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Found 19 results

  1. Stoney871

    Get a steering lock now

    Be aware-
  2. Hi folks, I've been having a problem with the OS rear indicator. At first, I thought it was a blown bulb, but a new one isn't fixing the problem. I have no other apparent issues with any other lights, just this one which won't illuminate and, as such, has the front and repeater going bonkers. I haven't managed to check anything else, but the wiring seemed fine around the cluster area. I don't have a manual or anything, so if I need to find something to check, I'll probably need pointing towards it, please. Cheers.
  3. 2003 Fiesta 1.25: had problems with the fiesta overheating even though temp gauge says normal temp on dashboard. After box ticking all the usual culprits (relays, fuses, isolating fan to test it works which it does etc) found out it's the ECU ignoring any messages from the temperature sensor. Decided to bypass the ECU by cutting through the top radiator hose and fitting an aftermarket inline sensor adapter and temperature gauge with sensor. Has anybody fitted one of these so that it works the aftermarket gauge as well as kicking the fan in when the engine starts to overheat. Please could you give me some advice as there are no instructions or wiring diagrams and electrics aren't my thing or if anyone knows of any YouTube videos that are actually useful that would also be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. 2001 (X-Reg) Ford Ranger, failed MOT as indicators do not work, but hazards do. Been told by a mechanic friend that it needs a new indicator flasher unit. Can anyone help me find the right part? Preferably one that can be delivered before Saturday 1st so we don't have to pay for a whole new MOT.
  5. runnymede

    Fiesta mk4 fuel pump relay

    Attached below is a picture of the under bonnet fuse box in my x reg zetec fiesta mk4. Can some kind soul tell me which one is the relay for the fuel pump, or is it somewhere else ? The fiesta has developed a fault where it refuses to start, engine turns but does not fire. If left for a few hours it starts first time. I have been told it may be a dodgy fuel pump relay. I have changed the coil pack which did not solve the problem. Thanking you for any help and suggestions.
  6. Simply Sebby

    09 Focus SE Wont Start

    Hello all, Thanks in advance for helping me with this frustrating problem. My 2009 Ford Focus SE (standard transmission) is refusing to start. I have troubleshooted a lot thus far and what seems to be the issue is that the starter is not receiving poet from the ignition. I turn the key and all the lights come on (the radio works, idiot lights on, dashboard is functional, etc...). But there is no crank, nothing at all. So far i have replaced the ignition switch, the ignition lock cylinder, the neutral clutch safety switch, and ALL of the fuses and relays associated with the starter. I can't seem to figure out what the issue it. Any input on the issue would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks, Sebby Side not: I can push start the car without issue.
  7. Thomas Frederiksen

    Location of rear fog light relay?

    When i press the rear fog light button, nothing happens. The bulb is ok, so I'm suspecting a faulty relay, occasionally I hear a short buzzing sound when pushing the button, but not near enough to identify it further. I have browsed through forums, manuals, asked my way around - but haven't been able to find any information or diagrams showing the position of the relay. Can anyone here point me in a direction? S-max 2008 TDCi Thanks in advance Thomas (Denmark)
  8. Hi, quick intro - on my 2nd Streetka - bought one new in 2004 & kept it 4 years before deciding I wanted something faster (kit car). Several yrs later my celica got written off last May by a drink driver & an eBay search of cars under £1200 within 50 miles saw me buy a Streetka (fond memories!) fortunately I knew what to look for & it's had all the major work done & most niggles were easy to fix - except the horn! I can't get it to work! I've checked the fuse, and swapped it for good measure. today I fitted a new horn, nothing. I assume it uses the earth just above, which I cleaned today. now I'm getting a little stuck with no Haynes manual & not much info online - is there a relay for the horn? If so I assume it's one in the back of the fuse box - does anyone know which one? (And will a Halfords generic horn relay be worth a try?) i had a quick look at the steering wheel today to see if it was worth checking the horn wiring, but I got as far as disconnecting the battery and couldn't work out how to get the steering wheel cover off. any help is really appreciated, booked in for an MOT next Saturday & only have Sunday's daylight left to sort it
  9. I thought I'd share what my problem was and how it was resolved.I have a 1990 Mk4 Escort Eclipse and when the dipped beam was turned on the o/s light went to side light only but the n/s dipped beam worked.I tried all the earths I could find. One near each headlight - brown wires. Two on the o/s A pillar behind the speaker. The rear lights. Earths were not the problem.I tried the two white relays in the fuse box towards the rear of the car. Not the problemI lifted the fuse box expecting a corroded connection. Not the problemI tried three different switches. Not the problem.The resolution to the problem was a BLUE RELAY that is located just above the pedal box inside the car. It is a 5 pin relay with the numbers 866614K083AA 41212 4RD003520-34 40/35A 12V.I'd like to find a spare relay but can only find one used one on the bay of death for £25. Does anyone know of a supply of new ones cheaper?
  10. Hello I have a ford ranger 54 plate been to the garage because the glow plug relay keeps on clicking when the engine is turned off and the key removed don't know what it could be ? But after about 10 minutes the battery is flat and the glow plugs burnt out somebody said bad earth somewhere but where ?
  11. Hi there, I have a 2010 Focus so I guess that would be the Mk 2.5 variation. My driver's side headlight doesnt work and I've narrowed the problem down to a relay, through testing voltages on the headlight cluster plug, swapping clusters etc etc. There is a clicking noise under the glove box whenever I turn my light switch from side lights to headlights so I want to check that relay as I'm 99% sure that's the problem. The thing is, I can hear the clicking as clear as day coming from the glove box when sitting inside the car, but for the life of me I can't see the relays! The fuse board has all the fuses etc but I can't see any relays, my board is the same as this one The only difference between my board and the one in this picture is mine doesnt have a black relay on the left at the top. I've never done anything to this fuse board and never modded my car and I bought it from an SMC branch so everything should be as stock. I bought it in 2012 and the headlights have been working up until about a week ago. Can anyone help me with where the relays are under the glove box please? i'm going mad and in need my headlight working :) Thanks, Matt.
  12. Little Bill

    Headlights Not Working

    Hi all. Have an issue with my fiesta mk3. My headlights have stopped working. I've changed the fuses and even the relay fuse for it yet nothing. The dipped and full beam continue to work, even the flashing of the beam works on the stick. Can anyone help or advise? Would I have to try to change both light bulbs on them? Thank in advance
  13. brigg focus

    Retro Fitting Front Fog Lights

    Hi there, I recently purchased and successfully fitted fog lights and a new switch to a 2006 ford focus mark .2 I've found the correct wires for the fog lights in the wiring loom that goes to the main headlights. When I activate the switch though, no power is fed to these wires. The front fog light warning light on the dash illuminates so I'm assuming the switch is working fine. I can't see any record of there being a separate fuse for the front fogs and the relay seems to be shared by the front and rear fogs. The only assumption I can draw is that the relay fitted to cars with no front fogs is different in some way to those that have factory fitted front fogs. Does anyone know if this is the case, and if so what relay it is that I need to get the front fogs working? If this is not the case, any ideas where I should next check? Any help and information is greatly appreciated! Cheers Chris
  14. Hi, Hopefully someone will be able to help. My girlfriend has a 2005 Ka which recently has developed an issue with not starting. I have read through a few of the other forum posts and I think it is an immobiliser problem as the little red LED on the clock flashes quickly when turning the ignition and the car wont start, not even turn over. On of the solutions mentioned is to check the relay is working properly as they are prone to failing. My question is which relay is it as I'm struggling to find any diagrams anywhere. I can upload a picture of the realys if that helps. Thanks in advance!
  15. Help! I have fitted and wired a towbar to my 56 focus. It was working fine but now the right indicator on the trailer does not work and the audible sensor doesnt work either. It works fine on the left though. Also, if I put the lights on, the left indicator beeps and flashes more quickly. I was advised by the supplier of the towbar that I would not need a relay and so did not fit one. Are these problems caused by not having the relay, and if so what type of relay should I get and where from? Any help gratefully received! Richard
  16. I have a FORD FOCUS 1.8 Petrol. Recently noticed a click coming from fuse box/relays under passenger dashboard when switching ignition on. Also hear a single click when turning dipped headlights on only. Everything seems to be working apart from this click noise. Have only noticed this happening since disconnecting battery to fit a new driver's seat. Could anyone please advise if I need to change relay or if it could be something else. Any advise would be great. :D
  17. Hey guys, Was driving home in torrential rain the other night and the wipers stopped mid sweep...front, rear, washers, everything! Thought it was maybe a fuse so I checked the front and rear fuses together with relays and they're all working fine. So maybe it was the wiper switch? Picked up a second hand one and it's just the same, then I noticed that the front heated windscreen isn't working either. When I push the button it doesn't even light up. The rear one works fine though along with electric windows, mirrors, interior lights etc. So just to recap the entire wiper switch isn't working even the washer function for front and rear along with heated windscreen. Swapped the windscreen relay too and it's not the problem. Haven't a baldy about electrics so any help appreciated. Haven't found any other posts with the same issue :(
  18. Hello all! Of course, I'm new here, and I've been asking all over the net about my issue. I've been getting lots of great hints, ideas and advice, but figure that too much information in this case is better than not enough. In short, my family's car is a New Zealand registered 2008 base model Ford Mondeo Sedan. It is a European Ford from Belgium I believe? The vehicle is powered by a 2.0L 'Duratec-HE' engine. The problem is when we turn the key to start the car, there is no cranking at all, just clicking. There is an 'Immobilser Active' warning, strange flickering and whining in the cabin, and strange noises coming from under the hood. We not long completed a road trip of around 900kms return, and the car didn't miss a beat! Yet the very next day. she spat the dummy and wouldn't crank. All I can say is thank goodness it decided to wait till it was home parked in the garage to stop, rather than 5 or 6 hours away from home!!! Anyway, I have put 3 clips on YouTube to show what's happening. They will take around 2-3 minutes to view. 1. 2. 3. Is this going to be an expensive fix? I'm praying not! Anyway, thanks for viewing / reading and thanks for sharing your thoughts! William.
  19. linbers

    Rear Wiper Issue

    Hi All, I have an issue with the rear wiper on my focus. Some time ago, the wiper started to play up on a particular setting. If I select the option for the wiper to automatically do 2-3 strokes and then stop, it only moves a small amount of the way across the rear window and then stops, in the wrong place. If I select the same option again, it will continue its stroke to the end of one side of the window and then return a small amount and then stop again. If I select the option where it will run continuously then there is no problem and it appears to function as normal. I have already replaced the relay, thinking that this may be the cause, but this has not resolved the issue. However I did purchase the relay second hand from ebay so there may be every chance that this was sold to me already faulty. I am guessing it could be the motor, but would this not also affect the wiper movement if the continuous option was selected. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.