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Found 43 results

  1. Hi FOC Guys. About a month ago i bought the Superchips bluefin remap for my Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost (100 bhp). And i was REALLY possitive to feel the gains that the car got from the remap. But, now my car is going to the mecanic.!! my Release bearing in the clutch is done for it. I have never driven the car out to maximum rpm, but still the clutch is broken.!! £360 in repairs after just 80.000km in the car. Any one else with a re-mapped Fiesta, who have experienced this??
  2. Ok before I get into detail ill post the specs of the vehicle at the bottom of this post. My car is currently sitting on road broken having no idea what's really happened and it sucks because my partner needs it desperately we both have no knowledge on cars which is stupid considering its 2018, but I guess there will be some grease monkeys on here. it all started with the oil warning light on the dash board it kept flickering then going off so I just thought it would be a false negative, so I kept driving it then all of a sudden smoke came from the hud, so I stopped and checked underneath and the oil cap had melted a little there was green gunk inside and smoke was coming from the inside, I also noticed that there was black oil on top of the coolant tank so I had to check inside there too looked like there was diddly squat so I topped both units up and the car was fine then when I get to a side street all of it leaked out real fast I think coolant and the oil and the car kept getting weaker and I herd some pretty scratch banging noises so I had to instantly stop and leave it there but now It wont start at all. it isn't the first time I've had problems when I jacked the car up before for some reason the right wheel would start turning on its self without the peddle being on I don't know if that is normal or not but I thought all the information I can provide could give someone on here a more accurate idea for me. Any idea what this could be? head gasket problem maybe? what's best action to take shall I just scrap the car? Specs: Ford fiesta TDCI 1.4 mini van diesel / 180k miles / mot runs out in 10 months All help is highly appreciated from me and the partner :)
  3. Good evening all. After around a 2 year hiatus from the forum, I'm back and delving under the bonnet once again! I'm looking to replace the PCV valve on my MK2 1.6 TDCI, which I believe is the culprit of the river of oil slowly forming in my air intake hoses leading to the turbo. The Haynes manual makes no mention of the valve even being present in my vehicle and I can find no signs of guides or explanation on the web suggesting how to remove it. How do I remove and replace the valve? Is it a simple twist off the cap and pull out the valve? In the image below you can see the breather hose exiting the PCV at the right of the engine, atop the oil separator to the right of the oil filling cap. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, Sam


    Anyone know what would get the paint off? it's been like that for months but I've had no luck finding a replacement wheel near me so was wondering if there's a cheap fix to at least tidy it up thanks. I've already asked a local car group on Facebook and majority of the responses was to use G3. I messaged the company saying that i had been advised to use their products to clean my wheel up but they responded saying their products wouldn't do the job and said that 'There are likely better suited products from other suppliers to remove paint at a chemical level rather than abrasives'. Anyone know of any products or able to give me some tips on how to get the paint off thanks.
  5. Hello, guys! I am from Eastern Europe country, so pardon for my English, and I may not know the specific terms. Recently I started to examine carefully my 2015 Ford Fiesta Ecoboost 1,0 l (TREND version). Some things I've found are very odd, though there are folks who say - that's how Ford makes them. I believe my Ford Fiesta was manufactured in Germany. Is it possible that there are parts made in China, Romania, Hungary, Poland, spare wheel with Arab letters etc. at the same time? My Ford is meant for left-hand traffic. Below I attached some images: a) cut opening in carpet shows bolt near floor where gear box is, to the left from it. There are similar cuts in carpet and plastic/tar paper seen elsewhere, apparently aimed to approach bolts - does it come this way from factory??? b) ignition switch with huge gap around c) view from under the front wheel arch d) both rear wheel archs have tar paper furnish e) plastic parts near windscreen f) vin number and curious smear (painted mustard olive) seen from opening in the floor carpet near threshold front right g) rear side of the trunk view from inside - colours differ from car (mustard olive) I'll be grateful to hear your thoughts!
  6. Hiya, So I'm absolutely beside myself. I left my car down a main road whilst I went to work today and came back to see someone had jumped all over it and dented it. The picture doesn't do justice of how many dents there are due to the frost covering it.. it's pretty bad. I'm 21 years old and my parents gave me this car as a present.. I know its nothing special but I was incredibly grateful to have it. I'm in education till I'm 26 and there's no way I can pay for this myself.. I doubt I can afford to go through insurance and all the aggro that will cause. I'm honestly so upset I really looked after my car as I was so appreciative. Any idea how much this will cost to fix? I'm so upset that I looked after it just for some horrible people to go and do that.
  7. I have consistent problems with my Bonnet release on my Ford Focus Mark 2. It's the sliding rod type. While getting the parts to repair it for the third time I came across this alloy version on AliExpress. I just wondered if anyone had tried this? And if so did it improve the reliability of the bonnet release, or is it just a shiny gimmick? Any feedback much appreciated!
  8. EddyOS

    Bonnet Repair

    First off, sorry if this is the wrong place! I got my Focus just under a month ago and my wife managed to go into the back of someone at low speed, causing the front lip of the bonnet to bend inwards just above the Ford badge on the front grill (but didn't damage the lock, thankfully). We went to the insurance-approved garage for an estimate and they have said it needs a whole new front end but didn't even open the bonnet so that's a load of rubbish! Had my usual garage take a look and it needs a new/repaired bonnet and a new O/S headlight (headlight clip nearest the grill has snapped off but only moves about a CM if wiggled). My question is does it look like it needs a new bonnet or can it be repaired/painted as is (ignore the number plate/few dings on the bumper and the fact there's a crease on the outside - that was there when I got it, not fussed about that)?
  9. Morning all I own a ford focus CL 2003 and along with many others my bonnet lock has failed. I have ordered the lock repair kit from ford but I can find a decent tutorial on how to code the barrel to my key and fit the new barrel and rod. The catch is working fine - the barrel and rod is missing. Can anyone help !! Thanks Liam
  10. Hello all... new to the forum so a very quick introduction. Owner of a Red 99 ST24 which is in need of some TLC after sitting for a year off the road. Decided this year to use it as a project car and give it a different look. Looking to give the car a complete respray and carry out some maintenance work but want to change the colour... Absolutely love the Imperial blue ST200 look but also like the thought of Tangerine Scream yellow/ orange look from the 2013+ Focus ST... which one should I go for? Yellow is winning for me at the moment as I haven't seen many mondeos in that colour for that mk. Pinned up a few pictures from google of the new Focus ST yellow, mk2 Mondeo in yellow &a Imperial Blue and my sorry looking Red mondeo. appreciate your thoughts and input! cheers, Richard
  11. So I need my offside rear coil spring replacing, and my nearside front. but ill be changing all 4 of them. So I phoned my local days who quoted me £310 for the labour, as I source the parts myself, got a bargain on euro car parts. all 4 springs for £159. So just wondering if anyone has had them changed at an independent garage and what sort of money they paid. I am considering doing the front 2 myself, but not the rears, as the old Haynes manual seems to be describing it in a way that the rear of the car needs to be well clear of the floor to change them with any kind of ease.
  12. Hey folks, hows things? Got this automatic (might be important, its the one with the automatic, but you can shift it if you want setup), Fiesta that will no start. Charged the battery (12.7v ish), checked the fuses, when you put the key in and turn it, nothing happens. No clicks, no spins, the power comes on (radio turns on, can use heater, etc) but on the dash nothing comes up (bar a few lights, oil, doors, airbag one). Any idea what it could be? Thanks for any help.
  13. So I have looked to replace the heater blower motor. However, when I've looked in the passanger footwell it doesn't look the same as photos I've seen to replace others. is this because of the model of Fiesta I have? So I'm not sure how to begin there. also is there any way to find the OEM part number without taking the car to pieces. Ford Fiesta Ztec Climate 1.2 2005
  14. Hi guys, This is my first post on here as im having some trouble with my little fiesta mk6 I have two fault codes coming up (C1234 Speed wheel right front input signal missing) and (C1141 Wheel speed sensor left front tone ring tooth missing fault) Had my clutch changed, after a few days i noticed a weird noise coming from LF, turns out my drive shaft nut was not done up properly, hence where the rubbing noise was coming, after doing up the nut i find that my ABS light now comes on the dash when im rolling and havent touched the brakes. At this point i removed and cleaned my LF abs sensor to no avail. decided to keep on driving my car for another week with the abs fault as i didnt have time, ABS has stopped working. A week later i change FR wheel bearing and front pads and the handbrake light comes on. ive now been driving over a a month with these issues, the problem doesnt seem to be brakes as when i cleared codes and drove the car, both lights came back on when i was rolling and hadnt touched the brakes. everything else on my dash is working perfect. any help would be so appreciated on how i should move forward with this problem, im trying to avoid taking it to a garage and would much prefer sorting it myself if possible thanks
  15. Someone drove into my car the other day and left a sizeable hole in it, but decided to drive off. (photo attached) Looking on ebay ive seen a new bumper for £45 but its not a genuine part. car is still on finance and dont want to mess around with an insurance claim, as its a pretty easy diy job. anyone know if it voids your insurance if it is not a genuine part? Just wondering as i also saw a listing on ebay for a different bumper that says its "insurance approved"?
  16. I have a few imperfections in the paint work on my car - things like stone chips and small marks. Some of which are obviously unavoidable over time. There is one bigger dent / bulge damage though and I wondered whether anyone has any advice for me about what's the best / most cost effective way of fixing these? Thanks for any help!
  17. Long story short i have a smashed left wing mirror on my new 16 reg ford fiesta black edition. I have seen this wing mirror and was wondering if it will be compatible (wing mirror link). Any help would be appreciated, i have seen a video on how to fit it. Just wondering if that part is genuinely compatible, thank you :).
  18. The wife has a copper pulse 15-plate Fiesta Titanium X (or it might just be a Titanium). Anyway it's got rear parking sensors and a rear camera. Someone reversed into her in a car park today whilst she was stationary and I reckon it's a new bumper (one of the fog lights is smashed and the bumper is cracked). She has a £330 excess on her policy and with no witnesses I reckon the insurers will go knock for knock. Is it worth claiming? The annoying thing is the woman got out of her car and apologised profusely saying "I wasn't paying attention" but when my wife called her later to get insurance details her story had changed to "I think we reversed into each other"
  19. Patrico777

    Write off / repair

    I need advice from you guys whether I should repair my car or get new one and sell this one or what to do here are some more pictures of boot. I no it will be cat c or cat d can I sell it like its someone can buy it and repair him self if they choose to.
  20. Hi, On my Fiesta MK6, I'd like to remove the rear interior panel to hammer out a dent. The location of the dent can be seen circled in the attached photo. (Please note this isn't my car but just a reference to where the dent is) The local garage wanted £500+ to do the job which I thought was too pricey. Anyone tried removing the interior panel to get to this area?
  21. tomtom16

    07 plate help needed

    i need some semi urgent help with a friends 07 plate ford focus. recently when he turns the key off the engine stays running, he had to reinsert the key and turn it off and on to get the engine to switch off. also he accidental pressed the brake pedal when getting out and all the dash lights came on and stayed on until he used the key to turn it off and on again. the last bit of information i have is when he was driving and braked the dash light for the headlights and i quote the one next to it came on. i think its a bad earth or a crossed wire but i know nothing about these sort of things. any help to narrow down the problem would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  22. jodyjones1982

    Small damage to dashboard trim

    Hi all I'm wondering if anyone can share any tips on how to repair this "gouge" in my dashboard trim please? I'm not into wraps and the likes. I was thinking maybe a little filler and a touch of paint, so that it doesn't stand out so much (not that it stands out, it's just annoying me that it's there!). As always with you guys, any comments are welcome! Thanks Jody
  23. My parents drive a 2005 Ford Focus, Mk 2 (pre-facelift). Three years ago, they had a new clutch fitted, and ever since it has been extremely stiff to press down. Now, in their usual manner, they just put up with it, believing there's nothing they can do about it. But I was in the car with my dad the other day, and he was having a hard time keeping it down. They're in their early 60s, and both quite fit for their ages, so it's not that they don't have the strength or anything. Further still though, I had a little go in it on a car park, and boy it is very stiff. It's certainly not right. I've never driven a car with a clutch that hard to press. Of course, this could simply be the fact that the car is getting old, and that the clutch is becoming worn, but both of them tell me that it has been exactly this hard to press ever since the day the clutch was replaced. So if even after a new clutch was fitted it was as stiff as it is now, it makes me wonder if it wasn't adjusted correctly or something when the new one was fitted. I know nothing about clutches - but could it be that there's some form of adjustment that could be made to soften it up a bit? If so, and if it's inexpensive, I'll have it done right away. Thanks
  24. SeanWillowSmith

    Attempted Theft

    Hi, I have recently bought a 2009 Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 (90) TDCi. (2 Weeks Ago). Just yesterday I returned to find that some scum bag had tried to steal the car. They gained entry via the driver door. The handle is missing, they must have used a screw driver to pop the latch. Inside the vehicle they have pulled off the plastic steering cover, and chiselled out the ignition from the metal chamber. In doing so the metal chamber which is part of the steering column has been broken in half which is what hold the ignition barrel in place. I have managed to put the ignition back into the correct position along with the immobiliser and the car starts. I would like to know advice on getting this fixed. Costs etc as I am unaware of the steering column is hydraulic or electric. I wanted to get advice before I phone my insurance company today. My excess is 250 voluntary and 200 compulsory. 450 in total. All advice is welcome. Thank you
  25. Hello all, I have a Travelpilot NX Sat Nav/Audio unit installed in my 2008 S-Max which is no longer reading the maps correctly from the DVD. I have the 5.3 version of the software installed and the 2012 TomTom map DVD. I've ejected the disc and checked that it is clean and have tried resetting the unit but it has not improved matters. So my questions to the forum are: 1) Where is the best place to get the unit repaired/serviced? (In the Midlands preferably) 2) How much should I expect it to cost? 3) Can my 2008 unit be upgraded to include DAB radio or Bluetooth audio? 4) How do I get it out of the dashboard??? Many thanks in advance!