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Found 31 results

  1. Hello!! First, excuse my bad English. Could someone help me with a theme of my ford fiesta? I have a ford fiesta of the year 2011, with the grey seats of the attached photo Through a scrapyard I have acquired the red seats (fiesta 2016) of the other photo. I wanted to update the seats, but in doing so I saw that the red seats connector os different.... Someone know how i could solve the problem...? Thanks for the help.
  2. Hi Guys, I bought a set of leather seats from (broker site) and i tried to fit them today however the car has a 6 pin Airbag connector underneath and the new seats are 8 pin. The guy has left the connector in the seat i guess expecting for me to be able to use it somehow? I was wondering if any of you guys know if there is a way to either fit an 8 pin connector to my car or is there some way around this. Tried to contact the broker as they were advertised to fit my car and do in dimesions just not connector (these seats were pulled from a titanium model). I dont understand how it can go wrong if the site asked for my reg and displays the correct model of car. Thanks in Advance. H
  3. motherwell23

    Fitting ST Recaro seats

    Hi, I am considering buying a set of Molten Orange Recaro seats from a 15 plate st to fit into my Red Edition Fiesta. Before making the purchase I wanted to check how easy it will be to do the swap. I am assuming the connectors will be the same for both seats and they should be a straight fit? Also would it be possible to keep the heated seat functionality? Much Appreciated, Stephen
  4. chrisnkay

    Mondeo mk4 seat

    Hi. I had my 58 plate titanium x sport for nearly a year. Well today I was playing around with my drivers seat with the old memory settings and now I can’t the back of the seat back to normal. i just wanted to see if other people had the same problem and is it an easy fix if possible? Tjanks chris
  5. Hi everyone, I bought my first car last week, a 2004 ka. It had only done less than 15,000 miles and was in really good condition. However driving it home I realised that the speedometer wasn't working. The milometer still works and looking around on other forums it seems that this is down to the sensor. Some people have said the sensor is in the gearbox others say it's on top, but I can't seem to find it. Has anyone changed the sensor before and could give me some guidance? On another note, I bought leather seats from a sportka of similar age, does the basic ka have connectors/wiring and sensors for seat airbags so I can connect the new seats into it and have functioning seat airbags? Thanks - Gabby
  6. Hi, I have recently been gifted some MK7 Zetec seats that i wish to install into my Fiesta mk6 2007, Is this a possible modification by installing some brackets from the old seats ? Or will i have to purchase some from elsewhere? Thanks.
  7. TacticalNuke7

    Seat swap

    Hi all, new here, just wondering if it would be possible to fit mk7 fiesta recaro seats in a mk6 fiesta? If so, is a s simple swap or would it require some complex alterations to the car or seats?
  8. I'm in the middle of buying some lovely leather Recaros out of an Mk2 ST. However will the rear seats fit in my Mk2.5 5 door focus ? TIA
  9. Jackmk6


    Hi, just got my first fiesta and the colour in the seats (blue) has worn away. I'm 17 so I can afford new seats so I'm looking for some seatcovers that are a good fit.
  10. Lucy Rowland


    Hello wondering if anyone can help me! Ive changed the seats in my Ford Fiesta edge 11 plate, I've bought leather seats from a newer model there heated too but they don't connect to the wiring loom? Is there anything I can do because obviously the airbags/connector isn't connected? Or do I just need to put the old seats back in 😞 Thank you
  11. Hi, I'm a complete novice with cars and looking for some help. I've looked all over the internet for a guide on how to remove my old grey MK6 seats from my Fiesta LX 1.25 and found nothing. I'm slowly turning my LX into an ST replica and I recently bought some nice half leather blue ST seats. Can anyone provide some help with regards to removing my current seats and door cards and replacing them with the new ones? Thanks!
  12. Hello everyone! Does anyone know if there is some sort of Airbag simulator for the seat connector in the MK2 Focus? Because after I installed new bucketseats the airbag light is on. The original seats had airbags in them etc.
  13. Hi, My commute to work is a long one, about an hour each way, and i am starting to wish my drivers seat was a bit more on the supportive side. I've current got a leather, electrically adjustable seat (mondeo zetec-s tdci), i was wondering two things: 1) are the Recaro seats for the ST more comfy/supportive than the normal ones? 2) would they fit / be any problems with airbags etc? Cheers,
  14. James Mounsey

    Fiesta Mk6 Seat Replacement Help

    Hi guys and girls, I'm looking to replace my well worn Fiesta Mk6 - Blue Edition seats. They are very unsupportive when going round corners. I was thinking, could it be possible to fit some Mk7 seats to the old Mk6? Now i understand the logistics of this and that brackets and measurements have to be taken into account and adjusted. But i was hoping someone on here has had the same idea as me and has fitted these seats. If so could you give me a helping hand?
  15. Hello! I have been looking online for some Zetec S red/black edition seats for my Fiesta Ecoboost. I have found a seller selling two on eBay, but just wondered if any of you know where I could pick up a set of seats from? Many thanks - Ben
  16. Recently bought a 2014 Fiesta van, I have sourced Fiesta ST seats (to replace the 2 standard front fabrics) but they are from a 2007 3DR. Is it possible to fit them in the newer models and more specifically a van? Thanks
  17. Hi, I am looking to purchase a 2nd hand Mondeo Estate (Titanium X Business Model) - We saw one and had an issue with the powered seats... My wife is only just over 5 foot and struggled to reach the pedals as there only seemed to be 4 positions that the seat would go to (with 4 numbered buttons down the side). She's never had a problem with a manual lever to move the seats. The dealer has assured me that this one he has found has 6-way and will be fine as his wife was only 5"1 and she was fine. Any feedback from others with this system? Ian
  18. Bri71

    Seating position

    Can the seating position of my fiesta mk5 51 plate be lowered, or changed. If so. How?
  19. Hi all, I have a 2003 1.8 TDCI Focus hatchback. I was at a scrapyard recently a found a mk1 Focus ST with near mint leather seats, so I had to have them to replace the grey cloth ones in mine. I'm pretty sure these leather seats have a heating element in them. After replacing them, the airbag light is now on in the dash. Doing some research this looks like a common problem and it's hardly surprising as the seat connector is now not hooked up. The old seats didn't have airbags in the sides, so am I right in thinking the connector is for a sensor in the seat? I didn't actually test it but the connector from the floor and the one in the new seats look different. I assumed they wouldn't fit so I didn't try at the time. What are my options here? Does the airbag light mean the SRS components in the rest of the vehicle are affected? Will I need to get an auto-electrician to wire something across the loom to trick the car into thinking everything's OK? Or can I still hook the two connectors together somehow? I'm not really sure how it all works. I will try and take some photos soon to show the connectors on the seat and from the car floor. Thanks for reading. Edit: Had a quick glance and it looks like the new seats have the square loom whilst the one coming from the car is the rectangular one. If this is correct, how does this affect what I need to do?
  20. Fuakh

    Mk7 Heated Seat Swap

    I own a Mk7 2009 Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.25L & i was wondering if i could swap the stock fabric seats & replace them with a set of Leather Heated seats from the Mk7 or Mk7.5. just want to know if all the electrical fittings for the new seats will connect to the plugs on my car & if the heating in the seats will work. Thanks in advance if i forget to thank anyone for replying.
  21. Hi guys, i have just bought myself a ford fiesta mk4 and the seats in the car is not in the best condition. i am wondering if the mk6 fiesta seats fit into the mk4 fiesta or not ? a mitchell
  22. Hi I have an S-Max Zetec 2ltr Automatic, and have a problem with the front seats, in that tha padding in the raised sides collapses and you end up sitting on the frame, which is really uncomfortable. This has happened twice up to now, first time Fords took it in and replaced the padding. Second time within three months they replaced the seats, and now after nine months it has happened again. Has anyone else had this problem or is it not common? Thanks Mat
  23. Hey, just wondering if somebody could help me out with some MK6 knowledge? My rear seat in my MK6 Fiesta has seen better days and i am wanting to replace it, iv searched for MK6 seats and cant find any in good condition for a reasonable price so am wanting to expand my search, what other seats will fit? iv been told MK5 fit but cant find concrete evidence to back this up? and also Puma's? is there any Fiesta guru's out there to confirm these and let me know if anything else will fit? Thanks in advance, Lucy x x (i'm also kinda picky and realise i will need front and rear to get them to match, but need one's that tilt as mine is 3 door)
  24. Dec Outram

    Fiesta Mk7 Seats?

    Morning guys, I'm selling my fiesta seats on ebay if anyone needs them - came from a 58 plate so 2009+. They're in perfect condition and work fine, I'm selling because I've just put a leather set in mine. Dec
  25. Hi - I've got a few questions and didn't know whether to start separate threads or one - so went for one to reduce the annoyance factor! 1. Seats: I want to replace the existing seats with leather. Can I drop in seats from a 2001 pre-facelift 5 door hatch? 2. Doorcards? Are they easy to replace? 3. Radio - I replaced the Ford radio with a Sony Xplod setup but the quality of the radio signal was very poor? Any ideas why? I used the correct cable convertors and the aerial lead was plugged directly into the back of the xplod unit? Any advice on any of the above greatly received. Thanks