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Found 17 results

  1. So I'm new here, I'm sorry if I offend people with how little I know about cars etc... anyway, tomorrow I collect my Fiesta Titanium with 125bhp 2014 plate. I am looking to spice the car up a little bit but unsure on what to do with it (suggestions greatly appreciated) and how to do some things - hence the forum post. I am not looking to make this car into an ST with 280bhp or anything like that, I just want to make the car look a little bit more visually pleasing and maybe add a stage 1 map. (The car is a 5door due to me needing the space for work as I carry around a lot of gear). Anyway. The things I have considered doing so far: -Halo ring lights from autobeam, any good? Worth the money? Easy to install or hard? -Upgrade the alloys to maybe some ST alloys or third party ones -Rear windows are already tinted however I would like to tint the front ones as well -Sunstrip on the windscreen -Wind deflectors -Paint the calipers, maybe upgrade the brakes after I have had the alloys fitted -Stage 1 map, was thinking of going to AET Motorsport? Any reviews? Advice? -Induction kit? (Don't really know much about it but it looks very good and am slowly researching a bit more -Upgraded bulbs - Looking to fit some osram H7 and H1 bulbs -TRC Front splitter - will this fit my car or will I need added parts to be able to fit it? Anything else you would reccomend that I haven't thought of? As I say these are just ideas for now. Not looking for anything ridiculously mad for performance wise just more visually! Thanks.
  2. Hello all... new to the forum so a very quick introduction. Owner of a Red 99 ST24 which is in need of some TLC after sitting for a year off the road. Decided this year to use it as a project car and give it a different look. Looking to give the car a complete respray and carry out some maintenance work but want to change the colour... Absolutely love the Imperial blue ST200 look but also like the thought of Tangerine Scream yellow/ orange look from the 2013+ Focus ST... which one should I go for? Yellow is winning for me at the moment as I haven't seen many mondeos in that colour for that mk. Pinned up a few pictures from google of the new Focus ST yellow, mk2 Mondeo in yellow &a Imperial Blue and my sorry looking Red mondeo. appreciate your thoughts and input! cheers, Richard
  3. Note: I've previously had a thread/diary on the KA Owners Club forum to keep a track of how my car has come along, but here seems to much more active due to there being so many more members. Some pics/wording may be copy & pasted over from there to save me the type of typing it again. I got my KA for my 17th birthday (2013) and since then I've not really done much other than replace the stock muffler & tailpipe. I did have some black dice dust caps to replace the standard black ones, but they got stolen. :) Anyway, some pictures (white one is mine, black one is my brothers that he got in October just gone):
  4. Hi All, Made two projects/builds on here before, nothing dramatic. Always wanted an ST and decided to get one as my insurance changed over at the end of January this year. Shoutout to TrustFord in Enfield for this! Was looking at trading in my Titanium for a new ST, then remembered the price difference. I then picked "STallone" up for 13K with all the discounts and haggles etc taken down, only 8 months old! Comes with all the gadgets I had on the titanium, which I was used to (Auto lights, auto wipers etc.) but the heated seats etc. added to this just top it off! And then comes the power.. the torque it has is ridiculous, if you are in a position to get one of these, honestly.. just go for it. You won't be disappointed. List of things/idea's that I will/might be doing: Lighting: - Upgrade interior bulbs to LED, Courtesy (W5W & Festoon), Footwells (W5W), Boot (W5W), Glove box. - Upgrade number plate lights to LED. - Upgrade reverse lights to CREE LED. - De-tango all exterior lights to chrome (Rear, Side, Headlights). - Upgrade dipped beam to 6K HIDs. - Upgrade front fogs to 6K LED. - Add additional rear fog light so there is two. - Retrofit/Black out front headlights, retrofit brighter 6K DRL LED. Security: - Move ODB2 port. - Remove ODB2 fuse. - Disklok. - Hardwire Dashcam to turn on with ignition. Exterior Styling: - Gel overlays, Front, Rear, ST badges, Wheel centre caps. - Blackout badges. - Smoke/Blackout/Tint Front headlights, Rear lights, Rear fogs/reflectors. - Black sunstrip. - Headlight brows. Bought cheap ones from eBay, need to replace with Triple R. - Spoiler Mountune spoiler extensions or RS Style spoiler. - Front splitter &/or Front spoiler extensions, or RS Style front bumper. - Sideskirt splitters. - Blacked out alloys. - Blackout plastics (Fog inserts, rear valance, lower grill). - Wrap roof, front lip & wing mirrors black. - Wind deflectors. - Wing mirror deflectors. - Ford black dustcaps. - Private Numberplates Interior Styling: - Mats. - Overlay for steering wheel, front vents. - Black and white engine cover. - Matching footrest. - Fill hole behind handbrake. - Matching keyring and smartkey cover. - Black gearknob insert Performance: - Remap - Mountune to keep warranty or Revo Stage 1-3. - Induction kit. - White coolant hoses, White Ancillary hoses, White turbo hoses, White induction hose. - Mountune/Cobb rear engine mount. *Will be adding a few updates to this post*
  5. Hi Guys, I'm new here so I apologise if I'm posting incorrectly however it's my first time! I recently purchased a fiesta zEtec s red edition 140ps and seriously love the car! Puts a smile on my face whenever I drive it and I am now wanting to do some upgrades! Pictures will follow however so far I have done small mods which include: Black/Red gel badge overlays to front, rear, steering wheel and wheels. Smaller radio aerial. Wind deflectors. Pumaspeed R-sport induction. Although the induction sounds really nice I've decided to go down the Mountune route and have just placed my order of induction and all silicone hose replacements. I am also thinking about getting the engine and battery covers and colour coding them within the engine bay! I have some gold heat reflective tape on order to wrap some of my internal parts which hopefully turn out ok! I have some pictures however there will be more to follow when the Mountune turns up! What you think so far?
  6. Ngineblown

    PROJECT Fiesta mk7 1.6 tdci

    Hey guys this is going to be an on going thread on progress of my fiesta mk7. I wanted to know what everyone thought as well as opinions on how dark my tints are? Any opinions if they'll be alright on the road or not? I'll post before and afters of what ever I can👍
  7. Hello! This is my first post to the forums so first I would like to start by saying Hi to everyone here! As I plan on doing some 'Modz' to my newly acquired Focus, I thought why not start a little diary on here to share with my fellow enthusiasts what I have done, and what I plan on doing to my car. A bit about my car: Focus 1.8 TDCI Mk2.5 'Facelift' Titanium in black :) Came with these larger 18inch alloys, not sure if this was an optional extra or if fitted at a later date, but I'm yet to see another Titanium with the same size as mine so that's nice :D Other features include full leather interior with heated seats, xenon lights, and I think it may also have the upgraded speakers package as they sound great considering it still has the standard Sony headunit, with component speakers in the front and rear (so 8 speakers in total!) Anyway, after owning the car around a month, I decided to start messing! First things I wanted to do was to get rid of the horrible grey front grills. Found some gloss black ST lookalike ones online which also came with matching Fog light surrounds :D Here is a picture of the car just after I fitted the upper and lower grills. Don't worry I have since re-fitted the number plate (although I plan on getting a smaller metal-pressed plate at some point without the 'GB' badge so that it will fit better onto the grill) I'm still yet to replace the fog surrounds, A. Because I'm not sure what the easiest way to remove them is and B. I plan on replacing the original lamps with LED's and using them as DRL's. Have a few more mods on top of these in the pipeline... De-Badge rear Black Gel badge overlays New alloy centre caps Wind deflectors Remove/repaint bonnet lip black Possibly re-paint brake callipers ST spoiler/skirts? Anyway, that is it so far, I will take some more pictures as and when I add more things, so keep checking back! Feel free to suggest any other things you think might be cool and share with me what you have done to your MK2.5! Thanks for looking! Tom ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE 31/03/16 So after patiently waiting for the post man to arrive, and finding some free time to get working on the car, ive added some more Mods! :D (Please excuse any dirt in these pictures, haven't had chance to wash the car...) Black Ford alloy centre caps: (any ideas what I can do about that ugly looking locking wheel nut???) Team Heko wind deflectors (and my FOC stickers) Gel Badges: And finally I got the new fog surrounds put on thanks to advice from Wheels93 (much appreciated!) Only thing left to do on the front end now is to get rid of that bonnet lip :) Thanks for looking guys! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE 01/04/16 Cleaned it up today, here's some pics :D Headlight 'brows' going on tomorrow and might look at getting that lip off and re-sprayed... Will update in due course. Stay tuned :D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE: 03/04/16 Had a day off work yesterday so decided to spend a day down the garage having a go at a few things on the car... Two main things which have been done are the addition of the Headlight 'brows' and also took off the bonnet lip and sprayed It matt black! :D Few pics (again, excuse the dirt / marks / finger prints, gets so dirty so quickly...) So happy with how the car is coming along, going to look at spraying the chrome trim on the rear as well, hopefully have that done before the end of next week if all goes to plan. Also had a quote for getting the rims refurbed and re-sprayed, so stay tuned! :D ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE: 05/04/16 Couldn't wait any longer so got my pal to spray up the rear bonnet trim whilst I was working ( that's what friends are for :D ) Must say he did an excellent job, so happy with the out come. What to do next is the question.... Really want to sort out the fog lamp, I think that will finish the rear off nicely. Although perhaps an ST spoiler wouldn't be a bad idea, certainly would give the car the 'sporty' look I'm trying to achieve. Now that I come to think about it there are quite a few things I could improve up on... A nice exhaust is definitely something I'm going to look into, weather I go for a full kit or just the back end is the question. Might also look at getting the rear lights tinted... lots of decisions... Any suggestions please throw them at me, I am open to any ideas on improving my car :D Got it booked in for a full service / check up / MOT tomorrow, so hopefully all goes well and no nasty suprises, fingers crossed. Thanks again for looking folks, hope you like what you see :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE 05/07/16 Sorry for the lack of updates recently! Been really busy and not had time to update my post, although I have still been messing about with the car, as usual :) Mostly just small changes, but definitely worth it, you know what the say about how its the little things that count! I've chosen to go with blue as my 'secondary' colour as after all, it is a Ford! Changed the A/C Control knobs. Old ones looked tacky in my opinion and prone to dust and finger marks. New ones look much better and match with my colour scheme Also changed the interior lights. Already had footwell lights installed on my model so was as simple as just swapping the bulbs. Did the celling ones too but don't have a photo, really brighten up the car when you get in, I tend to have the front one turned off and the rear one set to come on with the opening of the doors so that it isn't too blinding. Also as you can see in the picture I managed to pick up some Momo Italy floor mats from my local TK-Maxx for a tenner, front and rear set, with blue stitching! Chuffed! Lights were the main focus (no pun intended) of my most recent spree of mods. I've swapped out the front side lights and fogs for LEDs, getting rid of the yellow glow with a much cleaner looking white. Was looking at changing my headlights too but as they are the D1S bulbs (I think?) they are around £100 for a decent pair, and I cant justify changing them without seeing first hand if they would make a huge improvement over my current ones. Ive ordered a DRL Kit too so that should be fitted in the next few weeks, will take some pictures of that for sure! Aside from all that I've also fitted a sub which I had from my old car. Didn't want to change my headunit as I'm happy with my stock sony one (which I believe is a factory upgrade anyway) so I had to install a Line Out Converter into the wiring at the back of the stereo. The only wiring diagrams I could find online for the stereo turned out to be partially incorrect so it was a bit of a guessing game, but through process of elimination I found the correct wires eventually and the whole thing is up and running! I'll leave you with some nice pics to look at :) Alongside my old mans Sierra 2.0i GT And one from the other day after I gave the thing a clean :D Stay Posted!
  8. Welcome to my ongoing project with my 2009 MK7 Fiesta Zetec S. My 'motto' might change in the future, but I believe that "less is more"; I like to make small alterations and modifications to my car that improve its looks, but don't require many hours of labour or a ridiculous amount of money. I aim to provide links, approximate prices (not including postage where applicable), pictures and a short blurb of all the modifications to make life that little bit easier for those who might just be inspired. Here is my car when it was on sale: And more recently: As you can see, it doesn't look too much different, but the following modifications have been made... White Zetec S Rear Inlay £1.99 from DMB This was my first modification. Although it is beginning to peel slightly (I blame the pressure washer), I couldn't resist it to eliminate the red S on my blue car! S Steering Wheel Gel Badge £4.99 from DMB (product is now unavailable) Simply put, every Zetec S Fiesta should come with a badge like this. Passengers have commented on it and not even known it wasn't originally on the car! White Steering Wheel Gel Overlay £3.00~ from I wasn't happy that this one came through looking a bit pixelated. Still, from where I sit, it isn't that noticeable and it is a nice touch against the rest of the interior. Lockwood Door Sills £32.99 from Amazon Practical and good looking. What could be better? It also covers up a few scuffs on the driver's side that were on the sill and protects from further ones occurring. Aluminium Sport Pedal Covers £5.00~ from AliExpress Having decided £50+ for official Ford ones was not going to happen, finding these on the forums was too good a deal to miss. Delivery time was reasonable, too. Short Radio Aerial £5.00~ from eBay I don't use the radio in my car, so having a long aerial was not necessary. So, I swapped it for this one, which is much more discrete (but I do still have signal in my area if I did suddenly want the radio after all...) Ford Owners Club Stickers £3.99 from Mufflebox Why not represent the club? Attached on both sides, they make it obvious that I do rather like my car and, no, it is not okay to leave a dent in my car when you park next to it at Tesco... Numberplate LED Bulbs £2.50~ from eBay Every time I unlock my car, I love the white glow that appears at the back. Simply put, this modification easily contends for the best one I've done to my car. LED Panel for the Boot £2.99 from eBay Quite difficult to capture in a photo, but I stuck the LED panel just below the boot catch on the inside of the boot. I ran some wire round from the original boot light to provide the power. Despite being removed and adjusted a couple of times, the self-adhesive back is still going strong. At night, this boot light is simply brilliant. LED Panels for Interior Lighting £5.98 from eBay This required a little bit of rewiring, but nothing too difficult. Instead of a single bulb (and I did try with LEDs), I chose to add two LED panels to my interior lighting. These are brilliant. Enough light finds its way to the back seats and the front is suitably bright and white, also. Front Footwell Lighting Bulb holders: £2.79 from eBay Bulbs: £0.99 from eBay After some wiring extension across the windscreen and down the pillars of the car, I have fitted front footwell lighting. The bulbs I got for this aren't actually very bright. However, for this purpose, I find the brightness is perfect as it is subtle on feet and not blinding instead! LED Reversing Lights £5.99 from eBay I don't know quite what inspired me to get these. Needless to say, they look better when reversing, give out at least as much light and they look cool even when they aren't in use! "De-tangoed" Indicator Bulbs Front: £13.00~ from Amazon Rear: £13.00~ from Amazon Side: £2.99 from eBay I think the side ones, despite being the cheapest, are possibly the best looking! The front ones were a real pain to change, but all of them were worth changing. Whenever I'm behind another Fiesta, the orange indicator bulbs are always too noticeable for my liking! Cool Blue Intense Main Beam and Fog Lights (and LED sidelights!) Main (H1): £12.00~ from Amazon Fog (H11): £27.00~ from Amazon Sidelights: £0.99 from eBay It is hard to capture these as they are so bright! The colour of them is definitely whiter than the standard bulbs and both were fitted without much trouble. The main beam blue bulbs are slightly visible, though the colour goes with my blue car anyway! The fog lights and the full beams on dark nights are both simply brilliant; definitely an improvement. LED sidelights are also necessary and quick to fit. I did have to use some Amazon vouchers to justify the fog lights, though, as they are pretty steep... 6000K H7 HID Kit £12.00~ from AliExpress I was sceptical about fitting HIDs, but the forums suggested these. For the price, I had to have a go and I can say that they work very well. The fitting was okay and the light, spread, etc is really nice. I can't make comparisons against other kits and I know some are sceptical about cheaper kits, but I have run these for a two hour journey and they are still exactly as I fitted them without melting or blowing up, so initial signs are good, right? I also found them less tiring than my previous lights (Osram Nightbreakers, £17.00~ from Amazon) to drive home at one o'clock in the morning on the motorway. White S Stickers £1.00 x2 from DMB I don't know why I got these, other than the fact they were cheap! I just thought I needed to put something on the small front windows and these did the job nicely for only £1.00 each! Climair Wind Deflectors £40.00~ from Ford Parts UK (although I got them from a very kind forum member!) It took a week or so for me to get to like these, and I think then it was actually because of the practical side to them! It is great being able to have the windows down in the warmer months without getting blown constantly in your face, so they really do work well for their designed purpose. The look of them has now got to me and I'm very glad they are now permanently fitted to my car! Mobius Actioncams £55.00 x2~ from Hobbyking (plus about £20~ in extra cables, piggybacks, holders etc.) Unfortunately, this purchase decision followed on from my older sister being in two crashes within the space of a few months. It has literally taken a year (written March 2016) for both of these to be approaching solutions and, knowing they wouldn't be resolved quickly, I wanted to make sure I had a little extra 'protection' of my own. There are a lot of dashcams around these days, some easier to set up than others. I have found these Mobius Actioncams to do exactly what I want; they turn on when my car is on, stay on for a short while when my car is off and continuously loop record everything that goes off in front of me and behind me. The front camera is about as discreet as it can be; the rear camera, held up with Velcro and Blu-Tack (it works!) is in a discreet enough position that it is barely noticeable through the tinted rear windscreen. I'm pleased to say I've only used these to view comical footage or footage of bad drivers, and hope that it stays that way! What is strange is how vulnerable I feel in others' cars when they don't have these fitted... And not really modifications, but... Kenwood KSC-SW11 Underseat Subwoofer £102.99 from Amazon I didn't want a subwoofer that took up half my boot and would never get used to its full potential, so I bought one of these instead. Fitting it took a couple of hours, maybe, and connects to the back of the stereo speaker cables. Wired in through piggyback connectors of the fuse box and hidden under the drivers seat, I have found this has worked brilliantly throughout all the months I've had it now. The car doors no longer vibrate with each beat as the bass is coming out of this, rather than the door speakers! I also get to 'feel' the music as I drive a long - something I might add to the passenger side too one day if I have a spare £100! Kingston 32GB Micro Duo Flash Drive £9.00 from Amazon A very fast and discrete flash drive for storing music on for use in the car. It has two ends; the other connects directly into the Micro-USB sockets on most current smartphones, which is also useful! Last updated 3rd March 2016.
  9. So a few months back I purchased my first Ford, a Mk6 fiesta finesse, nothing to fancy as I was only 19 at the time (now 20). After gathering some experience with cars within my job (Halfords) and out of research I decided I wanted to make my fiesta something special to me, I'm still undecided on a full ST conversion or just to get the exterior and custom build/make the interior of my car. This was the week after I bought her, all cleaned, polished and waxed A few weeks later and after much research I found her a new set of wheels, The wheels need a reverb which I plan on doing myself but they do fill up the arches nicely compared to what it was before, a full list of planned mods and pictures will be posted
  10. Hi everyone, It has been some time since I have been on here and well I have dwelled into the route of modifying my 1.0 EcoBoost fiesta mk7. I have recently added a AirTec Front mount inter-cooler and a custom induction kit. I can say the differences are awesome so far! Im going to be going for a new exhaust system soon. Then going for a Re-map. After this all is complete I will be on ST standards or more with all the economical benefits. =)
  11. Hi everyone I'm new to the club as I've just bought myself a new ZS and thought I'd come to the experts on advice with how to improve it. I've already thought about Lockwood sill plates but can't decide whether or not to buy. The other major thing I'm looking to improve is the horrible yellow lights. I've been thinking about a 6000k HID kit for my dipped beams because I really like the white light, how has everyone else got on with them, have you failed your MOT? Please send pics so I can see how good they look. The kit I've found on eBay sounds pretty good and apparently they're e marked so they should be fine, could you check them out for me because I'm not really an expert aha. If you wouldn't recommend HID's what would you recommend, I'm not sure what to get for all my other bulbs, I'd like to detango my front indicator lights but not sure what to replace the DRL, side lights and fogs with (LED's a good bet?) Final thing I've thought about is a K&N Panel Filter but is it really worth it, will it improve my mpg or performance in any way or is it just a waste of time and money. Please give me other ideas, links and pictures along with your own past experiences to help me improve my car,I'll leave some pics for you to see it
  12. I've had my Mk7 Fiesta for a little bit under 6 months now and I've finally have decided to make a build thread from the day that I picked it up the 16/05/2014 to now and for what ever modifications come after! I went and inspected the car on the 12/05/2014 at used car dealer in Melbourne (Capital City in Victoria Australia) and I was immediately hooked! I had the choice from either a Black WT Zetec which I had inspected earlier in the day or the Phantom Blue WT Zetec, (both Asian versions) and the rarity of the Phantom Blue immediately caught my attention. I had only seen about 3 on Victorian Roads since they were released so my choice was clear! The day I inspected and purchased the car. After cutting a few deals with the salesman I managed to knock the price down and get four brand new tyres put on with a replacement tow cover as the original was missing before i picked it up 4 days later. I went home that night and immediately ordered some new bulbs for it. Some super bright reversing lights and everything else needed for the front but in white. This is the new Fiesta the day that I picked her up. As soon as the new lights arrived I put them in so I didn't have to deal with the horrible yellowish stock lights! Unfortunately I don't have any photos documenting this but if requested I am able to show a comparison. Next thing on my to do list was pick a name for the little beast and the get some protection for her! So I fitted some weather shields and a bonnet protector about a week after I got her! And I decided on a name something close to her heritage. Phantom. Off to work now but I post some more later! - Tom
  13. Built thread for my Julia, 2010 Ford Focus Zetec S 1.6 These photos were taken the day i picked her up from the dealers. I have much planned for her all in good time, she is also a work horse!
  14. Hello, I'm new to the forums and want to ask a few questions.. I have got a t2 rs turbo that I would like to add to a 1.6 cammed ka sport engine. I would like to know is there any way that the fiesta rs turbo would fit straight on to the ka engine? If not does anyone know who could possibly make a manifold or even what is the best way I can do this? I would be running low boost as this would be on standard internals? So far I have got the following, ford fiesta t2 rs turbo, boost controller, air filter, intercoller, need to get pipes and also an oil feed. Anyone know the best vaccume pipe to tap in too? Is there anything else I need? Any help will be majorly appreciated!
  15. andyrobinson

    Mk6 Fiesta

    Recently bought my little fiesta 1.4 zetec, got some plans for this so keep tuned. this is how she is at the minute plans: * lowered around 60mm (for now) * new wheels possibly splits or porsche twists * soothed bumpers * leather interior * smoked lights * straight through pipe and back box (not a chavvy one) possible extras along the way ! STAY TUNED
  16. Hello all, i made a post when i joined the forum a few months back and bought my car so i figured i would update everyone on my progress so far. This is my first car bear in mind and my first restoration project so please be easy on me on the progress so far! This is a few months work so it will include a lot of pictures and information, hope its not too long winded! So here is the car when i bought it, it's a mk2 1979 mk2 escort GL. Has been off the road for around 15 years. I bought the car without viewing and took the owners word that the car was solid and the floors where good. I later found out this was the sum total of rot on the car, the wing's where made of fibre glass and filler on the ends, the headlight surrounds where also rotten. Luckily the car came with new headlight surrounds to be welded on, a job i haven't done yet. The rear arch needed replacing but came with one already welded to the other side. The drivers side door was rotten beyond repair also, aswell as the footwell's and A pillar's having rot and bodged with filler and a "Rice crispies Box". I started upon the task of removing rust from the car, here's a few pictures of the work done so far, before and after shots. Slowly i've worked my way back on the car removing rust and applying rust treatment and cheap primer. Next jobs where to remove the old wings and work on the rear arch. This has recently been sanded down and primered but i don't have any shots yet. Once the wings where off we where able to find the full damage caused by the filler bodge on the footwells. That's unfortunately as far as i've gotten so far, now for the fun parts, I've replaced multiple things for this car so here's a list of them with some pictures. Starter motor Alternator All seatbelts Full polybush kit radiator & Hoses fuel tank fuel filler cap front wings round headlight grill Rear C pillar trims New drivers side door Full engine bolt kit RS 3 spoke Wheel 4 Spoke Capri Laser Wheels. Group 4, 2 1/4" Coilovers with 300/70 Bilstein Tarmac Inserts. The wheels i bought where in extremely poor condition, they had been painted silver around the rims and coated in thick black gloss paint in the center. It took a couple weeks to refurbish them to how i wanted, the coilover's where also pretty tatty so they also got a new coat of paint. before; After; And here's a before and after of the wheels. They still need a little work to be perfect but they look 10x better in my personal opinion. More miscellanious pictures of items bought. I hope that wasn't too long of a post, sorry for including so many pictures, i just thought it best to keep a record! I'm hoping to have the car completed by September if i'm lucky, for now i'll be sticking with the original 1300 crossflow engine i think. If anyone has any tips for restoration i would honestly love and advice you can give. Thanks for reading, i'll try keep it updated as i go.
  17. Hello, I'm pretty new here so i thought i would introduce myself. I'm 21 year's old and am yet to have my driving license but have always been a fan of old Fords! I recently purchased my Mk2 Escort GL 1979 on 12th of January 2013, i am in the process of fixing her up and returning her to her formor glory extremely slowly :). When i saw pictures of the car on ebay i was told it was "solid" i knew the engine was not currently in the car and it was a rolling shell with spares. When the car finally got home, i realised there was a considerable amount of things missing from the car which i am currently replacing, the car was also solid to a point. Some places being solid but filler, we chipped away at the filler on the front wings which is a common place for rust on these, it ended up looking somewhat like this when we where finished. After removing the interior, which was in pretty much brilliant condition we went about removing the doors, 3 of the doors where in good condition but the drivers side wasnt looking very repairable! After purchasing a new door last week things where starting to fall more into place and the grueling job of rust treatment and sandpapering could begin! We Sprayed on some cheap £1 primer to protect it from the elements, we managed to finish the bonnet and one of the gutters which where very rusty and dirty! This is unfortunately as far as i have got so far, it is still missing a lot of things. I'm not mechanic but i do have a skilled friend to guide me as a fix up "Wilson" as he has been christened :). Looking forward to getting this classic back on the road! :D