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Found 35 results

  1. So I am ordering a front upper strut brace, do I need to buy mounts? Or will it just bolt straight on? Thank you in advance.
  2. Phil21185

    Phil's Build Thread

    I never usually do this but I've never really had a car worth posting about before. I've recently become the proud owner of a 1.6 TDCI Ti Nav in Panther Black and I love it! I still want to bugger about with it and I want to put together a list of mods I want to do and stuff I want to buy (more for keeping track myself than anything else) and I'd appreciate any opinions, recommendations and links people may have. Firstly, there are some givens. Mine has the auto mirror and rain sensors but the upper section of the cover is missing. Didn't spot this before buying due to the way I was sat but I have to say it's niggling! If anyone has the part number I'd appreciate it! I also want to get some decent mats, preferably rubber but obviously fitted for the studs in the floor. Also a boot liner (hatchback). I'll be replacing as many bulbs as possible with LEDs, though I have read a lot of reliability issues with some sidelights. After those, the rest are in the 'maybe' pile I quite like the idea of wind deflectors but don't want the Halfords-Nailed-On look. Opinions? Illuminated gear knob would be nice (working on that one), maybe even the scuff plates... Bonnet lifters Reverse camera Front parking sensors (can be retrofit?) Some nice looking pedal covers DRLs. Preferably oem but price would probably mean 'fang' style Colour changing ambients. Following another thread I think this is possible Front window tint 18" alloys to replace my 16's Front bumper lip. Remap. New front and rear badges ( rear is going white round the edge and front has one hell of a stone chip - I read somewhere dealers replace these for free on less than 10 year old cars?) topped with gel coats. LED reflectors. I've seen this done with twin intensities for side and brake lights. Dunno how much of this will ever get done but it's nice to have a list! I also have a couple of questions if anyone can answer: Can the SYNC voice control be programmed to activate my phone directly? Or can the command choices for SYNC 1 be improved with a software update? Is there a way to re-calibrate the trip computer? My instant mpg is nearly always 99.9 when cruising at any speed and only drops when accelerating hard. £20 of fuel apparently buys me 700+ miles... What is the button nearest the driver for below the air con controls? I'll put up a pic if needed but the one I mean is next to the disable start/stop button in the same bank as the front and rear window heaters. It's blank in mine but I'd be interested to know if I can put whatever it is in! Heated seat maybe?
  3. Hello :) I've had my rear lights tinted, looks really smart and I'm happy with the result. One of my colleagues has been a killjoy and been reminding me all morning that the lights are either "illegal" and an "MOT failure waiting to happen" Can any of you guys lend an opinion, do I have anything to worry about?
  4. Hey, new member here! I'm Nathan, 21, from Bradford. Had my zetec s for around a year now but only just got into the whole "modding scene" so I'm still learning... be kind Not going for any mods too big or too expensive just yet so only got the Halos and the Batman v Superman badge. Birthday this month so once that's out of the way I'll hopefully be adding something new to the car if anybody has any ideas. Thanks:)
  5. Hi gang, Has anyone had any experience of replacing the stock panel air filter and box on a MK2.1.6TDCI with a cylindrical performance filter like the K&N 57s-4000? I could opt for the box-free cone but I'm much more excited by the idea of the cylinder. I'm mainly wondering if the airbox lid of the K&N would be a direct fit to the existing box, and if any additional piping would be necessary. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance, Sam.
  6. Hello I'm brand new to the forum world so please forgive me 😊. I've seen a few great projects and its inspired me to do a few mods to my fiesta. Got a few ideas on what to do but would love to have suggestions. I would really like to get some options on what engine chips people have used I've seen a few from mountune, blue fin and the latest would really like an experienced opinion before spending money like this. I've added the Zetec s badge on the front and back already but that's the extent off my mods 😂 Just ordered a lighting kit for behind the the grill from ford dynamic lighting page on Facebook will update give an update on how that goes by the end of the week.
  7. I want to change the headlight assembly on my Focus Zetec S Mk3 and like the look of the Focus ST Mk3 headlights. Can I just buy the ST headlight assembly and swap them for my headlights without any modification required? Will they fit? Any one done this or know if I can do this?
  8. Welcome to my ongoing project with my 2009 MK7 Fiesta Zetec S. My 'motto' might change in the future, but I believe that "less is more"; I like to make small alterations and modifications to my car that improve its looks, but don't require many hours of labour or a ridiculous amount of money. I aim to provide links, approximate prices (not including postage where applicable), pictures and a short blurb of all the modifications to make life that little bit easier for those who might just be inspired. Here is my car when it was on sale: And more recently: As you can see, it doesn't look too much different, but the following modifications have been made... White Zetec S Rear Inlay £1.99 from DMB This was my first modification. Although it is beginning to peel slightly (I blame the pressure washer), I couldn't resist it to eliminate the red S on my blue car! S Steering Wheel Gel Badge £4.99 from DMB (product is now unavailable) Simply put, every Zetec S Fiesta should come with a badge like this. Passengers have commented on it and not even known it wasn't originally on the car! White Steering Wheel Gel Overlay £3.00~ from I wasn't happy that this one came through looking a bit pixelated. Still, from where I sit, it isn't that noticeable and it is a nice touch against the rest of the interior. Lockwood Door Sills £32.99 from Amazon Practical and good looking. What could be better? It also covers up a few scuffs on the driver's side that were on the sill and protects from further ones occurring. Aluminium Sport Pedal Covers £5.00~ from AliExpress Having decided £50+ for official Ford ones was not going to happen, finding these on the forums was too good a deal to miss. Delivery time was reasonable, too. Short Radio Aerial £5.00~ from eBay I don't use the radio in my car, so having a long aerial was not necessary. So, I swapped it for this one, which is much more discrete (but I do still have signal in my area if I did suddenly want the radio after all...) Ford Owners Club Stickers £3.99 from Mufflebox Why not represent the club? Attached on both sides, they make it obvious that I do rather like my car and, no, it is not okay to leave a dent in my car when you park next to it at Tesco... Numberplate LED Bulbs £2.50~ from eBay Every time I unlock my car, I love the white glow that appears at the back. Simply put, this modification easily contends for the best one I've done to my car. LED Panel for the Boot £2.99 from eBay Quite difficult to capture in a photo, but I stuck the LED panel just below the boot catch on the inside of the boot. I ran some wire round from the original boot light to provide the power. Despite being removed and adjusted a couple of times, the self-adhesive back is still going strong. At night, this boot light is simply brilliant. LED Panels for Interior Lighting £5.98 from eBay This required a little bit of rewiring, but nothing too difficult. Instead of a single bulb (and I did try with LEDs), I chose to add two LED panels to my interior lighting. These are brilliant. Enough light finds its way to the back seats and the front is suitably bright and white, also. Front Footwell Lighting Bulb holders: £2.79 from eBay Bulbs: £0.99 from eBay After some wiring extension across the windscreen and down the pillars of the car, I have fitted front footwell lighting. The bulbs I got for this aren't actually very bright. However, for this purpose, I find the brightness is perfect as it is subtle on feet and not blinding instead! LED Reversing Lights £5.99 from eBay I don't know quite what inspired me to get these. Needless to say, they look better when reversing, give out at least as much light and they look cool even when they aren't in use! "De-tangoed" Indicator Bulbs Front: £13.00~ from Amazon Rear: £13.00~ from Amazon Side: £2.99 from eBay I think the side ones, despite being the cheapest, are possibly the best looking! The front ones were a real pain to change, but all of them were worth changing. Whenever I'm behind another Fiesta, the orange indicator bulbs are always too noticeable for my liking! Cool Blue Intense Main Beam and Fog Lights (and LED sidelights!) Main (H1): £12.00~ from Amazon Fog (H11): £27.00~ from Amazon Sidelights: £0.99 from eBay It is hard to capture these as they are so bright! The colour of them is definitely whiter than the standard bulbs and both were fitted without much trouble. The main beam blue bulbs are slightly visible, though the colour goes with my blue car anyway! The fog lights and the full beams on dark nights are both simply brilliant; definitely an improvement. LED sidelights are also necessary and quick to fit. I did have to use some Amazon vouchers to justify the fog lights, though, as they are pretty steep... 6000K H7 HID Kit £12.00~ from AliExpress I was sceptical about fitting HIDs, but the forums suggested these. For the price, I had to have a go and I can say that they work very well. The fitting was okay and the light, spread, etc is really nice. I can't make comparisons against other kits and I know some are sceptical about cheaper kits, but I have run these for a two hour journey and they are still exactly as I fitted them without melting or blowing up, so initial signs are good, right? I also found them less tiring than my previous lights (Osram Nightbreakers, £17.00~ from Amazon) to drive home at one o'clock in the morning on the motorway. White S Stickers £1.00 x2 from DMB I don't know why I got these, other than the fact they were cheap! I just thought I needed to put something on the small front windows and these did the job nicely for only £1.00 each! Climair Wind Deflectors £40.00~ from Ford Parts UK (although I got them from a very kind forum member!) It took a week or so for me to get to like these, and I think then it was actually because of the practical side to them! It is great being able to have the windows down in the warmer months without getting blown constantly in your face, so they really do work well for their designed purpose. The look of them has now got to me and I'm very glad they are now permanently fitted to my car! Mobius Actioncams £55.00 x2~ from Hobbyking (plus about £20~ in extra cables, piggybacks, holders etc.) Unfortunately, this purchase decision followed on from my older sister being in two crashes within the space of a few months. It has literally taken a year (written March 2016) for both of these to be approaching solutions and, knowing they wouldn't be resolved quickly, I wanted to make sure I had a little extra 'protection' of my own. There are a lot of dashcams around these days, some easier to set up than others. I have found these Mobius Actioncams to do exactly what I want; they turn on when my car is on, stay on for a short while when my car is off and continuously loop record everything that goes off in front of me and behind me. The front camera is about as discreet as it can be; the rear camera, held up with Velcro and Blu-Tack (it works!) is in a discreet enough position that it is barely noticeable through the tinted rear windscreen. I'm pleased to say I've only used these to view comical footage or footage of bad drivers, and hope that it stays that way! What is strange is how vulnerable I feel in others' cars when they don't have these fitted... And not really modifications, but... Kenwood KSC-SW11 Underseat Subwoofer £102.99 from Amazon I didn't want a subwoofer that took up half my boot and would never get used to its full potential, so I bought one of these instead. Fitting it took a couple of hours, maybe, and connects to the back of the stereo speaker cables. Wired in through piggyback connectors of the fuse box and hidden under the drivers seat, I have found this has worked brilliantly throughout all the months I've had it now. The car doors no longer vibrate with each beat as the bass is coming out of this, rather than the door speakers! I also get to 'feel' the music as I drive a long - something I might add to the passenger side too one day if I have a spare £100! Kingston 32GB Micro Duo Flash Drive £9.00 from Amazon A very fast and discrete flash drive for storing music on for use in the car. It has two ends; the other connects directly into the Micro-USB sockets on most current smartphones, which is also useful! Last updated 3rd March 2016.
  9. Hi, ive just bought a mk7 fiesta and I would like to have a Bluetooth or usb functionality to play music from my phone. Problem is I have no idea what unit will fit and where I can get one from. any info on what people have used and where I can get the bits from would be very handy. apologies on my lack of knowledge but everyone's got to start sometime. see photos below of what I have currently
  10. JonnWhite

    Fiesta MODS!!!

    Morning Everyone! SO i'm on fiesta no. 2 and now want to MOD this one. Im thinking Full LED light set? See if Sync 2 will fit? Or change the radio for something Sync 2 like and put a reversing camera in. Already has sync 1 it's okay but mum's new car has sync 2 and im a little jealous!! I like Xeon headlights any way to get em? And maybe the LED DRL's? Mine like naff compared to my mums C-Max. Electric windows in the back? I saw a guide for someone putting them in the front, but all round would be brill! Has anyone successfully added Cruise control to their car? For apparently can't add it after factory which is pants :( Also powerfold mirrors? The list is long, but i doubt its as long as some of you! If anyone has any good recommendations please lemme know! Pictures are below not great and its a bit dirty
  11. Hey guys, i have a ford fiesta edge 1.4 tcdi i have been looking and looking but still havent got a clue what i can do to it, i would like to make it look nice and sound nice anyone got any tips or anything cheers
  12. So a few months back I purchased my first Ford, a Mk6 fiesta finesse, nothing to fancy as I was only 19 at the time (now 20). After gathering some experience with cars within my job (Halfords) and out of research I decided I wanted to make my fiesta something special to me, I'm still undecided on a full ST conversion or just to get the exterior and custom build/make the interior of my car. This was the week after I bought her, all cleaned, polished and waxed A few weeks later and after much research I found her a new set of wheels, The wheels need a reverb which I plan on doing myself but they do fill up the arches nicely compared to what it was before, a full list of planned mods and pictures will be posted
  13. So I've have my fiesta for over a year now and recently had someone drive into the front of it. so i need a new bumper as the other one is cracked, but while i'm at it i'm going to remix the entire car, i currently have no photos to hand but will up load a ton asap. The car is 3rd hand and has 60,000 miles on the clock. I have recently changed the air filter as the other one was ruined. I have a sub that needs fitting but it's a passive speaker so i need an 4 ohm 800 watt amp to go with it. any other mods that can be done would be great as i desperately need help! Thanks, Jack P.S. the Car is still in it's factory state so there have been no mods yet.
  14. djf88

    Side repeaters

    From the album: Focus 04 1.8 tdci

    Replaced the stock orange lenses with these nuetral smoked side repeaters.
  15. Hello, Just picked up my my 2010 Focus MK2.5 1.8 Zetec with Sport Pack. Loving it so far, but only done about 150 miles. Has anyone done a modification to the needle pointers in the dashboard. I am looking to change the colour of the needle pointers from the default red to mabe a blue from the 2012 focus for example. images of both attached. I look forward to a reply and becoming a part of this community :) Thanks in advance Harry Ford Kuga dials are identical to my focus, just just so you see what i mean. And the new 2012 focus dials:
  16. My dad has just got a mk7.5 titanium & under his central heater control he has a digital read-out. On my mk7 zetec I have a black space-saver which looks like a card holder.. I was wondering if anybody has managed to do anything productive with it, along with any other interior detail modifications alike?
  17. HI Everyone! I have a 2008 Focus Zetec auto, and i am looking to retro fit the auto headlights and maybe auto wipers to it. I know i need to see if i have the correct wiring, however i was wondering if there was anyone they could help me establish this?! Also i will need to change the config for the car, i used to have a vauxhall astra and could do it on there however it's a little different with a ford. Not sure i would like to mod the ELM reader myself, or pay ford £70! I'm guessing that i would need: Auto headlamp switch Auto Wiper stalk Sensor and new mirror? My mum has a 62plate zetec when you open the doors and it is dark it automatically puts the side lights on (also when you unlock it) when you close a door they go off and then when you open on the come on, is this possible also? Not in any rush to get this done however would be cool if i could do it. TIA! Jonathan
  18. Hi! Welcome to my build thread about my new Fiesta which has replaced my old Mk3 Fiesta (Scarlett) I'm planning on putting all my mods here so I don't have to make like a million threads! So anyways, on with the show! Heres the Fiesta when I picked her up :) Now after buying this It made me poor and really need to look after the pennies, so I decided to start by mapping out what I want to mod and what priority based on cost etc. For example, K&N Filter is going to be cheaper than the Fiesta ST seats that I want etc etc. anyways, for £3 I picked up an LED light, when I got it I found that actually the light I got with my Fiesta wasn't the correct one, so being my Mum has the 06 Ghia I swapped the lights out (With her permission, ofc :P ) and put the Blue LED in there. This is how it looks currently: Now the only problem is the reading lights are white still, whether I change them I'm not sure but if I do want to change them I'm not sure what bulbs they are! So yeah, this is what I've done so far, hope you like it. My Upcoming Mods are: Badge Gel Overlays (White Background, Blue 'Ford' writing) Fiesta ST Gearknob Fiesta ST Seats Fiesta ST Pedals K&N Filter Air vents wrapped Ice Blue Sidelights Any comments/Feedback let me know but I'm going to keep this thread updated and Picture heavy so watch out! Still trying to think of a name for her however!
  19. Hello everyone, I have just got a Focus 1.8 TDCI 05 plate and it has been made to look and sound like an ST. And thats all great, sure, looks lovely. But, and its a big but, how do I get it to DRIVE more like an ST? I've looked at remaps and induction kits and whatever else but I'd like some advice from you guys. Realistically I'd like to spend up to £500 and I'd like to get it from 115bhp near to the 160 mark. My uncle said he will sort me out with a remap for £100 which should see a good improvement, but what else is there I can do? Any advice would be great. Cheers :)
  20. Hi all, So, I was looking and seriously thinking could I fit the Fiesta ST (Mk6 style, believe it's the ST 1?) seats into my 2008 MK6 Fiesta. Looking at the back seats they'll fit straight in, however will the front seats be the same? Doesn't matter what I search I cannot find an answer. I found one forum in total which someone has asked the question and everyone said yes but I wanted to double-check with everyone here as I'd prefer an answer from today not 4 years ago :) I want to be able to just slot the old ones out and put the ST ones in. These are the seats in question, I can see that someones put them in a Transit so I think it'll be fine but yeah!: Any ideas/know hows are appreciated. Thinking about picking them up this weekend.
  21. WhiteBoy

    Aux And Usb Mod

    Hey, just wondering what this actualy does: I already have an AUX socket in the glovebox, What is the USB used for? I have the the Ford 600CD stereo so will this benefit me in any way? Would be nice if i could control my iPad or iPhone via the steering wheel controls or even charge it from that. Thanks.
  22. So I bought one of these iPod cable adapter kits from Connects 2. It's one of these cables that allows you to trick your radio into thinking that your iPod is actually the CD changer, so it streams audio through the head unit whilst also supplying power to charge your iPod and also letting you send commands to skip next/previous track, shuffle and repeat, and also select playlists all from the buttons on your standard Ford radio (a 6000CD in my case). Unfortunately, after installing it I am only getting audio passed through/power supplied to my iPod. I've tried several models of iPod, iPhone etc and none of them can be controlled from the radio head unit as promised on the website. The guys at Connects 2 reckon it's because my Fiesta already has the Aux input port for connecting MP3 players etc, but I can't see how that would stop the CD changer from sending commands to the iPod.... I've seen it working fine with the head unit buttons controlling the iPod in videos of the same 6000CD head unit online, so I know that it is possible. I also know that certain models of Fiesta were released with the ability to have the Aux port added but not actually activated, so I'm wondering if there's a way to disable the Aux feature and if that would allow me to use the head unit buttons as promised. Anybody know anything about this stuff or know anybody who might??
  23. andysvision

    Like This Mod?

    Hello everybody.i am going crazy about this difusser on this mk2 Focus. Can anyone tell me were do i find this back bumper splitter,diffuser..can you find me any link on the net PLEASEEEEEEEEE I WANT IT FOOOOOOR CHRISTMANS :) :)
  24. I have a 2007 Fiesta Zetec 1.4. It has a pretty standard Ford Radio/CD player HiFi with an Aux input for connecting my iPhone/iPod, but what I'd rather have is a permanent 'dock connector' style cable (i.e. the 30-pin adapter that plugs into the bottom of an iPhone/iPod to provide both power and line-out audio) that I can install in the glove box so that I can just leave an old iPod in there on repeat for constant playback. I'd like it to be in the glove box because whenever I use my iPod in-car through the Aux port, I have to connect the audio, then connect the power to a cigarette-lighter/USB adapter, and then pack it all away when I park for fear it will be attractive to thieves etc. As well as hiding it away, I'd rather do it with the 30-pin line out connector because when I connect an iPod via the Aux-in port and charge it at the same time, I get a nasty ground loop/earth hum coming through the speakers (which varies when I rev the engine/change gears etc). So all in all, if I could end up with a single cable coming out in the glovebox somewhere which could both charge my iPod AND pass audio through to the radio (even if this disabled the external Aux-in port to do so) I would be well pleased. If I could still use the Aux-in port that would be even better. So basically I'm assuming I need to cannibalise a 30-pin connector and find a way to plug the audio pins into my stereo and also find a 5V line somewhere to charge the pod... unless some clever person has already manufactured a cable to do just this....?? Anybody know how I might go about this??
  25. So I have just fitted some xenon white dipped beam and sidelight bulbs from eBay and don't get me wrong they look bright in the dark but nowhere near that of HIDs. I just want some help to find the BRIGHTEST bulbs that can be a straight swap (and road legal of course) that most new Mercedes and BMWs have or at least something very close to that! The ones I have are bright white but I want something with much more of a blue tint to it and people will think WOW when seeing them! I see lots of people recommending the Philips blue vision ultras but are these even brighter and have a good blue tint to them? All advice welcome! Thanks! :)