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Found 28 results

  1. I have one of the new shape Fiestas. It’s a Zetec with B&O added as an option. Today when I left work apple CarPlay came on when I plugged my phone in, but there was no sound. I tried the buttons on the steering wheel and the dial below the touchscreen to turn the volume up (as sometimes when the radio switches on it is set to volume zero) but it said minimum volume and whenever I tried turning the volume up it would keep saying minimum volume 0. I drove with no radio on, but then when I got back into the car for the next journey the sound had come back and I could adjust the volume. Would this just be a simple issue such as the fuse or is it a more serious problem that affects the new Fiesta in particular? Has this happened to anyone else?
  2. Hey guys, I'm new around here, looking for some help. I have a 2009 Ford Focus Mk2.5 Zetec s/s 1.8. Had it since November, there's about 62000 miles on the clock. Recently noticed a grinding/grating noise when braking heavily on low traction surfaces. It's not a normal ABS sound, I'm fairly confident what ABS activation sounds like. I thought at first it may be the ABS malfunctioning, but I've also noticed on a few occasions the same sound with a bit of wheel spin, but not every time. So it seems it's more associated with losing traction than just heavy braking. Here's a dash cam video where you can hear the sound: Any ideas/help with what it could be would be appreciated. Thanks,
  3. just posting to ask if anyone had upgraded their fiesta stereo to the axion DAB radio unit, if so is it worth the upgrade @ £135, see link below
  4. Alright, so I installed AIRTEC Stage 2 induction kit. I took it out for a skoot and I noticed once I put my foot down there was a whistle coming from the passenger side... I am completely lost on why its making this weird sound and would appreciate any help or suggestions!
  5. I am looking to make my 2010 ford focus mk2 1.6 diesel sound better, currently have a remap which is the only mechanical thing done, rest is visual, any idea's? I was thinking pop corn limiter for a little extra thing? Want some help brainstorming some idea's, thank you :)
  6. Hi, I own a 2000 Reg Fiesta and i'm looking to upgrade the sound system. I've done some reading and it seems this is harder than initially anticipated. Firstly is this possible with the current wiring I have in the speakers? Do I need to change the wiring or increase the power output to the speakers? I am only looking for entry level speakers for the fiesta such as these: but I am also open to suggestion if someone could recommend some. I will only need to upgrade the passenger side and driver side of the front seats as these are the only ones with speakers in them. The fiesta also has speakers by the door handles as well which may need upgrading if possible? If someone could provide some general advise that would be great... is this upgrade possible at a relatively low cost? (max £250 inc speaker price) Thanks.
  7. Hello peoples of the Ford Owners Club! I have a 2009 Focus Zetec and I'm keen to upgrade the stock audio system. My wants are only to add some subs (underseat - gotta save that boot space) and some new front door speakers. After some deliberation with many audio fitters I've been told that the Focus is incapable of housing an underseat subwoofer due to the limited space. It seems the Kenwood subs (links below) are the thinnest around (70mm) and they still catch on the seat when it moves. Now feel free to absolutely roast me but I have to ask: Is there anything wrong with placing it sideways with velcro (as per) onto the air vents under the seat. Not blocking the vents themselves of course, just resting on top. The cardboard model I made seems to fit fine and with room at the sides for the cabling. Before I buy two subwoofers though it would be good to know if this is a terrible idea first of all. Anyone else with similar upgrade experience to the focus? Any help would be much appreciated. :) Michael
  8. Foley

    Aftermarket Headunits?

    Hi dont know if there is a thread on here about this but i want to change my head unit. Has anybody fitted one and got any pictures of it. ideally looking for a double din touch screen but haven't looked in depth as such just had a quick look. i will most likly replace the speakers afterwards depending on the amp in the headunit. Thanks in advance Mitch
  9. Hi All, Just over a week ago, I purchased a 2013 Grand C-Max Titanium X, having upgraded from a 2003 Ford Focus. It's a pleasure to drive, and all the mod cons, are a welcome addition too. The only niggling frustration I have, is the fact that my Sony stereo (the factory-fitted one), seems to be randomly pausing for a period of approx. a second, every 30 seconds or so (sometimes even more frequently than that). The music then picks up from 1 second further into the track, and plays again. Regardless of whether I have the DAB radio on, or music playing from another source (such as the USB port), it's happening all the time. I've tried switching the Traffic Announcements off, to see if it was periodically checking for an announcement, but the issue persists. At first, I paid a blind eye to it, but spending over two hours in the car each day, commuting to and from work, it's now becoming an annoyance. Having had a good look at various articles on the Internet, I can't find any other individuals reporting similar occurrences, like this. As such, I'd be most grateful, if anybody can share any insight into what may be the root cause of this issue, and better-still, how to fix it. Thanks in advance for your help with this. Joe
  10. So after almost two years of having no sound in my Focus, I finally bit the bullet and decided to have a crack at getting the audio issues sorted! Initially I had a mobile auto electrician diagnose the vehicle and he decided the stock speakers were blown, so I took it upon my self to fit some new ones! I purchased a set of 6.5" coaxials from Amazon for £17 and set to taking the door card off. I drilled out the rivets hold the old cones in place, sawed off the old speakers and got the gorilla glue handy to reuse the old housing. After this dried I rewired the speakers, using the existing component lead and reattached to the door, a quick test and, success!! We have sound!! Pop riveted the housing back in, whacked the door card back on and, with less than 1mm clearance, the speakers sit perfectly!. Coupled with my new bluetooth/fm receiver I can blare the tunes once more! Small job, but proud all the same!
  11. I really want to improve the overall sound quality in my current Ford Fiesta 14 plate but not sure what's the best way to do it? Can I buy certain upgrade kits? Should I just buy new speakers and a sub or do I need to replace the stereo as well? Can't seem to find an awful lot online but maybe I'm looking for the wrong thing... any help is appreciated guys! 👊🏻
  12. RSChris95

    Fez Boot Build?

    Hey guys so I'm thinking of making a boot build for my fiesta Zetec s and was just wondering if anyone has done it already as any pics for inspiration will be appreciated, I'm thinking of taking the spare wheel out and putting a sub in and line the boot with red LED strips and a Perspex sheet to cover the amp. As stated, any help, advice or pictures are very welcome! Thanks guys
  13. Hi all, i have a 2015 fiesta and i usually use my iphone via Bluetooth and ford sync, occassionally i will connect it using a USB cable if i wish to charge the phone at the same time. I have never had a problem until this morning. I had the phone connected to Sync via Bluetooth when i realised i couldnt change tracks using the steering wheel buttons, but thought nothing of it. I then later tried to connect my phone again and although it shows the battery and signal on the display on the dashboard it wont play the music, it shows the duration of the song incrementing (almost like it is trying to play) but no sound? i also tried to connect it via USB and again it does the same thing. I thought it may just be my phone so tried my dads and its doing the exact same thing :( Any ideas? i unpaired, repaired etc but nothing seems to work, any help appreciated
  14. Hi guys, I've not long brought my 2002 focus 3 dr. just ironing out a few problems with it. one being the interior heaters. they dont work on setting 1, 2, 3 or 4. nothing at all. I've checked all the fuses, they're fine. I've replaced the heater resistor behind the glove box, still nothing. What else could it be? Also, how do I adjust the revs? They're sitting slightly to low, the car vibrates a little too much for me when idling. If i put a tiny bit of gas on and i do mean a tiny bit, it fine. and finally (so far anyway) the drivers door speaker is quiet, work but quiet. i think they've been upgraded at some point in their life. I know its no wiring issue behind the head unit as i changed that myself. to save me looking myself, how do i change a bulb in the rear light cluster? at a glance i cant see any clips to take the back cover off, I'm most probably being blind though! Thanks for any help guys!
  15. Hi guys, I purchased my first focus today, a 2002 3dr 1.6. the heaters inside the car do not work on 1,2,3 or 4. i checked the fuse, that is fine. what else could it be?Also, the previous owner has put a after market head unit in the car, made a mess of the wiring. does anyone has a diagram of the wiring or does anyone know what color goes to the drivers door speaker as that's the only one that doesn't work. There's an air bag light on! The car came with 12 months MOT. What can i do to turn the light off as i don't like lights on my dash. Silly question now but i can't for the life of me find the switch to turn my fog lights on, where is it? Thanks guys! Jordan.
  16. Hi guys, I purchased my first focus today, a 2002 3dr 1.6. the heaters inside the car do not work on 1,2,3 or 4. i checked the fuse, that is fine. what else could it be?Also, the previous owner has put a after market head unit in the car, made a mess of the wiring. does anyone has a diagram of the wiring or does anyone know what color goes to the drivers door speaker as that's the only one that doesn't work. There's an air bag light on! The car came with 12 months MOT. What can i do to turn the light off as i don't like lights on my dash. Silly question now but i can't for the life of me find the switch to turn my fog lights on, where is it? Thanks guys! Jordan.
  17. Hello All. So after picking up my MK7 the other weak I have only now realised that the speakers are blown and produce a horrible crackling noise when turned up. I spoke to my local garage anf they offered to fit replacement speakers but advised after market speakers due to my age and to prevent them just blowing again. I have read through some forums and know that I will have to fir an additional bracket myself - which I am hoping isn't too much trouble. However the main problem is I do not know what speakers to purchase, or ones that will even fir my MK7! Please could you guys advise some speakers that will fit and are of good sound quality.
  18. I've just bought a 54 plate Focus C-Max 1.6 diesel. The previous owner told me that he has very recently changed the battery and since then there has been this beeping sound from the dash. It is a long beep that sounds for about 3 seconds every couple of minutes. Any suggestions on what could be causing it and how to rectify?
  19. HappyHenry

    Hello All! :)

    Hello Fellow Ford Fans! I'm new here, just signed up. Just wondering if someone can advise me how to best upgrade the headlights? I don't want to change the whole units, but was wondering if I can simply get better, whiter and brighter lights? I did this by getting LED's for rear plate area. I was also wondering about the interior lights and whether to upgrade the bulbs there too? I love the car, there isn't much I can think of that I want to change :) But the old style lighting could be better, it was with the rear plate anyway. Easily done for headlights too? Advise greatly appreciated! I have no idea at the moment...
  20. mrljdude

    Customising Your Focus!

    Hey crew had my focus a little while now, enjoy every bit of 1.8 zetec there is. But my creative juices are stirring and now im itching to change her looks So far iv stuck an aux, subwoofer, some stickers, and air deflectors... but lets be honest thats a poor attempt really. I lack much 'knowhow' what i mean is, im too frightened to do something wrong, so my practice is limited. Iv a whole shopping list of things id like to do but dont really know how or where to go about doing most of it. Wondering if any you have similar passions and could help me out. things im interested in doing to my mk2 57plate, 1.8 zetec focus: body kit/ lowering(just want it to have stance) vinyl wrapping hood in carbon - wrap the roof in gloss black? definitely nicer wheels, something black, spokes and low profile window tint, dark fat exhaust, more for the sound but some performance is never a miss. possibly change to lights and other little bits what you guys think? really wanna discuss as much as possible. Im a Milton keynes boy and ideally wanna keep most work (if i cant do it) local ish will upload more updated pics of my ride when i can, could only find really early ones.
  21. Hello, I am not sure if I am writing into the correct place here... Just thought I would have to find out the issue. Right here we go! : Everytime I take a big journey in my little ford ka 2001 MK1, It's fine (if I am on the motorway) although if & when I drive on normal roads my car makes a weird annoying THUD sound, It sometimes come from the back sometimes comes from front (drivers side) and sometimes kind of in the middle) It's a weird one I know.. it also kind of drags the steering a bit (not drags but I can feel it in acceleration peddle) It's annoying it is not the suspension (I have had it looked at & fixed there was an issue with the suspension but not no more but still getting thud) Has anybody got any ideas of the issue I have taken it to local garage but they've checked everything they said everything seems to be as normal... they said it is nothing dangerous, but it doesn't matter if its dangerous or not... it's annoying... If you need anymore information I will try and let you know... although I am not good with cars... kind of very useless... but I will try and answer anything that anybody needs to know about. Thank you. Gavin.
  22. BLACKHAWK145412

    Sound 2000 Blank Screen

    Hi all, I've been having some problems with the radio in my MK4 escort lately, I believe it's a sound 2000 model from 1990 or so. A previous owner decided to cut the original radio connectors off, I soldered them back on and it worked perfectly for about a week. But now I turn the radio on, it lights up but the screen is blank. It gets no radio signal either but it plays cassettes just fine. It doesn't even prompt for a code when it has been disconnected from the car which is something it did before. The same thing also happens with a spare radio of the same model I have lying around which leads me to believe it is something to do with the car itself. I checked all of the connections to the radio and they all seem to be fine. Does anyone have any suggestions to what is wrong or how to fix it? Thanks
  23. Hey all. i've recently noticed a strange sound coming from my engine of my 2011 model 1.6 TDCI (continental MK6, UK MK7 I think?). I even asked a friend who's a Ford car mechanic and he couldn't really tell what it was. So I was wondering if anyone here would mind having a listen. Car is 3 years old, has 30.000km (18.600 miles) and has undergone regular oil checks and maintenance. If you were to stand in front of the car facing it, it would come from the back left side of the engine. It's already audible after haven driven a few hundred meters. Still audible after 15-20 minutes of urban driving. Not really audible at higher speeds (probably drowned out)? You can hear a clip here, made while the car is stationary after driving for 20 minutes at modest speed: I also attached it to this post. Thanks for any clues ! sound.mp3
  24. Hey there everyone :) I just recently bought a 2006 Fiesta ST which I love but I'm trying to sort out the CD player. I bought it with a broken CD player (the 6006 model) which had a CDC error. I tried getting it fixed to no avail. So I bought a 6000 model off eBay. I plugged it in today, entered the code and everything seemed fine, other than the fact there is no sound at all. Every single button works but for what ever reason there is no sound. FYI, the sound was working perfectly in the 6006 model, it was the CD player functionality that didn't work. I tried re-plugging the stereo a few times and played around with it but nothing got it working. So does anyone have any suggestions before I send the CD player back for a refund? Thanks in advance, Tom
  25. I've just signed up on here so this is my first post. I have a Mk6.5 fiesta and I want a new sound system in it just to make cruising around all the more fun. Anyone got any suggestions of good speakers or subs that I could look into. I was more going towards Kenwood as I already have an idea of the head unit that I want to get (Kenwood DPX-504u) although any suggestions would be appreciated. Not looking at doing any major changes to the car, just the small things that make it nicer to drive. Want to get this sound system upgraded first off and then I might look into making the interior nice so any suggestions of decent mods to make the small details nicer would also be appreciated. Thanks