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Found 25 results

  1. Abi-xr3i

    Fuel Pump Question

    Hi, I have a Ford Escort 1.6, 105CV, 1990 needs a new fuel pump the current one is the bosch 0580245952. Would the 0580245941 work? Does it have the same specs? Thank you Abigail
  2. Hi, Just had my focus in for its MOT, was done on July 2nd and we're now in August. The problem the garage had was finding an ABS pump. After 3 weeks I asked for photos of identification labels, and sourced one online within 5 minutes. The garage ordered and used the part, but then told me it had to go to a sparky to get the coding done. I just need to know if that is true enough and also if an old one can be refurbished, as I was told that once its gone, its gone, there's no fixing one. I'm a little sceptical of this garage now after being recommended to use them. Have attached pic of the label Thanks
  3. I was on a long drive yesterday, 200 miles. About halfway through I noticed I was getting less and less power, by the end I was barely able to maintain 50mph. Today I turned the engine on and it made a horrible loud clattering noise - like really bad. I didn't try to drive off because it sounded like even idling it was causing more damage. The oil light also came on and off when I was driving yesterday - I've checked the oil level and that's fine so I don't know if it's anything to do with the oil pump. No DTC codes either. Anyone got any tips? It's got over 100,000 miles on it at this point so I'm fearing the worst. Thanks all!
  4. Hi new - so if on wrong section I apologise. I have a 2008 Cmax 2.0 TDCI. A few weeks ago after heavy rain a warning relating to the Power steering came up when starting the car. Steering felt OK so had a garage put onto computer which said is was the steering angle sensor. Duly ordered one and replaced it. Warning still there. Thought it might be in need of calibration or removal so took it to another garage, who claim its the steering pump that needs replacing which is £760 for the part and labour on top. However, the steering feels fine, not heavy or tight have no problems with turning a tight circle so low speed or at higher speeds. No noise from the pump or when turning the steering wheel. Levels looked ok when the sensor was changed. Could it be the pump at fault. Is it worth buying a 2nd hand one and if so how easy is it to change and do I need special fluid from Ford, as I have heard. and will I need modified pipes too.
  5. Phil21185

    Has anyone had this happen?

    I've just been to a local Jet station (and at £1.20 a litre I doubt I'll be going back but needs must) I put in £20 and hit it exactly so I put the pump back and went to pay, not really taking notice of the price gauge after letting go of the trigger. Lady at the till asks for £20.01. I've had this a few times before in different places but not for a while. I brought it up and she sent someone who must have been called Malcolm (if you watch Lee Evans you'll know what I mean) to go and 'check' the pump. Malcolm goes out to my pump, takes a glance at the readout and returns to the shop saying 'yep, 20.01'. Thanks Malcolm, couldn't have done that without you... Anyway, what gives?
  6. Anthony28

    Ongoing steering issue

    Hi everyone I am hoping that someone out there may be able to shed a little light on a problem i am having with the steering on my mk6 fiesta zetec. It is on an 06 plate and i purchased it about 3 months ago. Firstly a little background that i feel may be relevant.... The garage that sold it to me told me it was a great runner with no faults and a full service history. This wasn't exactly true there was a grumble from the engine on the test drive and the FSH turned out to be a book of service stamps and the online MOT certificates (no originals ones except for the last 2). Despite this i bought the car and took it straight to my mechanic who told me there was some niggles that needed addressing under warranty. This included a snapped front spring (the bare metal where it had broken had rusted so it was definitely an old problem), a noise from the bearing on the rear drivers side and what they thought was a leaking power steering pump. I took it back and they remedied these problems. They said at the time that the power steering pump wasn't broke but the fluid was from a previous repair they had done, that they had simply failed to clean A month or so out of warranty i got in the car and started to drive away and noticed the steering felt very loose and light, i quickly took the car to my mechanic who after looking at it decided the power steering pump was broken (it was making a noise when turning the steering wheel). He replaced it with a brand new one and new belt but it had a very loud whining sound that my mechanic said was air in the system and if it hadn't cleared in 48 hours to bring it back. I didn't clear and i brought it back in. He checked the old pump said there was actually nothing noticeably wrong with it and put it back in but replaced the power steering fluid with some very high quality fluid, this seemed to fix the issue. By the way my mechanic is an old friend so i trust his work. Over the next fortnight or so i have noticed the steering was very loose and light again, my mechanic assures me he can not see anything noticeably wrong. He says the pump is fine, tie rods are good and steering rack was fine with no play at all. If i turn the wheel and look at the wheels they move in time as in there is no play/ delay between adjusting the steering wheels and the actual wheels moving. It is almost as if the steering ratio has changed. Also the steering wheel seems to be affected by every bump, hole and pebble i drive over, twitching significantly when i do. Finally if i turn the steering wheel to full lock it makes a low whining noise. Can anybody shed any light on this i am at a loss. I have googled this issue extensively and can't seem to get to the bottom of it. Thanks in advance
  7. Dondolino

    screen washer

    Hi need help!!! ford focus 2013 ( mk3) screen washers jet not squirting water all 3 jets stopped squirting at the same time all of the sudden. the pump is defiantly trying to pump water out I can ear the noise, I have disconnect the tube under the bonnet to check if front jets are blocked but no water is coming out, also I have syphoned the scrennwash bowl few times with clean water few bits of crap come out but jets still not delivering water!!!! Any help will be much appreciated.
  8. For the DIYers out there, does anyone know about installing a vacuum pump. When I took it off it kind of sprung off, but refitting the shaft requires force on the vacuum pump to reinstall. Do I force it back on, or is there a trick I am missing? seems difficult to align the sticking out shaft with the diaphragm centre. Thanks. Al
  9. Adam Gallagher

    Shopping List!

    Hey guys, I am looking at making some changed for the summer as the weather has been ok so far this year in Scotland so hoping for some good driving. I have a 15 plate ford fiesta Zetec s in deep blue (3 door). I have tinted the back windows to the factory tint 18% i think, i have also changed the foot well bulbs to blue ones -they look green tho - I have also put a s badge on the front and back. Below is what i am looking at buying and would appreciate advise on where to buy, what brands and any information would be handy. Wind Deflectors (Tinted 18% or darker) Fiesta ST alloys (2013-2016) what colours do they come in? Alloy protectors Full set of floor mats (inc boot) i am looking for ones that are good for summer weather and are easy to clean. A tyre pump to keep in the boot (i hear that you can get electric ones that are good) Blue foot well bulbs ( not the green ones that i have atm) A enginer cover (i ahve the 1.0 eco boost 125) Black and blue ford badge for front back and interior. Any other mods that are unlikely to increase my insurance premiums would be interesting and pics of your parts/mods would be great too. Cheers,
  10. Hi All, I have a 2011 Ford Focus Titanium X 2.0 TDCI (163ps) I am looking at getting my cambelt changed and water pump soon and just wanted people opinion on when to get it done or if you have same car when did you get it done? Ford Eits says 125,000 or 10 years. I am currently at 98,000 and taking it in for its 100,000 service soon. I do a lot of motorway milage around 25,000 a year and it has always been serviced at Ford dealers. Thanks for your help :)
  11. I have just changed the fuel pump on my 2010 mk4 Mondeo 2.0l petrol. The previous pump had been identified as the problem with it failing to start. As the car has done 153k, I bought a used one from what I understand to be a reputable reclaimed spares dealer. All fitted correctly and the replacement was in very good condition when it arrived. Now the car will still not fire up. It falters after a few seconds and dies. On the faulty pump which has been replaced, it wouldn't even fire up enough for the engine to 'catch'. Can anyone shed any light on this? Although the RAC guy ran diagnostics on it, no codes came up and he concurred that the issue all pointed to the pump. Is it possible that it could be a fuel pressure sensor instead? Or could it be a problem with the electronic throttle unit, making the management system 'think' there is no fuel supply? The engine management light did NOT come on, either in connection with the 'dead' pump (removed) or now with the replacement pump. Any ideas anyone...?????
  12. '57 plate 1.6 petrol Mondeo Mk 4 (owned fro new, no other problems, serviced, low mileage for year) refuelled 69 litres from nearly empty which then refused to start at the Sainsubury's petrol station. Just lurched 1 metre forward and apart from 2 hiccups, nothing. Towed it home and have discovered (by taking fuel line off in engine) that there is no fuel pressure. Engine turns but will not fire. Squirted brake cleaner into air cleaner and whilst squirting it would fire, suggesting electrics and engine ok. Central fuse box F22 20amp fuse on main board ok although it looked as if it had been hot as the edges of the legs were blackened. Green flag attended and their generic OBD scanner apparently showed no fault codes. So some help please.... 1/ Is there an inertia cut out on this model and, if so, where is it? 2/ What other devices can stop the pump from operating and how can I check them? 3/ Is there a complete system diagram anywhere such that I can evaluate the items that may be stopping the pump from running and how the power routes to the pump? 4/ Is the pump only accessible after lowering the tank? 5/ What is the layout on the pump and what can I check? Answers and any other advice very much appreciated.
  13. Hi, Looking for some advice on which replacement water pump I need. The car is a 2003 StreetKa, registered in March of that year. The engine is a 1.6 Duratec (Zetec Rocam). It needs a new water pump. Two part numbers are listed and I'm unsure which I need. First part no 1229571 lists a water pump and gasket, and second part no 1798955 lists a water pump kit with no gasket ... sold separately. Has anyone fitted one? Do I need the additional part shown in the pump kit? Or can I buy the pump and gasket? Cheers, Ed
  14. iamRayRay

    Mk6 Problems, Help!

    Hi all 2 problems 1) Rear wiper engages, but no water comes out when squirter is pressed. Assuming pump problem? Will this be a expensive fix, or shall I attempt a DIY with correct part? 2) Have developed a mysterious creak, on the left side of car, sounds like its almost in the glovebox or left side dash area, just a creak that lasts split second like plastic clicking into place. Pretty sporadic but just bugging me what it might be. (Cleared out glovebox and nothing in there making noises) Any suggestions on above?
  15. Hi, Looking for some help. I have inherited my late fathers Ford Fiesta 1.25 zebec 1998 s Reg (Mk4 I think). It has been stood for about 2 yeas however I have decided to give it the attention it deserves. It has 42k on the clock and is in mint condition. I had a non start issue however found it to be a blown 10 amp fuel pump fuse located under the bonnet. I replaced it and it started first turn of the key. I drove it home from where it was being stored and it didn't run well, a bit chugging. I removed the battery and charged it. Again non start and a blown fuse. I located a grommet under the rear seat and gave the top of the fuel pump a gentle tap and it started up. I left it running to get it warmed up properly as it felt damp inside. I stopped after about 1 hour of idle and it refused to start again literally straight again. I left it for a couple of days and retried it, it started with a little persuasion, however it doesn't idle brilliant, more so when the A/C compressor kicks in. I left it running for ages today and it now won't re start. has anyone had issues with fuel pumps failing. I am thinking it may just be a pressure issue. thanks in advance. Paul
  16. bpatel111

    Windscreen Washer Pump

    Hi All Recently bought a 2009 Fiesta 1.4 Zetec. I am having issues where windscreen washer isn't working. I checked the water tank and it was filled with gunk. I emptied out the water, cleaned the pump and filter but no joy. So I assumed that the pump wasn't working I bought a new pump but still the same issue. Does anybody know if there is a fuse for this? What else can be wrong? Any help appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  17. I'm getting some quotes for replacing my timing belt on my 2006 1.6 petrol ford focus. One garage has said the water pump does not need to be replaced as it is run off the fan belt, I'm not mechanically minded and I've always heard you get the water pump replaced whenever the timing belt is done so obviously this sounds odd to me. can anybody help enlighten me on this?
  18. Hi- I have a ticking/whirring noise which has been diagnosed as coming from either the power steering belt or pump. I am also planning on getting my timing belt and water pump replaced soon so the garage I took it to will replace the timing belt, water pump and PAS belt for £280. My question is if I bought the PAS pump from a local breakers yard would it cost much more in labour to fit than if I just had the above fitted or is it quite straightfordward? Thanks for your time! :)
  19. xxmackemxx

    Fuel Pump

    Hi i was just wondering if anyone knows how to access the fuel pump in a ford fiesta zetec-s mk6 as i have no idea and i need to check it as i am worried it isnt working correctly.
  20. Hey all, The power steering on my TDC1 2005 mondeo has been very heavy for about a year now. It wasn't great before hand. It may be the pump I'm not sure? Is there any quick fix for this?
  21. jamwatn

    New Member! New Problems!

    Hi! I'm a new member as I just bought a 2007 fiesta! Sadly the car has a minor problem with the screen wash. It doesn't work and after a quick Google this seems to be fairly common. The motor doesn't run nor do I get any voltage across the feed to the motor The wipers work fine. Any ideas folks? Checked fuse as standard but there only seems to be a fuse for the wipers. Thanks in advance!
  22. Hello all I’m new to the forums and I have a problem with my car that I just cannot fix! Any help would be greatly appreciated. The car is a 2002 Focus 1.8 TDCi. While parking a few weeks ago the power steering suddenly went stiff. If you rev the car above 2000 rpm the power steering assistance comes back on. I have replaced the power steering pump with one from a scrap yard but to no avail. Next I replaced the steering rack but the problem persists. The fluid is new; it has actually been replaced twice this month. Somebody has mentioned the steering knuckle on the column becoming stiff through wear. I have also had mention of a filter inside the fluid bottle, and a wire breaking off a sensor in the high pressure fluid line? There is no air in the system, but the scrap yard replacement pump is noisy while turning the car from lock to lock with the wheels on the ground and the bonnet up. I’m stuck and running out of money because I got laid off from work before Christmas. Does anybody have any advice!!!
  23. I wondered if anyone could advise me of the correct procedures with regards to removing and replacing the brake vacuum pump on my galaxy. Is this a simple DIY job as the gap looks too small to fit it through... I have been told shop time is about 45mins to an hour?
  24. ChrissH

    Is This Normal?

    Hiya, I'm hoping someone can help me and shed some light on what this noise is and what it means! I recently got my Air Con regassed on my Fiesta (58 Plate) - and now every time I turn on the Fiesta Air Con, the air doesn't get cold and it just clicks, hisses and doesn't seem to engage. I've uploaded a video just so you can all see. I'm not sure if its just not been re-gassed properly or if there is actually an issue - I must admit, I never noticed this before the Air Con regassing, and the air coming out was cold before (albeit not freezing cold hence the regas). (Apologies for the video.. the "hiss and Click" might not be very noticeable, but i've also tried to focus on the compressor itself - You might have to turn it up to hear it..)
  25. Hello I have a Focus Mk2, one of the first produced in December -04. Now I have a leak between my PS pressure line and the union nut at the pump site. I removed the old nut (witch you’re not supposed to be able to remove) with my angel grinder and a lot of patience...(half an hour). Bought a new nut (3F656-6742740, the same as where fitted from start, 3F656-4747355 is too long and won’t fit) witch I screwed into the pump by touch. I don’t have a torque wrench at the moment. Then I pushed the pressure pipe into the nut. Bent the bracket back and fastened the last bolt. With the accessories belt back on and oil in the reservoir I cranked the start motor (without the sparkplugs) and a beam of oil came from between the union nut and the PS pressure line . So the o-ring inside the nut is obviously not dense. Does any of you have any tips or ideas of what I am doing wrong, what I can do otherwise? Have any of you done this job and did you do it like this then? 211-02_Removal_Installation_1.pdf 211-02_Removal_Istallation_2.pdf