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Found 76 results

  1. Hello, I have had my Mk6.5 Ford Fiesta Zetec Blue 1.4 TDCI since November 2017, when I bought it, it was at 111'000 miles. It was on the low side for oil and coolant so I got it serviced straight after buying it. I have done about 4500 miles since then and the oil level on the dipstick is down to about half way, there is no oil leaking from underneath the car that I can see but though to lose this amount of oil is a bit excessive. Could anyone advise on what this could be? Thanks in advance! Alex
  2. Oil issues under the hood

    Hi everyone, i have been having a few issues with my 1.6 TDCI recently, it just had an MOT yesterday with no advisories, however the car keeps “Dying” when I accelerate to hard or switch to a lower gear with too high revs, the engine sounds like a train on occasion especially when cold. I have been reading up today and I think it’s a number of things, Fuel Filter is accounting for the dying, and some kind of injector issue for the trains sounds. There is oil all over the place under the bonnet I have taken a few pictures, it’s also all over the air filter! I’m just posting here to see if anyone’s had anything similar with their cars, I’ve had this since November and the dying has been going on since the turn of the new year I would say. The injector photo is not great but it looks like a pool of oil, so I guess that’s the seals? Also I’ve noticed since I’ve owned the car when I first purchased it, the power seemed to be so much more than it feels now.
  3. Hi all I have a 2006 Fiesta 1.25 durotec engine, and I noticed the oil was very low so I thought Il stick a bit in, well I did it cold, and after diping it seemed spot on the top line if the stick well pleased I dropped the bonnet and carried on with life (got married) anywho that was two weeks ago, I thought Il check it out just to make sure it was all still good in there yesterday, and it over the top line on the stick,not sure if the drive was a little slopy...or what but it's highter then the top knoch allso on the bendy bit just under when cold just up to it warm see pictures... Is it safe, or should I go and get it drained out! Bit worried!
  4. Hi The picture shows the dimly illuminated two lights. Very intermittent. Trying to sell car and blocking sale. When in fault, lights appear as soon as i press unlock on the key fob. HELP!!!
  5. So I got fiesta 1.4 tdci 2003 130k miles real animal when it comes to work, I got blue ish smoke on acceleration, but nothing when at idle and in neutral, oil seals changed, no ticking noise nothing but got hissing noise from engine bay when accelerating, and oil after turbo in air intake don't know what to do, checked for leaks and found nothing, turbo seems fine any suggestions please. Thanks
  6. Hi all, As discussed on my recent other thread, my father in law has bought a late model MK2.5 1.6TDCi and as I'm (apparently) his "Ford Guru" it's down to me to source the service items (he's mechanically competent and happy to do the service himself). My Focus doesn't have a dpf so I've not had to worry about it, however his engine has a cDPF and it's the standard DV6 variant of the engine. My question (finally) is that I know Ford have specs for appropriate oil (FORD WSS-M2C-913-B, FORD WSS-M2C-913-C, FORD WSS-M2C-913-D etc) but the oils officially recommended by Ford don't have a C rating i.e. C1-C4 for "low ash content" and this seems vital to protect a DPF. It appears that although it's a PUG engine and PUG specify low ash oil Ford don't?!? Could the guys who have have been running this engine over the last few years confirm specifically what oil they use? Cheers
  7. Anybody able to help me with my latest issue.... Ive recently developed a whirring/whining noise which is audible when accelerating, and is affected slightly regarding increasing speed, it is a little more lethargic. Thought id open her up today to get a proper look, and was greeted by a decent amount of dirt and possibly oil. Ive attached 3 pictures with the areas if not highlighted. Pic 1 shows the dirt on top of the turbo and the heat shield. Pic 2 is a side on view of the turbo and heat shield and oil pipe covered in dirt. Pic 3 shows under the turbo the areas that appear to be suffering a leak of some kind. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.
  8. Focus 1.5 TDCI 0W-30 Oil

    Hi All, I am looking at doing a 6 month oil change soon which is in between my services that i normally do every year, Having had a look on the Castrol site, it recomends "Magnatec Stop-Start 0W-30 D" if i put my reg in or search for for my car manually. in the book for my car it gives a few numbers for oil which i should use, this 0W-30 dosnt have this but has "Ford WSS-M2C950-A" E-bay oil link from castrol site Usually i would use the normal ford approved 5W-30 Castrol oil, Would this be better suited or give the 0W-30 a try? E-bay link for the 5W-30 Oil Car is end of march 2015 Focus Titanium 1.5 TDCI, mileage is 20K and i do around 8 to 10k a year. Any more info needed just ask. Thanks.
  9. HELP

    Need to no what oil is recomended can anyone help me ford focus mk.2 5 1.6 tdci zetec 2010 Need to change oil asap and need to know what to put in it semi syn? Full syn? 5w30? No idea !
  10. I have a 2004 MK6 Transit which runs at half temperature on the dial. The needle went to 3/4 so I pulled over and checked the expansion tank to find no water but full of oil and the engine had no oil on the dip stick.I replaced the Oil Cooler, replaced oil filter, filled with 8 litres of oil and started flushing out the water pipes. The oil was only on minimum on the dip stick so I went to get more. The system still had a little oil in the water but was nearly all drained. I have drove it for just over 25 miles with heaters on hot to circulate and try clean all the pipes. I got back from a 25 mile drive and drained and refilled the water pipes again then took it a mile up the road and drained it again but this time instead of the water coming out the radiator being nearly clear it was the colour of a milky drinking chocolate.I have added an extra 5 litres of oil and it was showing full on the dip stick. The oil has clearly gone straight in to the water again. Took it for a drive and after 13 miles the pipe across the top of the radiator blew off and covered my engine in oil and water.Is this is a head gasket problem or something less severe?
  11. I have a 2009 1.6 TDCI (110BHP) with 116k miles. I got my car serviced at a local independent garage. The spec for this car if I'm not mistaken is 5W-30. On the receipt from the garage it looks like they have put in 10W-40 instead. Does this really make any realistic difference? Should I considered having this replaced to 5W-30 ASAP? I've always been under the impression it is fairly vital to stick to the spec for the car but a few people have told me that it realistically makes no difference and if I change the oil every 6k miles there is no difference. Is this true or are the people who I have spoken to overlooking this completely? I had also been extra cautious about only using 5W-30 in the past as this is my first diesel and car with a DPF. Would the have any affect on the DPF? I've heard of things such as low-ash spec oils before.
  12. Servicing help!

    Hi all, half way through a full service on my car (ford focus 2005 1.6 manual) so far I have done, oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs, ht leads, rocker cover gasket, all brake pads, disks, shoes and drums, new wheel cylinders and brake fluid. I have yet to do the pollen filter (I know how to do that) Does anyone have a guide or photos as to how to do the powersteering fluid & does anyone know the location of the fill and empty bungs on the gear box. Also the location of the fuel filter (if there is one) more photos and videos the better! Thanks everyone.
  13. Help me!

    Hi does anyone know if im looking at the correct oil? I have a 2007 1.6 ford fiesta zetec s and in looking at Castrol Professional OE 5W-40 is this correct for my car? Thank you
  14. Ecoboost oil over max

    Bought my car around 2 months ago, its a 16 plate fiesta ecoboost and had done around 2000 miles when I bought it. Have now done another 2200 miles in it, so decided to check fluid levels. The oil is showing it way over the max, like 10-12mm! Am I being stupid here and missing something? I checked it 4 times when cold and on level ground. Im now concerned I have done some damage to the engine. I would take it back to the ford dealer that I bought it from but they are 60 miles away. I've added a very basic photo of the oil levels, red being minimum, orange max and green the level its at now. The car has been running perfectly btw Any input would be great, cheers
  15. Just a heads up for anyone looking for semi syn oil that meets spec M2C-913 A/B such as used in the Mk 1 Focus 1.6 Zetec etc. CP4L Triple QX 5w-30 5L part 521776021 is £13.04 delivered at the moment with code oil10. I've used this for about 50k miles in an old MK1 with 110k on the clock without issue. http://www.carparts4less.co.uk/cp4l/p/accessories-engine-oil/engine-oils/engine-oil/5w30-engine-oil/?521776021&0&1&cc5_247
  16. Oil Catch Can?

    Hi gang, Quick question, is it worthwhile for me to install an oil catch can on my MK2 focus 1.6 TDCI? And if so, any recommended products? Thanks in advance, Sam
  17. Greetings all. I'm going to be doing my first ever (non stealer) oil change on my 55 plate Focus 1.6 TDCI this weekend and I'm looking to undergo some additional maintenance at the same time to make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible. I'm keen to remove the Inlet Manifold to clean this out, as I would assume it has a lot of built up carbon in there after 12 years of running! (However it only has 70k on the clock!). I've looked around online and I can't seem to find a proficient guide as to how to remove it. Do I need to to take out the fuel injectors first? What pipes/tubing should be disconnected? Once removed can I just bathe it in carb cleaner and then flush it out with warm water? I'd also like to blank my EGR at the same time, I've had the plate for yonks but it would seem the windscreen tray is glued on, so I had difficulty reaching the valve, although this was a year or so ago. My understanding is the EGR is to the left at the back of the engine. If I removed the manifold would I be able to access the valve to slide the plate in? And is it worth cleaning the valve first before blanking if this is the case? I've attached a couple of images (not my engine) which may help someone point me in the right direction here. Any assistance whatsoever would be greatly appreciated! As a final question, after the manifold is removed, is there then access to the rocker cover gasket? As I may have a slight leak so would be interested in replacing this too. I have a Haynes manual on order but I would love for some pros out there to give me some tips, or even provide images of what I need to disconnect remove. I'll upload some photos of the actual engine tomorrow when I have some light. *Edit* I've received the Haynes, after reading through the removal process it seems quite straightforward. So now I'm just wondering the best way to clean it! Thanks in advance for any advice! Regards, Sam
  18. Car Engine Oil - The Recommended?

    Hi. I usually leave topping my engine oil up with the garage when it goes in for service or M.O.T or other work. But I check regulary. So I dont really know whats the best oil to buy for my car. I know that my car needs 5W - 30. But when browsing online after putting my car reg into different online checks. It comes back with different names. For example, Fully Synthetic, Part Synthetic then it will have like A1 or A5. Are these something that I can only have one of or are they just different grades of oil that will still work for my engine. I have a feeling that I can only have 5W-30 Fully Synthetic but not sure on the A1 and A5 etc. I have a Ford Focus Zetec S, 60 plate with the 1.6 Petrol engine. Any help will be appreciated.
  19. So, my car is prone to making strange noises. However it is a 2005 so getting old now. yesterday, I parked up at home and all the oil leaked out in one go. It was more like a burst. So now I have checked with the dip stick and there is just a tiny register of oil. So it's definitely the engine oil. Yesterday when I turned my car on it made a noise like a water swish however I didn't know what to make of it so continued on. Is this going to be expensive? What could this be?
  20. Focus mk3 Low oil reading

    I have a focus mkiii 2012 1.6tdci. Stated oil capacity including filter is 3.8 litres. When replacing the oil with 3.8 litres, exactly, the level on the dipstick only reaches approx quarter full even after taking multiple readings. Advice please as I am definitely not going to add extra oil above 3.8 litres but it's really bugging me I'm driving around with quite a low amount of oil according to the dipstick reading. Thanks
  21. Oil on pipe st150

    Hi guys, I noticed a bit of oil on this pipe could you direct me what pipe it is please here is a picture
  22. Hi all, About 3 months ago I bought my first daily / personal Ford, a 2008 Focus 1.6 Petrol, and it had 58348 miles on the clock (i've also got a Ford Puma, but that's being kitted out for rallying). It's now on roughly 61350, and am just wandering how often does this vehicle need servicing to your experiences. I want to keep on top of it, but don't want to be servicing every so often, as the manual describes when I don't need too. Just things like Oil change and filter, cambelt / timing belt change, brake fluid, etc. Some of it I can do myself, with mates pitching on the rest, like i've done with my previous cars. It had a service when bought, but does anything really need changing at 3k miles?? If not, at every how many miles should it get serviced. I tend to do a lot of miles in my cars and average 19k - 21k a year. Thanks in advance for any help, advice, tips and hints provided!
  23. Hi everyone, I'm new here. I recently bought a 2001 Ford Focus 1.6 LX from a used car dealer in my local town roughly 3 months ago. At first I was really happy with the car, but a couple of weeks into ownership I noticed that the oil was being used quite a bit. I thought this was normal for the age of the car but recently it has started using oil at a more alarming rate i.e. half a dipstick a week! which i find to be quite alarming. I was wondering whether I would be fully within my rights to return it to the dealer for a full refund? Tia
  24. oil temp sensor 1.6 tdci

    Hi guys, I'm going to be installing an oil temperature sensor on my 1.6 tdci and I'm wondering if anyone has either A, done it before, B has an idea where is best to put it. Due to the filter used I cant use a sandwich plate unless anyone knows how to convert it to a cartridge filter and I don't want to place anything in line with the turbo That pretty much leaves the sump unless anyone else has a better ideas? its not ideal though and the temp will be slightly off. The other problem with the sump is that it uses a M10 thread meaning I cant just use a sump plug / sendor adaptor, ill need to tap a hole in to the sump, if that's the only solution then does anyone have an idea where would be best to mount it? I'm thinking of replacing the ford sump on it anyway as it collects about 350ml of oil in the bottom that will never drain away, I cant imagine how much sludge is in that area anywho, any suggestions would be welcome!
  25. Hey guys So I've been trawling through these forums however so many different models / variants are covered it gets somewhat confusing tracking down people who've had similar experience with the same model of car. I have a 2006 Ford Focus MK2 1.6 petrol which is losing oil. About 1 liter every 2k miles (2 months), but this is sporadic. My round commute is 56 miles, mainly dual carriageway miles however even though my driving style is fairly consistent oil loss is not. It won't move for weeks then it'll loose a visible amount in a few days. There is no visible signs of leakage, no obvious blue smoke from the exhaust and so noticeable decrease in power or fuel economy. Is there anything simple I can check before assuming the worst? I've tried looking for the typical PCV valves but can't find the part online or in the engine bay (does the mk2 1.6 petrol focus have a PCV valve?) I've also removed and cleaned the breather hose running from the top of the engine to the air filter assembly (was a little oily but not clogged in anyway) Any help at all would be greatly appreciated, even if it's just a push in the right direction / a link to another forum post. Thanks!