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Found 70 results

  1. Mk3hotrodTony


    Hello all! My name is Tony. I’ve just got myself a mk3 fiesta for racing, it has a 1600 cvh in at the moment. I did use to own a mk5 fiesta zs. Hope to talk soon guys!
  2. Casserole

    Mk7 Mods

    Hi all, I’m just starting to modify my facelift mk7 fiesta and I’ve already had some issues. So I’ve got some lowering springs and I noticed the rear top pad on the current springs has deteriorated and needs replacing. Is it worth paying the extra money for the powerflex pads? Or keep them standard? Also is there anything else worth replacing, on the front or rear, while I’ll do the swap? I would also like an air filter but have no idea which one to get, any suggestions? Also I would like a remap but nothing silly, like maybe 130/140bhp ish. I currently have 99bhp. Again any suggestions? Any other recommendations for mods? Tom
  3. Reedy1983


    Reedy1983 2013 candy blue Ford Fiesta 1.0 ecoboost
  4. gmcf62


    Hi just to introduce myself, I have been a Ford van driver for some twenty years finishing with a brilliant Transit Connect which after many many miles in it finally had to retire sadly, So I have just purchased a excellent Mondeo Titantium X on an 09 plate, I can't tell you just how delighted I am with it what a supurb car. If anyone has any tweaks or tricks I would appreciate any replies. Kind Regards Graeme
  5. raging ox

    Newbie here

    Hi. My name is Whiskey and I have an Smax titanium TDCI 140ps 2013 plate. Bought 2nd hand from a ford dealership more than a year ago. Car's pretty solid with 44K on the clock with no major mechanical issues so far. I planned to do some mods soon and will be looking into this forum for ideas. Thanks for letting me join.
  6. Right, I am a total newbie so please speak in layman's terms! I've seen a lot of people with colour coded engine bays (i.e. all the parts, or at least most, are the same colour, e.g. red) and I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on how to go about this and maybe some links? I'm also looking at getting dark style headlights and tail lights if anyone can give me some advice! Edit: I have a 2016 fiesta zetec s 1.0 ecoboost, I don't care it's not the fastest thing in the world, I like it and want to have a play around :) Thanks in advance! :)
  7. SmithyScoot

    Incoming Newbie

    Hi everyone. I'm picking up my 2014 Ford Fiesta this weekend. Its a Titanium X so full of gadgets :). Have any of you modified yours in anyway? I was also told when I paid for this that it has Sat Nav capabilities I just need an SD card with the software on, is that true? I've also attached a couple of photos :-).
  8. daz4820


    Hey all, I'm Darren, and I've recently become the proud owner of a Fiesta 1.6 Diesel - After many years of owning people carriers from Vauxhall, I've taken the plunge and got myself a little Race Red Fiesta! Loving it so far - hope to speak to you lot soon! Cheers, Darren
  9. Hi everyone, just got the 2016 2.0 tdci econetic. Must say day 2 quite impressed! My last Ford was a Sierra Saphire, my how the brand has come a long way since then
  10. RedFez


    Hi Everyone!!! Just bought myself a red edition 140 fiesta over the weekend and been waiting all week to get it. I will be picking it up tomorrow afternoon Got some serious stuff planned but can't do too much yet to affect insurance as only 17. Pictures to come..
  11. Vinco555


    Hi All. Just bought an old Escort to do up and thought id join and start a thread and hopefully get some much needed advice. Please have a look, any advice would be much appreciated. Vinnie
  12. As per title . Possible droplink issue Only had the car a couple of weeks 2008 diesel No advisories on mor 3 month ago Car drives fine . No vibration no pulling to one side ... come to small bumps in road can hear a knock type noise on passenger side front. Spring seens ok As though some thing is loose .? Obviously with out seeing it / hearing it its hard to 100 % diagnose on a forum Any advice would be apreciated How easy are the mk 4 ones to change Any one local may be able to have a quick peek 😉 Thanks Dave
  13. Adia


    Hai im a new member...
  14. Thomas Roberts

    New to the forums!

    Hey Guys! just scrapped my 2003 mk6 fiesta and now own a 2003 mk1 focus, thought id jump on some forums and get myself out there this year.. started going to events a bit later on in the year last year and quite enjoyed it! so this year im starting off with my mk1 focus project!
  15. PastTabler


    Hi Got my third Ford five days ago, after many years away driving other cars. This one is a 2009 Ford Focus CC-3. Touch wood, it's been roof down for every journey so far! Nigel (PastTabler)
  16. Just wanted to say hello to the forum. I've joined today as I currently have a Ford as well as owning a fair few over the years. Will be after some advice later re my 2004 Focus C Max 1.6 petrol. Alll the best Hawksey
  17. Never thought I'd have a Ford as I planned on buying an S14 after my Corsa B but I got stung with 6 points and being a 21 year old male I bit the bullet and bought a non-modified car so my insurance wouldn't break my bank and went travelling last summer with the money I saved up for my S14 Here's the first car I owned and molested which has now been sold to a Vauxhall enthusiast who intends to put a C20LET (2.0litre Turbo) engine in it which I am very jealous of. My Vauxhall Corsa B 1.4 8v Breeze Edition Here's my new car I bought yesterday; MK6 Fiesta Zetec 1.4 in black with 74k, full history and only 2 owners from new with the original paperwork when it was bought. Drove home from Birmingham fine and gave it a bit of welly on some A roads and went to sleep happy I had finally sorted my car situation. At 5am when I went to start the car to go to work it started up fine and then dropped revs and stalled doing this numerous times till I gave up and went back to sleep (which ***** work off) Had a crack at it this afternoon and cleaned up the battery and found it only stalls on idle so kept it revving above 1k for a while and it stayed alive so hoping it's just some carbon build up in the throttle body as it starts up fine on a warm engine although it idles at around 900 revs. I'll probably do a full service on it with new HT leads etc. for peace of mind as I do long journeys at least twice a month, and will do the timing belt within the next 10k as it hasn't been done yet. I'm keen to tint the windows and will fit a new stereo and the sub I had in my last car. I'm no mechanic but any advice and recommendations on what parts to get, how to run a Fiesta and any common problems they have or could pop up, I'm happy to accept Also keen to find some more alloys for it as the rear passenger side one has a slight dent so if people are selling or know of anyone selling decent ones I'm interested!
  18. Hello! My name is Xander! Proud owner of a Ford Focus 2011 1.6 ecoboost, flipping love the beast! Just thought i'd say Hi and familiarise myself and getting to know a few of you awesome peeps. Xander out.
  19. Hi I got my fiesta last year and I'm loving it. Looking to upgrade it now so I need advice as not many people here are knowledgeable with these cars
  20. Claire Hartley

    Hello (Newbie Here)

    Hello Thought I would join this club, I own a Ford Fiesta 1.25 Zetec in Burnt Orange even though the documents say Red! I love it, nice little run around for me!
  21. ST34ME

    Hi Guys I'm new

    Hi Guys I'm new here just bought my first Ford! After few years wasted with Vauxhalls. Took keys to an ST3 yesterday and excited to get started. be great to get involved and hear from people 👍🏻
  22. Hello All, I am currently looking at a new set of rims for my Focus, however i am not quite sure if they are going to fit with the tyres, would anyone be able to help and advise? My current set up is 195/55r15 on the front and 195/60r15 on the back, I am looking to change them to 195/45r17 on the front and 205/50r17 on the back If someone could help as soon as possible as i am looking to get them tonight New rims and my Beaut attached
  23. MattS87


    Hi, my name's Matt and I'm from Kettering, Northamptonshire. This account is actually for my fiancée Sarah who owns our Ford Fiesta Zetec 2009 but I'll ask all the questions on here for her 😂
  24. Sparky125


    so been a member a while but wernt that into my mk5 fiesta so didn't bother much , but now is a different matter had my "new" car a couple of weeks ago so thort I might find some help on here along the way. "new" car is rebuilding a mk2 escort currently stripping for sand blasting and have got most of a 2.1 pinto to go in but plenty more to do.
  25. AidenDent


    Hi, I'm Aiden from Nottinghamshire. I bought my first car last year but I only passed my driving test in Feb. I drive a Mk2 Focus Zetec 1.6 and I absolutely love it! The attached photos are from when I bought it, since then I've added LED lights (both inside and out) as well as other personalised touches to make the car slightly more unique