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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, I've just bought a used Ford Galaxy 2011 and have found out that the Powershift diesel automatic gearbox needs a specialist service with the oil and filter. Apart from the local ford main dealers, can anyone recommend anyone local to South Yorkshire (prefer Sheffield/Rotherham) to have this done and at what cost? Thanks.
  2. I just put down a deposit for 2015 / 65reg Ford Focus 1.6 petrol powershift. I’ve now been reading lots of reports about faulty transmissions and Ford even been sued over them. I can mainly only find reports from America and Australia though and I’m in the UK. I’ve now read somewhere that some of the 2015 transmissions have been upgraded and somewhere else it says in 2016 a new one got introduced. Is it safe to buy the 2015 petrol 1.6 powershift or am I at high risk of running into trouble? Thanks!
  3. Hi again, As many of you may know, I waited 4 months for my beloved 2013 Fiesta Powershift Titanium X to be built, and was finally delivered on 19th July 2013. About 2 months after, I started to notice a grinding/rattle noise whenever the car changed gear at low speed. And started to make the car judder when pulling away. (Which I assumed was down to tyres needing to be inflated, but turns out I was very wrong) I know you can always hear SOME noise from an auto and this one is a dual clutch so I figured it was just down to that, so I ignored it. Over the winter however, it has got much much MUCH worse, and I took it into Benfield Ford. Not once, but 3 times. Got fobbed off with "...just needed a software update..." Didn't make a difference, and just when I was at the brink of just ignoring the noise and the juddering and struggling to change gear, I went to Oxford (300 miles from my home in North Yorkshire) and it got so bad that it was making the noise constantly. To cut a long story short, RAC put me in a Premier Inn for the night, RAC bloke comes out in morning and takes it for a spin - it made a horrific scraping noise (to which he said "Well blow me down.....). He followed me half way home and then we met in service station and told me I could attempt to drive it home as he thought it would most likely be safe (but to pull over and call them back if need be) or he could recover me home. I chose to try drive it home, which I did do. Then once I was back I took it into Ford and this time I DEMANDED the HEAD of the service department comes out with me for a drive until it made the noise...... Not a sound for 20 minutes (though plenty of juddering and struggling to change from 1st to 3rd), and at this point I'm practically BEGGING the car to make the noise! But nothing.....until right when we're pulling back into Benfield, when she let's loose "Grrrrrriiinndddd.....and the service manager's face goes pale. He knew there was something VERY seriously wrong with that gearbox.... That was 3 weeks ago... I've been given the most horrific Peugeot 308 hire car (I know beggars can't be choosers, but this thing is the epitome of crap french build quality -or lack of- and it point blank refuses to reverse) and my Fiesta is STILL parked in exactly the same space at Benfield that she has done for 3 weeks. Apparently they are replacing the 'Clutch Assembly?!?!' (Not entirely sure what that is) I rang up earlier to find out if there was any update and got told the EXACT same thing I was told this time last week... "We've got all your parts, we're just waiting for some sealant. Could be a few days, could be a few weeks.." - Now, is it me, or is that pretty disgraceful that: A: My brand new car needs repairs so severe that they need 'sealant?' & B: That I'm being made to wait all this time for some sealant that apparently could even be out of production, rendering this whole ordeal to continue for several weeks, if not months from now. Apparently, this is a very common fault with the PowerShift gearbox on all Ford Automatic Models, but more commonly with Fiesta & Focus. So my question is, do any of you, or have any of you had the same problem with an Automatic (Powershift) gearbox??? How long did it take to be solved?? Many thanks, apologies for the long winded rant! Tracey
  4. Hi I am joining the official ranks of the juddering powershifters owners club and just about to start the process of trying to get Ford to sort it. So if you'll bear with me, some background and then a couple of questions for anyone in the know. Car: Nothing in particular special about it. It's a 1.6 Titanium Automatic on a 62 plate (build 23/11/2012, sold a couple of weeks later). Special to me though. Great load-lugger for band equipment and the black looks awesome on the drive. I bought the car in July 2016. Problem: I noticed around March this year that the clutch would judder. I managed to narrow it down to once the car has heated up (about 15 minutes of driving) and if I was stuck in traffic, the car would judder in gears 1 and 2. I also noticed that if I went from a slow speed and then took off with decent acceleration that the judder would persist or the car just wouldn't do a good job of deciding what gear it should be in. This is also taking a dramatic hit on the mpg. Right now over a week, my combined MPG is around 31mpg which is a bit rubbish if you ask me. First efforts: I had my MOT due in July 2017. I had already reported the issue to my dealership when I first noticed. They just said that there was a recall on the vehicle for software and I would be just as well to wait until my MOT/Service to have it done. Not a problem, I waited. I picked up the car and the girl said that they did the software and had reset whatever it is they had reset. It reoccurred maybe 3-4 weeks after. I've been using it like that until now after reading the horror stories of clutch packs and £1600 bills. Frankly I can't do £1600 and given my only warranty was a 1-year ford direct used warranty and I've been busy with work lately, I just didn't have time until the last few days. OK my fault, no excuse, silly me. So I'm doing a little more research and I check on ETIS that I have an Outstanding Field Service Action which is: 4W567 - DPS6/6DCT250. Ford Customer Service: I didn't call up to have a go, I merely wanted to know direct from Ford what this was, was it actually a warranty extension as various Google posts seem to think and what exactly is covered? The question had been raised on one of the topics I had read that this OFS only covered the actual software and not the clutch pack, gearbox, what have you. Ford Customer Service rep wouldn't even confirm that it was even a warranty extension, only that the OFS related to the "gearbox control module". He wouldn't be any more specific than that and referred me to my dealership. Without sounding like "that guy" it sounded like an offshore call center to me so I accepted this guy had no clue what I was on about in any case. Dealership: I called up the dealership. The guy who booked me in was a lot more helpful. I'm using Gates of Stevenage as it's my closest one, but I don't know if the booking in guys are some sort of Centralised place or if it's a bloke sat in Stevenage somewhere. Whatever is the case, he was as helpful as he could be. He listened to what I was saying and said that the warranty was extended on my gearbox. He couldn't say how long the warranty was extended too and referred me to Ford Customer Services (I don't think I'll bother getting back to FCS given the above conversation) but I'm happy he gave me what information he had to hand. Well, he can't give me what he doesn't have. tl/dr: So my story so far is it's going in on Thursday. It's had the software update/reset whatever it is and the problem is not resolved. So my questions if anybody knows is: 1 My car is a 2012/13 build. Is my OFSA code 4W567 - DPS6/6DCT250 still valid? Is it five years as what seems to be posted? If so that takes me up to December 2017 which is grand. 2 If it is indeed covered until December 2012 and my dealership do another software fix, if the problem reoccurs after December 2017 when my (suspected) five year extension is up, am I basically boned? Or because the software fix didn't fix the issue, will it still come under this OFSA given the problem was reported initially within the period? 3 Does anybody actually know what exactly is covered? Does it relate to software only? Is it the entire gearbox? 4 Has anyone been through this process before with their Powershift gearbox? What was your result and rough timeline to get it resolved? 5 Did anyone not get any luck with this OFSA? If so, just so I'm prepared for the worst case scenario of my dealership saying "No warranty, box is boned, your bill is £xxxx", what sort of money am I looking at for a proper permanent fix and how long are we talking? Given my work, being without a car will be very difficult. Not impossible and I can put up with it for a couple of weeks if need be but if we're talking months then I have a bigger issue. I will keep this post updated as to be honest, on my travels I didn't really find any comprehensive timelines. So for any would-be Googlers of the future, hope I can help!
  5. Hi All I have just signed up and I am very optimistic in finding answers to my queries. Thanking in advance. I have recently bought 2013 ford s-max zetec 2.0 tdci powershift 140 from an auction. I max a decision after having driven the same car but with manual transmission hoping the auto would be the same. However the car is extremeky sluggish especially when setting from a dead stop. It's so sluggish that i think it will be impossible to drive it on junction and pulling off from round about. I hope don someone who has the same car can suggest whether it's just my car or this is how the auto drives. To add to my worries I have an engine malfunction light on the dash which disappears as soon as the car starts. It also has an 'í' warning in dash but I dont know whether these warning lights are an indication of a problem causing sluggish drive. Please help as this is my first Ford and I haven't got a clue of what to do. The pictures attached show both warning lights and their disappearance when engine is running. Finally, the car is a 2013 plate, from London and has 17000 miles on block suggesting shorter journeys and low miles got the age. Wing side mirror is broken. Thanks
  6. Has anyone else had problems with the clutch of the powershift gearbox ? I have a 2011 Ford Kuga 2.0 litre based in Cyprus with 136k km see below the problem I have The dealership is asking for 3800 euro to fix it thanks
  7. Hello, everyone. I have a very quick question about the Sport mode in the PowerShift transmission on my new Ford Mondeo (11/2012 Titatium Ecoboost 2.0 203cv Powershift), which I just picked up today: Does the car need to be stopped, in order to switch between "Drive" and "Sport"? And if not, if there any speed limit to do this? Incredibly, the Ford seller couldn't answer me this question and the owner's manual isn't clear as well: while it says that "When you select position S, a gear change may occur depending on the accelerator pedal position in relation to actual vehicle speed" - thus implying that it can, indeed, be changed while moving - it also clearly says to "Apply the brakes before moving the selector lever and keep them applied until you are ready to move off". This can be seen in the Mondeo Owner's Manual: (, page 151 and 152) I'd appreciate some help. Thank you in advance.
  8. I have a 2016 Titanium x 2 litre diesel AWD high output engine with a powershift 6 speed box. I get 42.5 mpg on a run and 36 mpg locally, climate on all the time with AC - would love to know what other people are getting in their Kugas - Thank you
  9. TotallyTonto

    Hello All

    Hi All, Just saying Hi as a new member. I've not had a Ford for many years but got myself a Kuga last year and thought I'd better join up and say hi. Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCI Titanium X 2012 (Facelift) Powershift.
  10. I have sent the following to the supplying dealer of my September 2015 Fiesta that has Powershift. Ive yet to receive a reply. ------------------------------------------- At the end of September 2015, I bought a brand new unregistered Fiesta Titanium car from yourselves registration xxxxxxx. I paid extra to have the Powershift transmission. The car is coming up to having 1900 miles on the clock. Up until 1000 ish miles everything was fine but lately Ive experienced problems that include: Loss of engine power / engine feels flat when pulling away at times. Makes a whining noise after two hours travelling at 70-80 mph on motorways Straight line driving on normal roads the Power shift is fine. Go downhill, slow down and turn right or left or slow down on a hill in traffic however, the Power shift fails to downshift, fights the brakes, the car lurches forwards rather than slows down, gear changes are harsh and jerky and routinely the Power shift gets itself in knots and noticeably jumps from one gear to the next. These are serious safety issues as the car is temporarily out of my control. I have looked online and see an array of owners report similar experiences with Ford Power shift 2010-2015 model Fiestas and that software upgrades are regularly carried out but rarely fix the problem. I see a multitude of Powershift units have been replaced under warranty but within a short period the same problems appear on the replacement Power shift units. I have run the car in and drive it as per the manual. I am disappointed that less than two months old its displaying unacceptable and frankly unsafe problems. I intended keeping the car for 3+ years but frankly things are getting to a point where its unsafe to drive. Please advise.
  11. "Ford’s Focus ST diesel will be offered with the firm’s new six-speed automatic transmission from early next year. The 182bhp hot hatch, which is powered by a 2.0-litre diesel engine and made its global debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2014, has so far only been offered with a six-speed manual transmission. While the manual option will continue to be standard fit for the ST diesel, the option of an automatic gearbox will appeal to a growing audience of buyers." About ruddy time. Maybe somthing to help me forget the small boot :)
  12. Sunday night car started stalling after being stationary then pulling off. First few times started again easily but then with wife and kids in car late at night it stalled and would not start. I had all electric but dead ignition, wouldn't even turn over. RAC guy disconected the battery then reconnected and it started first time! RAC guy recons that it could be that the immobiliser kicked in as maybe there is a fault in the key and disconnecting the battery refreshed the ECU?? Can this happen whilst engine is running? I have had problems similar to this in the past but lost all power. I changed the battery (Bosch) and all was well. Then started happening again were power cut out but this seemed to be a loose clamp on the battery. Current problem is different in that I had all power but no ignition. Car seems ok again but I have lost confidence in as problem is so random. I am using the spare key on the advice of the RAC guy. I am going to take it to a garage this week but thought I would post the problem on the forum and see if anyone out there can help. Thanks.
  13. Retired Dave

    Powershift Gearing

    Hi All, I am considering the purchase of a new 2015 Mondeo and would like to move back to automatic transmission. Given that I wish also to have a diesel version the only choice is the Powershift gearbox. I notice that despite the usual marketing stuff about how efficient dual clutch gearboxes are, the quoted mpg figures are much worse than the manual. The worse aspect being the poor extra urban figure. Once both manual and Powershift are in 6th gear doing 70mph on the motorway, I didn't expect that much difference. The quoted figs for the 2.0L diesel engine are 70.6 for the manual and 64.2 for the Powershift. I asked FORD this question "what revs is each doing at 70 mph in 6th gear?????" and got the overall gearing as an answer. 6th gear Manual overall gearing - 2.043 6th gear Powershift overall gearing - 2.196 Does this mean that the Manual is doing less revs at say 70 mph than the Powershift version? If so how much? I don't expect anybody knows for the new car yet - BUT does anyone have an idea of the outgoing Mondeo manual against Powershift with regard to this question? All thoughts greatly received.
  14. Hi All My observations of my MK4 Mondeo I have a Mk4 Mondeo 2.0 TDCi (163) titanium powershift in Panther black. I really like the car, it is roomy, quiet, quick (very quick at times) , smooth. It did have a few issues when I bought it. One of the door locks was not working and more seriously, after a few miles, the gearbox started to play up. Anyway the dealer fixed the issue with the door lock with no problems. The gearbox took a bit more convincing. They kept insisting that they could find nothing wrong with the gearbox. They would take it down the road for a few miles and it never missed a beat. In the end I had to tell them to wait for the engine and gearbox to warm up, find a hill and point it upwards, then try and drive off. They did this in the end and they had to admit then that there was an issue. What was happening was the engine felt like it was not engaging the clutch fully. The engine would rev up, engage the clutch and then the engine revs would come down and the clutch would disengage. That would cause the engine to rev up and so the cycle would keep on until you got the speed up a bit. The car had done 66k miles and I suspected the oil had not been changed in the gearbox. The oil in the powershift gearbox needs to be changed every 37.5k and it is a specialist job. In the end they got ford to change the oil and filter. The gearbox was vastly improved. For the next couple of week I had to put up with the gearbox learning the various things, such as its biting points etc. Now the gearbox is driving as it should. Apparently. I wouldnt say it was perfect. What I have found it that the gearbox tries to set off in 2nd gear when you are just creeping along. The result is either a lack of power or the car kangarooing It isnt until you come to a complete stop that it engages 1st gear. From what I understand from reading about this is that the gear selection is normal for the earlier version. I have also been told there is a update for this gearbox that improves this considerably. What I have been doing to overcome this is to drop the gearbox in to manual mode in heavy traffic. This enables me to select 1st gear when I am creeping along. Anyway at some point I will need to get the car into ford to get the gearbox software updated. Another benefit of having the gearbox software done is that it improves the MPG a bit. I am a little disappointed in the actual mpg when compared with the reported mpg by ford. But that is not a major concern. Another niggle is that the mic in the head liner is missing. Looks like someone pinched it before I got the car. I replaced the mic only to find the volume from the mic is extremely low. I suspect this is due to the Bluetooth module not working correctly (above the glovebox). I have reset this and it made no difference. Anyway I will be changing the radio in the car for a sat nav system later in the year (or early next year). It sounds like I am having a moan about the car, well I am but I wouldnt change it. I had the opportunity to test drive various cars before I bought this one and a few were stupidly priced (Prius) and others were just horrible to drive (Vauxhall). Anyway has anyone else had issues with the powershift gearbox, in particular the wet plate clutch like those installed in the mondeo, kuga etc. I believe the Focus and Fiesta use a dry plate clutch. How easy is it to change the radio in the Mk4 Mondeo
  15. rwleigh

    Tank Range.

    Now I'm getting some miles on the clock the economy is starting to get better. This is the first time I've seen over 700 miles tank range on the on-board computer.
  16. New member. Just bought new Ecoboost 1Litre Powershift 5 door Titanium X as second car for my wife but I also drive as it was supposed to be more economical than my XJ 3litre Diesel. Only getting 21 around town and 36 on a run. The car has only done about 200 miles should it improve as it loosens up or have I bought a lemon? Get better consumption from my XJ and my wife was getting better consumption from her old Hyundai Sant Fe 2/3 years old.
  17. Traquare

    Delivery Delays

    Hi everyone, I'm new! I ordered my Fiesta Titanium X 1.6 Powershift in Hot Magenta (Is a Motability car, but with no modifications), in April, and was given a delivery date of 26th June. Then, I received a phone call from my dealer the other day, saying because it's Automatic (has to be for medical reasons), and my exact model is available in America, they are struggling to get hold of an Automatic gearbox!!! He said they have an estimated build date for the end of this month, then it'll take 3 weeks to get here. However after reading some posts on here about delays with the Zetec S in White, I'm starting to get concerned that this is going to drag on for much longer than what they've told me... :( Anyone else in a similar position? Thanks guys! Tracey x