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Found 30 results

  1. Thought I should start a new topic rather than continue in the "Delivery Delays" thread, now mine is no longer delayed! So, grounded due to snow after getting it home yesterday but roads had cleared a bit by 3.00pm today so ventured out to top up the tank (with a quick 35 mile diversion 😀). First thoughts: Looks much nicer in the metal than in photos and videos I've seen, the ST-Line bits give it a lift, and the race red which I was a little unsure of suits it very well. Took quite a lot of fiddling to get a good driving position (lots of adjustability), but once sorted, very comfy. Wanted a spare wheel so that ruled out the B & O option but the standard system sounds pretty good to me, though you really notice an increase in road noise around 60 and need to crank it up a bit. I'm a bit of a technophobe, but paired the car with my android phone very easily. Bit of technology which has impressed so far is the traffic sign recognition - seemed to work very well even on roadworks temporary speed limit signs. Driving - although we've previously had 2 Mk 7's, had forgotten how quick the steering was, perhaps a little toned down in this generation from previously, but still very sharp by today's standards. Very little roll when cornering, overall very much the "go-kart" feel that MINI bang on about, the price being slightly jiggly ride on our rubbish roads, but not uncomfortably so. Engine - I've not owned a 1.0 Ecoboost before but driven a few in 100 & 125 ps form. Looking forward to seeing if I can detect any difference in the 140ps version when I get it loosened off. Whatever, still a very enjoyable thing to drive, surprising amount of pull even in 6th and has a nice subdued growl. According to the computer my brief (quite brisk) drive yielded 46mpg so not a bad start Will add more impressions when I've done a few more miles in better conditions.
  2. Beside the guide in owner manual, has anybody seen any guide for mk8 headlight removal and bulbs change? I was trying to change low beam bulb(H7) to projector headlight, and run in couple problems. Of course i forget to take any picture, so bare with me - Method of removal of the headlight assembly in owner manual doesn't work, or i don't understand that correctly. Front mount is stuck below the black fender cover. - I can't get bulb holder to twist. According to manual it should open by turning anticlock wise, is there some kind of locking mechanism, because it feel like the whole light ficture twist with holder.
  3. Eric Bloodaxe

    What is this unused stud?

    Just doing an underbonnet check and spotted something I'd not noticed before. It's a threaded brass? stud in the left (when standing in front of the car) side of the airbox, which hopefully you can see in the pics. No sign of anything missing or having been attached and I assume the airbox is common to this engine in other applications where the stud may have a purpose. There are loads of ecoboost pics on here but couldn't find one showing this - they mostly show coolant pipes for obvious reasons😀. l
  4. ChrisLocalBoy

    Fiesta Mk8 ST-Line dashcam?

    I picked up my new Fiesta ST-Line last week (loving it so far!) after swapping from a Focus Zetec. I had a dashcam fitted in the Focus no problem which I've moved over to the Fiesta and there are 2 types of fuses in the passenger compartment, micro 2 and micro 3. Looking at the manual there seemed to be a lot more available fuses in micro 2 so ordered myself a piggyback. My problem is that every available fuse (except one... I'll come to in a minute) is permanent live which I don't want, the only fuse that isn't is live with the engine and not ignition, which has me up and running but its not ideal because the camera I have is designed to be hardwired so the 'battery' only last 20 seconds or so, meaning that if I'm in a bit of traffic and my stop/start kicks in the camera will be power will be going on/off all the time, I know I could just turn my stop/start off but its more of an annoyance than anything and I'm a bit of a perfectionist! I'll be honest and say having the button start instead of a key..... I'm not sure how that changes the ignition (as you obviously cant just turn the key to step one) There are some micro 3 fuses in the same compartment so I've just ordered another piggyback for the sake of £3 to try those fuses instead but reading the fuse descriptions I don't think I'm gonna have much luck. I was just wondering if anyone else has come across the same problem and did they manage to get around it? I don't really want to start considering going into the engine fuse box (where there are a LOT more choices) as I assume it will be a sealed unit to get it watertight and I don't want to risk compromising that at all. Thanks in advance Chris
  5. Hi all, Have been trying to change bulbs in my fiesta mk8 vignale to whiter bulbs. Main beam was easy to change, but the dipped in the projectors is a nightmare. Followed the vague instructions in the manual for removing the headlight unit and could not get them out. Having given up till another day, when ***** the front mount back on, I noticed that it had broke (must have leant on it at some point...), so it is only the rear screw mount and then plastic clip holding the headlight at the front (and the foil tape that I put on) Am I right in guessing I'll need a new headlight? Thanks in advance
  6. merlin_gr

    MK8 full led headlights

    Hi guys, i was one from the first owners of the new MK8 fiesta. I own a Fiesta St Line since last november. I have to confess that i feel a little betrayed and angry regarding the Led headlights, since i never got the info and actually have the option to wait to get them. Now i see that they are offered at a very reasonable cost. From my research i was told that the cost to fit them in car with projectors installed would be very high, over 3k euros. Has anyone a better info regarding this? Is it really so expensive? Thanks in advance
  7. I'm trying to hardwire in a dashcam and was wondering which fuses under the glovebox are permanent live as I don't have a multimeter to check. Thanks
  8. Hi, does anyone have the new Mk8 with the 100PS auto with paddleshifters? I’m after a couple of photos of the steering wheel from behind, to see if I can retrofit to a Mk7.5. Thanks.
  9. Hi all, I got a pair of Climair wind deflectors for my mk8 (3 door) and I'm having problems getting them fitted correctly. It's almost like the upright part of them (close to the mirror) are too long. Has anybody else fitted them and has any advise?
  10. Those who have it installed...what do you think about it? I have it in mine, but feel it lacks bass. It’s very clear even at very high volumes but seems to lack bass even with the bass set to max and the treble and mid set low. Not sure if I have an issue with mine that warrants a trip back to dealer as never heard it in another car to compare it too. Is there any easy checks or a manual anyone knows about?
  11. Hi, all Has anyone done any mods to their new fiesta? Interested to see any pictures Does anyone know if the mk7 wind deflectors fit the mk8? Any news on mountune upgrades? Are they going to be releasing anything soon?
  12. Hi All, Any idea which stoplock fit's a mk8 Fiesta steering wheel? The stoplock application guide only goes up to the mk7, which it's only the airbag or stoplock pro elite that fit that. Anyone used one for a mk8, or any other suggestions?
  13. Hello all, Question about the oil life indicator on the mk8’s. how does that work, is it just as basic as you’ve done x amount of miles, drop the life indicator by 1% or is it more complex? thanks
  14. DG97

    Sync 3 Update Help

    Hello all, I took a look on the Ford sync site and noticed my car’s software was out of date. I downloaded the zip file from the website, stuck it on an exFAT USB, plugged it into my car and that’s it. It said it had recognised the device and nothing else. Does anyone know if anything is meant to happen when it’s doing it? I would have expected at the very least a notification saying update in progress or something. The Ford guide mentions that the system may reboot a couple of times which would obviously be a sign that something is going on. But, I gave it 15 mins and nothing rebooted or seemed to be happening. Can anyone advise? The car is a MK8 Fiesta but I guess as it’s a Sync 3 specific thing that may be irrelevant. Thanks!
  15. Harryx070695

    Speed limiter opinions

    Hi, all I recently picked up my new Fiesta Mk8 st line 140ps. I have been playing with the speed limiter on it as I've never used one before or a cruise control. I just wondered what anyone else thought about it? I am finding is strange when you are going down hill or up hill. Seems like such hard work for it and could be causing more bad than good. On a straight road with it set at 40, 50 or 60mph it seems brilliant. Eith great fuel economy around 60mpg showing on the computer Does anyone else use it regularly or have any tips on how to get the best out of it?
  16. Crystofol

    More fiesta mk8 photos...

    From the album: Fordy (Ford Fiesta MK8 ST-Line)

    Ford Fiesta MK8 at the mountain.

    © Cristian Murria

  17. Crystofol

    Fordy going to the snow

    From the album: Fordy (Ford Fiesta MK8 ST-Line)

    I took my Fiesta to the snow for the first time.

    © Cristian Murria

  18. Crystofol

    First Photo of my Fiesta

    From the album: Fordy (Ford Fiesta MK8 ST-Line)

    Here you can see my Fiesta without any mod.

    © Cristian Murria

  19. BigRed1987

    Fiesta Mk8 Glove box Removal

    Hi Folks I've searched for a while now and cant seem to find a solid answer. I have a 2017 plate New model (Mk8?) Fiesta. I bought a dash cam and I want to route the cables from the fuse box in the foot well behind the glove box and up the pillar. I've had a look and cant seem to get the glove box out. I noticed there is a small lever arm to let the glove box out slowly so popped that off and then I've tried squeezing the sides of the glove box next to the tabs but it doesn't seem to want to come. Am i missing something?
  20. kpdsk13

    MK8 Fiesta Security

    I have a ST Line 140 on order and due to recent experiences (my Dad's vehicle getting nicked in the middle of the night) I want to make sure my vehicle is totally secure. Also the fact that Fiesta's, are targetted by thieves and I work in one of (if not the) worst areas in London for car theft. What have people done on this forum to make their vehicle more secure? Other than a Disklok?
  21. Harryx070695

    Your finance deal

    Hi, all I'm new to the forum I just bought a new fiesta st-line today. I just wanted to know how much other people are paying for their car After 3 hours I got to £249.15 a month with £250 deposit (including privilege discount) Kind regards, Harry
  22. Hi guys I'm Matt from Nottinghamshire Currently driving a 2018 Ford Fiesta Titanium in Deep Impact Blue
  23. Jaminahat

    Hi all!

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and this is also my first ford, My 2018 Ford fiesta ST-Line 125ps. The car is fantastic to drive and a huge Upgrade from my old Peugeot 107 that i had for my first car. Just ticked over 1k Miles in 4-5weeks xD. More than happy with the car and also the community, am yet to see another one down in Devon! I aspire to have a Focus RS one day, exciting times ahead :D Cheers!
  24. Crystofol

    Ford fiesta ST-Line Mk8 by Crystofol

    First upload of many... I want to show my car, actually "stock". I will be adding photos of every new mod to follow the timeline of my car.

    © Crystofol

  25. So I have a late 2014 Ford Fiesta Titanium X which we're very happy about apart from the £295 quote for third service. But that's another story. So my dealer invited me to the MK8 launch which my kids enjoyed (free Ice Cream) but I have to say I was quite underwhelmed by the car. I just think the front styling boring although the new LED lights are cool at night. The back is bland, just like squashed CMAX. Side is like a MK7.5. OK, the interior is a huge step up and I test drove the car and, well it drove like my car which is class leading as we all know so all good there. Apart from one thing which was the move of the Cruise Control from the right hand side to the left which I hated. My dealer obviously wanting a sale told me to come in and have a look at the new ST-Line. And again... meh, what the have done with the ST-Line really hasn't made the car much more interesting to me. Look, I know it's a great car and if you have bought a MK8 I wish you well. But unless the Vignale or ST looks a lot more interesting I really don't think I'll get one, I'll stick with the MK7.5 or get a Focus instead. I will stick with Ford anyway as I get Privilege discount. If you look at my car history I am more of a heart than head guy lately when it comes to cars, and my heart isn't in the MK8. Jonathan