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Found 13 results

  1. Before this starts, I take no responsibility for this going wrong for you or if it in anyway breaks your car. This is done at your risk and your risk only. It is also your responsibility to check your car's compatibility. For this upgrade, I had a Fiesta, early 2013, with the Blue LED text screen but NO track info on Bluetooth. I have taken photos and illustrated as much as possible, any questions drop below. When playing music, this is what it should look like BEFORE the upgrade This is for UK Cars I replaced an AM5T module with a D1BT module to make this work. (Pictured) First thing I did, was to double lock the car with me inside it and make sure that the radio and SYNC system were off (completely black screen). Some people disconnect the battery however I decided not to simply for the convenience of it. I kept the doors shut to prevent anything turning on, and I lay on my back with my feet on the passenger seats in the rear, and bent underneath the footwell. (Bring a flashlight) As the photo shows, you want to remove the two little black screw things, I recommend using a small key or perhaps a knife. Once you have pulled it out about half an inch, you can do the rest with finger work, however the first little bit requires a bit of effort. You want to do this for both sides, so you have 4 little bits in total (pictured) Once you have these out, the panel should fall away. You'll then be able to see the black box module, this is what you are replacing. Remove the two cables. The larger and wider cable, there is a small notch which you need to push in, this will then allow it to slide from right to left, allowing you to pull it out and remove it. Do not pull it until the grey/white band is out of the way As pictured, push that notch down, then slide the band/plastic to the left hand side. Don't force it, it should feel easy. Doing this will raise the cable/eject it slightly, allowing you to remove it with ease. For the other cable, there is a small notch to push in, once pushed in, wiggle it out and it should come just fine. Now you have the cables free, flip the little tray/shelf over and remove the two larger black screw items, they're fairly easy to get out so just use finger nails and you'll be fine. This then releases the black box, so don't drop it as they're fragile inside! Remove those two black large circles to release the box. Once released, I recommend TESTING your new box simply by plugging it in (read the end of this post for my experience, you won't regret it) and seeing if it works. Once you've checked all is good, or you're just going all out, then you want to reattach everything. Follow this guide in reverse, however one little bit of advice is, the wider you make the gap between the two little grommets (pictured below) the easier it is to slot it in before pushing upwards and sealing it. You'll know what I mean when you do it yourself. With everything back together, and all in place, my car display now looked like this. This, to me, is a much needed improvement! You will need to re-add your phone to the bluetooth settings and all that stuff. And there we have it, SYNC is fully upgraded. Read if you have issues / These were my issues: So I plugged the new module in and turned on the ignition, and it wouldn't recognise the module at all, it refused to go onto AUX mode and just wasn't working. I unplugged it, plugged in the old one to test I hadn't broken a cable. This worked fine so I plugged the new one back in, first time I had no joy. Turned engine off, waited for it to turn off and then turned it back on and it showed minor signs of life with blank screen on AUX instead of refusing to go onto it at all. I can't guarantee this will work for everyone HOWEVER, what worked for me was going onto MENU --> And clicking SYNC Settings. This brought up a 'SYNC initialising' and after hitting AUX a number of times to cycle through USB, Line in etc, it finally woke up and worked. I simply added my Phone and the Bluetooth was fine. Hope that your install goes to plan and if not, drop a question and I'll do my best to help.
  2. Hi all, Would anyone have any knowledge of lights always being on and locked in dip mode only when ignition is turned on please? also no other light options work other than indicators/hazards e.g. no fogs back or front, no main beam. 08 Galaxy D. Happy Saturday you lovely people.
  3. Hi all, I'm new to fiesta stuff so please go easy on me :) I just got a 58 plate Fiesta mk7 Zetec S tdci. I have all the features that indicate i should have working bluetooth usb and aux. I have the usb and aux ports under the handbrake. The voice activation on indicator stick etc etc. However my USB, AUX and Bluetooth are not working. I can't turn bluetooth on in the menu, and whenever i plug aux or usb in, they just dont work. I have checked the module is there, i have checked the fuses, and i have checked that the module is getting power. What else could it be? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Cheers guys
  4. Jo72

    ABS Module Failure

    I have a 2010 Ford Fiesta 1.25 Edge and the ABS Module has failed. I have had various quotes to have it repaired from £700 - £1100. As it is now an old car I was considering buying a used ABS module from a car salvage and recycled parts company, which would work out a lot cheaper. I would like to know which ABS Module I would need for my car or are they all the same? Thanks
  5. Eve, my Mk2 Focus, has developed a little problem over the last couple of weeks. On a few occasions whilst driving I've had a warning that the rear passenger door is open which has now developed into the alarm going off occasionally whilst the car is parked up. I'm guessing that there's a problem with whatever it is that detects that the door is closed. Is there some kind of sensor in the lock mechanism? Any suggestions on how to resolve this would be appreciated - (i) what can I do to fix the problem? (ii) what components may need replacing? (iii) can I bypass it?
  6. Hi all, I'm new to this I was wondering if I was going mad after replacing the ford cd 6000 stereo in my 2002 focus 1.8tdci only to have the airbag light come on??? Is there any way for this to happen as I wouldn't have thought the airbag would have anything to do with the car stereo loom, Is it a case of buying a new module and just fitting it, had it on a diagnostic scanner and the guy said that the problem was airbag module not turned on???? Btw I cannot find how to search forum topics so I'm not sure if this has been posted before, Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  7. Woz123

    Usb/bluetooth Module

    Hi, My USB in the fiesta has always had issues from pretty much when I had it, from freezing to not recognising the USB. Usually to fix the issue, disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes and reconnecting would sort itself out. Well today, it's had enough it won't work at all. Pressing the AUX button on the dash - does nothing Pressing the bluetooth button on the LH stalk - does nothing I had a quick search on the forum, and people are pointing towards the USB module, after a quick google/youtube, I found this video Edit; Found one on a ford parts website After removing the cables and then re-fitting, the AUX button now changes the screen to (LINE-IN), it recognises that the USB stick is being inserted and removed although won't bring up the option to play any of it. The USB is working in the slot as it is flashing. The bluetooth doesn't work at all, it recognises the phone + contents of phone book although upon dialing it won't connect to the phone at all. My feeling is the module is knackered and requires replacing. Has anyone come across buying one from ebay for example? Thanks
  8. Hello, maybe someone knows where in Ford C-MAX 2007-2010 is bluetooth module? My Ford: **************(maybe my ford don't have bluetooth module?).
  9. Hi, I have a Ford Focus Mk2.5 Titanium 2009 Model and have been looking to retrofit Bluetooth to it, I have followed Gaz RS's guide, and have the microphone wiring in the interior light as mentioned. I have bought a module and all the other relevant parts, but having taken out the glovebox, I can't find the Bluetooth module wiring. I have looked a couple of times now and have pulled back the thick grey foam but can't find anything. If I purchase the patch loom 1467152, where would I find the microphone wiring as again I can't see it behind the glovebox anywhere. Any help is much appreciated as I'm struggling now and have purchased all the items. Thanks
  10. Hi guys, I've just replaced my stock BT / VC moudle on my 08 MK2.5 Focus Titanium - but it didn't go smoothly. After doing a bit of research, I like others discovered that you could replace the version of module in order to add USB and BT audio streaming support. This isn't something that is supported by the original module that came with the car. So.. I sourced a new module (8M5T-19C112-AM) which, as far as I'm aware is the earliest version that was introduced with the USB support and which i did in order to increase the chances of compatability. I removed the glove box and exchanged the old for new (which is an absolute pain!) I managed to pair my phone, cycle through USB/ ipod... BT audio stream etc and confirmed that my Sony DAB worked as it should. However, when I went to use voice control - nothing! I also noted that some interference (static sound) could be heard when phone was selected. It appears that the connector on the loom inside my car is configured differently and I assume has a different pin layout. The new module supports voice and works fine in all other ways. My question is: Does anyone know if there is a adapter for connector or if a new cable to the head unit would allow VC? Alternatively the layout of the pins and what modification needs to be done? I'm aware of other models (Mondeo for example) where the connector has been incorrect (older module) and then modified to support the replacement. I've gone back to the original BT module as I need the phone while I'm driving, but if I can't sort this out I'll have a USB module for sale! Thanks in advance Stu
  11. Hi all, I hope someone can help me with this. We have an 09 Fiesta Titanium, and recently the Bluetooth/voice/usb module stopped working. I managed to get hold of a second hand module, but I notice that the usb plug in the new module is of the mini usb type, whereas the plug in the old module looked more like a narrow usb A. My question is, is there an adapter available that will enable the older 09 usb cable in the car to plug into the mini usb of the new module? To me, it seems crazy that there wouldn't be, but not knowing the name of the type of connector in the car, searching the internet is like looking for a needle in a haystack! I just know that one end needs to have a male mini usb. Thanks in advance.
  12. Francis-Lee Pimentel

    Mk7 Bluetooth Component

    Hi all, Recently the aux, bluetooth and Voice control went on my Zetec S 58' Fiesta. Found a Bluetooth Nokia unit on EBay but no reply from the seller- does anyone know where I can get a replacement, preferably under the £230 Ford asking price? Cheers!
  13. ChrissH

    Bluetooth Module + Usb?

    Hi there, Just a quick question - Does the new focus have Bluetooth and USB? And if so, is the module from that the same as the one that would go in the fiesta to retro fit the USB? Also, can someone find a price for the USB Cables? (I got the FINIS codes from here: Cable from the USB socket on the Bluetooth Voice Control with USB Module, which connects to the USB cable from the IPOD Holder - FINIS: 1520708 FINIS: 1520710 8M5T-14D202-CB IP Cable, From: 25-02-2008 RHD, BT/VC Phone Interface + USB Connect SB Socket on the Ipod Holder - FINIS: 1497339 Also, Nath or Lez - Can you please PM me regarding Ford IDS? Much appreciated! Chris