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Found 43 results

  1. Tom Riley


    I'm trying to source a gearbox mounting bracket (Part number 1061221), for a 2005 Ford focus, apparently Ford don't make it anymore and I'm having a hard time finding one. If anyone has any tips I'd be very grateful. I'm after the bracket not the mount itself.
  2. SJC99


    Hey everyone, I currently own a 2008 Ford fiesta MK6 style, Iv'e been involved in a recent accident and was wondering where the best place would be to find parts? I'm currently looking for a new bonnet, new windscreen, new font bumper, a left headlight, a new (I think it's called a crash-bar, its the metal that goes along the radiator to protect it) and new side wings. The car seems to drive fine and it is just cosmetic damage Is there anywhere recommended I can go to for parts as I really don't want to scrap the car! Any help at all would be greatly appreciated as I am unsure what to do with it!! Its my prized possession!! Thanks
  3. Abi-xr3i

    Fuel Pump Question

    Hi, I have a Ford Escort 1.6, 105CV, 1990 needs a new fuel pump the current one is the bosch 0580245952. Would the 0580245941 work? Does it have the same specs? Thank you Abigail
  4. Hi all, I've got a smokey 1.8 TDCI. When I got it serviced a couple of weeks ago the garage told me which hose had a tear in that was causing it. They said it's an Air Intake pipe, I could get it on eBay and get it fitted. It's this one, the tubby black hose right in the middle of the picture: So, they've told me it's an Air Intake Pipe 'common elbow' into the EGR valve. Dunno if I'm missing something but searching for that on eBay none of the ones I can find look anything like that, and they all seem to be for 1.6 variants. A turbo hose looks more likely to me, such as in this vid right here: I've tried to find it on an engine diagram but none of the ones I've seen give a part name. Anyone got any ideas what I'm looking for and where to get one? Any help would be much appreciated. Ta!
  5. andyeaples


    Hi, broke down today, guy from the AA said that it’s called “gear selector pivot bolt” does anyone know where I can buy one of these, mine looks like it’s snapped at the bolt. thanks
  6. 2003FocusLX

    Breaking Focus 2003

    Hello! The car which I have owned for a month just failed it's MOT. And when I say failed, I don't mean it got a question wrong. I mean it didn't bring a pen, and it fell off it's chair before the exam started. So it is probably now worthless. And I'm considering breaking it. It seems like it would be an interesting thing to do. I'm a classic car nut with some limited knowledge of cars and mechanics, but mostly from the pre-electronic era (I have a 1973 MGB). I am prepared to listen to the "don't do it!" responses, I'm not saying this is definitely happening. But please consider that I have a fair bit of space (large garage, large drive) and plenty of time (self-employed and not busy), and I'd be doing this because it interests me AND because I want to make some money. So I don't care about the hourly rate, like if it takes me two days to remove a part that sells for £8. Does anyone have experience? Any horror / success stories? Anywhere I should start? And, does anyone have any idea at all, no matter how vague, how much a 2003 Focus LX might fetch as parts? It's 130k miles, bumped, cracked and scratched body, a chassis that needs some welding (hence the MOT) and a lot of unknowns (since I've barely had the bonnet up). And if I don't break it, what can I expect to get from a scrapyard? Any information would be very welcome.
  7. I have replaced the drivers side drive shaft on my ford fiesta. My trusty Haynes manual says I must change the driveshaft bearing cap & nuts when I change the drive shaft. But the driveshaft didn't come with a bearing cap. Can I get away with the old one for a couple of days until I can get one? Or will the car be dangerous to drive with the old one just for a day?
  8. Hi, I'm seeking advice on choosing a water pump for my 03 1.4 petrol fiesta. The motorcraft pump costs £72 ouch. Are original parts better or is there quality out there for cheaper? My timing belt needs replacing also and I've been told Ford use Dayco? So I can save a bit of money there perhaps. Any advice is much appreciated. Jason
  9. First time posting and looking for some info! I recently purchased some h&r lowering springs for my 1.25 preface fiesta. A friend has offered to fit them but has asked me if im going to need/have modified links. Hes said that for something around 30mm it should be fine but im dropping mine 50mm and so he isnt sure. Am i going to need some or will it be a straight swap with my current springs? any help is appreciated!:)
  10. markfitz59

    Fiesta Tailgate panel - 2015

    Hi everyone, New to the forum, not new to owning a Ford. On here to look for a bit of help sourcing a rear tailgate panel for a 2015 Fiesta. It's the panel that is above the rear plate and encases the badge (see image). Stupidly cracked it against a gate reversing in the dark recently. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  11. I have a 07 focus ghia, and my mechanic has told me the bushes have gone on the steering rack, does anyone know were i can get these they seem almost impossible to find have found some in the US just seeing if anyone else has had a similar problem
  12. Looking for a brake reservoir cap for my fiesta zetec s 2009, MKVI. Can't find them anywhere online for cheap - Halfords want £28 for just a cap! Surely I can get them somewhere else? thank you
  13. Hi everyone, looking for some advice, went to Halfords last week for one of those free winter car checks. When they tested my Fiesta's battery it gave off a reading off around 250/255A on the multimeter. The battery is in my Fiesta is supposed to give off a 390A (see pic attached), he said it's likely that it could be the same battery that it left the factory with back in 2007, he couldn't really give me a straight answer when i asked whether i should get it replaced or will it last a little longer (not really sure how long car batteries are supposed to last). He said that doing short journeys can harm a cars battery as well, just wondering if this is true or whether it's just a myth. If you think i'm best off getting a new battery asap some recommendations would be appreciated. I've only looked for new batteries on the halfords website, if you know any other retailers that do the same quality but cheaper batteries (including fitting) please let me know. Halfords do seem quite an expensive shop to me, D/S headlamp went out last week and i rushed over to Halfords to get a replacement, luckily they had certain bulbs buy one get one free so i got the bulbs for £25 but came to £37 after paying for them to fit the bulbs (£6 each side). He also said that my oil level is slightly above the maximum level on the dipstick and that having too much can be just as bad as not having enough. Do you think this will end up being a big a problem if i don't do anything about it or should it be ok so long as i keep checking the level?. The last thing i'm desperate to sort out is getting my drivers seat tilt mechanism working again, I've watched vids on youtube of owners carrying out the repairs themselves, it looks easy but knowing the luck I've got i'll probably make it worse. Rang my local ford lookers in Sunderland and couldn't believe how much they quoted for the repair, around £32 for the handle but £75 for the fitting because it takes an hour to do. Obviously until i actually take the handle off i don't know whether it's just the handle or whether it needs a new cable too. So to get it done by them would cost around £100 if it's just the handle or £135 if it needs a cable as well. With Christmas round the corner and me being currently unemployed money is a bit low at the moment. Can anyone tell me where i might be able to get the part/parts cheaper? please + if there's anyone on here that is also living in Sunderland that could carry out the repair for me for a lower cost i'd really appreciate it. Thanks for reading and replies in advance :)
  14. Hi can anyone please tell me a reliable shop/website to buy a drivers side replacement seat tilt handle for a MK6 Fiesta + is it as easy as people say it is to DIY. What have other Fiesta owners spent on replacement handles for this particular model? Thanks
  15. Evening all, I was just wondering if anyone could help as I have no idea what the part is that I need to get but see attached its a plastic bit that connects the hoses to the turbo and engine that has burst. I suspected my turbo had failed as the car juddered pretty hard while driving home from London to Nottingham today however all I could hear was a whistle and a serious loss of power when I put my foot down. On closer inspection when I got home I found that it had a hole in the part circled, is this a serviceable replaceable part? If so does anyone know what the part number is or what I should be looking for? My vehicle if you need details is a 1.6 TDCi 2008 zetec hatchback Any help would be much appreciated.
  16. Hi, some !Removed! has keyed the Mrs car bonnet and tailgate, I just wondered if anyone knew if the tailgate comes as a complete unit or you can buy spare parts as where it's been done its on a panel, to save expensive respray on the tailgate at least and maybe be able to go to the local scrapyard if so
  17. MrShona

    Cold Air Intakes?

    Hello Ford motorists. I drive a 2010 Mk2.5 Zetec S 1.6 Petrol, I've been looking out for modifications I can do to my car recently. Almost all have been minor cosmetic mods, but I was thinking of getting a cold air intake as one of the very few "performance" mods. Although I'm getting confused on which is actually any good. As far as I'm aware, Ford's have airflow sensors and they are set for the specific amount of air that Ford's own air filters generate, and aftermarket filters can decrease power in some cases. Anybody know of an air filter for a 1.6 Petrol that is actually beneficial for the money?
  18. Jo72

    ABS Module Failure

    I have a 2010 Ford Fiesta 1.25 Edge and the ABS Module has failed. I have had various quotes to have it repaired from £700 - £1100. As it is now an old car I was considering buying a used ABS module from a car salvage and recycled parts company, which would work out a lot cheaper. I would like to know which ABS Module I would need for my car or are they all the same? Thanks
  19. Dear All I don't know if anyone, from Essex, may be able to help. My dear Mum, has just had her beloved Ford Granada Scorpio, 1994, restored, following an accident earlier on in the year. Unfortunately, due to the damage, she lost her rectangular fog lights, that are within the lower, front bumper of the car. Despite searching everywhere, and with the headlights now having been replaced, new, from Germany, she would really like to replace the fog lights. As well as the fog lights, the headlights used to have two small, what I can only describe as "windscreen wipers", on either side at the front. Sadly, one of these was damaged and they had to be removed for the car to pass its MOT! The car, thanks to a simply stunning job, from Tommy's Bodyshop, is "shiny and new" - just the missing the above. If anyone can help, please get in touch. With many thanks.
  20. chiefton

    Escort Gti 3 Door Breaking

    hello iv just bought an escort gti but unfortunately as I cant weld myself it is too costly to repair (quoted 500 quid) :( both rear chassis rails are completely gone and also pretty much both the sills, all the way along have gone where sills meet floorpan. shame really as I have not seen a 3door escort mk6 for years, and my plan was to revive it. front and rear bumpers no good. so basically vehicle is for breaking or will sell as a whole for 250 ono list of parts (pics on request) but all parts available.. all in moondust silver. prefer collection please but will deliver items for cost. 5 good condition (couple have minor scuffs) escort gti 15" alloys, with centre caps aswell. 150 delivered rs/gti side skirts 3 door model £25 delivered (one has a scuff on lower edge) rs/gti rear bumper spats 20 delivered in good condition bonnet in good condition 30 wings in good condition 25 each boot spoiler 20 delivered mirrors 10 each delivered black half leather interior in ok condition,no rips to seats just grubby and need a clean 100 collected basically everything available just ask :) contact me on or 07496796038 thanks piccys to follow.....
  21. Jonohfann

    Mk 2 original 1600 sport

    Hi folks. im new to this site just looking for some advice/information, I have a job lot of parts off my original 1980 1600i sport including engine, bonnet, boot, nuts, and bolts that I'm looking to clear, anybody any advice as to where I can advertise and have these valued? Any feedback would be much appreciated thanks
  22. I've had my 1.3 2003 fiesta for just over 3 months, im hooked, eve though my particular car is a bit of a mess I love it. All sorts of issues with oil leaks, coolant leaks and a few electrical gremlins, it all seems to be fixed (for now). Its my first car so its pretty beat up. I am in the process of removing as many of the scratches and dints that I can but its a slow process. I'm not planning on keeping the car for more than a year, I bought it pretty cheap so I am trying to add value and hopefully sell it for more, then onto the next fiesta. One thing I discovered was the facelift parts, I love the look of them and my headlights are all scratched up from what looks like someone changed a bulb and rested the unit on the floor. I was wondering if anyone knows if the facelift headlights/rear lights fit a standard 2003 fiesta?
  23. RideOrDie

    Scrap yards for Ford parts

    Hi everyone, If you're like me and enjoy tinkering about with your car, more often than not you will notice something that might need attention. For example I need a really particular part for my gearbox on my Fiesta, nothing too major, but none the less the cover for the clutch cable was never put back after a clutch job I had done. The point of this post, was to see if anyone knew of any reputable scrap yards which stock Ford parts in or around London, UK. Plenty exist way out of the M25, does anybody know of any closer to home? Cheers, ROD
  24. Just a reminder that there is a Ford online parts catalogue (all models) at Lots of exploded diagrams, part nos and info. Apologies for boring the knowledgeable but hope this will be of interest to newer members. David G, Fusion66 P.S. As some Fiestas are the same as Fusions it is worth checking that forum for info. I have left postings with pictures on changing front springs and making a special tool for dismantling the suspension units.
  25. Just a reminder that there is a Ford online parts catalogue (all models) at Lots of exploded diagrams, part nos and info. Apologies for boring the knowledgeable but hope this will be of interest to newer members. David G, Fusion66