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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I've just had a new clutch and slave fitted and I fitted a pipercross induction kit (Panel filter enclosed in original airbox, see link below) They were both done at the same time so I don't know which is causing the problem... When I'm in 1st gear, crawling through traffic, I'll get to the bite point and the car will shudder. Could it be that the cars not getting enough air? The cold air pipe supplied is really long, I have one side connected to the bottom of the new airbox and the other to the original cold air intake on the upper front of the engine bay (as directed). The pipe kind of sags down in the shape of an elongated "U", will this restrict the air intake? Something else that could help diagnose the problem is when I'm in 4th, doing 30mph then accelerate the car will for a moment drop power, sort of a stutter. I'm leaning towards the CAI but the juddering in 1st then makes me think clutch. Please help! Ford Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 Petrol 2009
  2. VibrantSeeker94

    Clutch? Gearbox? No Idea...

    Hi all, I've seen topics similar to this around the forum which has given me the idea of replacing the clutch. I have a fiesta Mk5 1999 Zetec 1.25 and not so long back I did a stupid thing of wheel-spinning the car on dirt/gravel to set off. Within the first gear change, it felt stiff, would not budge unless forced. I pulled over and noticed the car was behaving out of the ordinary. The sound of the engine had changed to a rumble, and with the clutch down (engine on) it was almost impossible to put the gear stick into any gear. If I put it into first, it would creep forward with a few jumps as if I hit the biting point. Whenever I did hit the biting point, it took an aweful lot of revs to get the car going. Eventually when I got some speed, enough to make a gear change, the changes were unbelievably stiff, it had to be forced. A few days on, it behaves as it should, even with the clutch down, other than the heavy vibrations/jerk when moving off in first gear. There are heavier (or more noticeable rather) vibrations than normal from neutral to getting going. There's also a noise from my engine which sounds like a rumble, similar to that of a spark plug being out (however I've checked them and there okay). As said, looking around at similar faults its been advised to have the clutch and bearing replaced. I am open to other suggestions too. If the clutch is on the go ahead, what's the difficulty on it? I'd rather do it myself and save money. Haynes manual recommends a mechanic gets to it and has the car on a ramp... Something I haven't got! Cheers for the input guys.
  3. Hi, I have a 2006/56 plate Ford Fiesta 1.2, style. I've had it a few months, with no major dramas. Today however in, low revs (1st gear) about 1200 -1500 RPM I felt the car shudder, as I was lifting of the clutch and giving it gas. I initially thought it was just some wheel spin, as it was raining quite heavy. Pulled onto the motorway, car accelerated with no issues, seems fine. Arrive at some lights and I get the same problem in first gear again, and all the way home at roundabouts etc. I'm really confused as to what it might be. I also noticed when parked, and left running in neutral, a gentle metal scraping/grinding sound can be heard coming from the back of the engine - could it be a transmission oil problem? But it selects gears just fine. Has anybody encountered this before? Apologies in advance if I left out any details,let me know if I you need more info! :) Thanks
  4. Jimmyb

    Focus 1.6 Si Shudder

    Good day, I hope that someone could advise me on the following problems I am experiencing with my 2008 Focus 1.6 SI. The vehicle is at 106 433.00KM. Rattling sound. Since I bought this car a year ago, I noticed that there was a rattling sound when driving in stop and go traffic. Basically the sound comes from the bottom of the center console of the dash. It sounds like it is plastic that’s rattling when the revs of the car are between 2000 and 4000 RPM. The noise gets progressively louder as I rev higher from 2000 RPM, then disappears over 4000 RPM. I have taken the following steps to try find the cause, but still have this annoying problem. Went to a car repair shop. They hoisted the car up and we checked that heat shield by the exhaust. (I thought that maybe a rattle by the underside of the car was traveling up into the drivers cabin). No problems were detected there. All is secure and the exhaust mountings are all fine. I took apart the dash, starting at the handbrake consol and worked my way all the way up towards the Gear leaver and Radio consol. I came across a black plastic casing that seems to house the cars heater coolant as there are silver pipes that go in and out of this unit. The one pipe was very hot. I did not open this plastic housing as 1. – it does not seem to be possible to disassemble the housing without maybe taking out the entire dashboard, steering etc. and 2. – because I’m not sure if water will come out of the housing if opened. Well, I revved the car a bit and could hear that the noise definitely seems to be coming from inside that box… Any ideas? Clutch Shudder. Recently I have noticed the car shudders sometimes when pulling away. It feels as though the front wheels jump up and down. This does not happen every time I pull away, I’d say it happens 6 out of 10 times. I did notice gradual clutch problems prior to this. The problems are listed below in order of appearance of problems. First gear sometimes felt hard to engage. When pulling up to a traffic light, I would put in the clutch, then just before coming to a complete stop I’d engage 1st with the clutch in all the time. Recently, I hear that the 1st gear engages with a thump, and I feel some kind of bump feeling through the car. If I come to a full stop before engaging 1st, then it seems fine. I know that with some cars one needs to come to a complete stop before trying to engage 1st gear, but both this Focus and my previous one never had an issue engaging the gear on roll up to a traffic light previously. The clutch Shudder option I mentioned above. Your feedback and assistance would be appreciated. I’m thinking of maybe checking if an engine or gearbox mounting is worn, but have no idea how I would check that. Thanks Jim.
  5. Anderson

    Gearbox/clutch Problems?

    Hello all, okay so .. yesterday morning I was doing my routine drop off at 6am, after I returned home from the 15mile trip there and back, as I pulled up outside my house and was stationary, I noticed a slight rattling/jolting noise as if the engine were about to stall. it was very minor and I just thought well that's odd.... *shrugs shoulders* and went inside. that same morning I had bigger worries, managed to run over something and get a slow puncture so at the time I was more focused on getting that sorted. Searched around for tyre repair place and waited until 8:30 for it to open, when I turned the engine back on, the car was fine. all the normal sounds, nothing odd... I pressed my foot on the clutch to go into second gear but without going into the gear soon as I pressed the clutch I could hear that same rattling/jolting-like noise! I started to get worried (as you do) and attempted to go into first gear, the rattling gets far worse when going into first gear so I just shut it off. Called mechanic he suspected its the clutch going and he'd need to see it confirm. I have to get the car to the garage, and so got back in and attempted to pull away really slowly in first gear, the car shudders A LOT and rattles A LOT when trying to do this but as soon as I get up enough speed to not have to press the clutch down anymore, the shuddering/rattling is all gone. when I then shift into second gear, that bit between 1st/2nd gear (and all other gear changes) you can feel a little vibrating sensation almost like grinding gears but its very minimal. Also this crazy shuddering when starting off from stationary is not there 100% of the time. I've driven the car a fair bit and it very much comes and goes, sometimes the car will be as if the problem never existed (but the small grinding thing between gear changes is always there though) whilst other times the car feels like something is going to explode. I've taken it to a mechanic and he came out and said he can't really find anything wrong. I personally think the mechanic is just rather blind or not very good...I explained the whole situation to him again and he said he did notice a "noisy clutch" but nothing more, I explained that yeah thats the problem I've been having its like its going to explode he says its the signs of the clutch needing to be replaced very soon. I've only had 3 cars this is my 3rd, all the cars I've had were second hand e.t.c and were sold because of clutch problems coming around the corner so I've had to replace the clutch on all previous cars. the thing is... I've never had a clutch do this before, normally it would just start to slip and get worse an worse as time went on. But not all this shuddering and almost stalling type scenario. Having said that, the two previous cars were big cars. Ford Estate and an a Ford Mondeo. this is the first small car I've owned. (i don't know if that makes a difference) I know i've posted A LOT of information and I really appreciate if you've kept reading this far, I just really need some accurate advice and want you to know everything that I know to better diagnosis without seeing it physically. I'm worried that its not the clutch, and I would rather spend spend £330-£350 (the price i been quoted so far) to have the clutch replaced would be better spent on the actual problem. Any advice much appreciated!
  6. Anderson

    Gearbox/clutch Problems?

    [EDIT] sorry it posted it twice, please see other post
  7. Hi, My ford focus 1.6 petrol 2006, has started to have a slight issue. When idle the whole car shudders slightly every couple of seconds and the revs are a little erratic (up and down around 100rpm). I've read lots of forum post about similar problem - but usually much worse where the engine will occasionally stall. My issue isn't currently too bad but very irritating and I'd like to fix before it gets worse. I've read it could be engine mounts, vacuum hose, idle control valve, etc. Any ideas?
  8. Hi guys, I hit a pot hole maybe 2 months ago or so, and it completely obliterated my late 2008 alloy into many seperate pieces. I immediately installed the space saver and got a new alloy sent to me within a week. Driving on the space saver, I noticed my steering wheel would shake above 50mph and the car would rumble from the left passenger wheel (the point of impact). I took no notice of this and just put it down to driving on a space saver near it's maximum intended speed (50mph) which I rarely if at all exceeded. With the new alloy installed, my car still rumbles and shakes from the left passenger wheel above 50mph and I'm worried something may have been damaged by the impact, since it was large enough to actually shatter an alloy, and now that the wheel and tyre have been replaced I doubt it's anything to do with the wheel itself. Does anybody have any ideas as to what, if anything, could have been damaged by this type of accident, and what could be causing this problem? The steering wheel also shakes mildly but it doesn't affect the actual steering itself and I haven't noticed any extra issues with the tracking etc. Hope to hear from you all soon, and thank you for reading P.S. I had the suspension arm on that wheel replaced about 6 months ago, so I know the noise that used to make and can safely rule that out as a possibility.