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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I have a 2011 mk7 fiesta zetec s that has recently been losing power. When accelerating I've noticed a rattling noise coming from the engine it then suddenly loses some power and the rattling stops. For instance I will be accelerating in 3rd @ around 3k rpm and watching a steady climb then suddenly you feel the call get slowed down and the acceleration drastically drops. My mechanic has had the spark plugs changed and lines cleaned out but to no avail. No errors when plugged in either. Really annoying when overtaking. As well as this the power loss affects the gears, suddenly it begins to bog down and stall in gears that it is usually fine with. For instance juddering in 4th @ 30mph which it is usually ok with. Anyone else had problem or similar and found a solution? Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone. I have a 2009 Ford Mondeo Titanium. A few days ago I was driving on a dual carriageway at around 60mph. I was accelerating to 70 and all of a sudden the pull from the engine changed. When I was putting my foot down on the accelerator further the car seemed to make noise but not produce much more power. My car has not had the same pull since this day. When I am driving around town at speeds of around 30mph the pull is good and it sounds like the turbo is boosting, however that changes when driving at higher speeds when the engine revs go above about 2500. The power loss is between 2500 and 3000 revs. There is no smoke coming from the car. What do you guys think this issue could be? Could this be as simple as a fuel filter? Thanks in advance, Carl
  3. Tim408


    Hello everyone. New here. Just a quick question. I have a 2016 1.5 diesel c max that has done only 7000 miles. I have started to experience big losses in power which is very worrying when trying to join fast traffic. Wonder if any of you had experience of this problem?
  4. Nicklimb24

    Focus MK2 power loss problem

    Evening all, Had a bit of an experience on the way home from work. Pulled off from a roundabout in first, quite sluggish, got it into second, accelerated but no speed increase, only a kangaroo for a bit before it kicked back in, then the same happend for third gear! Looked down at the dash and the engine light is flashing.... Any ideas? It's a 2005 1.6 Zetec Engine Cheers!!
  5. I hope someone can help me here, My focus 04 plate 1.8 Tdci has developed a problem the coil light flashes then the engine dies if you tun it off it will restart and drive fine for a little while then it happens again, I changed the fuel filter and it persisted so I then tried the crank sensor with no joy then was told to do the filter again with the genuine Bosh filter which i have done but still the same issue sometimes engine management light also comes up but not always mainly the flashing coil lights any ideas I really need the car for a 400 mile round trip this weekend, Thanks in advance :)
  6. Spent £6000 on a ford fiesta zetec s (petrol) that had done 57,000 miles in April of 2015. About a month after I bought the car I discovered a problem. I was driving along in 3rd gear and tried to accelerate, however, when I pressed down on the accelerator there was no response for 1 or 2 seconds, and then suddenly it responded and the car began to accelerate. The problem has continued every since and has become more frequent. No warning lights have ever come on and no diagnostic tool has ever picked up a fault code when I take it to my local ford dealer (who the car is still under warranty with). Every time I take my car to the dealer they are never able to get it to "fault" & no fault codes were ever found hence they said that they can't do any more unless it actually breaks down or shows a warning light. I've had different technicians carry out many different checks on the car, the engine and other potential faulty parts have been cleaned but the problem is still occurring. After the ford dealer were put under pressure by myself to get the problem solved, they replaced the accelerator pedal but this has not fixed the problem. Has anyone had a similar problem with their fiesta? Or know of anyone that has? Any advice/ideas is greatly appreciated as I'm running out of patience with the car and the ford dealer. but they were never able to get it to "fault" & no fault codes were ever found hence they said that they couldn't do any more unless it actually broke down or showed a warning light.
  7. Hi all, New to the owners club Was wondering if anyone has had the same issue or knows what the problem might be? Just bought a 2012 focus titanium x 2.0 tdci (163) which has only covered 5000 miles. When i press the throttle in to pull away the revs will shoot up to about 1500-2000 stay there long enough to pull away then once your moving will all of a sudden drop to about 900-1000 then will pick up no problem. Problem is it doesn't happen all of the time, but enough to make you think twice before pulling out of a junction or on to a roundabout. It has happened when the car is fully warmed up after driving 30 miles or so. Would like to get this sorted ASAP as the car is for my wife who is 8 months pregnant and keeps stalling it. Any help much appreciated!
  8. Good evening all, I have a 2008 Focus ST2 (facelift model) It has the Mountune MR290 Pack on it. Everything has been great, recently had a Blow Off Valve fitted, this is where the issue has started. When I'm driving it easy and i get to approx 2800 rpm the engine feels like it retards a little bit, then everything goes back to normal once i pass this rpm. The place where i bought the Forge valve from said it was an issue with the focus when its the exact point that the vacuum changes from negative to positive pressure (i may have that the wrong way around but I'm sure you all will know) I do love the sound of the car and i think that the blow off valve makes it that little bit better, but can't live with this 'miss' every time I'm driving the car steady. Can anyone offer any advice please, other than boot it everywhere :-) Many Thanks in advance Glen
  9. tigacatch

    Revs Hunting 2000-2500

    In need of some help please My ford focus 2003 1.6 zetec SE has developed a problem. Started of last year in the winter when car suddenly woudnt start but after many atemps started eventually. But ever since revs have been hunting between 2000-2500. It also appears to have lost power in that band range. Also fuel consumption higher too as this was confirm when the car was close to failing emissions test as it had high reading. I have since replaced throttlebody and idle control sensor. Also the vacuum hose at the intake with a new one. Dont what to keep replacing stuff. Thats why i need help Btw idle is fine when cold or warm, the problem is band specific
  10. I have a fiesta 1.4 TDCI. When I bought it there where no pins in the MAF sensor and the fault was shown as the MAF sensor. The car starts and runs ok, it's a bit sluggish and it only gets around 50 mpg on a run at 70 mph. I fitted a new MAF sensor hopeing to get a bit more power and better MPG. The power is about the same but the MPG went right down and black smoke is coming from the exhaust, so much that I pulled over and disconnected the MAF again and the car is back to running normal but with low MPG. Any thoughts as to what the problem may be?
  11. Paulhaley

    Mondeo V6

    Hi, I have a Mondeo Duratech V6 (Automatic)on a 54 plate, I am drawing air into the system resulting in loss of power, now spluttering to an engine cut-out. It has been to Ford for diagnosis and they confirmed air getting into the system and probably a gasket but at £90 an hour I decline their offer to work on it for a couple of days. Has anyone else had a similar problem and where is the best place to start. Thanks.
  12. Hi, I have a focus mk1 1.8tdci and for the past 2 days my car seems to drop in power alot in all gears and when it does i can hear a loud grinding noise at the same time, it can drop in revs so much in 1st and 2nd gear that the car stalls. Any ideas? Thanks, Richard
  13. Hi everyone, I'm experiencing strange problems with my Ford Focus 1.6. (2008). Two times this summer, when air temperatures where really high, similar problems occured. I was driving for about 10-15 mins, both times, when suddenly three gauges appeared on display (engine, battery, oil) and car began to lose power and throttle became non responsive. I had to stop the car, turn off the engine, and when I turned it on again, there were no problems and I could drive the car normally. Car is regularly serviced and I went both times to my local Ford dealer. They said that the battery / alternator is good and that car system didn't record any error. Only error exisisting from before is airbag module problem (yellow light on display), but I believe that cannot be connected with the above mentioned problem? Did anyone have similar problem? I'm starting to go crazy on this, and I can't relax while driving because I don't know when and where this problem will occur again.
  14. Hi there, just bought a 2003 Ford Focus MP3, the car has a rough idle and stalls sometimes when started, sometimes it will rev up to 1200rpm and recover itself and other times it won't. It seems to be more prone to stall when under load (when I have the lights and fans on). It also seems underpowered (my 1.2 corsa c seems to accelerate faster). I have already cleaned the Idle control valve to little avail, replaced the air filter (which discovered a new problem - oil in there, probably over pressurising, im yet to do a compression test) and cleaned the MAF. I've ordered a new ICV and will replace tonight, if that makes no difference am I right in thinking it could be the throttle position sensor, coil pack or even lambda sensor? I don't know how I would test these without simply replacing them either? Any help would be really appreciated!