need, that seems unreasonable - does anyone have access who could tell me if it's worth paying for? (It doesn't help that my account go locked out so I can't even log in at the moment!). Any help most appreciated as I'm pulling my hair out on this - Thanks!
  12. nathanzetec18

    Ford Fiesta 1.25 undertray

    Hi guys I’ve noticed that there is no undertray for the 1.25 fiesta but there is one available for the diesel variant. I have contacted a number of breaker yards and they all say that it is not possible to fit the diesel tray to the petrol model. Is this the case? Does anyone have any experience of fitting this part- perhaps with a photograph of the completed installation? Thanks!
  13. Hey guys! just been driving back from work and halfway through, the service engine alert popped up and my car power dropped. The only change recently is an ITG induction kit. I’ve been running a Bluefin remap for about a month and had no issues with that, could it be related to the intake? The error has gone now I’ve turned the car off and back on again so I’m not sure using the bluefin handset to run a diagnostic will do anything? Any ideas on what I could/should check? cheers!
  14. I'm only 16 (learning to drive next month) and this is my first car so I’ve tried to personalise my car subtly to avoid looking like the 17 year old chavs we all see driving round... Here’s the car when we picked it up: After cleaning and polishing it, the first thing I did was put domed gel private plates on: Then I swapped the standard red mirror caps for black ones: Removing the ‘Ecoboost’ badge was the next change I made, and while I was at it I applied a red pinstripe along the lower edge of the rear diffuser: Not pictured are my black interior mats with red trim and red heater vent ring overlays. Thanks for looking! Let me know what you think, and feel free to suggest any other small aesthetic mods I can do
  15. Hello, I've got a cheeky 09 mk7 fiesta and like many I've decided I want to upgrade the speakers as the current ones lack a little bass and clarity. Hence, I plan to upgrade the driver and passenger side door speakers but was wondering about an amp. I've heard conflicting stuff from many people and I'm not really sure. Will I need to amp the speakers if I plan to upgrade them, will it just sound worse without an amp or what? I'm just looking to upgrade to something simple like this (pic below)as it's pioneer which is a decent brand, it comes with the necessary speaker ring and wiring adaptors and it's very reasonably priced. Do you think this is a good way to go about it and do you think I will need an amp? Thanks
  16. itssammykins

    Aux not working

    Hi, my aux isnt working in my fiesta 09. It has worked previously but just noticed that it isn't now. The aux button doesn't do anything when pressed. When i go through the menu and press aux that doesn't do anything either just goes back to the radio or cd. My bluetooth still works. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Cheers :)
  17. can anyone give me some advise, my 1.4 fiesta 08 plate has randomly stopped blowing out any hot air i just seem to be gettin ice cold air, i have ran the car and checked all pipes and they are all hot and coolant levels are fine but it is just refusing to blow hot air and in these cold morning i would much rather have warm air than ice cold blasting through my heaters. could any give me advise or even let me know what the problem is if they have had this on their fiesta.
  18. Hi, I'm looking to fit LED halo ring fog surrounds onto my mk7 Fiesta. There are a few places I can get them but can someone please tell me how easy they are too fit? Hopefully someone has fitted these and know what do do! Here's a link to the website with instructions but still don' understand as haven't done this before 😣 thanks for any help!
  19. Hi all, I was looking on Amazon for led headlights and was wondering if they would fit in the holes, which ones are the best and are they worth it? Thanks Shaun
  20. Having a nightmare! I have a Fiesta MK7, 2009 Zetec, I have the bluetooth module and the USB port but the bluetooth and aux cable WILL NOT work. We've looked at so many questions on here but nothing is touching it! We have tried: replacing the fuses under the bonnet and in the passenger footwell (fuse 21) turning the battery on and off installing an update via USB (just said there were no files then would not progress to the next stage) replacing the bluetooth unit (not cheap and nothing happened!) To be a bit more specific - when i press the 'phone button' it says 'Mute' and i cannot change this no matter what I press. When I press 'aux' it says 'Line in' and again i cant change this no matter what i press. When I go through menu to select blue tooth is doesn't say anything apart from bottom right 'BT off' again - you guessed it - no matter what I press it doesn't change. No idea what to do with it now and I'm sure most of you know driving down the motorway with the radio cutting in and out is so frustrating i really need this working! Please HELP!
  21. dansallis

    Fiesta Mk7/7.5 Antenna

    Has anyone tried replacing the "twangy" antenna/aerial with a "shark fin" antenna/aerial on the mk7/7.5 Fiesta? Since I don't listen to the radio it doesn't even need to work, but would be great if it did!
  22. Hi all I unwisely sent one of the remote key fobs (three buttons, key inside but not fold out) for my 2016 Fiesta Titanium for a spin in a washer and completely broke it. Ford quoted me £200+ for a new one so I went to Timpsons who told me they could not 'get through the car's security' and were unable to help. They did, however, give me the key they'd ordered as a goodwill gesture. I'm now left with one working fob and one unprogrammed one. Does anyone have any recommendations for programmers who are not hugely expensive or a Plan B I could use. My car has keyless entry and a start stop button so I can't insert the key anywhere inside. Any help gratefully received please!
  23. Hi, I've got a mk7 Fiesta and want to fit LED halo rings onto the fog surrounds. I have seen a few places I can buy them but my question is how easy are they to fit? I' hoping someone who has already done them can help me out! This is what I found... Many thanks !!!
  24. Samuel.burrows

    Head unit problems

    Hi, I’m having problems with my head unit I believe. I always connect my phone to the aux lead and my music plays through the speakers but nothing shows up on the head unit so no song titles or information and the skip buttons on the wheel and the console don’t do anything when they’ve been pressed. In my previous fiesta the music was also able to be played through the Bluetooth and I have Bluetooth on my current fiesta but the aux won’t switch to the Bluetooth like it did in my old one. Any suggestions on what to do as I don’t want to have to buy another head unit. Many thanks!
  25. Hi again Guys & Girls , so i was gonna do some performance mods but you guys have shown me i cant hope for much with my 1.2L style + ahh well i guess i can live with that :P, but not one to like leaving things as they are im now looking into visual mods more. As previously intended i think im going to go for a Pumaspeed Body kit with the Excessive spoiler... because well i can really. http://www.pumaspeed...k_911.jsp&pic=6 as my car is black obviously i will be matching the body kit to that. i think im going to go for a Black theme with bits of yellow and carbon fibre dotted around it for example im thinking of getting these carbon fibre mirror caps http://www.mountunes...Fibremirrorcaps and a yellow lacker for my brake calipers because i thought it would add a nice bit of colour without looking too tacky but hey its my first car so in my opinion tack is allowed ;) http://www.demon-twe...-engine-lacquer I also think im going to get these alloys from mountune (although i was hoping for advice as my wheels currently are 15" but these are 17" so obviously new tyres would be needed but i was thinking that would probably affect the speedo too ? would it not?) so yeah what would i do about that? and is it even possible http://www.mountunes...une--MS--Alloys unless you guys can suggest something else (maybe cheaper?) i was wondering if you guys had any ideas for the inside of the car? Any comments would be great so thanks in advance guys