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Found 235 results

  1. Andy W G


    Hi all. I have a 2007 Mondeo with the bare bones cd6000 stereo in it. I have the opportunity to replace it with a cd6000 from a 2010 mondeo but what I would like to know is whether the 2010 version has Bluetooth connectivity, or is it exactly the same as the 07 version? Obviously, no point replacing the one if it is the same! Thanks!
  2. Bangbangbenny

    Hi from Peterborough

    Just a quick hello, picked up my new to me mk4.5 Mondeo Titianum X sport on Monday, it's my 3 Ford after a MK1 focus RS, then a mondeo ST220, really happy with it so far, Benny
  3. hi guys im having a problem with my central locking ive got a 2009 mondeo estate zetec the problem im having is the drivers side of the car isnt locking with the key or remote fob and the mirrors and windows will not operate on the drivers side of the vehicle ive replaced the drivers door module and checked the wiring on the loom and all appears to be ok, ive also checked the fuses fa1 fa2 fa3 and fa4 in the rear fuse box ive also accessed the "hidden" menu and its showing 2 DTC codes one is c19900 does anyone have any ideas of other things to check before i go and spend a small fortune on diagnostics at an auto electricians
  4. Hi, new member here, sadly first visit is with an issue. Have a 2008 2.0tdci estate with manual 6 speed. Problem I’m having is that all gears work as usual except for second. Lever moves into position but no drive or noises. Is this a common problem on these? I’m guessing either linkage out of adjustment (hopefully) or something serious has happened inside the box. Anybody had any experience of this? Any advise on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Ok then. I have problem with my ford mondeo mk4 2008 reversing lights. I have checked the switch - even changed it, Checked the fuse - ok, Was advised to check the rely for these lights but digging in forums someone wise said there is no relay for that as too small of an electric circuit ( please don't quote me here), The bulbs are ok, so I have pretty much exhausted the list of to do first. There is no 12v supply to the lights switch and my question is how can i get the 12v supply to the reversing lights fuse so i can have these operational. I was thinking to tap in straight from the battery to one of the connector wires that are connected to the reversing light switch to feed 12v ( obviously having fuse in between the switch and battery). just wondering if that would work and would that be safe. Hope you can advise FOlks
  6. Hey there everybody, new member here. Just looking for a bit of advice in how to reset the battery sensor on a keyless start mk 5 mondeo titanium. I've seen a few things around the internet saying you turn ignition on (start the car?) , press the rear fog light 5 times and then the hazards 3 times but it doesn't seem to work for me? Anyone got any ideas please? Thank you
  7. One of my remote keys has stopped working. It is a flat bladed, non-flip type key. I have replaced the battery but it worked once and not again. I have checked the cost of replacing one of these keys and it is £120 from a local company - not Ford. However, I have also seen key fobs on sale on eBay that are much cheaper and could fit one of those to the existing blade. But is there a way to code the key? I know that you could previously use existing master keys to code replacements but this is not explained in the manual anymore, so supect this may not be possible. Any help or ideas?
  8. Hello all, I have a 2012 Mondy Titanium X Sport 2.2 TDCI (Duratorq) and have been having some acceleration and cruising problems for some time. It has been diagnosed as my EGR intermittently sticking. I am looking at deleting it with a blanking plate and re-mapped. But, all the blanking plates and kits I’ve seen are for a front-fitted EGR, I’m led to believe mine is at th back - is this the case? Can anyone advise or share a photo as to where exactly it is? Also, any recommendations on where to get a decent plate or kit from? Any help appreciated Ryan
  9. Hi Guys, I might be being silly here or asking something that's already been covered, but my front fog lights do not seem to be working on my mk5 estate. I have the X pack with the LED headlights. When I press the button for the front fog lights I get the symbol on the dash board that they are on but they do not actually come on. I have checked the lamps and they are fine. I know on the older models the front and rears are connected on the same fuse, i'm not sure if it's the same for the mk5's? if it is then the rears do work so that would show the fuse is fine? Any help would be very much appreciated! TIA
  10. Hi guys, I'm looking for any help or info please? my Mondeo recently went into limp mode and engine management light was activated. We Checked diagnostics for fault codes, see picture we have installed a new EGR valve also new purge valve and cleared the faults. Then after driving for a short while the engine light came back on, car went back into limp mode and these 3 fault codes are showing again. have any of you had this problem before? Do any of you have any ideas?
  11. My 2008 Ford Mondeo came with a Ford Sony FM Radio. I have bought a Ford Sony DAB radio, which is exactly the same as the FM radio- but DAB. i now need to install the DAB radio into my vehicle. Wanting some advice on what i need to do. i have a small rectangular box, that has 2 wires coming from each end. On one end theres a blue wire and a push on connector. on the other end theres a black circle connector and a FAKRA connector.
  12. Hi! I have a problem with ford mondeo tdci 2.0 2002. I chanced the clutch and Fuel pump near tank. Now car wont start. I have been priming and stuff but nothing works. Motor tries to start and then glow ligth begin to flash. False codes that are common now. p1608, p1666, p1564, p0252, p0335. Oh and tank is almost full.
  13. john theaker

    key fob

    hi all, just a quick question, twice just recently ive" blipped" the key fob to activate the central locking only for it to lock then immediately unlock again after making sure all doors and boot were closed properly i tried again and the locking worked ok then today it did it again and this time i had to use the key in the lock to activate locking which worked ok. is this just a weak battery or a fob failure or something more involved, cheers all in advance, John.
  14. Hi new here and looking for some advise my 2007 Mondeo 2.2 tdci ST broke down I had the fuel pump changed the injectors changed and the injector rail, plus the glow plugs, since I have had it back it’s a nause to start smoking white smoke, and the glow plug light is flashing and it keeps going into limp mode this only happens on cold start and once the engine is hot doesn’t have any issues, anyone know what could be causing this, the car has been to ford and no codes found, there is no PCM update available, and help would be great?????
  15. James Mount

    Member in Manchester

    Hi everyone, I'm James in Manchester. I drive a Mondeo 2.0tdci Zetec. I'm into big comfortable motors rather than picket rockets.
  16. Just a quick question… does anyone have a Ford Mondeo 2015 or newer (new shape)?? My car listed above has a tyre pressure monitor on it, I have inflated it a few times but every week now it goes off saying the pressure is low (but not flat). I have topped it up according to the manual for the bar/PSI and reset the monitor, give it a week, same thing. Not sure if I have a slow puncture and the tyre monitor doesn’t give individual tyre pressure readings (it’s all or nothing), just wondering if anyone else had the same issue? Don’t really want to go to Kwik Fit for them to tell me there is nothing wrong….
  17. Hi new to the group im hoping someone could help. My cars temperature seems to stay around the 85-90c mark most of the time but every so often will raise rapidly to 120c, after stopping for no more than 2 mins to allow to cool down it will return again to 85- 90c and hold there fine It seems to happen on load up hills etc. Its had the head gasket and water pump replaced last year by previous owner. cooling fan comes on and off as it should and heating is working as it should.
  18. Hello, I've got an 07 plate Mondeo titanium x and I'm struggling to find the 'honeycomb' grilles which fit the upper and lower sections. Mine is the 'pre facelift' i believe and I wondered if anyone could send me in the right direction for them? I love the car I just hate the front end including the headlights, does anyone know if there are different styles or types available for the headlights? The upper grille I want is this style - The same style for the lower grille is also needed. Any cheaper alternatives to these - and also are they a straight swap? -
  19. Dave C 84

    ABS Pump

    Hi Ladies and Gents I hope you are all well I have a 2007 Mondeo Titanium X 2.0 TDCI and last week my ABS and TCS lights came on at the Lights It had an MOT yesterday and the car failed, only on the fault above. I had it hooked up to the diagnostics which showed a fault with the Passenger side wheel speed sensor, which I replaced but the lights remained after fault clearing. I was then advised to replace the wiring loom above. £50 later the problem was still not resolved. The wheel was also showing to be travelling at 158MPH at a stand still on the diagnostics at this point. Today I took the car over to my brothers garage who knows a little more and He checked the wiring right through to the ABS pump itself and all volt meter reading came back fine. The only problem He could find was with the ABS pump itself. Unfortunately, He hasn't got the time to take the part out until Monday for me. The car isn't worth what Ford wants for a new pump, So a second hand pump I believe, is my only option. If anyone knows the appropriate type, model or part number I need so I can try to source a new (s/h) pump over the weekend id be really grateful. Many Thanks in advance Cheers Dave
  20. Every time I put my arm/elbow on my arm rest it starts making creaking noises which is becoming quite annoying, I replaced the rubber stops which solved the issue for around 4 hours. Does anyone else have this same issue or does anyone has the answer to my dilemma? Thanks in advance
  21. Hello everyone, Woke up this AM with a bit of a problem on my Mondeo 2012 TXS...I seem to be missing some settings and functions on my head unit. Firstly my clock has disappeared, in the settings menu on the dash all my phone and radio options have disappeared and climate control is not working - either touchscreen on with the buttons. My screen blower seems to be stuck on a high heat and blow so it gets a boiling in the car once the engine has warmed attached. Any ideas?
  22. Ford Escort GTI 15 inch wheels with 195/50/15 tyres 4x108 fitment Wheels are in good condition I do have pictures of tyres and tread depths £150 collection only Any questions please ask
  23. Hi everyone. I have a 2009 Ford Mondeo Titanium. A few days ago I was driving on a dual carriageway at around 60mph. I was accelerating to 70 and all of a sudden the pull from the engine changed. When I was putting my foot down on the accelerator further the car seemed to make noise but not produce much more power. My car has not had the same pull since this day. When I am driving around town at speeds of around 30mph the pull is good and it sounds like the turbo is boosting, however that changes when driving at higher speeds when the engine revs go above about 2500. The power loss is between 2500 and 3000 revs. There is no smoke coming from the car. What do you guys think this issue could be? Could this be as simple as a fuel filter? Thanks in advance, Carl
  24. Hey guys, I have a Mondeo edge 09 2L manual with 45K milage. It was in a perfectly good condition when I bought it 9 months ago. I changed front tyres 2 months ago since they were wearing thin (new ones are Goodyear 215/55 R16 93W, rear tyres still Hifly 215/55 R16 97W XL). I also got a 4-wheel alignment. Since then began experiencing sudden swerving of the car to either side when driving on uneven roads, bumps, ruts.. etc. It's more noticeable around the back and on high speeds (40 MPH+). It's usually accompanied by some change in steering wheel direction. Done some research and I guess it's called tramlining but again not sure. Also not sure if it were there before I change the tyres cause I bought it in summer when roads were even, changed them in winter around the time roads became horrible. I checked it in a local garage which found nothing wrong with the suspension. Went back to the guy who fitted the new tyres to check alignment and suspension, said alignment is fine but the rearside offside control/trailing arm bushing is "wornish" and it might be the cause, would cost £90 and recommended doing it on both sides. He didn't seem very sure though, so I thought better than just do it. Now I'm at loss. I don't know what this is or where I should go to get this fixed! Any help or recommendations? I'm in Nottingham by the way. Thank you.
  25. dbannon89

    Hi from Kent

    Hi! Im Dan and new to the group and ford cars! (used to drive a transit connect) Ive just bought this beautiful 2012 Mondeo Titanium X sport 2.2 TDCI in dark micastone (from factory) Checked online EVERYWHERE and cannot find a single one other than this car! not even available in this colour in the 2012 brochure!! Dan