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Found 27 results

  1. Hi guys, I have a 2008 MK2 1.8 petrol Focus, duratec HE engine. Overnight, the power steering has stopped working. The outside air temperature also reads -60. Thinking that the two were linked, I checked the fuses; all were fine. Battery had good connections and is fairly new (6 months months). Power steering fluid fine, right level and no leaks. Checked alternator. Was showing 13.6v when engine running and I got it to drop to around 12v under a heavy load with everything switched on. I was confident I had found the culprit! Insufficient charge had lead to the power steering being disabled rather than it cutting out mid-drive. So, replaced the alternator, however the power steering still isn't working! The new alternator runs at 13.9v and stays around there under a heavy load; but shouldn't this be up in the 14v range? I think something has failed somewhere for the two to start playing up at the same time; I just can't think what. Any ideas / troubleshooting tips would be great. Cheers!
  2. Hi guys, it's my first post on the forums and I wish it was a better one. I bought a 2008 MK2.5 1.8tcdi focus around 3 weeks ago and it broke down today I got a check engine light about 30 miles ago and today pulling out of the driveway I got the warning chime and a readout saying power steering failure. Then the car shut down and there has being no power since, not even central locking or interior/dash lights. When I had a look under the bonnet here was smoke, possibly from the alternator. Has anyone experienced something similar?
  3. Stephen Tyrer

    Grinding & stiff PAS

    I have recently had a flush and refill done on my 2008 mk 6 Fiesta's power steering since the fluid was black and the steering felt very stiff; it now feels more responsive but it didn't fully get rid of problems I'm experiencing. When dry steering towards full left lock it starts to grind also when turning a sharp left at low speeds. The steering also still feels stiff just off centre at speed and under breaking. I'm sure I sometimes hear a knock over speed bumps but it never happens when I listen for it. I think this started after I had to smash my wheel into a curb when a woman in a Dacia pulled out on my invisible black car with inches to spare. There doesn't seem to be any abnormal noises coming from the PAS pump or the belt; I have also considered the CV joint but from where I can see the CV boot looks fine. Is this suspension/wheel bearing related?
  4. cdtech

    Multiple Failures

    Suffered multiple failures in 2008 Titanium Kuga this afternoon, first speedometer stopped working then warning light after warning light came on one after the other, lost traction control, power steering etc, managed to drive back home about 2 miles but a ***** with no power steering etc. Message on dash says AWD malfunction, phoned dealer garage but no mechanics in after 12 so stuck until Monday. Had trouble switching engine off and only way to lock door was physically as electronic system not working. Tried starting car but no power all now any thoughts
  5. Fiesta mk6/2007 1.25 Zetec I've got a leak in my power steering pipe. It's part 3A719 in the jpg that's attached. Does anyone know where I'd find one? Not certain looking at ebay because it lists same product code for mk5 diesels for instance, and also I need one that comes with all the brackets which some ebay ones don't.. Cheers
  6. Hi all and thanks for reading this!........i have just purchased a 2007 s-max 2.0 diesel and the power steering works turning left, but once centred does not work right....i have used forscan to look at the angle sensor and tbh it looks to be working and registering just fine.... has anyone else had such a problem? Thanks once again hybriduno
  7. Jordan99

    Servicing help!

    Hi all, half way through a full service on my car (ford focus 2005 1.6 manual) so far I have done, oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs, ht leads, rocker cover gasket, all brake pads, disks, shoes and drums, new wheel cylinders and brake fluid. I have yet to do the pollen filter (I know how to do that) Does anyone have a guide or photos as to how to do the powersteering fluid & does anyone know the location of the fill and empty bungs on the gear box. Also the location of the fuel filter (if there is one) more photos and videos the better! Thanks everyone.
  8. Ford_lover38

    MK2 Power steering pipes

    Hi guys, I've been told that due to a design fault (where the power steering pipes leak) the power steering pipes from the pump have been redesigned. I have found one online in the link below, can you tell me if this is the new redesigned one?
  9. starlight21

    Power Steering Leak

    Hi all new to the forum. Got a power steering leak on my mk1 focus 1.6 petrol LX. Garage says it's leaking quite fast from where the sensor is and isn't sure if the sensor is separate or part of the feed pipe that goes from the pump to the rack. I'm looking for the actual part I need but not sure what the technical terms for it is and what do I actually need. So do I need the sensor switch, the pipe or both ( to be on safe side)?
  10. There seems to be a strange problem with power steering - when I start up my Mondeo and take off, then steering is quite light (as it should be) But when I have driven some miles, then the steering becomes heavy. Even at low speeds. E.g. when maneuvering to parking space, the steering is too heavy to turn the wheel with one arm. I assume steering should be always light. Does anyone else experience similar problem and what could be the possible cause? PS! Car has 49 000 miles on the clock.
  11. RickyBattams

    Help pleas !!!

    Can anyone help me I have a 2002 mk6 fiesta 1.4 Zetec, I had a power steering leak which I have now fixed but I am unsure on what flui to replace it with, I have bought some that is for high or low mileage cars suitable for dexron 2 or 3 but I don't know what mine takes I believe this fluid is okay but please could anyone tell me also does anyone know where the location of the bleed nipple is or is there a better way of bleeding it ? Anyone with any help please let me know would really appreciate it thankyou
  12. Butteyy8

    Power Steering

    I've got a 2003 Ford Fiesta and recently the power steering pipe broke so I had to buy a new one, which was nice and expensive! It has been fine since, however yesterday the power steering started feeling really strange. it seems to be fine when driving, however when I am reversing or even not moving, it is really heavy! Can anyone help me????
  13. Hello guys I really need some help Ive got a mk4 fiesta and a mk5 Zetec-s. I brought the Zetec-s to put the bumpers,interior,suspension, wheels etc.. On my mk4 as I brought the Zertec-s off a scrap man as the engine was knackered but I didn't need the engine as keeping my mk4. All of the swapping parts are nearly done but I really would like to put power steering on my mk4 and as the Zertec-s has it I was wondering if it is possible to take it off the and put it on my mk4? I would also like to know how to remove it from the Zertec-s and possible fit it on my mk4. If anyone could help me I'd really appreciate it. Many thanks Rory.
  14. Hi All, I am new to this forum and unfortunately for me it’s not through good circumstances, I purchased a Ford Fiesta Zetec 10 plate from Jennings Ford in May 2012 when it was 2 years old and had only 10,000 miles on the clock. I am just a young girl (early 20’s) and had to buy it on finance (the only debt ive ever had in my life), it was something of a luxury for me and I had to buy it on Fords finance (through Santander) for 4 years. I have never ever purchased a car through a garage before, only second hand through private dealers and have never had any major issues with them. Lucky me….just under 2 years later the car is 10months out of warranty I had been away for 2 nights I came back and tried to drive the car and the power steering had gone off and the steering wheel light and traction control lights were on the dash board. The AA came out and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it, I am only a petite girl weighing 8 stone and I couldn’t possibly drive the car without power steering. My dads in motor trade and first instinct was to get a friend to put the diagnostic on it, which he did and he advised my dad it was the steering column, to which we rang the Jennings ford garage I purchased it from and he advised us that of a car that age (NOT EVEN 4 YEARS OLD!!!) that its simply not possible and to bring it in for them to check (which has cost me around £100 inc VAT) and sure enough the results were that it is the steering column. Jennings ford want £1,000 to repair it. Can I just ask how is it acceptable to expect someone to pay £1,000 for something which is clearly a mechanical fault??? I brought this up with ford and was very patient with them – I have now been without my car for nearly 3 weeks while it has gone on and basically I have to pay it or I am paying my finance everymonth for NOTHING!! I joined this forum to advise everyone to STAY AWAY FROM FORD FIESTA ZETEC’S 2010 REG AS THEY HAVE A CLEAR MECHANICAL FAULT WHICH FORD ARE UNWILLING TO ACCEPT IS THE MANUFACTURES RESPONSIBILITY. It would have been an entirely different story if I had my 2year old niece and 6 year old nephew in the car and it had went off when I was driving it as I would have clearly lost control of the vehicle and crashed. I am absolutely disgusted with ford and the way I have been treated and how SHODDY this car is!!!!! I wont stop until as many people are aware of this issue!! Funny how this is my rights yet Ford does not care…… The Sale of Goods Act 1979 doesn't say exactly how long goods should last. The general rule is that goods should last for a reasonable time and in reasonable condition. For example, a new car should last for several years in a reasonable condition but you may need to replace some of its parts over time. If goods don't last as long as they should, they probably weren't of satisfactory quality when you bought them. For example, if the sole on a shoe comes away after a few weeks of normal wear, this suggests that it was never of satisfactory quality. – WHO HERE THINKS A STEERING COLUMN SHOULD BREAK BEFORE THE CAR IS EVEN 4 YEARS OLD???? Thoughts and comments are welcomed……….. Thank you for your time
  15. Hi- I have a ticking/whirring noise which has been diagnosed as coming from either the power steering belt or pump. I am also planning on getting my timing belt and water pump replaced soon so the garage I took it to will replace the timing belt, water pump and PAS belt for £280. My question is if I bought the PAS pump from a local breakers yard would it cost much more in labour to fit than if I just had the above fitted or is it quite straightfordward? Thanks for your time! :)
  16. So my car went in for its MOT recently, and apart from the tyres being a little worn, there was only one advisory that caught my eye: 001 Power steering pipe(s) or hose(s) has slight seepage from a joint. [2.3.3b] Am I right in assuming that I probably shouldn't be driving it around too much, until I get it fixed? Costs? Any other advice? Thanks.
  17. Hi all, I have a 2011 Ford Focus 1.6 titanium. Earlier on I was driving and I noticed when I turned into a corner that the power steering cut off half way through the corner, I straightened up and it seemed to sort itself. I stopped to check and could see nothing wrong with the wheels and there was no fluid leeking. I got back in the car and everything seemed okay, about two miles down the road, the power steering went completely. This was followed by all the elctrics cutting out apart from the backlit dash, the needles all fell to 0 and all the warning lights came on. I parked up and switched the ignition off. I went and had another look and could see nothing wrong. I jumped back into the car and tried to start it but to no avail, It wouldn't start. I got a jump start and the car started fine and all the warning lights were off. I drove a further 7 miles with no faults. When I arrived at work I check the voltage to the battery, when the engine was off it was reading 12.5v, when idling it was reading 15v and when revving it read the same (this seems rather high). The car then sat for around 7 hours. I went back out to drive home expecting that the alternator was the cause of my problems but It started fine and I drove home, 16 miles with no problems atall. Anyone have any clue what could be the problem?? I've been looking for someone with similar problems and I have found alot of people having problems with the regulator, However, I recon that i'm just looking for anything to be faulty at this stage. Thanks, Hunter
  18. Mrmark941

    Mk6 Fiesta Pas Fluid?

    Hi all, Does anyone know what the right PAS fluid is for the Mk6 Fiesta? Can't seem to find it anywhere! If anyone can help please do! :) If not I'll just need to remember to have a look tomorrow in my manual but I've been a busy bee at work so haven't had chance and forgot pick it out tonight :(
  19. Hey all, The power steering on my TDC1 2005 mondeo has been very heavy for about a year now. It wasn't great before hand. It may be the pump I'm not sure? Is there any quick fix for this?
  20. Hi. I have a Mondeo titanium tdci 140 & recently there is a whistling sound coming from what sounds like the engine. If you dip the clutch & rev it's pitch rises with the engine revs. I believe it's coming from my power steering so I took it to the garage where they replaced the PS pump, but when I picked it up it was exactly the same. So they ordered a replacement pump & that also made the same sound. They told it was my steering rack & as mine is a 57 plate that there was a recall on a certain year bracket (Mine falling inside of that). But I can't find anything relating to Ford recalling certain models that have this problem. I did first notice a loss of power steering a month or 2 ago but only for a split second, so i'm convinced it's from the steering rack. The steering hums slightly when turning & when I turn the engine off there is a whining / whirring sound for a few seconds from under the bonnet (I assume the steering). It's very noisy & embarrassing to drive, it's very bad when I stop & then reverse as well. I've only owned the car a few months & hardly drive it & so far I've spent more money on repairs than insurance & fuel.......... GRRrrrrrrr Any advice would be really appreciated. Mike
  21. E.HarrisSkye

    Power Steering Malfunction

    WELL! I took the Fiesta for a spin down the road to a friends (quarter of a mile) then back not too long afterwards. The steering had been fine the whole way there and the whole way back until I was on the driveway reversing then the power steering went heavy, the mileage came up as ------- and the steering wheel light with an ! beside it remained lit on the dashboard. I turned it off then restarted it and it was still the same. I've looked underneath however I cannot see a puddle of fluid or whatever. The Fiesta is of the van version 2010 1.4 TDCi Base 68 PLEASE HELP! :(
  22. Smithindoors

    Power Steering Pump Problem

    Morning all, just joined so please excuse any mistakes, I have steering fluid leaking from the wiring of the steering pump on a 1.4 Focus CL 2002 reg, I'm assuming this means the pump has to be replaced. Has anyone any tips as I wish to do it myself, also the best place to buy the pump would be appreciated. The car has only done 52K so is it a good idea to replace the cam belt at the same time. Thanks Smithy
  23. Adsguk

    Odd Steering Mk1.5 Focus

    Hi there I am new to this forum and am i need of some help/advise of a fustrating steering issue. Gradually the steeriing on my focus mk1 has become inaccurate and iconsistent. When turning right the steering feels vague and floaty, when turning left it feels sharp but heavy and needs constant steering corrections on the wheel to keep it where its going. I have tried changing the front tyres to cure this but had no luck, have renewd Power steering fluid but no much difference. I have had a garage check the steering and claimed there was some play in the ball joints only to have 2 other mechanics say that there is no sign of wear and all seems fine. Some days the steering is better than others but i have noticed that it has developed a strange rumbling/rubbing noise around 25mph + from the front wheels. Im not sure if this is related but sounds like how maybe a worn bearing would sound. The car has done 100k miles and is 1.6 Zetec. if anyone could advise me with what this could be so i have some sort of idea and can norrow things down, would be much appreciated.
  24. Hi guys, New here, hoping to get some advice if possible please. :) I have a 2004 Ford Focus 1.6. On Monday, the engine cut out over 10 times on my way to work. Laboured start up as if I was starting in 3rd gear, once moving there was a lack of response on the accelerator, took a long time to build up any speed. Stopping in traffic would result in the engine cutting out, dash showed battery and oil lights. If I was turning when it cut out, I would feel the power steering fail. I dropped it in to Halfords on Monday night. They replaced spark plugs, HT leads and ignition coil pack. The car is now running fine but since picking it up last night, I have noticed issues with the power steering. It's not touch sensitive like it was, it feels looser - almost like floating instead of having full control and requires a lot more steering. The acceleration was nippy and responsive before, now it's slow and sluggish. I took it back to Halfords this evening, they told me it can't be power steering rack, can't be pump, there's enough power steering fluid in the reservoir and that I'm being paranoid. I know there's a huge difference to before this issue started on Monday. I don't believe it's the power steering itself - could they perhaps have put in the wrong coil pack, knocked something, loosened something? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  25. dontmess

    Power Steering Fluid Issue

    Hi I recently had a problem with my power steering on my Focus 1.6 Petrol MK 2.5 (there was a leak in the hose) Anyway I got that replaced by a local mechanic and it seems to be working now. However it appears that he has put too much power steering fluid in the car. I've attached an image of the power sterering reservoir- the image is after having driven the car for about 30mins so its when the engine was warm. You can see its pretty high. When the engine is cold the fluid comes to about 1cm-2cm above the MAX line.. My question is, is this ok? Will I have a problem with this? Also, if I need to remove some, how do I do it? Can I use a syringe? Or will that put air into the power steering system.. Appreciate the help