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Found 15 results

  1. Hi All I just replaced my spark plugs today. I got the new NGK iridium premium spark plugs in my car now. Everything work fine. This afternoon, i read from some forum they suggest to apply dielectric grease to the ribbed portion of the spark plugs. I didn't do it this morning. Should I do it now? Is silicon or multi-purpose grease as good as dielectric grease Thanks
  2. Hi I bought a second hand 63 plate Ford Ka Grand Prix 1.2 in Feb from Arnold Clark. One month after I got it, I was on the motorway and my check engine light came on and car went into limp mode - would not go above 30 mph. Turned car on and off, but this didn't help. Eventually had to get the car towed, and spark plugs and leads were changed. After this, there was a constant smell of petrol/gas in the car whenever I used the AC - turns out that when my spark plugs were being changed, Arnold Clark mechanics had cracked my air filter box. So also had that fixed. A few months later, engine warning light came on again as well as the general warning light and the car went into limp mode, but was fine after turning car on and off. Took it to a different garage - as I will not be putting my car back into Arnold Clark - who said the spark plug fault had not been cleared by the previous garage. So this was cleared, and the mechanic advised that if the issue continued it would probably be the coil pack. Everything was fine for around one month, when the same thing happened again. Had the car run on two different diagnostic machines which now said the coil pack was the issue, so I had this changed (I also had a burst pipe). Been fine for around 3 weeks until today when the engine warning light came on and the car went into limp mode again - fine after turning on and off. Does anyone have any idea what could possibly be the issue? I'm at a total loss now as to what the issue could be, and am pretty fed up of having an unreliable car. Any help is much appreciated!! Lauren
  3. Hi I’m looking for some advice for the condition of my spark plugs, can you tell me if the car is running rich or if this is ok and if it’s running rich what could it be the car has had a full service including ht leads, coil pack, spark plugs, oil, oil filter, pollen filter, air filter, lambda sensor, o2 sensor, fuel filter, coolant and transmission fluid and a load of other stuff not involved in the engine
  4. DavidKWilliams

    Spark plug debris

    I just had my car serviced. I'm told that a piece of debris from a broken spark plug has (probably!) fallen into the combustion chamber and they can't get it out. They want me to authorise a strip down and sending the head away for repair. Is this necessary?
  5. Hi All, Hi All, My 2006 Mk2 Focus, 1.6 Duratec (LX) has developed a fault in which it will accelerate in 250rpm jumps in 1st/2nd gear but not in third and runs fine when up in 4th/5th and when you decelerate down. It's recently had a new ignition coil pack, leads and plugs (1 week before new problem). Any idea if a dodgy coil pack could do this? Or are we thinking gearbox/clutch side if its only in 1st and 2nd? Sorry, but i'm but a novice so know very little. I also have a issue with noisy tappets and may need a timing belt change, details from a thread i've posted elsewhere are below, incase that might be related? Any help woud be appreciated! Thanks Tappets/Belt Problem info. "I have a very noisy 2006 Mk2 Focus, 1.6 Duratec (LX). The noise is top end and sounds like noisy Hydraulic Lifters/Tappets. I've done a full engine flush (Wynns), Oil Change and Oil Filter change and have also added Wynn's lifter treatment - all to no avail. The noise is a distinct ticking and it rattles like you wouldn't believe when you ignite it, quietening a bit once the oil gets round - magnified 2-3fold when it's cold outside. However i've noticed it has been getting louder recently even when warm (after a good motorway/dual carriageway drive, engine at full temp). I've done 80,000 miles and it's coming up on 12 years old, but no timing belt change in the history."
  6. DJ Drewman

    What Spark Plugs To Use?

    So after looking through the partly filled service book on my newly aquired Focus 2.0L Petrol Focus and doing an oil change today I'm thinking that it's possible that the spark plugs are due for replacement. After looking for a while on the FOC forums, I couldn't find an answer to "What would be a good set of spark plugs to give a good performance/economy". I came across this thread [LINK] on another website (sorry for digressing off this wonderful site) which basically states that using the 'Autolite AR103' may be my best bet, but it seems to be an american make and not readily available in the UK. Can anyone suggest a good substitution for this type in the UK. I think I'm looking for a copper plug that has a groove cut in the electrode and the electrode is nickel plated. FYI 2.0L Duratec HE Petrol engine 2006. Your recommendations please. ;)
  7. hey guys, i'm looking to change my spark plugs, and i'm stuck, any recommendations? Preferably on the cheaper side of things. also any idea of the socket size to fit? I've bought four now each doesn't fit. I've bought: 14mm sparkplug tool (t-bar with socket at the bottom) - was to big to fit in engine block 14mm sparkplug socket - too big again to fit in block 14mm narrow sparkplug socket - too small to fit the nut at the bottom I think. It just seems to spin, can't feel it grab the nut.
  8. I just bought a little run around Ford Ka Luxury 2004 plate and decided to do the basic servicing myself. Tonight was spark plugs. I got them out reasonably easy and replaced them with the new ones but when I fired the engine up it didn't sound right at all and was making a low rumbling noise and seemed to lack any power. I've changed them back to the original ones having given them a bit of a clean and it seems to be back ok again. I'm pretty sure that the leads were on in the right order but I did notice that the original plugs were Bosch and the new ones I put in NGK. Could that make a difference? If one of the leads were not quite connected right would it have that effect?
  9. Evening After about 5 minutes driving this morning my 57 Focus this morning the red light next to the milage dispay started flashing and the car went into speed limit mode. I turned the engine off and tried again, another 3 minutes and it did the same. I got taken to a garage where the diagnostic tool told them there hadn't actually been a fault. They changed the spark plugs as a precutionary as they would have been due in 5,000 miles and one was well past its best. They also told me to fill up with Shell or BP fuel not supermarket. The car has been working fine for the rest of the day at various speeds. Any ideas what could be wrong? Could it have been the spark plugs or the type of fuel? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi Guys, this is my first post, my Mondeo is only firing on spark plugs 1 and 4, 2 and 3 are not firing, I originally changed all spark plugs but this made no difference, next I tried changing the coil, again no luck, next I checked the cabling going into the coil and all the way back to ECU, it's functioning fine, finally I brought it to two different non-ford mechanics and got them to do a diagnostic test on it, both tests indicated a fault with the coil, now I already changed the coil for a brand new one, I'm thinking at this point that the ECU may be at fault, I'm thinking that the ECU is failing to send any signal for plugs 2 and 3 and is somehow interpreting this as being a problem with the coil. Any ideas or suggestions would be great.
  11. Hello, New to Ford owners club (unfortunately not an owner, but working on a friends car) Shes a teacher and needs her car often, but she broke down at the side of m61 yesterday. RAC attended and advised that the struggling and misfire was due to very bad water damage around the spark plugs, I have since today had the top off, cleaned the area, and changed the spark plugs & HT leads for brand new. She is all sparkly now. Now I was with her when we bought the car, the car was pokey, smooth running and no problems 'as such'.. only both before & after the plug change the car is very sluggish.. On start up it takes a good few pumps of the accelerator & turn over before starting, once warm, when stopped at traffic lights for sometime, the car wants a good few revs before picking up (without stalling). When given a good boot, there is no poke like before, its like there is a great loss of power. I had an old Fiesta Mk5 zetec S once that had a similar problem, and turned out to be the fuel pump.. is there a possibility that this is also the case? and if so how much am I looking at for a part.. Ps. I am not a mechanic just (handy, savvy with cars, slightly) lol. Anyway hope you can help.. Dan
  12. Hiya! I've just had a second opinion on my car and am completely confused now. A bit of back story... Car started juddering and losing acceleration a few weeks ago. Called the RAC, who diagnosed water in the spark plugs. It was brown and yucky, with a few pebbles. He recommended new spark plugs and HT leads, which I had done by my usual mobile mechanic. A week later it started juddering again. Again called the RAC, who discovered pink liquid in with the spark plugs this time, identified as engine coolant with his Hydrometer. My usual mobile mechanic came out and identified it as a cracked head. He quoted £1000 for the work to be done and would get back to me when he could source second-hand parts. Today I had a second opinion done by another mechanic. He discovered that the first mechanic had snapped 3 bolts off on the head. His opinion is that it's a core plug problem, as I drove it for a week before having any other problems. He's also said that I need an engineer to drill out the bolts, but it probably won't work and I'll need a new head now regardless. I went back to my usual mechanic with this. He's agreed that the bolts did snap off but that they can be drilled out. He stands by his diagnosis of a cracked head. Now this is what I'm confused by. Two separate diagnoses for 1 problem. And a disagreement over how it can be done, as my second mechanic said he couldn't diagnose a cracked head without completing a compression test and a cylinder test (which he can't do now with the rocker cover off). I'm hoping someone with more knowledge of engines could shed some light on this for me please?
  13. Hi All Looking at changing the plugs in my Focus I see there is a couple of different trains of thought with reguards to which plugs are best I have been using Bosch super 4 purely to make life easy for the coil pack, as it failed in 2009 and was replaced with an intermotor coil (cheap and nasty in my eyes) however it has worked fine. I am planning on fitting a new coil and leads (Bosch) as part of the next service However, I like the idea of NGK iridium spark plugs but would very much like your thoughts on this also would these need to be gapped at 1.0mm as usual
  14. Mrmark941

    Mk3 Fiesta Problems.

    Hey guys, A little while back I bought a Mk3 fiesta with 51,000 on the clock, N reg. Now it's a nice little thing, passed the MOT (In August) and I've taxed it till June. Right, I drove from Southampton to Brighton and she was fine, the engine did flood when I was down there but we managed to get it rolling again. I've now been driving for three months(ish) and I drive about 10 miles a day (to work and back). I have noticed the following things: 1. Sometimes I put it into reverse and it just makes a ticking noise, almost like the car isn't quite in gear. 2. Sometimes the car will just stall, no I'm not bringing the clutch up too quick or anything, it'll be only sometimes it will do it. The car also takes some time to accelerate, and is sometimes a bit smokey. Now heres what I think: 1. Does this mean that my clutch is on it's way out? The car was used in Jersey before it was imported to England, I know that they would have been changing gear an awful lot as the small winding roads. (are new clutches very expensive?) 2. It's not had a service since 22,000 do you think it's over due a service? I know about the spark plugs and how much of a pain they are, many garages I've asked said they wouldn't touch them OR be held responsible if they were to break... So if they were to break would this be expensive to sort out? Cheers guys, Mark S
  15. HEY all, Got a problem with my Ford Focus 1.6 mk2 2005 on a 55 plate currently @ 77k miles full service history, I have recently had coil pack just the pack changed. and power steering as that went on me aswell. I have noticed now that there is OIL sitting in the spark plug area??? surely there shouldnt be oil sitting where the spark plugs sit? Help is this serious problem? also when I had a power steering leak a noise from i dont know where is now there a whine when i sit ideling or when i press the gas pedel no idea what it is. so need a little help ?????????//