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Found 120 results

  1. Hi guys... I've got myself a 1.0 ecoboost 125 zetec s and I'm starting to look into the mods that I can get for it. So far I have only focused (pardon the pun) on aesthetic mods - blacking all the chrome trim (grill & under window), O.Z centre caps, de-badging, window tint, carbon door pillars and red brake callipers. Also planning on having the alloys resprayed black soon as well. Any more aesthetic mod ideas? I am currently searching for a replacement air filter, anyone have any good recommendations of ones they like? I'm also considering some more performance related mods, but I do have concerns over re-mapping and other such performance enhancements... feel like a lot is already being asked of the pretty small engine? Will performance mods just ruin the engine, economy etc? Heard a mixed bag of good reviews and scare stories... worth doing or best to avoid? With that said, I'm currently looking around for a replacement exhaust... can't find anything for the 1.0 focus, so will most likely go for a custom build from Powerflow. Annoyingly however, my focus has no exhaust exit in the bodywork, unsure whether to have a hole/s in the bumper cut out or just have to exhaust coming out underneath? Anyone have any good ideas for the styling or system? I would love a little deeper note but nothing too loud. I don't want to push into boy racer territory... looking for more of an understated feel. Sorry for the long list of info, this is my first post so a lot of things I would love advice on. Thanks in advance. Adam
  2. hi, I'm new to the performance/upgrading game for cars. I have a ford mk6 fiesta 1.6 zetec s (petrol). the engine has just had a full service with; engine oil, gearbox oil ( as the gear box has been chanced ) oil filter change. I am looking to get more power out of the car. I understand that I will not gain massive amount with out spending thousands plus. but I whiling to spend a fair amount on this car in an effort to see what I can do to the car. I have been doing a fair bit of looking around and seen that people have turbo conversations and I would be insteaded in doing so but would not know where to start. not only that I have looked into swooping the engine for the st150 or 170 witch I know they will fit, just need to know clearly what is needed for these. over all the car is standard apart from a longlife exhaust system. all help is must appreciated
  3. hello all, i am looking for modification ideas Interior and external modifications everything will be considered! About my car and modifications i have already done. My car- Model: Ford focus mk2 Year: 2006 Fuel type: Petrol Engine size: 1.8 -Modifications exterior- 40mm lowering springs LED bulbs side lights HID main beams Xenon style full beam LED foglight bulbs Custom half straight through exhaust Polished stainless steal exhaust tip Team heko wind deflectors Pressed plates 18" focus ST alloys -Interior modifications- Pioneer double-din radio Hand break video bypass (button wired into the centre console) Round centre console knobs thanks for the help!! Photo credit: ReinisB Photography
  4. Casserole

    Mk7 Mods

    Hi all, I’m just starting to modify my facelift mk7 fiesta and I’ve already had some issues. So I’ve got some lowering springs and I noticed the rear top pad on the current springs has deteriorated and needs replacing. Is it worth paying the extra money for the powerflex pads? Or keep them standard? Also is there anything else worth replacing, on the front or rear, while I’ll do the swap? I would also like an air filter but have no idea which one to get, any suggestions? Also I would like a remap but nothing silly, like maybe 130/140bhp ish. I currently have 99bhp. Again any suggestions? Any other recommendations for mods? Tom
  5. Hi all, New to the site so apologies of this is in the wrong place. I recently purchased a Ford Focus ST-3 TDCI and I am wanting to begin modifying and styling. At the moment I’m more leaning towards the Aesthetic modifying with performance later once more money has been saved. Just wondering what are people’s recommendations that I can use for inspiration etc. Also my car has the electric headlights (corner adaptive, auto dimming full beam etc) And I’m wondering if there any custom versions of this headlight, I’ve seen the U-Halo LED lights for the standard version and was wondering if anyone has seen one of the same. If not is there anything that can be done about the ugly DRL (either change or add more). Lastly any tips for insurance companies with regards to modifications ? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Hi, all Has anyone done any mods to their new fiesta? Interested to see any pictures Does anyone know if the mk7 wind deflectors fit the mk8? Any news on mountune upgrades? Are they going to be releasing anything soon?
  7. I'm only 16 (learning to drive next month) and this is my first car so I’ve tried to personalise my car subtly to avoid looking like the 17 year old chavs we all see driving round... Here’s the car when we picked it up: After cleaning and polishing it, the first thing I did was put domed gel private plates on: Then I swapped the standard red mirror caps for black ones: Removing the ‘Ecoboost’ badge was the next change I made, and while I was at it I applied a red pinstripe along the lower edge of the rear diffuser: Not pictured are my black interior mats with red trim and red heater vent ring overlays. Thanks for looking! Let me know what you think, and feel free to suggest any other small aesthetic mods I can do
  8. Sparkyjames

    Mk7 Metal Modifications

    I'm looking to do some bits to my mk7 metal, Any suggestions what I should do ?
  9. Sparkyjames

    ford fiesta st diffuser

    I have a fiesta mk7 metal, would i be able to fit a st diffuser on my car ? If i can would it be hard to do so ?
  10. I am new I am wanting to make my Ford Focus 1.6 style 100 petrol faster I know I can put and cold air intake but is they any other way to make it have more power
  11. Hi guys just recently purchased a 2011 Focus mk2.5 Zetec S from the UK, got a good deal and the spec is nice compared to my last focus zetec. I hate the Zetec S rear diffuser and was wondering does anyone know if the one pictured will fit or do yous know anywhere I could get one similar. The black focus is the one I have. Thanks
  12. Hi, I'm new to this site but so far I've seen some great stuff on here. I recently bought a mk7.5 fiesta, it's a 1.2 petrol and it's pretty slow and has no go about it. I was wondering, as far as modifications go what's the best things I could do to make the car, faster, have better bhp, and just overall drive nicer. Any response will be greatly appreciated, many thanks. Callum 😀
  13. Looking for a little help here... can anyone explain to me how I add the mods I've done to my car so they show up when I reply to posts, etc? I've noticed a few members have at the bottom of thier name a list of mods, previous, cars, etc, but I'm not sure how to add this information. Would appreciate any help, tips on how I do this...thought it would have been in the edit profile area but can't seem to find the right section. thanks again
  14. Leandros

    New Focus Owner

    Hi All, total newbie to the whole car scene. I recently purchased a 2009 mk2 (facelift) Focus Titanium 1.8 petrol. Probably a stupid question as most newbies ask.... Is there a way to incease the power? I searched high and low for turbo kits etc but cant seem to find anything for my particular model. Ive found tonnes for 1.6 zetec or 1.8 zetec or 2.0 rs/st but theyre all diesel apart from the rs/st Any suggestions? (stop looking?) lol . I dont know much about cars but im competent enough to do an internet search and it just looks like this isnt possible specifically for my 1.8 petrol engine? Any advice would be greately appriciated. Thanks all
  15. S1600Foster

    Headlight Brows Legal?

    Hi everyone, I was thinking of buying some headlight brows for my fiesta s1600 (from triple r composites). Does any one know if they are legal, or if my car will fail its MOT with them installed? I have contacted them, and they aren't aware of any issues regarding cars failing MOTs. Obviously I don't want to fit something that could get me pulled over by the police etc... Any help would be appreciated
  16. Lukestersim


    Hello everybody...picking my new fiesta ST Line up on saturday and just curious as to what little mods people have done to their cars. Looking to do a little bit to the interior of mine
  17. Alright, so I installed AIRTEC Stage 2 induction kit. I took it out for a skoot and I noticed once I put my foot down there was a whistle coming from the passenger side... I am completely lost on why its making this weird sound and would appreciate any help or suggestions!
  18. Progressively adding subtle changes to my car. From getting Y design Ford alloys in black to carbon wrapping the interior and adding mud flaps. Let's see your mods! I'll post mine at a later date.
  19. RhysMk6


    Hi there, i'm new to FOC and have a ford fiesta Mk6, petrol, 1.25 engine. Im new to modding and tuning cars but looking to learn as much as I can. I want to start by inproving my horsepower and top speed and improving the general look of my fiesta for a more sporty feel, any advice and tips would be great thanks :)
  20. Hi, I have a Ford Fiesta 1.0L ecoboost 100ps Zetec since April 2015. I have done a few mods which include: Sony Stereo upgrade Wind Deflectors LED ambient lighting LED Illuminated Door Sills LED Fog units ST 17" Alloy wheels ST Centre console with armrest ST Molten Orange Recarro Seats Full Dress Up Kit Zetec S front grills Mountune Induction kit I have a few more things that I am going to do such as: Cat Back Exhaust System (July) Bluefin Chip (July) Rear Parking Sensors ( fitting this weekend). Any suggestions please let me know. :)
  21. Hi, I want to fit eyebrows onto my race red ford fiesta mk7 and I know there are already lots of threads but I can't seem to find any coloured? Do people just buy and paint themselves or get a professional and how easy are they to fit? If im gluing things I really don't want to mess it up... Many thanks Tom.
  22. Gavin01

    My modifications so far..

    Here are a few pictures of the mods I've carried out to my focus thus far. 1.) All new front bumper grilles & painted fog surrounds. 2.) Foot well lighting that lights up when you open the doors. 3.) Removed air box completely, fitted induction filter. Fitted oil catch can, and replaced breather hose from engine to air box with blue hose to oil can, and then back into the intake.
  23. Hi, I want to lower my car but I don't know weather to buy Eibach or H&R lowering springs? I only want to lower the car by about 30-35mm and I can buy either and have them fitted for almost the same cost. Anyone got either of these on their 1.0 Fiesta and can share their experiences or thoughts? Many thanks, Tom :)
  24. Hi as you can tell from the title I have a 1.0 eco-boost and just wondered on what people's thought were. I've looked on YouTube and I'm sort of favouring non resonated but is it louder than the videos seem to suggest... Will be interesting to see if people have had this mod done! Thanks in advance for any advice!
  25. Hi, I was thinking of getting some H & R 35mm lowering springs installed onto my 1.0 mk7 Fiesta. Does anything need to be re- aligned? Also looking at the milltek cat back non resonated system. Will this affect my mot, emissions or tax? Thanks in advance for any help 😁