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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, Wondering if any mine can give some advice on a strange issue I am experiencing. I have recently started noticing that when I am driving over 40mph the car is shaking/wobbling. It feels like it is coming from the back but I am really unsure... I have in the last month had the brake discs replaced, all 4 wheels balanced to try and correct the issue but nothing seems to be fixing it. The model is Ford Focus, 2014 reg and I have only done 33,000 miles in it so far. Anyone got any ideas of advice? And yes I have arranged for it to go to a garage to check it but just seeing what others might think..
  2. Hello, I've just had a new clutch and slave fitted and I fitted a pipercross induction kit (Panel filter enclosed in original airbox, see link below) They were both done at the same time so I don't know which is causing the problem... When I'm in 1st gear, crawling through traffic, I'll get to the bite point and the car will shudder. Could it be that the cars not getting enough air? The cold air pipe supplied is really long, I have one side connected to the bottom of the new airbox and the other to the original cold air intake on the upper front of the engine bay (as directed). The pipe kind of sags down in the shape of an elongated "U", will this restrict the air intake? Something else that could help diagnose the problem is when I'm in 4th, doing 30mph then accelerate the car will for a moment drop power, sort of a stutter. I'm leaning towards the CAI but the juddering in 1st then makes me think clutch. Please help! Ford Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 Petrol 2009
  3. Focus Trend 2016 (Oct build) registered June 17 LZ - 6 speed manual 3 months ago I bought the new Focus from a dealer. It has been fine, however i just experienced something that concerns me, and wonder if its part of the issues re transmission I have read about some models, however i think those issues only relate to the auto, not the manual i have and to earlier models? On a smooth as silk piece on road, expressway, i had to drop down to 30 k due to traffic issues, then going up to 40k in 3rd gear the car started bouncing. It seemed to come from rear, maybe. I was in seat bobbing up and down like there were road corrugations running across the road. The bobby up and down was smooth, no gerking, there was no sounds rattles from anywhere, motor running fine etc. Then still at 40k in 3rd the bouncing seemed to stop but then the back started shaking from side to side, like the rear wheels were lose and about to fall off. I then changed into 4th around 45 k and the shaking stopped instantly, and it was all back to normal again. All this from start till end was around under one minute. The car other than this moment runs dead straight, the steering wheel has no shaking, the car has felt normal, its just been that one instant. The cars steering was fine while this happened everything felt normal but for the bouncing and shacking And since that moment ts been fine again, 300k later. I have tried to make it do it again, without success. It happened at the 2100klm mark, so almost ready to take in for the first dealer 3000klm check. So like to know what people may think before i get the usual dealer run around. What was it, does anyone know. The car has not hit any pot holes been off road etc, so its not wheel alignment or the like. I am wondering was it the sensor for towing trailers, as in anti trailer shake mode kicking in when shouldn't have. (no i was not towing). Any help thoughts welcomed. Dpm
  4. Hi all. Been about my car since getting some tips on my last post. While driving, the car was swaying/shaking (as if i was purposely shaking the steering wheel left and right quickly) iv also noticed some noise when I'm driving and I'm starting to think the 2 problems are related so iv took some videos of underneath my car when I push the each side by hand. (Can't video it when I'm driving). I Think it might be the suspension but iv really no clue. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Can't add a vid from my phone so here's a Onedrive link.!ApT0C6F2Q35YixhWJ0QCwj3xqO1w Note: Videos 1,2 & 3 are at the rear of the car. 4 is the middle looking at the front and Video 5 is the middle looking at the back. Thanks again
  5. Hello all, i need some help finding what causing this problem on my C-Max 2008 1.6TDCI 80KW(109hp) While i drive no matter what gear, sometimes but not all time CAR starts to shake really badly, at 1900-2000 RPM when not accelerating or breaking, let say i got on Tempomat on 50km/h that is around 2000RPM, and car start to shake that much that i have to press on clutch so it stops, if i then put to another gear so it wont be around 2000rpm then i can drive and later try again on 2000rpm sometimes this goes away like this.
  6. Apologies if in wrong forum. Cmax 2.0 tdi 56 plate. When applying power between 45-70mph my whole car shakes.i feel it through entire body in dvr and passenger seat, not specifically thru stering wheel. 2 new tyres Incl balancing plus the back 2 2000mile old subsequently rebalanced.No change. Garage saw play in back bush dvr side front wheel so had that replaced and still no change.swapped tyres front to back no change. Mech said nothing else obvious apart from tiny bit of play in an engine mounting but 'not likely to be that'. Help appreciated.
  7. Daza85

    Vibration While Driving

    I have had this issue with my focus 2008 1.8 tdci that I get vibration through the drivers seat or floor not through the steering wheel of the gear stick nor the break pedal. I have had the car tracked and balanced twice in the last few days but it's still there. So thought I'd ask about see if anybody has had similar issues or an idea of what it could be.
  8. Hi guys, I hit a pot hole maybe 2 months ago or so, and it completely obliterated my late 2008 alloy into many seperate pieces. I immediately installed the space saver and got a new alloy sent to me within a week. Driving on the space saver, I noticed my steering wheel would shake above 50mph and the car would rumble from the left passenger wheel (the point of impact). I took no notice of this and just put it down to driving on a space saver near it's maximum intended speed (50mph) which I rarely if at all exceeded. With the new alloy installed, my car still rumbles and shakes from the left passenger wheel above 50mph and I'm worried something may have been damaged by the impact, since it was large enough to actually shatter an alloy, and now that the wheel and tyre have been replaced I doubt it's anything to do with the wheel itself. Does anybody have any ideas as to what, if anything, could have been damaged by this type of accident, and what could be causing this problem? The steering wheel also shakes mildly but it doesn't affect the actual steering itself and I haven't noticed any extra issues with the tracking etc. Hope to hear from you all soon, and thank you for reading P.S. I had the suspension arm on that wheel replaced about 6 months ago, so I know the noise that used to make and can safely rule that out as a possibility.
  9. Hi I am having an absolute nightmare with my new 2003 1.4 Zetec Fiesta that I recently got conned in buying via Ebay a week ago. Upon buying the vehicle there was no problem with the engine it ran like a dream - yes accelerator was tied down with a cable tie - what I have found out since taking to a garage!!! The issue is now the car doesn't run properly in low gears when coming to a junction it conks out..It intermittently conks out when it heats up? Revs of the engine misfire also. The garage took the head gasket off and replaced two valves on the outlet exhaust as they were leaking. It looked like the head had been taken off previously? and valves were not lapped in properly and wrong sealant used for the rock cover when previously worked on (now panic is setting in). The garage also replaced spark plugs, ignition coil, gasket and cleansed the catalytic converter. It has improved slightly but still conks out and takes a while sometimes for revs to come down when in higher gears? They consulted other garages in the area and none of them could understand why the car was missing revs? The car judders on low gears/idle? Please any help would be appreciated I have now spent £1200 buying it and another £800 trying to rectify this dodgey car sale.. Regards, Sarah
  10. Hi guys, i'm new to this forum and would like some advice. i have an issue with my focus 1.6 TDCI 2005 (62000 miles). under acceleration from roughly 1500 rpm to 2100 rpm in 4th &5th in peticular, i have a judder almost like the engine is struggling to push the car forward. i find this unusual as the engine is on boost and should be pulling.... also to add that this never occured before the issues as listed below. previous to this problem injector 3 had to be reseated due to a black tar like substence leaking out under the injector. AND the dual mass fly wheel has recently been replaced along with the clutch also. the judder is nowhere near as prominant as before the DMF was replaced. i have a few ideas such as: the DMF is incorrectly fitted, dirt within cylinder 3 causing a slight misfire, another injector seal is failing, the fact that the transmition is now as tight as a drum and this is how the engine actually feels at that rpm or my driving style is to relaxed?