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Found 37 results

  1. I might as well start an introduction and brief history of the cars I've owned. Over the short period I've been driving I've owned may Ford's. Most have been Fiesta's with the odd Vauxhall thrown in. In 2010 i owned my favourite car, a Profomance Blue Focus ST3. Anyone that's ever owned a 5 pot Volvo powered Ford will know they make an awesome noise. After saying goodbye to the fuel hungry Focus I went back to the Fiesta and the new 1.0 Ecoboost 125ps version. In fact I had 2 in 4 years. You all know what I did to the little fiesta mods wise and had loads of fun doing it. I planned on keeping my Titanium X for a while but as usual Ford release something I like and I get distracted. This new distraction was the sudden announcement of a 5 door Fiesta ST in the UK. To me this was the one car I always wanted as a 5 door option and I'd been waiting 10 years for it to happen. With this news I rushed down to my nearest dealer with a wad full of cash. Fast forward 8 weeks and the new ST is nearly here and only 2 weeks to go. On order is one of the first firsta 5 door ST3's in the UK. I went for Spirit Blue out of the 5 colour options available. I've already started collecting part, some from my Titanium and some from Facebook / Internet. While I'm waiting for the car to arrive I might as well list the things I have planned for when it arrives. So here goes.... First thing strangely will be the wheel center caps. Ford decided that this year everyone will get black center caps. I'm getting spirit blue so want blue. Next on the list is mist / fan washer jets. I personally love them so decided to get some new ones. there only £4 so why not. Mist Jets I have an ST space saver wheel but not the correct retaining bolt or foam padding so there also to be added to the ST. it will come with the inflator but don't plan on using that. Wheel Parts Bulbs are next. Osram NightBreaker lazer H7s and Nightbreaker H1s all ready to be fitted. H1s H7s 5 door sill plates from EBay next. personally think these should have been provided considering its an ST 3. I still kept my Mountune airbox from the Titanium and will be sticking it in the ST too. to compliment that I've purchased a Mountune induction hose from our friends on Facebook. Also purchased were 2 hose clips. Airbox. Hose Hose Clips Obviously a map is planned and the MP215 kit is gunna be my choice. because of my many purchases from mountune I've been offered a very reduced rate. Possible gunna add the Mountune Gator again. Last on the initial list is a foot rest. I've seen loads and can't decide on a style yet. personally I might change the pedals to the older ones (spots) and get a plate to match. any ideas would be welcome. Well that's it for now so keep comming back for updates. I'll put up some links to the mods so far and add piccies. Thanks for reading
  2. Welcome to my build thread for my brand new Fiesta ST3 (with options of reverse sensors and a spare wheel). This is my second build thread having started one last year when I did a lot of work to Eve (Focus Mk2 Zetec Climate 2.0). We’ve now become a two car household and Eve will now be Mrs P’s car – build thread here – so I’ll still be updating that one every now and then. I purchased my ST through DriveTheDeal after getting some very good advice on the forum – see this thread for more info. I ordered the car on 18th April and was told to expect to wait 10-14 weeks before delivery but received a very surprising phone call last Friday to say that I would be able to collect the car today after a wait of just four and a half weeks. I spent the weekend sorting out insurance (ended up with AXA – best price and accept my planned modifications without altering the policy) and GAP insurance (5 year policy with Easy Gap). So here he is at the dealership: There’s a tiny paint defect on the rear bumper – I tried to get a photo but couldn’t capture it effectively – so the car will have to go back for a little touch-up in the next few weeks. Other than that the car is perfect and I enjoyed my drive back home. Having learned a lot through working on Eve I’ve already got a few modifications planned and I’m not going to hang around to do them either… Over the last few weeks I’ve been very busy researching and buying parts so that I can get Bastian just how I want him ASAP. I’m really not a fan of the ST alloys, so I knew they’d have to go. After a lot of Google image searches and trawling through online car forums and wheel shops I ended up buying some Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 (which were the wheels I always wanted anyway) in Anthracite Gloss. For those who are interested the original wheels on the Fiesta ST are: Diameter 17”, Width 7J, PCD 4 x 108, Offset ET47.5, Hub diameter of 63.4mm. The Team Dynamics are: Diameter 17”, Width 7J, PCD 4 x 108, Offset ET38, Hub diameter of 73.1mm. I bought the wheels from Demon Tweeks who supplied a fitting kit (spigot rings to cater for the difference in hub diameter and appropriate nuts) and I also bought a set of McGard locking nuts. Team Dynamics recommend an offset of 38 for the Fiesta and from my research on the web, consensus seems to be that offset of 38-42 is preferable. I received the wheels a couple of days ago and had fitted the spigot rings ready for installation. So, having driven home from the dealership this afternoon, I loaded up the boot and the back seats with wheels and headed to my local tyre shop to get my alloys swapped over with just 66 miles on the clock! (The ST alloys will be up for sale soon – PM me if you’re interested). Going forward I’ve got the following modifications planned (I know I should have done the security mods first but I was too excited about the wheels): Security Install dummy OBD port and relocate original Tracker – Rewire Security TK102 and hard-wire kit Cosmetic Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 alloys Rok Blokz Mud flaps Silvatec indicator bulbs Replace number plates Performance Mountune MP215 Audio Subwoofer – Alpine SBG-1044BR 5-Channel Amplifier – Alpine MRV-V500
  3. Hi, all Has anyone done any mods to their new fiesta? Interested to see any pictures Does anyone know if the mk7 wind deflectors fit the mk8? Any news on mountune upgrades? Are they going to be releasing anything soon?
  4. axesuso

    Shopping from mountune

    Hi all! Im very interested in the high flow primary induction hose from mountune, and the short-shifter arm for my Fiesta 1.0 ecoboost. But, i live in spain, and with shipping the cost of both items goes to about 240 pounds! is it worth? i feel is quite a bit of cash for two items. Anyone has some discount code or something? :P Do you recommend me these mods? even for that price? i need a little of advice and opinions as cash nowadays is limited Cheeers!!
  5. Hello everyone, As most will know you cannot buy Mountune badges without buying a kit, I have the induction kit & intercooler so feel like I could warrant a badge, as well as the fact I can't afford to get the 2k+ kit right now. I don't agree with Mountune badging with no mod's but I am sure there are others in the same boat as me, money wise. To cut the long story short, I have a supplier who can make high quality metal Mountune badges, is this something that people would be interested in or is it looked at quite badly in the world of Ford (I am still pretty new to the scene). Thank you
  6. axesuso

    Catback exhaust ?

    Hi all! first of all, happy new year 2018 to everyone ! Now, ive been looking foward to change the exhaust, coz i cant even see it lol, and thinking of a catback exhaust coz the whole thing is veeery expensive. But now im not sure if its a worth mod. Its about 500 £ and it seems that only difference is about look and sound? If its so, im not really interested coz i feel its a lot of money for just that. Does it have any better differences ? Ive been looking at milltek one (my fav), cobra, moongoose, and also mountune but not sure if its for 1.0 ecoboost zetec s thats my model car. The main question is, what brand you recommend me and if its really a worth mod. Ive also noticed that its a common mod, so it could be value for money ? currently my car has ITG induction, turbosmart dual port valve and remap from bluefin. Thanks everyone ! Cheers!
  7. I'm thinking of buying a moutune induction kit for my fiesta zetec s red edition so was wondering if anyone had one and what they thought of it and if they could post a sound clip? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi all :) sooo im completely new to all this, and I've been reading all the threads for the past few weeks but have decided to bite the bullet and do my own! i currently have the 1.0l 125 ecoboost Fiesta, and I've been looking into the mountune MP135 upgrade but have no clue where to start! i have the Ford warranty so most other options are out of the window for me unfortunately, but I just wanted to know if I could just get the MP135 kit to start off with, or if I'd have to upgrade other things along with it, or if not what would work well with it? Does anyone have any experience with this and what it's like for fitting? Could I do it myself or would I need to have it done? I also wanted to get the mountune sport spring kit, again does anyone have experience for fitting? How's the ride afterwards? sorry for the 18288229628 questions haha I'm just a newby trying to find my feet! any helps much appreciated, thanks guys! :)
  9. Hi, I have a Ford Fiesta 1.0L ecoboost 100ps Zetec. I have done a few mods which include: Sony Stereo upgrade Wind Deflectors LED ambient lighting LED Illuminated Door Sills LED Fog units ST 17" Alloy wheels ST Centre console with armrest ST Molten Orange Recarro Seats Full Dress Up Kit Zetec S front grills Mountune Induction kit I just fitted the induction kit and I'm not really noticing any difference in terms of sound. I will say that i have not changed the "Charge Pipe Upgrade Kit" or the exhaust system. Could this be the reason why as to not hearing much of a difference. Do I need to get the charge pipe upgrade kit? I have a few more things that I am going to do such as: Cat Back Exhaust System (July) Bluefin Chip (July) Rear Parking Sensors ( fitting this weekend). Any suggestions please let me know. :)
  10. emmison96

    Mountune Spoiler Extensions

    Does anybody know where to get the Mountune spoiler extensions for the 2013 onwards Fiesta Zetec S? Searched high and low but can't find them anywhere! Any help would be much appreciated!
  11. Hi all! I'm looking at the MR165 and MR135 MTune Only tools for essentially "remapping" or "re-calibrating" the ECU. With bluefin, I've heard you can revert back to the stock map, so what it was originally. Can you do this with this tool? Thanks! .#Crash
  12. Tom1994


    Hi, Apologies, I've posted this elsewhere but doesn't seem as though that thread is getting much interest atm Looking at a couple of mods for my car Focus ST250. Just looking for a bit of advice from someone who has past experience possibly? OSRAM Cool Blue Intense, Mains, Dipped & Side lights (Fogs not a priority): Are these any good? Do they make a noticeable difference to the look of the car & the driver vision. Or are there better alternatives on the market for similar prices? I've looked into converting to HID but I can't justify the price just for lights (currently at £500~ each for LH & RH Headlight.) Pumaspeed Blow Off Valve: How easy is this to install yourself? Been looking at a few videos and seems to be a little fiddly. Also is it worth it compared to the Stock BOV? Mountune mTune Only MT275: Is this a straight forward plug in and choose the selected remap or more tricky? I've contacted Mountune and they were a little vague on the details. It has to be Mountune as I'm a little vain when it comes to my car, especially now that my friends have decided to jump on the band wagon and are planning on getting their own Focus & Fiesta ST, and the one getting the Fez is looking for an already mapped Mountune. (Basically I like the badge and want to have the quickest and nicest sounding Ford in the group ) Mountune Induction Kit: How easy is this to install yourself? I know you can get this included in the mTune275 with the intercooler but I can't afford to fork out £1000~ in one purchase and I know if needed I can source a much cheaper Intercooler anyway. Again, I'd prefer the Mountune over anything else just because it looks that bit smarter.
  13. So I am going to have to start this retrospectively... by quite some way! I got my Fiesta ST back in September 2015 - loved it immediately from the very first test drive... Coming from a 1.4 Renault Megane that may be no surprise :) My girlfriend was rooting for an Audi A3 or Mercedes A Class... I won. I think it's grown on her since though (at least that's what I tell myself) Here it is way back when... It was in this same garage that I invited David Bailey round to take some tarty shots of the car and interior that have no relevance or context! \ Soon after the good stuff starts happening - much better than the photos that's for sure! Enjoy!
  14. I am looking for a better suspension set up on my Fiesta ST 2013 - Mountune MR230 package installed with billet quick shift as well. Currently I've got it lowered onto a set of H&R Sports Springs - around 35mm lowering - and spaced on Eibach Pro Spacers - total 30mm track width widening front and rear. I am thinking of going over to coil-overs though because the ride is still too jiggly and a large part of that I think is the spring rates and damping set up - the set I'm looking at are BC Racing BR Series Coil-overs - could anyone give me any advice as to the best set-ups they've found? I appreciate any help and advice that comes through!
  15. New member here - Birmingham based Currently driving a 2013 Fiesta ST-2 with the Mountune MR230 package and a few choice extras! Had it for coming up to a year now and can't stop fettling - long may that continue!
  16. hi, I have a 2014 fiesta ecoboost (100ps) and i have the following mods: Superchips remap Milltek cat back exhaust Graham Goode Racing GGR200 Cone filter I have just ordered the Graham Good Racing Silicone Intake pipe (Primary Induction Hose) an A.S. Silicone secondary Induction hose and an A.S. Polished top induction pipe. My question is I am looking at the Mountune Charge Pipe upgrade kit with the hard pipe. but i have no idea where this kits fits or connects to, Can someone with a bit more knowledge advise me? I thought this would complete the package. Thanks,
  17. Hi Have owned a Fiesta ST3 for the last month, best car I've driven in 18 years of motoring. Got the Mountune Performance Pack fitted (MP215); makes an awesome car just that little bit more awesome...You'd be mad to not have it;) Now I'm starting to think, hmm, what next? I do like the look/sound of the Mountune Cat Back Exhaust, that's definitely on my list (sadly not in stock at the moment). If you have this exhaust fitted, would you recommend it? I am aware that the stock exhaust has to essentially be 'cut-off', which has me a little nervous, I'll be leaving that to a garage methinks... I'm also thinking of getting the Mountune High-Flow Induction Hose (a nice red one). Looks very easy to fit and, if the claims are to be believed, makes first to second gear & general power delivery that little bit smoother. Being somewhat of a newbie to modifying cars, I am wondering if I will be able to fit this hose easily. I know my way around some basics, but an online video makes it look like I could cope quite easily. Sadly, at the moment, they don't have the hose clips in stock, but I'm sure they will soon. Again, anyone got this hose fitted & would they recommend it? Thanks for any advice. Chris
  18. JackGregoryy31

    1.0 ecoboost induction kit help

    Hello, im looking at getting a full induction kit for my red eddition and to be hopefully be running around 200bhp by the end of the year, can anyone tell ne anything about the sico devolopments kit i just want a general idea of whats good and whats bad but theres no information on there website to tell me about the gains from this kit but others say around 10bhp gain but theyre alot more money. Thanks
  19. Hello all, Been wanting to upgrade my exhaust for a while. Surprisingly, the most reasonably priced Catback system for the Mk7 1.6 ZS seems to be the Mountune one. £325 on their official site. Has anyone got any experience with this system? I know it's the Miltek one branded with Mountune etching on the tips so I guess anyone with the Miltek could give an opinion too? Cheers!
  20. Hey folks, Just a handy post here for some I'd imagine, it's the time of year when Mountune do a 12 day sale on their various bits and bobs in case anyone didn't know or had forgotten. The sales are generally decent and this year they seem to be doing things for a range of vehicles on each day, rather than just 1 thing for 1 specific vehicle like they did last year. I'll try and keep this updated but work schedule may interfere a bit but check out their Facebook page and website for up-to date details. They update at 09:00 every morning on that days deals. December 1 - Mountune Springs - 20% off all springs for the Focus Mk3 ST, Fiesta Mk7(.5) and the ST180. ST180 ones end up at £140 which is a steal if you're into lowering your car. December 2 - Induction Hoses - 20% off all induction hoses for all Fiesta Mk7's and Focus Mk2's and 3's including facelift. December 3 - Sound Symposer Delete - 20% off all symposer delete kits for Fiesta ST 180, Focus Mk2 ST and RS and Mk3 ST pre-facelift.
  21. JkRossST

    Mr230 Upgrade

    Hi Has anybody had the MR230 Power Upgrade installed to their Fiesta ST? If so, could you give me any information on it please? It's a lot of money to be paying out for something that isn't the top of its field! So wondering wether to go for it or to buy separate engine performance enhancing equipment Thanks!
  22. Hi all! I'm thinking about installing Mountune lowering springs to my Fiesta ST180 I was wondering if anyone has had these installed and could tell me more about them. Can you notice much of a difference with the looks? Can you feel a difference with the handling? Any information on this would be appreciated! Thank You
  23. Cagey

    Road To Mountune

    I have recently set the ball rolling to get my ST3 upgraded to the MP215 kit. I have also ordered the Cat back exhaust to be fitted at the same time. Once this is complete I will post some videos of the new exhaust note and how I feel about the decision. I am planning quite a few more upgrades over time some from Mountune and some not. But so far this little start button modification is all I have until then. The kit should be ready to go within the next 2 weeks according to the local dealer. I am really excited and also would like to know how others who already have these upgrades feel about them and if any others are recommended? :) I will also be posting updates and things on my Instagram if anyone is interested. Plenty of other content on there as well.
  24. Hi all! I'm thinking about installing Mountune lowering springs to my Fiesta ST180 I was wondering if anyone has had these installed and could tell me more about them. Can you notice much of a difference with the looks? Can you feel a difference with the handling? Any information on this would be appreciated! Thank You
  25. Hi all! I'm thinking about installing Mountune lowering springs to my Fiesta ST180 I was wondering if anyone has had these installed and could tell me more about them. Can you notice much of a difference with the looks? Can you feel a difference with the handling? Any information on this would be appreciated! Thank You