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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, not sure if anyone has the answer to my problem as i have looked at many posts and cant find one that matches my problem! i have a 2006 mk3 Galaxy 1.8 tdci , 6 spd 130k that recently had a failed alternator. i drove the car home just on the battery, as i was getting closer to home i noticed that most of the electrics were shutting down! i.e trip, speedo, parking sensors , seat belt warning sound, etc,. After i replaced the alternator the car started fine ( with charged battery) only ti find that red warning light on, abs light on, no trip, no speedometer, no parkind sensors, etc,. Has anyone had same problem that they resolved? Thanks for reading my post,
  2. Hi everyone, I bought my first car last week, a 2004 ka. It had only done less than 15,000 miles and was in really good condition. However driving it home I realised that the speedometer wasn't working. The milometer still works and looking around on other forums it seems that this is down to the sensor. Some people have said the sensor is in the gearbox others say it's on top, but I can't seem to find it. Has anyone changed the sensor before and could give me some guidance? On another note, I bought leather seats from a sportka of similar age, does the basic ka have connectors/wiring and sensors for seat airbags so I can connect the new seats into it and have functioning seat airbags? Thanks - Gabby
  3. cdtech

    Multiple Failures

    Suffered multiple failures in 2008 Titanium Kuga this afternoon, first speedometer stopped working then warning light after warning light came on one after the other, lost traction control, power steering etc, managed to drive back home about 2 miles but a ***** with no power steering etc. Message on dash says AWD malfunction, phoned dealer garage but no mechanics in after 12 so stuck until Monday. Had trouble switching engine off and only way to lock door was physically as electronic system not working. Tried starting car but no power all now any thoughts
  4. obkhan

    Speedometer not working

    Hello, I have a ford focus 2003 1.6 zetec. Few days back my car's battery went dead because of winter and i do not use my car very often. So i started my car with the jump starter battery back for few times, since then the speed needle, rev needle and the temp gauge started causing problem and they used to drop down to 0. I have now replaced the battery but the problem is still there. All three needles come up some time but mostly they remain at zero. The electrician has done his diagnostics but could not find the fault. AA guy ran the code reader and it gave an error. I ll post it below. Summary . Speed Needle stuck at 0 Rev needle at 0 Temp Needle not working engine light on, battery light on and a yellow ! light is on. Report by AA Patrol found the following fault code/s:System : Engine control 2 - 000 / EEC5 Zetec-Se SEFIP0460 - Fuel tank filling level sensor. Error Message : Malfunction.P1474 - Cooler fan stage 1. Error Message : Malfunction.P1285 - Cylinder head temperature monitoring. Error Message : Component/function active.P1299 - Cylinder head temperature monitoring. Error Message : Special action.P1000 - OBD system tests. Error Message : Operation not completed. car has no speedo no rev counter no temp gauge cleaned all earths did battery reset replace a blown fuse but still the same ,fault code for over heat sensor stored ,because no temp gauge advice not driven .offered upgrade to recover car ,customer declined Advice not driven
  5. Hi everyone looking for some help, i have diagnosed a problem to the rear of my instrument cluster,(ford focus 2008 zetec 1,8). The car had been playing up with all sorts of odd things being said on the dash, so i took the the option of giving the instrument circuit board a clean to see if this fixed it(it did not) but what i did find was the fault! which is the grey wire block connector on the back of the cluster does not engage properly when the lock is on causing the dash to think things are wrong with the car that are not, i found if i squeeze the grey block into the cluster the all faults go away and dash is fine,just wondered if anyone has experienced this and knew the best way to fix it, its so annoying knowing the fault but not knowing what to do to fix it, thank for any help
  6. Hi all, My fiesta is causing me many troubles so please bear with me whilst I pour out the details... 1. Instrument Cluster replacement due to immobiliser fault. 1 week later: immobiliser came on whilst driving so it was returned to Ford but the fault did nit reoccur. 2. First motorway drive - Speedo reading incorrectly; stuck at 50, stuck at 70, dropped to 30 when stationary then moved to 70 and stayed there. When driving the needle climbs at a reasonable speed. 3. Post motorway drive - Loud whirring/screeching sound from engine - sounded like a belt movement. No change when revving - okay once cooled and driven again for a shirt distance. 4. Didn't drive car for 2 weeks (involved in accident) - drive 10 miles to Ford and cab hear screeching noise again. Revved (gas pedal to floor) and upon calming there was a 'clunky' noise and then the normal engine/screeching belt sound remained. Any ideas? Am I unlucky or is it linked? (Asking for advice as I go away on holiday tomorrow and will not liaise with Ford for a week! Plus want insight as I think the instrument cluster is faulty even if not the cause of both problems?)
  7. SNC

    Digital Speedometer

    I saw that you can get a digital speedomoter to show on the trip computer. My understanding was you hold the black trip reset button on the speed panel, then turn your key till the electris come on and it said keep holding it till it says GAGE, hoever mine said TEST and then start the engine up. You should then be able to using the black trip reset button go through the trip options till the digital speedometer shows. It never came up on mine and I couldn't see anything different. How do you get this working? Thanks
  8. Hi All, First post here, unfortunately in need of advice. The speedo on my 2004 MK1 Focus stops working intermittently (stays at 0). This happens approximately every other journey. The odometer also stops recording miles when the speedo stops. This is accompanied by it occasionally stalling when I pull up to a stop as the engine falls back to idle. I have not noticed a lack of power as other people have but this could just be as I am gently driving around town. The same applies for the drop in radio level. I have only noticed the speedo stopping working when I am moving off from stationery (it doesn't seem to stop whilst it is showing a speed). I have only done short journeys since this has started happening (less than 10 mins/3 miles) and it has yet to start working again. When I restart the car it resumes working. Having read other posts here and on other forums I was relieved that it appeared to be the VSS. I got this changed but the same symptoms are occuring. All the other dials are working OK throughout. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? I think its unlikely the new VSS is faulty. Incidently it was replaced by a previous owner in 2009. Thanks in advance... Doug
  9. Warmed the car for 10 minutes before setting off, everything was working on the dash, put it into reverse and reversed out of the drive into the street and then put the car into first, looked at the dash and everything was dead (the speedometer, rev counter, fuel and temperature gauges and the digital LCD mileometer- the whole lot- dead). Thought I stalled it, but the engine was I bravely drove it back into the drive and took the bus. ;) Don't want to drive in snow and ice with no gauges thanks Has the snow killed it? I hope its a simple fuse.. Help. Please. Watch the YouTube video link in the title (the forum doesn't let me copy and paste the url or link it using the button) Thanks guys
  10. warmed the car up for 10 minutes, like every day...Reversed out of the drive, (everything was fine on start up and when I got into reverse) reversed into the street and about to go into first when I noticed that everything on the dash had died. I thought I stalled it, gave it some revs and the engine was I was confused. It was a snowy start today, the colds murdered it..I hope its a cheap fix like a fuse. Help me out guys! :/ p.s. see the YouTube link on the title (wont let me copy and paste on here nor will it let me link it using the button) thanks guys
  11. Hello all. First, I'll start by introducing myself. My name is Alex, I'm 19 and living in Essex. I am the owner of a 2001 Ford Mondeo 1.8LX. I have a question which is regarding my instrument cluster. The bulb on the left that displays the temperature appears to have blown. For a while I've been thinking about changing the cluster and I was wondering if a cluster from an ST220 (White dials and 170mph speedo) would fit in this car as I have always preferred the look and what better time to do so when the bulb has blown aye? It will really irritate me having to look at that hahaha! Will the new speedo simply "plug and play"? Will my odometer reading be retained or will I have to programme the new one? Many Thanks, Alex.
  12. Hi I have recently acquired a 2001 ford focus 1.8ltr and have found that as I'm driving along the speedo just drops down to 0mph? Everything else on the dashboard works fine but I lose power slightly as I'm driving along there aren't any error messages showing up when I have it plugged in so I don't know what is causing it. Any ideas?
  13. Just looking to spray some interior trim pieces but not got a clue how to get them off and I don't want to just pull incase that's wrong and I break them. I'm looking to take off the silver pieces of trim around the heaters (mk6 zetec s) and spray them purple. If anyone knows how to take them off I'd appreciate the help :) Other thing (will be posted in a seperate topic too) is how do you get your speedo out in a mk6 zetec s... I've took all the trim pieces of down to just havin to do the final two screws on the speedo but it wouldn't pull out? Maybe I wasn't being harsh enough. Cheers guys :D
  14. Just wondering how do you get your speedo out in a mk6 fiesta zetec s... I've took all the trim pieces off down to just havin to do the final two screws on the speedo but it wouldn't pull out? Maybe I wasn't being harsh enough. Any help is appreciated. Cheers guys :D